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  • Title: Thief of His Heart
  • Author: Mya Lairis
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Genre M M Shapeshifter ParanormalLength Novel 87,612 Crnswar placed a large hand, each finger tipped in razor sharp talons, upon Seth s chest So afraid, he said Your heart is ready to leap from your chest, but you must like that You have to Is it like this when you steal When you ve infiltrated someone s defenses, broken their feelings of security and made awaGenre M M Shapeshifter ParanormalLength Novel 87,612 Crnswar placed a large hand, each finger tipped in razor sharp talons, upon Seth s chest So afraid, he said Your heart is ready to leap from your chest, but you must like that You have to Is it like this when you steal When you ve infiltrated someone s defenses, broken their feelings of security and made away with your prize Is this how it feels Is this what you like The Basti lord had to have the darkest eyes that Seth had ever seen Black, unforgiving, abysmal They didn t show the slightest bit of sympathy They filled him with fear, those eyes, fear and something else Humility.Crnswar moved his hand from Seth s chest and put his deadly claws against Seth s throat Is this what you were looking for The tip of Crnswar s nails pressed against his flesh, and Seth didn t dare move His body reacted to the danger, still upon the surface and wildly excited beneath It had to be wrong, to be so excited by such a threatening situation Yet he could feel his arousal stirring No Not this Not like this, he stammered.Crnswar looked at him through narrowed eyes But isn t it a rush The kind that makes your heart jerk within your chest It was Trapped by those onyx eyes, Seth felt vulnerable to the beast before him And damned if he wasn t hard as hell His cock pressed adamantly against the fabric of his pants, and the feel of the cat lord s nails moving over his carotid made him all the aware of his racing pulse How much can you take Crnswar asked, leaning forward I think a great deal I think that you are stronger than you know You could stand for something, believe in something, be something, if only you knew what you wanted to become Seth knew little than the shape of Crnswar s mouth, the smooth, full lips, parted, succulent I doubt you know what you want, to be or otherwise Am I wrong He didn t have time to think, to ponder the question, because just then Crnswar gave him something that he realized he did want.Covering Seth s lips with his own, the Basti lord claimed him He possessed Seth s mouth with a kiss that demanded submission, grasping the back of Seth s closely shorn scalp and holding him in place for the assault.Seth couldn t breathe, couldn t even move Crnswar had him by the waist, brought him flush against hard muscle He could feel the iron like hardness of the male s cock prodding his stomach, smell nothing than the heady, strong musk of the beast There was little room for breathing, none for participation, and not even his tongue could evade being sucked between Crnswar s lips.Crnswar took him as if he were a feast to be gorged upon, and he did not back down, not even after fangs drew blood and flavored both of their mouths.It was unlike any rush he had ever had, supernatural or no Hell, Seth doubted that stealing the accursed Hope Diamond itself would have garnered such excitement as what ran lava like in his veins He was light headed and liquid limbed, but he did not, could not fight the wanting for .As far as his hands could dare, Seth gripped the cat lord s waist and thought of never breathing again If only he could have Crnswar s tongue bathing with his in the pool of their saliva, hot and alive, then little else mattered.Just as the pressure threatened to build too high, dangerously high, Crnswar released him.Panting like a bellows fueling a forge, Seth noticed his own blood coloring Crnswar s lips in a smear of crimson.
    Mya Lairis
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    The premise was interesting and so were the characters. The world it was set in was also very original but I got very bored of more than 200 pages of the main characters being together in nothing other than dreams and of Crnswar pushing Seth away again and again and again and again and again and how he is so honorable and such a perfect ruler he doesn't fight for Seth once.

    3.5 stars - I thought this might be a “throw-away shifter story” but it’s not, and reads better than expected. I particularly liked the world-building the author did, and the MCs' relationship progression. Seth, a “felia” cat shifter, visits the Bast, another cat shifter race, on a diplomatic mission, but he’s really there to steal a valuable gem. After his attempt of theft is thwarted, he is forced to serve the whims of the Bast Lord, who uses Seth’s servitude as a way to introduc [...]

    REALLY liked this one. The book is about cat weres. The Felia are the more domesticated variety & they live in the human world and enjoy human luxuries. The Basti are more wild/feral and they live apart from humans. And they two societies used to never mix although for the past 100 years or so they have an annual conference to trade etc That is where the story begins, at one of the conferences.Seth is a half-breed Felia thief who only cares about obtaining things and living the rich life.Lor [...]

