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  • Title: Rosie's Babies
  • Author: Martin Waddell Penny Dale
  • ISBN: 9780763607180
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Hardcover

  • As her mother gets her baby brother ready for bed, a young girl describes how she takes care of her own babies stuffed animals doing the same things that her mother does.
    Martin Waddell Penny Dale
    enpedia wiki Martin_WAlso writes under the pen name Catherine SeftonMartin Waddell is the author of than one hundred books for young readers.Awards Hans Christian Andersen Award for Writing 2004.


    Savannah-Alicia Lloyd
    This book brings back so many memories. It was the first book I read independently and thoroughly enjoyed it. I remember reading it to my own teddies and really connecting with Rosie. Getting to look over this book again has been magical. I now view it more deeply - the illustrations are beautiful and the text really allows the reader an insight into the characters.

    Delightfully simple story with exceptionally beautiful detailed illustrations. About mum and young sibling and four year olds imagination talking about her babies. I know my three year old granddaughter is going to love this as she is developing her own imagination.

    'Rosie’s Babies' is a stunning, creative book, about the relationship between a mother, who has a just had a baby, and her young daughter. I really enjoyed this story when I was younger as I was able to relate to it when my younger sister was born. I like to think I do not have middle-child syndrome. This is a charming story, dealing with possible sibling jealousy, and is wonderful for children’s imaginations. I like how Rosie uses play and imagination to deal with the new addition in her fa [...]

    Elizabeth Todd
    Rosie’s Babies by Martin Waddell and Penny DaleRosie’s Babies is a beautiful, imaginative book, about the relationship between a mother, who has a just had a baby boy, and her young daughter. This book was one of my favourites when I was younger. It would be perfect for a mum to read as a way of introducing a new baby to the family, Rosie chatters away to her mum, who shows real interest in Rosie’s stories, and explains all the things that her babies do. Images of Rosie’s soft toys are u [...]

    3.5 STARSRosie's mother is busy with the baby, rocking it, nursing it, getting it ready for bed. While she does this, Rosie tells her mother about her *own* babies (adorable stuffed animal bunny and bear) and all the adventures Rosie takes with her babies. Finally, the baby is in bed and Rosie is finished talking about her babies, too. When her mother asks what Rosie would like to talk about now, Rosie joyfully exclaims, "Me!"I really appreciate what the story conveys; how the older sibling feel [...]

    Joanna Marple
    I think this is an exceptional book about sibling jealousy (Mmm I should have done this on Perfect Picture Book Friday). It is funny, warm, realistic and positive. It captures so well the mixed feelings of four-year-old Rosie towards her new baby brother. While Mom is getting the baby ready for bed, she is concentrating hard on Rosie as her daughter talks about HER babies, a cuddly teddy bear and stuffed rabbit. Rosie tells her Mom how much she loves her babies and all the fun things they do and [...]

    OH MY GOD. I'm moving out soon and am clearing my parents house of all my old books, including my 'little tiny' ones. (By clearing I mean bullying the boyfriend into letting me keep them in a box in the attic for my children)This book is about a little girl who has 2 'babies' who she takes on many adventures :) Beautiful illustrations again and for sure one to be read to little dinks still today

    I drove my mother mad with this book when I was little - I was obsessed with it! She must have read it to me thousands of times in the end (really not exaggerating). And I even named my favourite doll and my first rabbit (which was a boy), 'Rosie'! Definately going to give it to my little cousin, who's obsessed with the name 'Rosie' for her birthday(she can drive her Mum insane now too!).

    We love this book and read it over and over. A cute story about a 4-year old and new baby in the house.

    Rosie tells mommy all about her babies. Then in the end, Rosie doesn't want to tell mommy about her babies anymore. What does she want to talk to mommy about? Herself, of course.

    Super cute. Possibly of use for work purposes

    One from my childhood;I appreciate it even more as a mom.

    R.J. Brookes
    Favourite book whilst growing up! I think I still have it somewhere, lol.

    One of the many stories I was read as a young child. I remember enjoying the story, and the illustrations are also very nice.

    • [PDF] ä Free Read ¸ Rosie's Babies : by Martin Waddell Penny Dale ✓
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