Unlimited [Fiction Book] ✓ Masterpieces of Terror and the Supernatural - by Marvin Kaye Saralee Kaye, Richard L. Wexelblat Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Edward D. Hoch Jack Snow Tanith Lee Lafcadio Hearn ✓

  • Title: Masterpieces of Terror and the Supernatural
  • Author: Marvin Kaye Saralee Kaye, Richard L. Wexelblat Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Edward D. Hoch Jack Snow Tanith Lee Lafcadio Hearn
  • ISBN: 9780385185493
  • Page: 479
  • Format: Hardcover

  • A gripping, chilling collection of 47 stories and six poems, dating back to Shelley and Stevenson, but also including modern masters.
    Marvin Kaye Saralee Kaye, Richard L. Wexelblat Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Edward D. Hoch Jack Snow Tanith Lee Lafcadio Hearn
    MARVIN KAYE is the author of sixteen novels, including his Dickensian pastiche, The Last Christmas of Ebenezer Scrooge, now optioned to be made into a feature film, and his just completed sequel to Frankenstein, as well as the terrifying Fantastique and Ghosts of Night and Morning the SF cult classics, The Incredible Umbrella and coauthored with Parke Godwin The Masters of Solitude, and the critically acclaimed mysteries Bullets for Macbeth and My Son the Druggist His short story Ms Lipshutz and the Goblin, was included in a DAW Books Year s Best Fantasy anthology, and his horrific The Possession of Immanuel Wolf was written with the great macabre comedian, Brother Theodore His numerous best selling anthologies include 13 Plays of Ghosts and the Supernatural and other theatre collections The Game is Afoot and other Sherlock Holmes anthologies, and many fantasy science fiction books for the Science Fiction Book Club, such as Ghosts, Masterpieces of Terror and the Supernatural, The Vampire Sextette, and The Fair Folk, which won the World Fantasy Award for Best Anthology of 2006 His column, Marvin Kaye s Nth Dimension, appears online at spaceandtimemagazine He is the editor of Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine, and both editor and co publisher of America s oldest supernatural periodical, Weird Tales magazine.A native of Philadelphia, PA he is a graduate of Penn State, with an M A in theatre and English literature he recently headed the tutoring staff of the Manhattan campus of Mercy College is Adjunct Professor of Creative Writing at New York University, has taught mystery writing in England for the Smithsonian Institute, has served as a judge for the Edgar, International Thriller Writers, Nero and World Fantasy Awards, and is Artistic Director for The Open Book, New York s oldest readers theatre company He is listed in both Who s Who in America and Who s Who in Entertainment.

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    Jack Tripper
    After owning this for several years, I decided to finally read the entirety of this doorstop, instead of just reading whatever story catches my eye at the moment. Dig that Edward Gorey cover art. Wish it would let me make it bigger, but oh well.Full review to come.

    H.M. Ada
    I savored these stories and poems, reading them over the course of several years, whenever it was late at night, and I was in the mood for some good horror. The Professor's Teddy Bear, by Theodore Sturgeon, is possibly my favorite short story ever, and I have read it many times. The other stories are a sampling of masters of the genre and are a great way to discover these authors and their styles. Some are classics, but others are lesser known. They are not gory or edge-of-your-seat scary, but t [...]

    Aug. 19, 2016This is the latest collection I've begun dipping into at the public library in Harrisonburg, VA; and I'll be returning to it when I'm back there again next summer, barring anything unforeseen. The scope of the collection is much like that of Great Tales of Terror and the Supernatural (which was probably one of editor Kaye's influences) --both supernatural works and tales of natural terrors. Here, though, the latter aren't separated out as sharply as they are in the earlier classic a [...]

    Wonderful collection of short stories and novellas, both classic and modern. Some authors well known and others lesser known but deserving of a wider audience. It was quite by accident that I found this little gem in the library. It was just a quick glance of the title that attracted me, and although I didn't hold high expectations, it didn't disappoint. I was actually highly impressed with the selections.Some of the best pieces include the Gothic novella, Carmilla, written by Dublin author Sher [...]

    William Crawford
    The kind of stories which would best be read in a nightgown sipping brandy by a roaring fire. These stories avoid the gore and surprise aspect of fear, and dig at the core of your soul. These are the kinds of stories that plant little seeds of fear, where days later you'll still be ruminating about some line or image. An all-star cast of authors, but many not the ones you'd expect given the subject matter. Orson Scott Card, a 16 year old Tennessee Williams, Walt Whitman, Isaac Asimov, Robert Lou [...]

