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  • Title: A Home By The Sea
  • Author: Christina Skye
  • ISBN: 9780373776085
  • Page: 119
  • Format: Paperback

  • Sometimes appearances aren t what they seemGrace Lindstrom has followed her fiance across three continents, starry eyed and full of dreams But when he dies in a plane crash, Grace discovers that their life together was the cruelest kind of lie and swears to never lose herself to that kind of love again Until one night, when a chance encounter leads her to the kind ofSometimes appearances aren t what they seemGrace Lindstrom has followed her fiance across three continents, starry eyed and full of dreams But when he dies in a plane crash, Grace discovers that their life together was the cruelest kind of lie and swears to never lose herself to that kind of love again Until one night, when a chance encounter leads her to the kind of man she s always dreamed of and the deep family ties she s never known.Noah McKay knows he can t offer Grace any kind of future not when he spends every day putting his life on the line But when Grace s grandfather suddenly falls ill and she s called home to the small island town where she grew up, he realizes he can t live without her Aided by good knitting, good chocolate and deep friendship, Grace is slowly learning to trust again but can she learn to love a man whose secrets run so deep
    Christina Skye
    AKA Roberta HelmerRoberta Helmer is an American writer of Chinese art and culture and as Christina Skye is a best selling USA Today and Publishers Weekly writer of over 23 romance novels Her romance book have been traslated into 8 languages Roberta Helmer was born in Dayton, Ohio, U.S.A an is a descendant of Revolutionary War hero Adam Helmer She attended the University of Pennsylvania and obtained a doctorate in classical Chinese literature at Ohio State University, where she learned to speak fluent Chinese, French, and Japanese Later, she worked as translator and as a consultant to the National Geographic Society and the American Museum of Natural History She lives in on the western slopes of McDowell Mountains in Arizona.


    Libby Chester
    Enjoyed the first third of this book the most. Author created strong characterizations of Noah McLeod and Grace Lindstrom, her two main characters. She also detailed strong characters from Noah's parents, Alex and Tatiana McLeod. I was very disappointed when Alex and Tatiana dropped out of the story. I see there are sequels to the story and perhaps the author hopes to get a return audience from the interest she creates in her fringe characters. While this is a great ploy for television, I don't [...]

    Lady Lioness
    Edited to add that I am so surprised that this won RT's Reviewer's Choice Award for Best Contemporary Romance. I felt many of the other nominees were MUCH stronger.Whenever I get my new issue of the Romantic Times magazine, it tends to jolt me into action regarding my ARC backlog. These days, that's mainly NetGalley. So, what to say about this one? Hmmm. It didn't suck? Faint praise, I know, but I don't know what to say. I blew through it and it was a comforting read because nothing really happe [...]

    Sarah Eiseman
    I’ve been reading a number of books by Christina Skye recently, and this one, read out of order, was next in my queue. This book follows a short story in the Knitting Diaries. We meet Grace Lindstrom, a historical food researcher and restaurant consultant, as she’s about to launch an amazing new chapter in her career. For the past year she has been getting over her fiance’s death and the many secrets it has since uncovered. Following a party, Grace ends up rescuing a few cats and a dog in [...]

    Grace thought that the man she was to marry was a good guy. After his death she finds it hard to trust. One snowy night brings her Noah. A bomb squad specialist with his own issues. Together they discover what its like to love and trust again. Added friends Jilly and Caro. Interested in the next story There were some grammer issues- like characters being called the wrong name

    This is an odd book, very frenetic. Grace Lindstrom was badly hurt by her fiance. He cheated on her, repressed her, and, after his death, she found out he was actually married. She's slowly rebuilding her life as someone who travels the globe collecting recipes. One snowy night, Grace hears a noise and finds a cat with kittens (and one puppy!) in a dumpster. She is trying to rescue them when she herself is rescued by Noah McLeod. He had been caught by her beauty as he watched her at a party and [...]

    Mary Jo
    I liked the characters and the story was well written.

    Easy read, I loved Noah's character

    The first part of the book was much better than the last. It gave characters their backround, it had a story and all of the sudden, it got hectic.

