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  • Title: The Dark Wind
  • Author: Tony Hillerman
  • ISBN: 9780062018021
  • Page: 180
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

  • The corpse had been scalped, its palms and soles removed after death Sergeant Jim Chee of the Navajo Tribal Police knows immediately he will have his hands full with this case, a certainty that is supported by the disturbing occurrences to follow A mysterious nighttime plane crash, a vanishing shipment of cocaine, and a bizarre attack on a windmill only intensify Chee The corpse had been scalped, its palms and soles removed after death Sergeant Jim Chee of the Navajo Tribal Police knows immediately he will have his hands full with this case, a certainty that is supported by the disturbing occurrences to follow A mysterious nighttime plane crash, a vanishing shipment of cocaine, and a bizarre attack on a windmill only intensify Chee s fears A dark and very ill wind is blowing through the Southwestern desert, a gale driven by Navajo sorcery and white man s greed And it will sweep away everything unless Chee can somehow change the weather.
    Tony Hillerman
    Tony Hillerman, who was born in Sacred Heart, Oklahoma, was a decorated combat veteran from World War II, serving as a mortarman in the 103rd Infantry Division and earning the Silver Star, the Bronze Star, and a Purple Heart Later, he worked as a journalist from 1948 to 1962 Then he earned a Masters degree and taught journalism from 1966 to 1987 at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, where he resided with his wife until his death in 2008 Hillerman, a consistently bestselling author, was ranked as New Mexico s 25th wealthiest man in 1996.


    "They're not going to kill him and walk away from it.""But sometimes they do," Chee said. "That's the way it is.""No," she said. The tone was suddenly vehement. "They won't get away with it. You understand that?""Not exactly," Chee said."Do you understand "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth"?""I've heard it," Chee said."Don't you believe in justice? Don't you believe that things need to be evened up?" As a matter of fact, the concept seemed as strange to him as the idea that someone with mon [...]

    Jim Chew, a rookie Navajo tribal policeman is assigned to find who is damaging a windmill to supply water to the Hopi Indians. He is staking out the windmill when he witnessed a plane crashing landing in a nearby arroyo. He is first to reach the plane and finds a dead man shot in the middle of the road. He reports the accident and learns that the plane is carrying drugs. The FBI accused him of removing the drugs. He is ordered to stay away from the investigation. He is to find the answer to the [...]

    I love reading books where the geographic location becomes almost a character in the story and I particularly love reading such books when I am physically in that location. So, while on a recent trip to the Southwest, I thought it was a perfect time to read a few Tony Hillerman books. I found the experience to be enhanced when Hillerman was describing the topography and I would look up from the book and see those same mountains or town. In this fifth book in the Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee series [...]

    Admittedly, I listened to this book, which may have colored my response to it. On the other hand, I have difficulty with books where seemingly unrelated plot-lines all merge together in the end or never get tied up. On the other hand, the setting and cultural details of the Navajo and Hopi tribes, not to mention the big-bad federal agents are always interesting. I know there's a trend in some camps to denigrate writers who write about an ethnicity to which they do not belong. It seems to me Hill [...]

    Yvonne (It's All About Books)
    Finished reading: December 10th 2014"Then, as he thought it through all the way, through from the east, the south, the west, and the north, and back to the east again, just as his uncle had taught him, he saw that it might help. Everything must have a reason. Nothing was done without a cause."(view spoiler)[It's not the first time I read a book by Tony Hillerman. I read Hunting Badger last year and I remember enjoying the Native American elements in that novel. The Dark Wind is no exception; the [...]

    Tony Hillerman passed away in October of 2008. His 18 books in his Navajo series have won numerous award and have earned Mr Hillerman "Friend of the Navajo" status. As you read Hillerman I suggest you keep a notebook handy something I will do so as I read my next novel. His native American characters share a depth of cultural information worth remembering. Dark wind is Jim Chee at his best. Wind mills,holy ground, rain, Navajos, Hopis, theft, murder, plane crash, drugs and floods. This like othe [...]

    Have never read any Tony Hillerman books before. Now having visited Arizona, and some of the areas Tony writes about , had to check him out. Really good read. loved the characters, especially Jim Chee. Book only 300 pages reads super fast and very difficult to put down. I loved it. Will be reading several more. I brought 7 other of his books home from Arizona. If you've never read Hillerman, what are you waiting for ??????

