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  • Title: The Memory Book
  • Author: Penelope J. Stokes
  • ISBN: 9780849944659
  • Page: 321
  • Format: Paperback

  • Phoebe Lange has it all a Master s Degree, an adoring fianc , and a future with unlimited possibilities but something is missing Orphaned at age five and raised by her grandmother, Phoebe longs for a past and a sense of connectedness, but it is not until she stumbles upon a scrapbook dating back to the 1920 s that she discovers a terrible secret about her family s histoPhoebe Lange has it all a Master s Degree, an adoring fianc , and a future with unlimited possibilities but something is missing Orphaned at age five and raised by her grandmother, Phoebe longs for a past and a sense of connectedness, but it is not until she stumbles upon a scrapbook dating back to the 1920 s that she discovers a terrible secret about her family s history which triggers an identity crisis Phoebe becomes obsessed with the mysterious ancestor, also named Phoebe Lange, whom she is convinced is the key to answering the questions that have plagued her But the answers may not be what she has in mind.
    Penelope J. Stokes
    It s often been debated whether a person s destiny lies in genetics or environment, but either way, I suppose I was destined to be a fiction writer A Baby Boomer with an English teacher and a social worker for parents, I grew up being challenged to develop my imagination, and to seek out for myself the meaning and significance of life I learned early both the magic and mystery of stories and the importance of people their dreams, their hopes, their longings, their struggles.From the age of four, when I first learned to read and discovered that words had incredible power, I dreamed of being a writer But the fulfillment of that dream was a long time in coming Ten years of university study, culminating in a Ph.D in Renaissance Literature, led me to a career as a college professor I loved teaching, loved the students and the challenge and the interaction, but the longing for full time expression of my creativity never died Finally, after twelve years of college teaching, I left the classroom and turned my energy toward my life s passion writing fiction.In the process, I discovered another passion the magnificent grandeur of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Western North Carolina.I was raised in Mississippi, and as a child I remember family vacations to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park I loved the undulating layers of blue and purple and green, the rushing streams coming down over the rocks, the cool glades and misty mornings And now I live here in the shadow of the Blue Ridge near DuPont Forest, where rare and remarkable white squirrels chatter wisdom to me from the trees outside my office window.White squirrel in TamaracBut scenery can only take you so far Fiction is about people Not just what happens to them, but about what happens in them the spiritual, emotional, and psychological passages that lead people to an understanding of their inner selves, and of one another That s what I like to write about the heart, the mind, the soul Authenticity of character and profound spiritual transformation I want to draw my readers into a different kind of world one marked by purpose, significance, and hope Most importantly, hope.Some readers have criticized me for dealing with uncomfortable subjects in my fiction subjects which do not lend themselves to easy answers The truth is, there are no easy answers in life There are not even any easy questions Over the years I ve come to the conclusion that our character is determined not so much by the certainties we cling to, but by the uncertainties we are courageous enough to face.At the end of the day, only a few things in life really matter Love Insight Growth Grace When we re committed to going deeper, to following the unknown path, our journey can lead us to an understanding of our own our inner being, to a connection with a power that is both within us and beyond us And that understanding, that connection, gives meaning and purpose to our days.

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    Meh. I didn't realize this was Christian fiction and that affects my opinion. This is definitely not a genre I'm interested in.The plot had a lot of potential, but the main character seemed too preoccupied with everything else. Do I love Jake? Will he still love me when he finds out my "terrible secret"? She should probably get tested for narcolepsy too; nearly every chapter ends with some form of "Spent and exhausted, Phoebe took a nap/looked out the window." So much potential wasted. Why didn' [...]

    Lori Henrich
    Phoebe Lange was an orphan at the age of 5, and was raised by her Grandmother. After graduating from college she goes home to visit her Grandmother who wasn't able to attend because she wasn't feeling well. Arriving at her home, where a strange women answers the door, Phoebe finds her grandmother is worse than she let on. Her grandmother tells her the truth about why she is an orphan and the truth sends Phoebe on a journey to find out what led up to the loss of her parents. As sits and contempla [...]

