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  • Title: 77 Days in September
  • Author: Ray Gorham
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 287
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • On a Friday afternoon before Labor Day, Americans are getting ready for the holiday weekend, completely unaware of a long planned terrorist plot about to be launched against the country Kyle Tait is settling in for his flight home to Montana when a single nuclear bomb is detonated 300 miles above the heart of America The blast, an Electro Magnetic Pulse EMP , destroys eOn a Friday afternoon before Labor Day, Americans are getting ready for the holiday weekend, completely unaware of a long planned terrorist plot about to be launched against the country Kyle Tait is settling in for his flight home to Montana when a single nuclear bomb is detonated 300 miles above the heart of America The blast, an Electro Magnetic Pulse EMP , destroys every electrical device in the country, and results in the crippling of the power grid, the shutting down of modern communications, and bringing to a halt most forms of transportation.Kyle narrowly escapes when his airplane crashes on take off, only to find himself stranded 2,000 miles from home in a country that has been forced, from a technological standpoint, back to the 19th Century Confused, hurt, scared, and alone, Kyle must make his way across a hostile continent to a family he s not even sure has survived the effects of the attack As Kyle forges his way home, his frightened family faces their own struggles for survival in a community trying to halt its slow spiral into chaos and anarchy 77 Days in September follows Kyle and his wife, Jennifer, as they are stretched past their breaking point, but find in their devotion to each other the strength to persevere 4.6 Stars Anthony Wessel,5.0 Stars Stephanie, Beauty Brite Reviews4.57 Stars Average Customer Review 100 plus WHAT IS AN EMP An EMP Electro Magnetic Pulse is a magnetic pulse that overwhelms, and thus destroys, all electronic devices exposed to it It is the most serious threat faced by a technologically advanced society An EMP can be human caused, through the detonation of a nuclear bomb high above the atmosphere, or natural, through a severe geo magnetic storm In multiple reports prepared for Congress, scientists predict the complete destruction of modern American society and question our ability to ever recover if we are the target of an EMP attack Further, some predict the death toll in America in the aftermath of such an event to be in excess of 200 million ABOUT THE AUTHORRay Gorham lives in the small, farming community of Shepherd, Montana with his wife and five children He runs his log home business by day and writes in the evenings, on weekends, and whenever the weather keeps him inside.
    Ray Gorham
    Ray Gorham Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the 77 Days in September book, this is one of the most wanted Ray Gorham author readers around the world.


    Sean Watson
    Surprisingly poor book given that some on Kindle had rated it up which is why I read it. Never again. This book is yet another in the apocalyptic genre, but without any tough decisions. Even when the protagonist killed someone, the author had to switch perspectives for three pages so that he could ensure his readers it was a really, really bad man, and the killing was justified. Very low reading level, weak vocabulary, unimaginative writing, predictable storyline. So tame that you could give it [...]

    Judy Goodwin
    Everyone has a secret vice. Mine happens to be disaster movies; I eat them up eagerly, from asteroids hitting the earth to volcanoes in Los Angeles. I love stories that throw our modern world into chaos and force people to get back to the basis of survival.I've found there is a whole new bunch of these kinds of stories out there in indie publishing, called the 'dystopian' genre. From economic collapse to the Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) stories, There are a fair number of these stories which see [...]

    Trev Twinem
    The kindleah the good old kindle all those authors self publishing and hoping to be the next Stephen Kingif only your dreams Mr Gorham and all those 5 star reviews where have they all come from? If the author had been at school and written this tedious ponderous story his teacher would probably have saiduld do better. what do we have here? There has been an electro magnetic incident and all communication/electrical systems no longer operate and this includes everything from the humble toaster to [...]

    This is independent author Ray Gorham's first book. There's a good story here although not well served by the author's plodding and clunky writing. Still, it was readable and interesting enough to carry me through the book.What I liked:1. The premise: EMP wipes out pretty much everything electronic in the US. No superflu, no zombie virus, no meteor strike or alien invasion here! This is probably the most realistic premise for an apocalypse that I have encountered and for that reason, it's perhap [...]

    I have been on a reading spree lately, and I have read several apocalyptic thrillers, including among others One Second After, The Passage, Swan Song and Lucifer's Hammer, all outstanding reads. I was entertained by 77 Days in September, but I do feel the need to wield the critic's pen, at least a bit. (SPOILER ALERT) My biggest complaint is the lack of complexity. The story pulled me in, not just by Kyle's airport calamity, but by the terrorist characters, the military generals and the Senator. [...]