    Paula Cappa
    Because I am a reader and writer of horror fiction, when I found this anthology, I fell in love. Some stories are traditional supernatural but most are offbeat and by lesser known authors in this genre. "Bubnoff and the Devil" by Ivan Turgenev is a perfect read for a lonely night at home. Walt Whitman's first short story, "Death in the School Room" is a surprise since we don't know him to write this kind of horror. "Graveyard Shift" by Richard Matheson (about the Dark Mother) has the most chilli [...]

    Estas "Obras Maestras de Terror", es una selección de Marvin Kaye de 19 extraordinarios cuentos divididos en varios temas: "Demonios y Criaturas"; "Amantes y otros Monstruos"; "Actos de Dios y otros Horrores"; "La Bestia Interior" y "Fantasmas y diversas Pesadillas."En el primer apartado "Demonios y", Bram Stoker escribió un capítulo, el primero, pero que fue suprimido, para su novela "Conde Drácula", y que luego de su muerte fue publicado como un cuento: "EL Huésped de Drácula". El narrad [...]

    One of my favorite short story horror books that I own! I've had it for many years after buying it second-hand!

    This superb collection of tales of terror (which the editor, Marvin Kaye, takes pains to point out is distinct from "horror") includes classic and modern tales ranging from the 18th Century right up through its publication in 1985. Of the 53 short stories (and a few poems) in this volume, most were quite good, 15 were great, and a half-dozen were simply exceptional--far better than par for most short story collections.Highly recommended reading for those chill October nights when the moon is ful [...]

    This is the best anthology of "horror" stories that I know of, although a few of them are arguably fantasy; i.e "Riddles in the Dark" which is Tolkien's original expression of the contest of whits between Gollum and Bilbo.There really are no "bad stories." That said, a few of my favorites are the Bottle Imp by Stevenson, the Transformation by Shelley, Carmilla, by LeFanu, and the Christmas Banquet by Hawthorne. This is the book I pickup every year in October (which is when I tend to actually rea [...]

    Susan Haines
    After I dropped the book I was reading in the bathtub, I needed a replacement to read while it dried. I came upon this used book at my mom's library, not expecting much from it.I was pleasantly surprised at the true old-fashioned nature of these stories, many of them written by classic authors. They remind me of the old black and white scary movies I used to watch as a kid.Some of the best: "Sardonicus," "The Professor's Teddy Bear," The Hospice Moon Face," "Dracula's Guest," "The Bottle Imp," a [...]

    Diane Lynn
    Picked this book up from a display at my local library. It is a collection of short stories, some by famous authors, some lesser known.

    Chris Laskey
    I am always fascinated and interested in reading the not well known tale and this volume contains plenty. Read when first published back in the eighties - so time has further made many of the works more quaint than terror still most of the short stories are great reads. And since he managed to find an amazing amount of really short stories - you pass by an average one quickly. Though titled as Masterpieces they exist to a certain amount in Mr. Kayes head. Some have been selected not so much for [...]

    Brian O'Connell
    Excellent selection of classic horror and ghost stories, with some real shockers in there. Recommended.

    I read this in fits and starts over the past several years, usually around Halloween. Last year I decided to finish it around Christmas, thinking of the great tradition of spooky tales on Christmas Eve.Masterpieces is a bit of a stretch. There were definitely some classics, like Goethe's "The Erl King" and Tolkien's "Riddles in the Dark" chapter of The Hobbit. But there were also many low-profile stories by literary greats like Jack London, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Mary Shelley, and Walt Whitman. Mo [...]

    OK I can finally say I have finished it - and what a monster of a book it was. It was both challenging and fascinating - first of all, though I think I need to explain the book a bit more beyond the "blurb" on the website. The book really deals with terror - as the editor/author explains in his afterwards, horror is linked to revulsion either experienced up or witnessed by, where as terror has no such links (though it can be) and as such is "cleaner" and as a result more elemental and primal. To [...]

    Michael Hall
    A great collection of short stories that spans the time between classic horror literature and the almost modern day. Many of these come for well known authors, but most are from writers I've never heard of or read before -- although I think I should. Some of the stories are quick and barely enter into the realm of horror, some are witty in a very dark way, while others are deep and macabre. You will advance with an adventurous spirit in one story wanting to know what happens next, yet have to be [...]

