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  • Title: Blood and Thunder
  • Author: Max Allan Collins
  • ISBN: 9781612180984
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Paperback

  • Presidential candidate and force of nature Huey Long, the Kingfish, is in fear for his life After Nathan Heller delivers the former Louisiana governor a bulletproof vest, the Kingfish hires the Chicago private eye to investigate death threats from political rivals Soon Heller runs head on into an IRS investigation seeking millions skimmed from state workers for HuePresidential candidate and force of nature Huey Long, the Kingfish, is in fear for his life After Nathan Heller delivers the former Louisiana governor a bulletproof vest, the Kingfish hires the Chicago private eye to investigate death threats from political rivals Soon Heller runs head on into an IRS investigation seeking millions skimmed from state workers for Huey s de duct box d into the arms of the ex governor s lovely ex mistress.When the charismatic politician is shot down by a seemingly crazed doctor, Heller gets a new employer the insurance agency fighting a double indemnity claim from Long s widow Was the Kingfish truly the victim of assassination, or accidentally killed by his own bodyguards A classic P.I thriller built on historical fact, Max Allan Collins Blood and Thunder showcases Huey Long in all his gaudy glory, while delving deep into the heart of the deadliest swamps of Louisiana s mob infested politics Collins s sense of place and time is unerringly acute, and he happily indulges in recreating Long s fiery stump style Although Collins has carved out a mystery subgenre that he occupies nearly alone, he and his detective would be a tough act to follow Publisher s Weekly starred review
    Max Allan Collins
    Received the Shamus Award, The Eye Lifetime achievment award in 2006.He has also published under the name Patrick Culhane He and his wife, Barbara Collins, have written several books together Some of them are published under the name Barbara Allan.Book AwardsShamus Awards Best Novel winner 1984 True DetectiveShamus Awards Best Novel winner 1992 Stolen AwayShamus Awards Best Novel nominee 1995 Carnal HoursShamus Awards Best Novel nominee 1997 Damned in ParadiseShamus Awards Best Novel nominee 1999 Flying Blind A Novel about Amelia EarhartShamus Awards Best Novel nominee 2002 Angel in BlackJapanese or


    Collins has created a series of mysteries that take place in the midst of real historical events. He does considerable historical research and then places his character, Nate Heller, a Chicago-based private detective, as a composite or semi-fictional participant. Writing a novel around real events can be tricky and, for me, always problematic because I then get a compulsion to read more about what actually occurred. Fortunately, the good historical novelists will always provide an epilogue or fo [...]

    Another excellent Nate Heller historical mystery. I wouldn't say I was longing to read a novel about the death of Huey Long, but Collins brings this larger-than-life character to life and makes me actually mourn the crooked bastard. Quite a trick.It should be noted that this Kindle version (published by itself) is sorely in need of a good proofreader. I don't know if a physical copy of the book was scanned and OCRed to created the e-book version, but it sure looks that way. The book is full of [...]

    Neilie J
    Having read All the King's Men by Robert Penn Warren, this was an interesting speculative slant on the person and political career of Huey "Kingfish" Long. Nathan Heller is as usual, a great, world weary, smart ass foil to this famous personality and the story as a whole is highly readable. Heller's ability to seduce every dame he sees kinda makes me roll my eyes, but otherwise I like him a lot.

    Richard Block
    Long ShotThis Heller history noir is a relatively tepid affair, charting the assassination of Huey P. Long and our man's role in failing to protect the Kingfish and then solving the crime, of course. This tale benefits from the relatively few famous names dropped (except of course, the Kingfish and his nefarious associates) and swims pretty close to the facts. On the downside, the tale never quite has the grip or bite of other entries. You never get the feeling Heller cares too much about the Ki [...]

    As much or more than his other Nate Heller books, Blood and Thunder, showcases the sheer strength of Collins' approach to a historical incident. Few of us living (not me, thank you) go back far enough to remember Huey Long. His brand of populism, in a country devastated by economic depression, could have brought a con-artist into the White House.Collins gives us Nate Heller on the scene as Huey's bodyguard to report what was going on in those days leading up to Long's death on the floor of the L [...]

    Another good, quick read in the Nate Heller series. Clearly Collins had some characters and cases he wanted to spend some time with so we continue the travel back in time in the series. Just as Heller was getting past his WWII experiences and moving into the new Mob and the West Coast, we have now dropped back several years to the mid 1930s to encounter first Charles Lindberg and now Huey Long. It's a little off-putting if you want to see character development in Heller. But some things are cons [...]

    I have long been a fan of Max Allen Collins' Historical detective novels featuring the hero P. I. Nate Heller.This one published about 1996, Was one that I missed until now. It is another enjoyable crime detective novel, this one in which Heller is hired as a special bodyguard by the famous and notorious Louisana politician Huey " Kingfish" Long. Long fears that there is a plot against his life and hires Heller because has a reputation of cool- headend ness and discretion that would help in gett [...]

    David Williams
    Nate Heller takes on another bodyguard job. This time he works for Huey P. Long. Heller is not the best guard out there. In seven novels he loses three clients to an assassin. He is good at locating the hidden truth though. This novel about the death of Louisiana's most colorful politician is a lot of fun. Collins captures the feel of the period like few writers. I lived in Baton Rouge as a kid and I've taken many trips to see the holes in the marble walls where Long's bodyguards killed Weiss. M [...]

    Court C
    Nate Heller again finds himself in the midsts of a mid 20th century historical event. Collins brings to life a looking glass view into a major crime with true life people places and events. As Heller interacts with the Kingfish himself he discovers there is as much corruption and greed in "loosianna" as there is in mob controlled Chicago. From Standard oil, to the mob to his most trusted advisors it seems as if Long can trust no-one but a private detective that walks a very fine ethical line. An [...]

    I have been reading all the Nathan Heller books, in sequence, and this one, #8, is one of my favorite. It reminded me of the original trilogy which were also my favorites. The story is about the assassination of Huey Long. It had a good mix of history, conspiracy theory, mystery and just plain fun. A very enjoyable read. I would highly recommend it to all who like the genre, and definitely to those who like the Nathan Heller series.

    The backdrop is Huey Long's Louisiana of 1935 as P.I. Nathan Heller is charged to protect the Kingfish. Collins weaves historical setting and facts into a tight story that entertains. A classic P.I. cut from the cloth of the moral loner, Heller does all he can to unravel the corruption surrounding the Louisiana senator and ex-governor. Based on thorough research and a nice explanation of the facts in the notes, the novel is great marriage of the speculative and the noir.

    As with other Nate Hellar books, Collins again has done exhaustive historical research and created a very real image of not only Huey Long but also 30's Louisiana politics and also an alternate theory to an infamous crime.

    What you see is what you get with the Nate Heller books. Snappy dialogue that isn't contrived, a solid, historically based plot and entertaining wise guy genre fiction. No suprises here but a well written mystery that is fun.

    Nathan Heller is involved with the assassination of Huey Long, the corrupt Louisiana politician. Heller never seems to have much luck as a bodyguard.

    Alex Bugaeff
    More of Collins' great weaving of mystery with historical events and characters.

    Thomas D Sinex
    Good summer read

    Another well written Nathan Heller novel. I love the historical accuracy contained in the books of this series.

    Sharon Holford
    Louisiana and Huey Long. Mafia and murder. American dictator.

    Beyond being a enjoyable book to read, Collins writing skill re-introduces interesting crime history that we have mostly forgotten about.

    • [PDF] Download ☆ Blood and Thunder | by ☆ Max Allan Collins
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