    Valentina Heart
    There was something not really convincing about this story. It had all the elements that could have made it great, but somehow didn't. I could have easily stopped reading at any time and that is basically my main complaint. It just didn't hold my full interest. Three stars is closer to my realistic rating, but there was his one moment in the story where I really felt for the characters. The hopelessness was there, as was the love and the connection was so real that I knew instantly I would be ra [...]

    4.5 starsWHERE DOES SHE COME UP WITH THIS STUFF?! This wasn't her typical supernatural bdsm but of course there was the Alpha male with the insatiable appetite, so there was some D/s relations going on. As usually, Mya's world building is amazing and The lore surrounding Crnswar was pretty awesome. Seth and Crnswars many interactions were great. I loved seeing them bump heads. Id love another story with them.Reread 8/17Can we please get a new cover for this book?!!

    Nile Princess
    I really struggled to finish this one, and I think the only reasons I did are a) I've loved everything else by this author and b) I paid for it. I did like the main characters, the overall premise and the world (Mya's world building is always phenomenal) but I couldn't get with the dream sequences. Yes, the only place Seth and Crnswar could really be together was in dreamland, literally, but I don't like repeatedly investing pages and pages of reading to dreams/fantasies etc. In real life, nothi [...]

    I received this book as part of a Giveaway and for over six months I have struggled to read it. I have picked it up and put it down, skipped around and read the ending - all in the hopes that I could actually find something about the book that would draw me in and keep me reading from beginning to end. Unfortunately this book just did not do it for me. I tried so, so hard to read it but ultimately it is going into my Did Not Finish pile. I really hate doing that since I like to read and finish [...]

    Don't really know what to make of this. While I liked it well enough, I guess, I also had some troubles with the execution. I could forget the mistypes, the grammar mistakes and other issues with the writing. I really could. They weren't overwhelming or that often so it wasn't really a big deal. But the way the romance was written was much of a turn off for me. I really didn't see why they liked each other at all. Besides coming from totally different sides of life, they only had sex. Okay, so i [...]

    It was a new take at shifters whith their origins in ancient Egypt. A complex world with many interesting ideas. I had a little problem with Seth, because from the very beginning till the end I just didn't like the guy. I was still voting for him, probably because all book is written from his point of view. Still as far as I see he was an egoist and manipulator. I liked the twin brothers of Crnswar thought. Strange sibling's relationship as it was.

    One of the reasons I enjoyed Thief of His Heart so much is that the shifters were not wolves. Similar to the author, I am a cat person, so I liked the shifters being all types of cats. I also found the slow redemption of the main character believable. The resolution of the acceptability of a m/m pairing was well done too. This is the second book by Mya that I've read and she is now on my TBR list.

    Сложно объяснить почему мне так тяжело далась эта книга. Вроде сюжет довольно интересный и не избитый. Все равно я пробивалась сквозь книгу как через болото. Сет обладает очень низкой самооценкой и все вокруг тоже не очень высоко его ценят, включая его отца и Кринсворта. Их [...]

    I read this when it was a free story and really enjoyed it then, so I was very happy that it got published. I thought the author did a great job creating a different view on shifters in this world, which was nice to see.

    Fairly original among the shifters mm romances, this was a fun read with a solid plot. It did stretch out a bit much in some scenes towards the end but I liked the final plot point. The editing was bad enough to take me out of the story at times though.

    The main character was such a bumbling idiot but somehow he was an endearing idiot and very sweet. And boy did all that food sound good! I liked the concept of having the "romance" happen in dreams, so even though stuff happened all along it wasn't old hat at the climax of the story. :)

    Seth is rich, but lost in life. Through a never boring set of circumstances, he learns to listen to those who believe in him and love him to find a more meaningful future.

    I read this on Mya's website last year, a free download. Unique plot, full of surprises, and a great fantasy romance IMO :)

    Somewhere between 3 & 4. Good imaginitive story! Cat shifters, very sensual and serious in tone, different.

    Got to Chapter Nine before I took a long break. Couldn't see the plot and simply lost interest. Maybe others will enjoy it more, since the writing is ok and the imagery is pretty good.

    well done and very thrilling the characters were captivingi loved it

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