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  • Title: The Fighting Ground
  • Author: Avi
  • ISBN: 9780064401852
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Paperback

  • April 3, 1778He may be just thirteen, but Jonathan knows he s ready to go to the war against the British He can handle a gun He yearns to battle for glory, just like his brother and cousin.So when Jonathan hears the tavern bell toll, calling men to fight, he runs to join them He doesn t realize that in just twenty four hours, his life will be forever altered by the wApril 3, 1778He may be just thirteen, but Jonathan knows he s ready to go to the war against the British He can handle a gun He yearns to battle for glory, just like his brother and cousin.So when Jonathan hears the tavern bell toll, calling men to fight, he runs to join them He doesn t realize that in just twenty four hours, his life will be forever altered by the war, by his fellow soldiers, and by the terrible choices he must make.
    Avi is a pen name for Edward Irving Wortis, but he says, The fact is, Avi is the only name I use Born in 1937, Avi has created many fictional favorites such as The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, Nothing but the Truth, and the Crispin series His work is popular among readers young and old.


    April 3, 1778 is a day that 13 year-old Jonathan will never forget, as much as he may try. Against his parents instructions, Jonathan takes off for the battlefield after hearing the tavern bell toll. He's sure he is ready for fighting the British, after all, he can handle a gun. But when they meet Hessians upon the road, and the day turns bloody, his perception of glory is not what he thought. Captured, fearful, and in pain, Jonathan has no choice but to rely on these strangers for mercyt, when [...]

    The greatest strength of The Fighting Ground, as I see it, is in the realistic way that a twenty-four-hour period of combat in the times of the American Revolution is portrayed. Instead of chapters, the book is divided into segments of minutes on a clock, as thirteen-year-old Jonathan finds himself overmatched and in over his head as part of a small regiment of vigilante American soldiers, with a commander who will stop at nothing to gain victory for their side. Though his father has been crippl [...]

    Angel Cortes
    the book is basically about this kid named jonathan. he is only 14 and wants to join the revolutionairy war. so what he does is he runs away from home and he goes and joins. later after he gets aquainted he feels so proud that he has joined. and when the town bell sounds everybody scrambles. and now he has to join the was for real this time. and when he does he sees things he has never seen before. and he is suddenly stuck in the most frightining position ever. he thinks he is surrounded but it [...]

    Mary Overton
    "Jonathan suddenly realized that he had never seen an enemy soldier before. He had seen Tories, but hateful as they were, they were only Americans. What he was seeing right before him were real enemies, foreign ones, the most awful ones, the cruel German-speaking kind."Down the road the Hessian officer waved his sword and shouted something to his men. The drum began to beat again. The fife played high, reedy notes. From behind Jonathan felt the wind cold again his neck. The gun, swaying, felt he [...]

    As a part of my eigth grade english class, we had a year long reading assignment in which we were forced to read 2 books per quarter; one of our choice, and one from a list our teacher compiled of a certain genre. At the third quarter of school, a list of "war books" was forced upon us. I found Avi on the list and figured I'd read the book he had written because I had read Crispin beforehand and really enjoyed that. I really didn't know what I was getting into when I picked up the skinny copy of [...]

    Cedrik Vb
    Fighting groundFighting ground is a story about a boy named Jonathan who runs away from his mother and father to fight in the American revolution, he, to his luck, is drafted, in his first battle, he gets captured by some Hessian (German) soldiers, they lead him to a wilderness where they get lost and find themselves in a “ghost farm” ,where in the uninhabited farm, Jonathan finds a small baby boy, how can he bring him to safety,without his German friends find outThis book is great, you it h [...]

    A brief article about why this book was challenged and subsequently banned in a school district in Florida: schoollibraryjournal/aMy response: Attempting to ban any book that even one instance of a word that could even vaguely be construed as "profanity" is just silly.In this book, Avi ably portrays the hopes and then fears of Jonathan, a young boy who suddenly finds himself fighting in the Revolutionary War. Even more interesting, after the battle is over, Jonathan is thrust into a morally comp [...]

    Mary Louise Sanchez
    Thirteen-year-old Jonathon has a romantic image of the war taking place near his New Jersey home in 1778. He disobeys his father and joins some townspeople to fight for the patriot cause. The fight lasts one day and minute by minute we see Jonathon's reaction to war from his problems carrying and loading the heavy gun; getting captured by the Hessians; and encountering a murderered husband and wife who have left their young son orphaned. Jonathon later learns the family was French and that makes [...]

    A boy fights with out permission. He learns that its not as cool as he thought. It was so scary to him he ran away from his first battle and gets lost. He finds some strange soldiers. They speak another language. The boys name is Jonathan. They all go to a house that has been abandoned. There is a cow tied to a fence. He is confused about where these soldiers are from. He is also a little scared. When reading this I might have been as scared as Jonathan was. That is what makes this a realistic b [...]