    Interesting story. A woman has an ugly family secret that has affected her and her relationships all her life. She goes back home and finds "the memory book" of a relative that starts her on a journey of a lifetime. My favorite line from the book is "I learned that the past is the key to the future. We cannot escape who we are, but we can change. With God's help and each other's support, we can inaugurate new patterns----patterns of love and trust and commitment, patterns of healing and forgiven [...]

    Passage From Book: There were some problems you just didn't talk out. You buried them, ignored them. And if they clawed their way to the light again, you simply threw more dirt on top and walking away.

    Heartwarming, interesting, and quick to read.

    Phoebe Lange has it all--a Master's Degree, an adoring fiancé, and a future with unlimited possibilities--but something is missing. Orphaned at age five and raised by her grandmother, Phoebe longs for a past and a sense of connectedness, but it is not until she stumbles upon a scrapbook dating back to the 1920's that she discovers a terrible secret about her family's history which triggers an identity crisis. Phoebe becomes obsessed with the mysterious ancestor, also named Phoebe Lange, whom sh [...]

    This is a story about forgiveness-not only of others but mostly about forgiving yourself. It does have a mystical aspect which I did enjoy. I also liked how it demonstrates that we cannot run from our past. We need to embrace and learn from it. This book also touches on why God lets bad things happen to innocent people. It was beautifully written even though the ending did lack a bit.

    Sommer Johnson-loar
    It has a an interesting storyline if you are an avid mystery lover- what reader doesn't get sucked in with a hidden book and a family full of secrets? I was aware this book had a Christian/Faith based aspect when mentions of Jake came up, or his faith, or Phoebe's lack there of- however, was really disappointed that the ending was less a "didn't see it coming" ending to this great mystery, but rather, a faith based fuzzy feeling. I felt like the ending dragged out far too long for me to keep int [...]

    This is the second book I've read from Penelope Stokes, the first being The Blue Bottle Club which I quite enjoyed. I found The Memory Book a little less interesting but still, it was a nice, easy read.The main character is a young woman called Phoebe who returns to her grandmother's house, where she grew up, when her grandmother becomes ill. Her mother was murdered when Phoebe was 5 years old, but Phoebe has only a shadowy memory of seeing her mother laying on the floor surrounded by blood and [...]

    Mary Lou

    Phoebe Lange was just a little girl when her mother was murdered in there home. Phoebe remembers standing in the kitchen, her mama hurt and bleeding on the floor and a man with ice blue eye's staring at her. Her grandmother took her in and raised her in the old family home. When Phoebe's Grandmother gets sick, she comes home from college to help care for her and finds out that her father, whom she always has been told was dead, is too soon be released from prison for the murder of her mother. Ta [...]

    Tayla van den Heever
    Unfortunately I wasn't entirely happy with this book. The concept was fantastic, and it had so much potential but I don't feel it was written very well. I found it very difficult to feel any sympathy for Phoebe Lange. I felt as though she was just sulking and feeling sorry for herself most of the time and although she is meant to have gone through a lot it just seemed like she was a little to whiny. I also feel that the last few chapters were just too rushed. There was a huge build up and within [...]

    Meh. I felt very little empathy for the protagonist. She keeps people at arms length but not entirely sure why. Instead of introspection she seems to actively not want to think about it and instead puts it aside until she finds a memory book of an ancestor with the same name. This happens to coincide with the moment she finds out that she was a witness to her mother's murder and her father who was incarcerated for the crime is shortly being released. I felt like though she in the end showed a lo [...]

    A great follow-up to the Treasure Box, this book effectively locked me out of my isolation mentality. Everything Stokes left unsaid in the Treasure Box is laid out here, and it couldn't voice the fact that keeping emotional pain in isn't a good idea, nor is it trusting Aslan, any better than through her prose. Again, many thanks to Stokes for throwing me back to Aslan and sealing my pursuit of isolated darkness far away from me, never to return. Definitely worth reading if there's unspoken pain [...]

    It was an interesting book. A girl learns that her father was not dead like she had been told, but in prison for the last 25 years. THat he killed her mother. She then finds a journal of her long dead aunt and learns alot about her family and herself. It got weird though. She ended up living the last week of her aunts life and the book lost me. She came back to herself and fixed her life and met her father but by then I just wanted to finish the book. It was okay except for the going back in tim [...]