    James Adams
    A definite step up from the first Chee novel, largely because the tribal politics and beliefs are more prominent, but also because the author has gotten more comfortable with the character. Still, Chee is not an equal to Leaphorn, but the supporting cast make up for that lack.As usual, the pacing is methodical, the prose distant and unadorned, and the plot twisty. It's good stuff, and deserving of it's acclaim, but not terribly engaging. The series has grown on me, but it will be a while before [...]

    This is more of a 2.5 for me. So far I'm not overly enthusiastic about Chee as a character. I know he develops more as the series goes on but his elastic sense of right and wrong bothers me. Probably the most genuine part was his outrage at the way he was mistreated by the DEA people. I found the mystery confusing although his red herrings were very well done. I'm going to keep on reading since I know how much I enjoyed future titles. If I didn't have that knowledge, I'd likely stop here.

    Another intricate mystery by Tony Hillerman. The book is very suspenseful, and, once again, it is not who you think perpetrated the crime. This book focused mainly on Chee, with a comment that Leaphorn is in DC testifying in another case. Mr. Hillerman's descriptions of the Black Mesa, the Wepo Wash and the surrounding country are very detailed and make you feel as if you are there. He infuses the books with descriptions of Navajo and Hopi traditions, and explores how they affect the actions of [...]

    Living in New Mexico and being a mystery lover and not reading Tony Hillerman is probably some sort of sin. Possibly even multiple sins. So I plan to work on rectifying that travesty. THE DARK WIND is my initiation into the mystery series revolving around Jim Chee and Joe Leaphorn.The setting made this book for me. Sure, Jim Chee proved to be a likeable enough character with well-meaning intentions and motivations, and the bad guys eased off the page like green goo with simple, yet concrete nefa [...]

    quote from pages 147 - 148 "There was no reason to kill him," she said. "And whoever did it is going to suffer for it.". "They won't get away with it. You understand that?" "Not exactly," Chee said. "Do you understand 'An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth'?" "I've heard it," Chee said. "Don't you believe in justice? Don't you believe that things need to be evened up?" Chee shrugged. "Why not?" he said. As a matter of fact, the concept seemed as strange to him as the idea that someone with m [...]

    Sergeant Jim Chee is working a new territory and has three investigations working. Someone has been sabotaging a water windmill on tribal lands, some pawned silver jewelry has been stolen from a trading post and a plane crash and murders of suspected drug dealers very near where he had been staking our the windmill. Things come to ahead as all the cases interconnect.

    Good Jim Chee mystery with some humor, Navajo and Hopi culture, and just enough hints to make you feel that you are solving the crime just a second before Chee. Carl got a little too engrossed at the end and went through a red light. Good thing we were in a small town in the off season where I've seldom seen a police car on the road.

    Linda Hart
    3.5 starsI liked itd it was a short, clean read. I learned a little about Navaho and Hopi cultures,the Arizona desert, and the relationship & responsibilities between these 2 groups and federal law enforcement agencies, specifically the DEA. Good humo and interesting mystery solved by the reader moments before it is solved by Che, the main character. audio version is well done.

    This is a great book with many unique twists and turns and the great thing is it is about an American Indian lawmanI believe it should be made into a movie

    I'm a Tony Hillerman fan. Love learning about the Navaho culture. His mysteries are catching without being graphic.

    Everything that fans of Hillerman would want: Beautiful descriptions of the Arizona and New Mexico landscape; the intrigue of mystery; and the intricacies of Navajo and Hopi traditions. Hillerman's books show us how the world looks through, at least in this case, Jimmy Chee's eyes. I love Chee's curiosity about the world and his need to find the pattern and reason behind the happenings of the world.

    In The Dark Wind, Jim Chee is handed three cases, which all become entwined with a fourth. Jim Chee, Navajo cop engages others to help. The Hopi culture, well researched by Tony Hillerman, is preeminent here. The reader gains a cultural perspective, while enjoying a mystery (or three, or four). The bad guy characters aren't too developed, but that's not the point. All the threads came together at the end and the nefarious characters are collared.

    Morris Graham
    The backdrop of the book starts with the Federal government giving some Navajo land to the Hopis and forcing some 9,000 Navajos off their land. The Navajos had been hauling water in this arid stretch by hand. After the government took this piece of land from the Navajos, they constructed eight windmills to pump water for its new inhabitants. Someone is none too happy about that. Someone is vandalizing one, and only one of the eight windmills repeatedly. Jim Chee, newly assigned to this district [...]