    Susan Kiernan-Lewis
    I really enjoyed this book. I love apocalyptic fiction and this is one of the best in the genre I've read so far. The characters were likable, well drawn, and I really cared about them. There were surprises, too. I was turning the pages pretty fast. I thought Gorham was very skilled in the way he crafted the action and the conflict. I see this is an Indie book but it's so polished, it's hard to believe it is. No typos and no "fat." Just good old fashioned story-telling that has you racing to the [...]

    The author lost me when he revealed his thoughts about evolution and science in general — namely that we don't "[come from] monkeys" and "the scientists" aren't as smart as they think they are.All that aside, the ideas presented in the book were interesting, but the characters weren't compelling, and the writing was mediocre. I was somewhat relieved when the "scientists" diatribe began, because it gave me a good excuse to abandon reading it.

    Bryan Raines
    I downloaded the sample of this book on my Kindle Fire and realized fairly quickly I was going to go ahead and come off my 1.99 for it.Ray Gorham has a good knack for keeping a story going. This can be hard to accomplish when a book revolves around someone trying to get from point A to point B. I usually shy away from books that focus on the long road, but this book drew me in and never let me go.Ray Gorham isn't a flourish writer. You aren't going to find large portions of text that describe a [...]

    I first read 77 Days in September in 2011 and I was incredibly impressed by the book - although it's PA, the focus is heavily on the emotions of the characters. As a main character I found Kyle to be believable and likeable (although what's not to like about a guy that is prepared to walk thousands of miles to make it home to his family?!), and although conflicted by his need to get home as quickly as possible, didn't loose his humanity and compassion even when it was sorely tested. In particula [...]

    Really great, interesting book, really enjoyed it!

    Bob Milne
    I've always been a huge fan of end-of-the-world, apocalyptic thrillers. I'd like to say that Stephen King's The Stand is responsible, but it's actually Isaac Asimov's The Last Man on Earth anthology that sticks in my head as my first exposure to the subject. In fact, I still have the tattered old paperback sitting on my shelf today!Anyway, I've read a lot of apocalyptic tales over the years, some of which I've quite enjoyed, and others which have fallen flat. Generally, I find that I tend to be [...]

    Bonnie Calhoun
    Well that's a full day that I'll never get back! I hate to have to give bad reviews but this is one of those books that made my eyes bleed. I literally read it in one day because I wound up skimming a lot of the back story here he just droned on about nothing.I really love reading this genre and I’m pretty lenient as long as the story is a good page turner. This one lacked even that. It started out great with him pulling another passenger out of the crashed and burning plane and then helping g [...]

    Jill Merrall
    If I wanted a lecture about everything from premarital sex to the dangers of doubting GodI would have went to churchCan't believe this predictable, boring, non-eventful apocalyptic sermon has such a high rating (which was the only reason I read it).

    Entertaining. The flip side to "One Second After" in that it focuses on someone traveling a long way rather than a static community.

    I read this book as Apocalypse Whenever's April 2013 selection, and I have to admit that it makes me wish that there were half star ratings. Although I rated all 3 books as a 2, I feel that The Stand was better than 77 Days in September, which was better than Eden. I suppose that could be 2.5 rounded down, 2, and 1.5 rounded up, because who wants to give an indie author his first 1-star review? To wind up this meandering point, I didn't like the book, and I have whole list of reasons why, but le [...]

    I do enjoy the apocalyptic genre. It sounds morbid but I like reading about how mankind deals with tragedy, with disruption, with mortality. It's an inside look at our humanity and it fascinates me. So, when this was recommended on GR or (can't remember which), I knew I had to give it a shot. What grabbed me and forced me to immediately go from Sample to Buy was the foreward. I liked the tv shows Jericho and Flash Forward because they focused on the United States rebuilding itself after an atta [...]

    Nancy S
    I really loved this book. It is a post-apocolyptic tale unlike any other I have read. An electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) event, created by a nuclear weapon being detonated high above the earth, destroys every electrical device in the U.S and results in the crippling of the power grid, the shutting down of modern communications, and bringing to a halt most forms of transportation.It is only days before civilization starts to fall apart. The protagonist in this book, Kyle, was stranded in Texas after [...]

    The opening was gripping, and the concept of the novel is stellar. The book had me riveted for the first 30 or so pages, and the plot was solid. But I was very disappointed by the pacing. The stellar beginning gives way to a more disjointed narrative that doesn't really give you a feel for how much time is passing despite the dates prefacing each chapter. There are moments in which Gorham takes too many lines of text to say what could have been said in a few, using up valuable writing space to r [...]

