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  • Title: The Quiet
  • Author: Robert S.Wilson
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  • James Benton might be the last man on earth Racing to get to work, he finds random abandoned cars, smoldering pile ups, and something even stranger Everywhere he goes there s no grass, no people, not even a bird in the sky Alone in a barren world, James travels west in search of someone, anyone who might have survived The Quiet.
    Robert S.Wilson
    Robert S Wilson is the author of THE QUIET, the EMPIRE OF BLOOD dystopian vampire series, and the dark fiction collection WHERE ALL LIGHT IS LEFT TO DIE He is the Bram Stoker Award nominated editor of BLOOD TYPE AN ANTHOLOGY OF VAMPIRE SF ON THE CUTTING EDGE, a co editor of HORROR FOR GOOD A CHARITABLE ANTHOLOGY and NIGHTSCAPES VOLUME1, and lives in Middle Tennessee with his family, a silly obnoxious dog, and four psychotic cats skilled in the martial arts.Robert s short stories have appeared in numerous anthologies and magazines including Darkfuse Magazine, Nameless Digest, Gothic Lovecraft, and His cyberpunk horror novella EXIT REALITY was chosen as one of e thriller s Thrillers of the Month in July 2013.He is currently working hard to finish a number of novels and novellas all at once like a blind juggler given knives and led into oncoming traffic.


    Another end of the world novella. Fortunately there are no zombies but there is something just as bad. James Benton wakes up to find he may be the last human on earth. In fact, considering birds, trees, and even grass has disappeared, he may be the last living thing on earth.End of the world tales are a dime a dozen any more. This one starts out differently and holds the promise of adding something new to the genre. Unfortunately that is not to be the case. The plot becomes fairly predictable qu [...]

    Jade Warwick
    The Quiet is a short novella (about sixty pages) about a man named James who wakes up one morning to find that he's the only living thing left on the planet. The story follows him as he searches for his brother, or for anyone that might still be alive, while being stalked by something black in the sky, twisted dreams, and the inexplicable knowledge that something bad has happened and that he might just be next. Overall, this seemed like such an interesting concept. I heard good things about it, [...]

    Michael Thompson
    I'm not exactly 100% sure how I feel about this book, so for the time being I'm going to give it a 3/5.The story, itself, was interesting; a man struggling to perceive what happened to his world and trying to discover if he is or is not alone among living things. I think the problem for me is simply a problem I have with a lot of short fiction--something about it feels superficial or incomplete. I have a hard time truly enjoying short works because I'm used to reading large novels by authors who [...]

    D. Ward
    Great novella! Wilson's beginning does draw the reader in and, as others have observed, is evocative of the old Twilight Zone pilot episode. So it was, for me, sweetly nostalgic in a way. Other reviewers have also offered up the opinion that THE QUIET stalled about 3/4 of the way in but I disagree. I would counter that it does not stall but leaves the reader wanting more. When the conflict was resolved, the end came about quickly and was very open to further possibilities. I found myself wonderi [...]

    Glenn Rolfe
    This is the second piece of fiction I have read from Robert S. Wilson. Overall I gave it 3 stars. I absolutely loved the set up and was wondering where it was goingen he brought the main character's ride to a halt. That's where a lot of the reviewers at started crying. I believe this is one of Wilson's earlier works and so he is entitled to a few skid marks. The big complaint I see from others is that he leaves you with too many questions. For me, that's not a problem. I like my fiction to be r [...]

    Although this is categorized as a Novella, it felt more like a short story with no actual plot. As for being titled THE QUIET, I don't feel that the quiet actually lasted all that long in the story. It wasn't a terrible story to read and if you're looking for something dark and strange but quick reading, this would be a good pick. It's not plagued with spelling or grammatical errors but in all honesty, it's certainly not one of the best I've ever read either.

    Richard Flores IV
    There are lots of ways you can spend a dollar. However, one of the best ways you can do it is by purchasing this Novella. The Quiet is a great story that could easily sell for far more. Wilson tells the tale of an ordinary man who wakes up in a world where seemingly all life as vanished literally over night.This is a well written story with great voice, gritty detail, and raw emotions. Purchase this story for a great read for a great price.

    An interesting little novella, felt just like a Twilight Zone episode. It does a good job of ramping up quickly and giving you what you need to get into the story. It left me wondering how the hell everyone died; I mean not even a drop of blood or speck of dust?? I don't think I liked the ending; the end of humanity was certain, it was just a matter how long it would take. It doesn't leave you with a warm and fuzzy, just like the Twilight Zone.