    Listened to this book on CD-does that count!? Been having eye trouble and have a long comute so the two issues are solved with one problemoks on tape! This kept me involved and is an ear-catcher. It has a moral/lesson that can be learned and I came away realizing that you don't want to take your loved ones for granted. Being vulnerable is not something to fear but something to strive for. There were things about Pheobe, the lead character, that I saw in myself, and it served to open me up to som [...]

    Tammy Ransdell
    I have had this book for literally 14+ years and never read it. So, this year, 2012, I dug in and conquered it and that's exactly how I feel about it. It didn't keep my attention and I almost felt like it was "work" to get through it. I enjoy anything about memories, memory books, time travel and photographs so I really had expected and hoped for more from this story. I enjoyed another book by the same author, but this onet so much.

    Carrie Ridgeway
    (Audio Version) This was an interesting story that kept me listening to find out how the story would unfold. As a Christian Fiction title, it was not too preachy, but you knew if was a CF book. The thought I took away from this story was the importance of forgiveness of others and taking responsibility for our own reactions to what life throws us, and of course that WE can NEVER pay for our sins - only JESUS can and did pay for our sins on our behalf.

    This one tied with the treasure box as being one of my favourites by this author. I've always loved books that do a time warp and somehow changes the characters life because of it. The interesting part of this time warp was that she was interacting with ancestors of her family. It was how she learned of the past, without actually having a family member tell her. This was by far one of my favourite childhood books.

    Very good. There were several plot twists that I honestly did not see coming. This book manages to have a great message of faith without being preachy. But, then, this author seems to excel at that. She's very good about bringing the reader into a strong family dynamic that has dysfunction, like all families probably do, and making you love even the ones with what seem like the worst character traits.

    This was an interesting novel. I think we all have our insecurities and our secrets. It's interesting how we put on our masks to face others and how we try to make these masks ourselves. Interesting that an ancestor would hold answers for this girl in finding her inner strength and faith. Makes me want to be better at writing in my journal.

    This was a remarkable story about a dysfunctional family that went back four generations, and how healing finally took place. There is a key element that one of the characters discovers, that changes her life and the life of others. And now I won't say anymore-don't want to spoil the story for you all.

    Time travel. A young woman finds she's named after a great aunt she's never been told about. She lives in the same house, shares the same bedroom. The more she discovers, the more they appear to be the same person. Another I have read multiple times. The romance and the mystery makes it just an all around great book!

    An interesting story. Phoebe is a young woman who struggles with relationships due to a tragic event that happened to her when she was a young child. When she returns to her childhood home to be with her ill grandmother, she finds a link to the past and discovers some family secrets that she will need to overcome.

    Brinlie Jill
    This was the best book I've read in forever. I loved it. It was so pure in the meaning and didn't have a whole bunch of modern day crap in it. It was like poetry, you have to look ofr a deeper meaning. I loved the end where Jake conforts her and reassures her he will always love her and accept her for who she is.

    Stephen Bessinger
    I've had this book for a few years and finally got around to reading it. It was ok, I think on a scale of 1 to 10 I'd give it a 4. I chose this book after reading "The Blue Bottle Club" which I liked very much, I guess it just proves that authors can have a hit and a miss. This was not a book that I couldn't put down and since those are the kind I like to read I didn't enjoy it as much.

    "The Memory Book" captured my attention right from the start. It kept me thinking about the decisions we make and how they affect those around us and even those to come. It is well-written and in this day important to note well-edited.I will be looking for more things by this author.

    This was a quick read for me. Interesting premise about the ripple effect of one life upon another. The characters and the setting were freshly delineated so I could imagine them clearly. I thought the ending was a little weak, but I enjoyed the story line.

    Hope Prevallet
    Just read this cover to cover. I enjoyed it. It had a pretty strong spiritual vibe to it about still being able to trust God even though bad things happen in the world. I normally do go for the "deep" books, but this was very well balanced with a fantastic story.

    Penelope Stokes did an amazing job of dealing with the on going effects of abusive parenting. Phoebe's story was handled in a sensitive way, not diminishing the trauma but also not dwelling on details but rather seeking deeper healing and hope.

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