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  • Title: Leap
  • Author: Jane Breskin Zalben
  • ISBN: 9780375838712
  • Page: 418
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Daniel says life caused me to grow up fast Real fast Like overnight Krista says The real me the one who knew I should treat Daniel the way I d want to be treated was angry at the other me I just didn t want to lose Bobby by taking sides with Daniel.Daniel and Krista used to be inseparable Now that they re older, they ve drifted apart but when an accident leaves DaniDaniel says life caused me to grow up fast Real fast Like overnight Krista says The real me the one who knew I should treat Daniel the way I d want to be treated was angry at the other me I just didn t want to lose Bobby by taking sides with Daniel.Daniel and Krista used to be inseparable Now that they re older, they ve drifted apart but when an accident leaves Daniel temporarily paralyzed, he needs his old friend than ever And Krista wants to help him Only it s not as easy as it seems, not when Krista s feelings for another boy, Bobby, keep getting in the way And it doesn t help that Daniel and Bobby were both star swimmers before Daniel s accident, that is Growing up is hard on everyone, but it s up to Krista to prove how strong friendship can be.From the Hardcover edition.
    Jane Breskin Zalben
    Jane Breskin Zalben Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Leap book, this is one of the most wanted Jane Breskin Zalben author readers around the world.


    As part of my listening to books in the car, I read a wide variety of materials that might not be my first choice. So I read a good amount of children's and teen lit in the car. As a librarian, I feel that it is important to read widely and to read in a varied manner. Hence, this teen lit title. I enjoyed this book on CD. It is told in alternating chapters of the two main protagonists, Daniel and Krista, who used to be friends, but have drifted apart. Daniel gets paralyzed during a routine denta [...]

    Ryann Murphy
    Each character well represents the middle-school experience and both Krista and Daniel face their own challenges during their sixth-grade year. Not only does Daniel struggle to regain his mobility after being partially paralyzed, he must also deal with his mother's mysterious extended vacation. Krista yearns to "do the right thing" and be there for Daniel while also pining away for Bobby, the cutest boy on 27th Avenue. On my favorite things about this audiobook were the performances of the two a [...]

    Jennifer Wardrip
    Reviewed by Carrie Spellman for TeensReadTooKrista and Daniel were inseparable from the first day of kindergarten on. Swimming lessons, play dates, they did everything together. Until Valentine's Day in third grade. Krista got a box of chocolates and an unsigned love note. There's no way of knowing for sure who it came from, but Krista is convinced it was Bobby. It almost doesn't really even matter anymore because since that day, Krista has had the crush of her life on Bobby. Two-and-a-half year [...]

    Misty Baker
    If you have spent even 5 minutes with a child you are certain to have noticed what interesting creatures they are. They are as equally lovable as they are fickle and more than anything they are painfully honest (not yet forming that diplomatic catch-net we acquire as adults.) but unfortunately all of these endearing qualities start to disappear as the years pass and eventually, instead of your little princess who thought boys were icky and playing in mud was a good time, you end up with a tween. [...]

    So many things change as you move from “childhood” to “adolescence.” As Krista and Daniel move into middle school they are no longer the inseparable buddies they once were. Krista is distracted by her crush on the cool boy, Bobby; Daniel is devastated by an allergic reaction to anesthetic that paralyzes him. He especially misses swimming competitively. Daniel’s accident gradually brings Krista back into his life as she helps him learn to swim. Daniel works hard to be more independent f [...]

    The story is cute. It provides details on how the accident happened and the immediate aftermath, but the story seems to pick up a bit later, when Daniel is able to go back to school. Along with the usual problems twelve-year-olds encounter, Daniel's friends and classmates struggle to figure out how to act around Daniel. The accident isn't the only problem Daniel has either. He's got a crush on a girl who is clueless and his mother all of a sudden makes changes to her life that severely affect Da [...]

    I just didn't like it. One star seems harsh but If that says you didn't like it then I'm going to be truthful. Now, It's not necessarily her writting. Maybe more what she writes about. The mother's selfish ways made me boil. I can't find a way to sympathize with this mid life crisis mom! She should have figured that she wanted to continue performing BEFORE she GOT MARRIED and HAD a CHILD!!! You must plan to do something andthen you just got to stick with it. You can't just pack up and leave when [...]

    In fifth grade, Daniel has a routine procedure performed to remove an impacted baby tooth. The operation does not go as planned and leaves Daniel crippled. Once a star swimmer, Daniel must now learn to rely on family and friends to help him recover. He must learn to walk and swim again.I thought this story was pretty good, although I had a hard time believing a middle school would have a swim team. I liked that the story was told from two points of view, alternating back and forth so it was cons [...]

    This is a middle grade novel about two friends, Daniel and Krista. Each chapter is told from their alternate perspectives. Daniel and Krista were best friends back in third grade but then Krista developed a crush on Daniel's best friend Bobby. Now in 6th grade, Daniel and Krista have a chance to renew their friendship. Daniel must learn to walk (and swim) again after an bad reaction to anesthesia during a dental operation. Daniel is a very insightful young man. My favorite quote: "taking risks i [...]

    This is honestly one of the greatest books I have ever read, and will probably always be one of my favorites. My love for Daniel is immense, and the compassion I hold for him after the accident grew through every moment in this book. I loved how Krista and Daniel seemed to find each other again. This book is absolutely perfect. I'm recommending it to everyone I know. Read this. The author came to my school, and told us about it. So I decided to read it. And it was one of the greatest decisions I [...]

    It was ok. I listened to it and it had good readers. The main characters are 12. It gives the reader ideas on how to play one parent off the other especially if they are divorced and the characters kept lying to their parents. So, it's ok but not my favorite. But I don't like Fudge books either.

    This book was suprisingly goodI wasn't expecting to like it as much as I did. But before I knew itI was wrapped up in the story of Daniel, Krista, and their friends. A fun book, but one that does address some serious issues such as disabilities, parents overpressuring their kids to succeed, and family members who leave when the going gets rough. Highly recommended!

    Eh. I didn't really like this book. The Daniel's triumphed wasn't focused on as much as the lame-o drama of who likes who. The voice of this book was good, though. I mean, it felt like a couple of twelve year olds. I don't know. It wasn't terrible, but it just wasn't a very good story -- it should have been, but wasn't.

    This book is wonderful. I just love the story and how the characters change and develop. The author also made it so real all the conversations and thoughts are just as natural as any teenage girl/boy. This book makes me smile and touched. I really liked it :)

    A cute story - I had a hard time believing 12 year olds would be in relationships, but that's probably because of my upbringing. Overall, I liked it, although the moral of the story is a bit ambiguous.

    Eliana Yi
    This book is kind of unfantastic. It is good, but not special in any kind of way. If you like that kind of boy-girl relationship, go ahead.

    In my opinion, this book was kind of stupid I guess it just depends on the person reading it. I thought that the characters were stereotypical and that the plot was also kind of boring

    It's a very good book!

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