    "The Dark Wind" is the 5th novel in Tony Hillerman's "Leaphorn & Chee" series. It's also the 2nd of the pure Jim Chee novels. As with most other Hillerman novels I've read, it's very well done. Due to some corruption, though, this one is just a tad less "comfortable" to read than the previous books in the series. One of the interesting themes brought up in the book is Hillerman's assertion that the Navajo don't really understand the concept of vengeance or revenge. I'm a bit puzzled by that [...]

    "A corpse whose palms and soles have been "scalped" is only the first in a series of disturbing clues." And so begins "The Dark Wind," the fifth in Tony Hillerman's Navajo Mystery series and the second of the books featuring Jim Chee without his mentor Joe Leaphorn. The setting is in and around Four Corners, New Mexico; once again Hillerman offers us Navajo (and Native American) folklore and culture in an interesting and informative manner. Hillerman's ability to create believable local color he [...]

    #5 in the Navajo mysteries, this one featuring only Sgt. Jim Chee, who works for the Navajo Tribal Police. Chee is out on a stakeout, watching a new windmill that has twice been vandalized to try to catch the culprit in the act, when he witnesses a plane crash not far away. It's a small plane, and very shortly after he arrives on the scene, the pilot dies. While he's briefly inspecting the site, he hears a gunshot not far off, and then a car driving away. The plane ends up being part of a smuggl [...]

    Orville Jenkins
    Hillerman's main character in this murder mystery is Detective Jim Chee of the Navajo Police. A plane crash and suspected drug running play into what Chee discovers was a murder. Chee is assigned to investigate the vandalism of windmills on the reservation, and winds up finding the keys to the murder-drug mystery.Hillerman's stories are always meaty, thoughtful and challenging. The scenarios are believable and the characters well-rounded.I love the views expressed by Hillerman's Indian character [...]

    Read as an audio book. I really enjoy the narrator of Dark Wind. He's done a couple in this series, and he's absolutely perfect.Premise of the story is, Jim Chee has found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time, and is a partial witness to a triple murder that may involve a very large drug deal gone wrong. The Feds and the DEA are convinced Chee - being a mere "Navajo" policeman - is involved somehow. Chee, with his understanding of the Navajo and Hopi ways, methodically unravels who kille [...]

    This was my mother's favorite book. I have read it many times, as I have read all of Hillerman's books. The mystery is skillfully drawn, but more than that I love the book(s) for the sense of place and the cultural knowledge. As a reader, I have learned so much about the Navajo way of life outside of the influence of the white culture. So much of the lore and culture is used to solve the mysteries. While I am not extremely familiar with that corner of Arizona, I am somewhat familiar. There are t [...]

    Gene D. Davis
    I'm puzzled. For an author to do so much research in Navajo culture; in the local geography of the area; and police work; it seems amazing to me that he didn't know squat about firearms. In the first book he has the bad guy carrying a .38 automatic. The .38 is a revolver round, not for semi-automatics. In a couple of other places (I'm only up to book 5) Chee clicks the safety off his revolver. Revolvers don't have safeties. Nor do they have a half-cock unless the Navajo Tribal Police are issued [...]

    In high school I was basically obsessed with Tony Hillerman books. Not really sure why, but I was. I tried to read all of his books in my school's library. The only thing I didn't like what I couldn't really figure out the order of the books, and so I read them out of order. These books are great. They are from a point of view from a cop who is caught between two words: Navajo and white. He treads back and forth between those lines, trying to find a balance while solving murders. Tony Hillerman [...]

    Mark Robertson
    Jim Chee is the hero of this tale involving drugs, corruption and, of course, murder. It takes a fair amount of good old police work along with knowledge of Navajo and Hopi tradition to get to the bottom of this dark tale. The title refers to the dark wind that inhabits people whose souls are disturbed and thus not in harmony with nature. Two characters in this story are consumed with the desire to revenge the deaths of loved ones. It takes Chee a long time to realize that revenge might be a leg [...]

    One of my favorite Tony Hillerman mysteries. Jim Chee must find the pattern in a john doe corpse, a vandalized windmill, a pawn shop burglary, and the crash of a drug smuggling plane. From east, south, west to north he investigates and fits the pieces together.I am rereading all Hillermans novels (between other books) in order. I have read them all years ago but not in order and I've forgotten most of them anyway, and I'm again blown away by what a good mystery writer he is. Most writers who chu [...]

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