    Three young women who grew up together. Three young women who were young when they lost their parents. The first found love in The Knitting Diaries (my review); the second finds love in this book, and I'll bet I know who the guy will be in the third book. As is true of many series books, there are things that happen in this one for no apparent reason, but if you realize another book is coming, then they make sense.It's a romance novel, a quick enjoyable read with a pretty basic plot. She writes [...]

    Noah McLeod, a bomb squad specialist who works for a top secret government agency, is still dealing with grief over the loss of his brother when he meets food historian Grace Lindstrom, who is dealing with her own conflicted grief over a fiancé whose infidelity was exposed with his death. The two meet and bond when Grace rescues a litter of abandoned puppies amid a Washington, D. C. snowstorm. Noah is immediately attracted to Grace. She’s more reluctant to get involved, but she finds his good [...]

    This book was between 2 and 3 stars for me. Overall it was a very sweet and heartwarming story but just felt like it never got finished. The storyline began by setting up all these possibilities for a really entertaining story but just didn't deliver. This book had the potential to be much better but just fell a little flat towards the end. Noah works for the government by defusing terrorist bombs and is still trying to get over his brother dying due to a bomb explosion which he feels partly res [...]

    Grace Lindstrom,  a food historian,  isn't looking for love. She lost her fiance in a plane crash and afterwards found out that he cheated on her numerous times,  even fathering a child. Leaving a party one night during a horrible snow storm, Grace hears some abandoned kittens crying in an alley. Unable to just walk away, Grace and handsome stranger Noah McKay rescue the momma and babies. Noah works as a bomb technician for a top secret government group. His job doesn't leave him time for a r [...]

    Zelda Wendy
    All in all I like the book. It was a quick read and quite good. I just feel that the characters were slightly underdeveloped and I find it silly that Noah never tells her what he does, not even before the proposal. It just seemed a little unrealistic that she and her friends would not push to find out what he really did. Also, if he just works for a place that analyses and disarms bombs, why all the secrecy? He is not undercover. It does not make sense to me.I also find it rather odd that they s [...]

    1.5 StarsThanks to Harlequin for the ARC.Well, I just finished this and it was just okay.It had a very strong beginning, and then at about the quarter or a little over mark, it kinda went downhill.I'm not sure what happened except it felt like it changed directions pretty quickly and it just lost me and I wasn't as interested anymore.A heroine that had her mind made up on what she was gonna do withher life and stuff just ups and changes her life plans after just a phone call. Okay, I get life ca [...]

    I love the Draycott Abby series and that's why I picked this one up. Christina Skye writes a great story. But I found this one to be disjointed. We have lots of potential here. His story. Her story. Her Grandfather's story. Her two friends story. But nothing gets finished. I realize this is the first in a series, but I expected at least this story to have a conclusion. It really doesn't. I really debated between a 2 or 3 rating. The story is exciting, but just when you get into it, the "scenery" [...]

    Au-delà du fait que ce qu'on me vend dans le titre et la quatrième de couverture se fasse cruellement attendre, le contenu reste agréable mais comporte pas mal de défauts. Deux parties se dégagent à la fin de la lecture et j'ai regretté le manque de liens entre elles, comme si ce qui se passait, qui on rencontrait, n'existaient plus dans la seconde partie qui part sur autre chose, un autre contexte. Pourtant tous les événements que l'auteur raconte sont réellement plaisants, mais à tr [...]

    It felt very disjointed. There were so many plot elements that weren't seen through, for example: His family back in D.C his brother's widow moving across the country, the ANIMALS! how could we forget those, and plenty more. The HFN felt rushed and honestly not plausible. (view spoiler)[How did we get from his government job as a bomb expert to his getting a transfer to Paris, while Grace gives up a big White House gig and traveling the world to her living out of Oregon starting a new business, [...]

    Really 2.75 stars. This was a nice little romance, and both hero and heroine had very interesting jobs, but as readable as it was, there just wasn't a ton of conflict. Several plot lines didn't go anywhere - the hero's family devastated at the beginning of the book because their dead son's daughter is being moved out of state - and we never hear about that plot line again. The heroine's grandfather has an accident so mysterious sounding it seems to be the beginning to a bit of a mystery, and the [...]