    What a great surprise.This book was a terrific surprise. It got fairly mediocre reviews and was readily available on PBSwap. I was a little worried. But the collection was intriguing to say the least. It savored it slowly over 2 months. Some stories were really dense and took several days to digest. Others were quick and witty.Marvin Kaye makes interesting comments about all of the pieces. I found them valuable. More than the comments is the afterward. Here he talks about the pieces and what els [...]

    I lost this book in the late 90s after it had been a longstanding favorite of mine since the late 80s. A good number of the stories deeply influenced my current love of horror and American Gothic literature. There are some stories I still have nightmares about, Card's "Eumenides in the 4th-floor Lavatory" and Baldwin's "Last Respects" in particular.Today I was poking around the Internet and on a whim decided to look for this book. I didn't remember the titles or the authors so I was just panning [...]

    Jaime Contreras
    This collection starts off with classic tales by Bram Stoker, Ivan Turgenev, Robert Louis Stevenson, M. Lucie Chin, Mary Shelley and Edward Hoch. these tales while not scary are seminal classics. There are also great tales from Tanith Lee, Sheridan LeFanu, Orson Scott Card, Ray Russell, Richard Matheson, and Leonid Andreyev and then the collection begins to drag. Despite the talents of Dylan Thomas, Leonid Andreyev, Pierre Courtois, Jack London, Stephen Crane, Damon Runyan, and Tennessee William [...]

    Very good collection of scary stuff put together lovingly under the strong editorial (and quite literary) hand of Marvin Kaye. Highlights for me include the unforgettably enigmatic, claustrophobic waking nightmare of Robert Aickman's "The Hospice," Tanith Lee's enthralling, juicy update of the Cinderella legend, "When the Clock Strikes," a fab monster tale by Patricia Highsmith called "The Quest for Blank Clavering," and great gothic classics like Le Fanu's "Carmilla" and Johann Ludwig Tieck's " [...]

    Jolene Kuehn
    I love this book. My parents had this book when I was a kid and now it is my copy. The stories are classic, by classic authors like Jack London, Mary Shelley, Robert Louis Stevenson And Edgar Allan Poe. Plus, the fact that these are short stories means you can quick read a fun short story and not have to read the entire book.I am about to settle down and read one of the Novelettes, Carmilla. It is a lesbian vampire story by Sheridan LeFanu. A precursor to Bram Stokers Dracula. This is a book tha [...]

    This is a very worth anthology of stories from a wide spectrum of time and countries. I read it with my wife and it was really fun talking about each story. The big standout for this collection is "Lazarus," by Leonid Andreyev. It is one of the most unsettling pieces of fiction I have yet read. Also of note is a short by Walt Whitman--and it's good, too! There are many big names in this collection, like Lovecraft (one of his lesser-known stories), Bloch, de Maupassant, London, along with authors [...]

    Clare Walker
    This was an unwanted gift that I've picked up and put down over the years. I think I was too young to properly appreciate it at the beginning. After now picking it up again, in boosting it up to 4 stars. I haven't read every story, but over half of the stories in here are chilling and superb. Always a nice surprise to find writers you know doing something different. Great collection.

    I bought this book at a yard sale a few years ago. I fell in love with this book. So many wonderful scary stories, I swear I'v read the Professors Teddy Bear like 100 times. It's probably my favorite one from the whole book.I definitely recommend.

    This book offers a wide range of short stories focusing on fright and terror. Some are disturbing; some are a bit humorous and some send chills down your spine. It's a great read. In fact it's the type of book that I'll find myself re-reading again and again.

    One of my favorites. It has some very chilling stories that don't rely on gore. My favorite in the book is "When the Clock Strikes" by Tanith Lee. It's a retelling of Cinderella - dark and chilling.

    This collection is pretty uneven, but there are some real gems. For a book I picked up from the free box near the vending machines, this was good Halloween time reading.

    Such a great collection of stories and poems. I've kept them close by since I was a little kid - in case I ever need a fix- a quick and scary read to take my mind off my worries. ;)

    Erik Graff
    This is a very good collection of horror stories spanning over two centuries, many of them by famous authors not usually identified with the genre.

    • Unlimited [Fiction Book] ✓ Masterpieces of Terror and the Supernatural - by Marvin Kaye Saralee Kaye, Richard L. Wexelblat Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Edward D. Hoch Jack Snow Tanith Lee Lafcadio Hearn ✓
      479 Marvin Kaye Saralee Kaye, Richard L. Wexelblat Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Edward D. Hoch Jack Snow Tanith Lee Lafcadio Hearn
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