    Brenna Call
    Coming of age story taking place in New Jersey during the Revolutionary War. Jonathon, a naïve 13 year old boy disobeys his knowing father and runs off to defend his town against the enemy soldiers that have come to attack them. In 24 hours time Jonathon learns what it means to be a soldier and is forever changed because of his experiences. This story was action-packed, fast-moving and suspenseful. The setting was well described and I could see myself in Jonathon’s position and was deeply mov [...]

    A good presentation of the realities of war for a younger audience. Though Avi includes the translations from German to English in the back, I felt like I understood the book way better than a kid would because of my admittedly limited German from high school and college. However, I also think that part of the point of the book is for kids to feel like they're really experiencing what Jonathan goes through, which includes NOT understanding German.

    This book is about a boy named Jonathon who thinks he is ready for battle but along the way he realizes that he does not like to fight. Jonathon has a lot of struggles in this book which I thuoght it made it interesting. I would recommend this book to anybody who likes fiction books and battle books. I thought this book has a lot of intensity and surprises and was a little easy for my reading level.

    I liked this book because the author made the book more realistic. The Hessian actually spoke German! I've never seen an author do this. I think this is the Revolutionary war.

    Eben Vye
    The book: The Fighting Ground by Avi is about a young boy in the middle of the Revolutionary War called Jonathan. It takes place during Revolutionary war era/times from April 3, 1978, to April 4, 1978. The main protagonist of the book, Jonathan bravely charges into battle with the Hessians (German Soldiers), with his borrowed gun, and fellow soldiers. However, he doesn't help his squad, instead, he cowardly hides in the back of the group and lets the other soldiers do all the fighting and killin [...]

    Nathan Hipple
    (Student Book Club Book) I wasn't as engaged with the story or characters as I would've liked to have been, but I will add a full star to my score purely based off the fact that it is a book about the American Revolution that doesn't paint the patriots as the noblest of heroes who've ever walked the Earth and the British as the most evillest evils to have ever evilled. It is appalling how rare that is.

    The concept for this book is really fascinating (telling only a single very important day in a character's life), and the writing was good, but for some reason the book didn't draw me in as much as I expected it to. It's a quick read that provides good food for thought, though, and I'd highly recommend it for an older child interested in historical fiction or the American Revolution.

    2.75 stars. This was an uneven read, to me. It was a slow starter which eventually caught my interest, but then lost its momentum once more. It had good premise, and a good message. Ultimately, however, although I very much enjoy reading about this era, this book was not my cup of tea.

    James Gregory
    The fighting ground was awesome . The story told the dangers of joining a war. This guy was so young. This kid teams up with Hessians . The corporal is a jerk.A little boy had his parents killed.Had a great twist. It was so cool. I recommend it.

    This is an excellent piece of historical fiction taking place during the Revolutionary War. My son and I had a fantastic conversation about some of the deeper themes introduced in the book. I highly recommend!

    Ritz ☾
    Something was just lacking. I couldn't bring myself to care about any of the characters, and that's most likely a result of Avi barely scratching the surface when it came to them. It had potential to be better if the work had just been polished better.

    Samuel E
    The book The Fighting Ground by famous author Avi is about thirteen year old Jonathan going to war in April 3, 1778. Jonathan plays the perfect roll in this book. Jonathan knows he’s ready to go to the war against the British. He can handle a gun. He yearns to battle for glory, just like his brother and cousin. So when Jonathan hears the tavern bell toll, calling men to fight, he runs to join them. He doesn’t realize that in just twenty-four hours, is life will be forever altered by the war, [...]

    I love the view of war from a thirteen year old's perspective. This would be a great supplement to help teach middle school about the Revolutionary war.

    This book was a great book about the revolutionary war

    Olivia Judge
    I really liked this book it had me want to keep reading till the end. I loved all the action he gets taken by the solders and they don't hurt him. He tried and save the solders too.

    Waste of time.

    i cant believe jonathan runs away from home i would never run away from home good boook really like it.

    I think this book was well written but for a younger audience around 8-11 years old, it was a littl slow moving for me.

    Jex Merrill
    Kinda slow, but the climax is the best part!

    Such a fast read - about a young boy's first experience with war. This will be a good read for 5th graders who have been learning about the Revolutionary War.

    Kris Brown
    The Fighting Ground is a historical fiction novel that is intended to be read by the intermediate age group. The author is simply known as Avi and he won several awards and notable honors for writing this book. In 1984, Avi won the NCSS/CBC Notable 1984 Children’s Trade Book in Social Studies for Social Studies, ALA Best Books for Young Adults, and the ALA Notable Book for Children’s Book. In 1985, Avi won the Scott O’Dell Award. In 1988, Avi received the Rebecca Caudill Young Reader’s B [...]

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