    Kristie (fabk)
    **3.5 stars!**I picked this book by random. Mostly I really liked the cover. This was my first book by Christina Skye. I really did like the book. The characters and the story were interesting. I did find that it left a few loose ends. I don't really understand why they introduced the character of the niece. I was expecting more from the character, and I think the timeline might have been off a little, as I believe Noah was supposed to have Ice Cream with her, but instead had dinner with Grace. [...]

    Ellen Sara
    I wish the hero and heroine had spent more time together in this book. I think having just read a mystery before this book had me expecting some plot twist. I thought the grandfather's accident and hole in the house Grace was working on was somehow connected to Noah's job. They weren't! That is not the authors fault. The book did not claim to be a mystery. Anyway I did like Noah and Grace I just wanted more time spent with them together on page. I liked the chemistry between them. I also loved t [...]

    Courtney Vasiliev
    3 1/2 stars.This book was odd. But I liked the odd. grace your female leadNoah your herod some family then friendsyou find home :)I did feel like this book had A LOT going. it started off in DC then went oregon. I hated you didnt really get a lot of connection time with Noah and grace. but I did like the added friends and all.I didnt like all the errors in the book. sentence fragments. grammar errors. I didnt like how on the back of the book it was Noah Mckay but in the book it was mcleod or w/e [...]

    Beatrice Drury
    A terrifying job and a love of animals and family makes for Noah to be an interesting hero. Grace is grieving over the death of a fiancee who she finds out was deceiving her. Can she trust again? Can he offer her a future?When Grace's grandfather needs help, she goes home to Summer Island. Will their relationship continue?I seem to be reading this series in some kind of reverse order. Summer Island is a place filled with likeable characters worth caring about. Grace and her three friends have a [...]

    Patricia Solla
    This was kind of a strange romance story. We have a guy, who's got a complicated job, falling for a gal who he admires from afar but rescues from a dumpster when she dumpster dives to rescue a cat, her kittens, and a puppy in a snowstorm. Ok, the guy is from DC and the gal is from Summer Island, Oregon and is in DC for some special job she wants. The lady also had a fiance who died and there's lots she finds out after his death. The lady needs to return to Oregon as her grandfather has had a bad [...]

    Ann Marie
    I usually love reading anything by Christina Skye but this book just seemed like it was missing something. The characters started out great and I loved the parts with the rescued animals but this relationship between Grace and Noah drug on forever. Are they getting together or not. Together or not. Trust issues all over the place. I hope the next installment Summer Island brings back the edginess I've come to love from Skye,

    I'm only one third through this book but I'm tired of these two main characters being asked "Is everything ok?". There are also quite a few editing errors in the book and even on the back cover! The main character is called Noah McLeod in the book but Noah McKay on the back cover. Overall, I'm interested to see where the story leads so I will finish it but there seems to be a lot of repetitive emotion through the first third of the book.

    Angela Johnson
    Let me start off by saying this was a great read, the story was cute and romantic. However, I did feel like there could have been some more developed areas; More interaction with Noah's family after Grace returned to Summer Island, more information about Noah's job, etc. However, this also could be leaving room for a sequel. Overall I was satisfied with the book and really enjoyed the story. Especially that Grace had a hobby and how passionate she was about it.

    Emily Higgins
    Grace Lindstrom is a food researcher. Her job takes her all over the world. When she finds out that her grandfather is seriously ill, she drops everything to return to Oregon to help him. Prior to that, she met a man in D.C. who attracted her. She had to leave before they had spent much time together. Somehow they must find a way to make their disparate lives work. This book must have a sequel. There is way too much left up in the air in this book.

    I liked this book for a quick read. The characters were well written and the story line was good. A nice, quick and comfortable book for a weekend. Add in animals and it's a bonus to me. Can't wait to read the next in the series. I've always enjoyed Christina Skye's work and she didn't disappoint with this one either.

    This was a sweet story about two people who met in a snow storm. Grace had a history that was not keen on love right now and Noah's job was not one that he could share with anyone. Even though they were across the country from each other, their love grew and they worked very hard at making that love come true. Nice story.

    I really liked the details about cooking and knitting and Noah's job, but there were too many characters and side stories. There were also a lot of upheavals. The ending seemed rushed and forced. I would have liked it better if the author hadn't been trying to establish so much for the rest of the books in, what I assume is, a series.

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