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  • Title: Eternal Security
  • Author: Charles F. Stanley
  • ISBN: 9780840790958
  • Page: 400
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Do you ever find yourself wondering .Is it actually possible to know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that I am going to heaven If you say that my salvation is eternally secure and that I can never lose it, does that mean that I can commit any sin and still go to heaven How can an understanding of eternal security make a difference in my Christian life With the wisDo you ever find yourself wondering .Is it actually possible to know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that I am going to heaven If you say that my salvation is eternally secure and that I can never lose it, does that mean that I can commit any sin and still go to heaven How can an understanding of eternal security make a difference in my Christian life With the wisdom and skill of a man who has personally wrestled with these questions, internationally known pastor and bestselling author Charles Stanley addresses the age old issue of grace vs works in this compassionate, straight forward book.With questions at the end of each chapter, Eternally Secure is an excellent choice for individual or group study I know from experience that until you settle once and for all the question of whether or not you are eternally secure, joy will elude you Therefore, it is my prayer that God will use this book in your life and that in the very near future you will be able to face life with the confidence that comes through knowing you are eternally secure Charles StanleyPreviously published in hardcover 0840790953.
    Charles F. Stanley
    Dr Charles F Stanley is the senior pastor of First Baptist Church Atlanta, founder of In Touch Ministries, and a New York Times best selling author who has written than fifty books, and has sold than nine million copies He demonstrates a keen awareness of people s needs and provides Christ centered, biblically based principles for everyday life Charles Frazier Stanley was born September 25, 1932, in the small town of Dry Fork, Virginia The only child of Charley and Rebecca Stanley, Charles came into the world during a time when the entire nation felt the grip of the Great Depression To make matters worse, just nine months later, his father Charley died at the young age of 29.However, Charles refused to let the Great Depression or the difficulties of his life define him Instead, like his father and grandfather before him, he clung to God s Word and took up the mantle to preach the gospel to whoever would listen.Dr Stanley s motivation is best represented by the truth found in Acts 20 24, Life is worth nothing unless I use it for doing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus the work of telling others the Good News about God s mighty kindness and love This is because, as he says, It is the Word of God and the work of God that changes people s lives Dr Stanley s teachings can be heard weekly at First Baptist Church Atlanta, daily on In Touch with Dr Charles Stanley radio and television broadcasts on than 2,800 stations around the world, on the Internet at intouch, through the In Touch Messenger, and in the monthly, award winning In Touch magazine.


    Dh Triplett
    A good readWhile I don't agree with everything written, Stanley makes a good case for his view. This book will inform the reader of a particular view regarding eternal security and is worth the time to read.

    Darrell George
    The subject of eternal security is of extreme importance. No less than an eternity in hell is at stake. For absolute truth and certainty in this matter, search the scriptures with an open mind, a yielded will to the Spirit of God, humbly seated at the feet of Jesus Christ.Charles Stanley masterfully presents convincing arguments throughout his book. But what matters for all eternity is what God says in His Word. You won't stand before Dr. Stanley in future judgment. Jesus said, "fear him who can [...]

    This book is simply fantastic. Clear, concise, reasonable. It is full of Scriptures and great exegesis. I wish I'd had it at my disposal 20 years ago (and this perspective from my childhood). But God in His perfect timing led me to His truth in His time For more on this subject I would also recommend RC Sproul's "Grace Unknown", anything by Steve Brown, and "Chosen for Life" by Sam Storms.********* Just a sample of some of the great content inside:If salvation wasn’t permanent why introduce th [...]

    Carlton R.
    Eternal Security Can You Be Sure, Charles Stanley, Oliver Nelson Pub Nashville, 1990. Chuck C. talked about salvation here on earth. Charles Stanley talks, in this book, about spiritual salvation in Christ. They are not so different as one might think. both are connected together by The One. Charles speaks convincingly, I think, that salvation—eternal security— can not be lost by future acts of sin. In brief it goes like this: If one ever reaches a point of true conviction of his/her sins an [...]

    Reggie Byrum
    Book Only Cemented My Belief in Conditional Eternal SecurityI was torn between giving the book 1 star or 5, depending on what you are looking for. If you want to confirm your belief in "unconditional" eternal security, then get it and mark it up. Trust me, you'll have plenty of marking to do. Most of Dr Stanley's comments are so jaw-dropping, you won't believe it. I knew Stanley was OSAS, but not to this extent. One example he gave: For all intents and purposes, even if someone prayed the prayer [...]

    Jenny Carr
    I have liked some of Charles Stanley, however this one was dire tbh. Now, the reason I have given it one star, is because he seems to be erring towards this new hyper grace idea that states that once you make a decision for Christ you are his forever, despite how you live. He also has some really strange ideas on the parables. Now, I agree by grace you are saved, however he fails to explain how if you are truly saved, then you will aspire to a holy life out of love for God. It is not legalism, b [...]

    Alex Hackney
    There's so much shoddy logic and distorted Scripture in here that it's dangerous. Salvation isn't a 1 moment in time prayer that shoots into you an irrevocable salvation. There isn't even a prayer like that in Scripture. Everywhere in Scripture it talks about repentance being a part of saving faith, of not being able to live for your flesh and to God at the same time, and it even says that some people will say they know Christ, but when they get to Judgment Day He will say, "I do not know you, g [...]

    Michele Fenolietto
    I would never have sought out this book except that there were free copies at a Sunday service, by courtesy of the pastor. (Benefit of a small church.) I’m pretty sure about the security of my salvation, but Charles makes a Scripture-based point about how the way we live impacts our eternal role in God’s Kingdom, giving, as it seems to me, eternal significance to Jeremiah 29:11, not just our time on Earth. It really changed the way I look at how I’m using my natural and spiritual giftings [...]

    A good explanation of eternal security. It's framed against the view of loss of salvation, which is unfortunate, because I was more interested in hearing the arguments against the Calvinist view that sin proves you were never saved in the first place. It was still helpful, though, especially the explanation of eternal rewards.

    Nathan Parker
    My personal favorite resource on the subject of Eternal Security. Solid and Biblical. I recommend any Christian read it, especially those struggling with their eternal security in Christ and needing a solid Biblical perspective.

    Wanda Bridges
    WonderfulAccepting Jesus as your savior is the most important thing you will ever do ! This book answers questions that every believer thinks about. Wonderful book !!! Praise Jesus for saving my soul !!!!!

    Royce Ratterman
    Most books are rated related to their usefulness and contributions to my research.Overall, a good book for the researcher and enthusiast.Read for personal research- found this book's contents helpful and inspiring - number rating relates to the book's contribution to my needs.

    I'm a little conflicted about this book these days. Regardless, I'm thankful for how God used it to impact me at just the right time.

    This book had a profound effect on my thinking and greatly enhanced my faith. I recommend it highly.

    A lot to digest, think I will need to re-read this in the near future.

    Havn't finished the book =)

    Charles Stanley is just awesome. I loved this book as it helped me find truths and resources as I "worked out my salvation with fear".

    Sandi Jones
    The book that settled the issue in my mind of whether a person can lose their salvation. I have the highest respect for Dr Stanley and feel he is right on regarding this issue. Highly recommended.

    Jo Ann Mooneyham
    Must read after the Bible!

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