    Robert Wilson
    The Kindle version of The Quiet: A Novella is free from today on through December 28th on ! Be sure and snag a copy before it goes back to the regular price! amazon/The-Quiet-A-Nov

    This was a decent novella. The idea was interesting but I never felt completely absorbed in the story. I feel like there needed to be something else that really helps the reader connect with the main character (but I'm not sure what that something else is necessarily).

    A quick read that gives you the "Twilight Zone" feeling.

    Pretty good.

    Jennifer Wilson
    This is an interesting story that poses the question of, "What would happen if you woke up one morning and virtually everyone else on the face of the planet was gone?" definitely worth the read!!

    Jeff Smith
    Interesting story.

    Creepy short that was really enjoyable

    Laurie Gienapp
    perhaps a 1 is unfair I liked the concept, liked the story, but found the writing to be terribly inadequate to the point that it spoiled my enjoyment of the story.

    A fun little tale, although it seems to be just starting when it ends.

    A very short story. The beginning had such potential. It was ominous, gritty, dark and quite creepy. The author had a fantastic building block which spiraled down so fast into a deranged blood, guts and gore dystopian type story. To say much more would give away the tale. I've never so quickly been wrapped into a story that had the hairs on my neck cringe only to fall flat with a sense of "meh".

    Natasha Bennett
    As with Life After: The Arising there are two covers to this book-the one shown here and a PDF version with a black cover. The black cover is more fitting in the context of the audiobook, but as for the cover itself's okay, but a tad spoilerish as to what was behind the disappearance to almost every single person on Earth. It was perhaps a small mercy (and much to my embarrassment) that I was listening on a tiny enough mobile device that I didn't have a chance to really look at the cover until n [...]

    Robert Wilson
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    Todd Russell
    I enjoyed the beginning of The Quiet and was fondly reminded of Rod Serling's pilot for The Twilight Zone called "Where is Everybody?" I was hopeful that this might go somewhere as unique and interesting. Once I learned what happened, however, my interest in the story waned.Formatting? There was an extra space between paragraphs on the Kindle that threw me out of the story a few times. I kept thinking this was a scene break. I got used to the format as time went on, but this is different than ma [...]

    Paul Dail
    I would've probably actually gone with a 3.5 out of 5 if given the opportunity.I did enjoy the story. It started out with a little bit of the feel of King's Langoliers, but as it progressed, the author certainly made it his own. I like how he jumped right into the action with the main character waking up in a changed world (and I like that it took him a little bit to figure out that things had changed, something the reader suspects from page one), and while many might complain at the lack of an [...]

    T.W. Brown
    The Quiet by Robert S. Wilson has one of those opening scenes that draws you in and has you reading so fast that your eyes get whiplash. It had me on the edge of my seat and anxious. The mood was set and well maintained. I cared about the central character and felt his anxiety and trepidation. You are just as confused as the narrator (in a good way) as he tries to understand.Unfortunately, I felt that the intensity waned and it just seemed to fade into a so-so offering. Perhaps the author was ma [...]

    Lindsey Goddard
    An enjoyable read/ listen. I won a free audio book of The Quiet in an online promotion. That being said, I would have been happy to pay for it. It's a well-written, creepy novella that follows a lone man in a desolate world where all life has seemingly vanished. Right down to the trees. I'll admit, I was concerned when I realized early on that the entire plot would be carried by one character. Those types of stories tend to get too narrative and lose me but Wilson did it right. He kept the plot [...]

    Jim C
    A quick story about waking up one day and the world is totally different. I enjoyed this book. I gave it three stars. I cannot give a novella a higher rating because of length of the story. Not enough time to be totally invested so this one received my highest rating for a novella. I thought the author did a good job with the character not knowing what was happening. I could feel the tension of the character. If you want a quick read that will keep your interest, I would give this one a try.

    The premise of this novella was really great! The first 2/3rds of the story were interesting and had me wanting to read more. But the end was fairly lackluster and had me thinking to myself, "the author decided to do that?" The setting, premise, and action were all well done, but the execution at the end left me wondering. It's short, so I'd say try it!

    This started off as a great book. I fell in love with his apocolyptic premise right away. He got sloppy about half way through and lost me from there. A small community of people that figured everything out in a few short hours and knew instantly how to tell real from false. The beginning was great. The end needed lots of work.

    Naomi Blackburn
    I could not warm up to this story no matter how hard I tried. I frequently found my mind wandering. It just couldn't keep my interest.I agree with the reviewer who stated that this book was most like the Twilight Zone.

    Tom Loock
    Simply disappointing. Among the end of the world-stories, which these day are a dime for ten dozen, this one has nothing new to offer, is not exactly well-written and when it comes to logic/credibility (albeit in a fictional environment) the holes in the story are very big.

    Whitebeard Books
    I was totally disappointed with the lack of character development and even the basic story. Entirely too farfetched to be remotely possible.

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