    This has an interesting premise. I love post apocalyptic fiction, I just felt that the characters were so bland. Hero loves heroine, and is trying to get to her. Heroine knows despite zero evidence hubbie is alive and well, and is waiting for him. That seemed to be the sum of the characters personality traits. I was bored. Happily Married characters are sort of hard to pull off in action anyway, but when you do, you at least need to make them something more than ciphers with empty personalities. [...]

    It started out good, but Kyle was (in my opinion) not the most intelligent man.Yeah, WALK right across the US. Why not? Obviously Kyle has never before heard that there are things like bicycles. Or horses.And why should he look for warm clothing just because it is October and there may be snow in the mountains? No, Kyle is a REAL man, he'd rather freeze to death.Sorry, but stupid things like that really ruined the book for me.

    Clea Hansen
    77 days in September is a sci-fi fiction novel, written by Ray Gorham. The book is based in the fictional US when an EMP has been dropped in the US. Taking us back to being a “cave man”. A man named Kyle has just taken off in a plane. He is in Texas, yet his family lives in a small town in Montana. His journey without any electronics or even cars is all written in this book. There are many ups and downs and many crazy characters. This book really lets you fall in love with both sides of the [...]

    Marion Marchetto
    A new and highly plausible twist on an attack on America. With an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack being launched simultaneously on two coasts by American enemies, the entire Northern Hemisphere is soon rendered powerless and incapacitated. Not your typical Armageddon where the entire world is consumed by some dire event, but the targeted and finite destruction of the American infrastructure. What ensues is a way of life to which survivors must adjust. Can our techologically dependent populati [...]

    Kevin Grubb
    Adding one star because the writing style here is competent and paced well enough. Lots of criticism though.As a work of fiction, 77 Days in September fails on many levels. The premise of an EMP attack crippling the United States infrastructure is fascinating because it preys on our dependency upon technology. The idea of our entire livelihood being destroyed thoroughly and instantly is a harrowing and compelling thought. It can make for good literature too, as was the case with One Second After [...]

    Laurel Heidtman
    Great post-apocalyptic novel! Montana resident Kyle Tait is stranded in Texas when terrorists launch a nuclear missile from a merchant ship off the U.S. coastline. The bomb explodes in space, resulting in an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) that wipes out the electrical grid and electronics. In a split second, Americans are forced to live much as 19th century Americans lived--no electricity, no communication network, etc. Kyle's family is in Montana. He is determined to get to them, and to do so, he [...]

    77 Days in September is about what happened to one family when the unthinkable happened. Terrorists launch three missiles 300 miles above the US, nuclear missiles. Part of them make the trip unscathed and detonate causing an Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) taking out the electrical grid of the US, part of Canada and part of Mexico. In addition, just like it would happen in real life, everything with transistors and integrated circuits are fried too.Kyle lives in Montana with his wife and three chil [...]

    The book starts with a prologue on nuclear testing and EMPs that I did not find greatly interesting. In fact I felt as if I had been grabbed off the street and shoved into a science class against my will when all I wanted to do was go to the library and read a book! So I was already a bit disengaged by the time the story actually started. There was a lot of detail about the scientific aspects of the detonation and it was just too much technical information that I didn't think was necessary.I fou [...]

    Jenni Arndt
    While this story had a very intriguing premise, I unfortunately could not get into it at 50%. I didn't find that I cared about the characters. Since I am not finishing it, I will not be rating it.

    Benjamin Hegtvedt
    I enjoyed this book. I do like post apocalyptic style but what I enjoyed was the introspection of some of the main characters as they sought to adjust to their new reality.

    I have been on an apocalyptic reading binge lately, and some have been better than others: this one started off good then got a little slow with the scenes in Montana - almost to the point where I came close to putting it down at the 25% mark or so on my Kindle - then the author seemed to hook me and wouldn't let go. I guess it was because after reading so much of this type of fiction lately I was expecting one thing but the author had something else he wanted to deliver.What was that message? T [...]

    a modern day 'alas Babylon' - terrific book!emp wipes out usa elect. , cars, computers, etc. he is stranded in tx, luckily his plane was delayed or he would have been in the air. he decides to walk home to his wife and kids in co. he has a very hard journey pulling a cart . she has her own problems with a man trying to have sex with her , she has no interest in him. he tries to force her, she shoots him but not before he stabs her 12 yr old son.he finally makes it home and no one is there. but t [...]

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