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  • Title: Murder at Deviation Junction
  • Author: Andrew Martin
  • ISBN: 9780571229659
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Paperback

  • A train hits a snow drift in the frozen Cleveland Hills In the process of clearing the line a body is discovered, and so begins a dangerous case for struggling Edwardian railway detective, Jim Stringer.Jim s new investigation takes him to the mighty blast furnaces of Ironopolis, to Fleet Street in the company of a cynical reporter from The Railway Rover, and to a nightmarA train hits a snow drift in the frozen Cleveland Hills In the process of clearing the line a body is discovered, and so begins a dangerous case for struggling Edwardian railway detective, Jim Stringer.Jim s new investigation takes him to the mighty blast furnaces of Ironopolis, to Fleet Street in the company of a cynical reporter from The Railway Rover, and to a nightmarish spot in the Highlands Jim s faltering career in the railway police hangs on whether he can solve the murder but before long the pursuer becomes the pursued, and Jim finds himself fighting not just for his job, but for his very life as well.
    Andrew Martin
    Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information Andrew Martin born 6 July 1962 is an English novelist and journalist.Martin was brought up in Yorkshire, studied at the University of Oxford and qualified as a barrister He has since worked as a freelance journalist for a number of publications while writing novels, starting with Bilton, a comic novel about journalists, and The Bobby Dazzlers, a comic novel set in the North of England, for which he was named Spectator Young Writer of the Year His series of detective novels about Jim Stringer, a railwayman reassigned to the North Eastern Railway Police in Edwardian England, includes The Necropolis Railway, The Blackpool Highflyer, The Lost Luggage Porter, Murder at Deviation Junction and Death on a Branch Line He has also written the non fiction book How to Get Things Really Flat A Man s Guide to Ironing, Dusting and Other Household Arts.


    The cover is my favorite part of this book! It may have more to do with current events in my life than with the writing, but I found the book to be rather tedious and slow. I really do like the cover, however.

    Jim Stringer stumbles into another murderous situation, and triumphs once again. I love these books, not so much for the quality of the plotting, but because they are wonderfully evocative of early 1900s England and its railroads. Martin has a great ear for the dialogue of the day, and Stringer and his family are wonderful people. You have to admire Stringer, too; nothing fazes him as he follows the trail wherever it leads. Along the way we see some great scenery and meet lots of interesting peo [...]

    Whatever Railway Detective James (Jim) Stringer lacks in cleverness, he makes up for in dogged persistence. Murder at Deviation Junction is no exception to the rule. The cleverest aspect of the entire plot is when he uses a thief to catch a murderer by gaining evidence from a “fence.” Otherwise, he doesn’t read character well, walks blindly into traps or ambushes, and has trouble figuring out ways to circumvent his incompetent superior’s unreasonable demands.Alas, Stringer is present whe [...]

    Geoff Dickinson
    This is the first book of the Jim Stringer series that I have read. I read the back cover and noted that it was set in the Cleveland Hills, an area of Yorkshire that I know well. The "Deviation Junction" of the title does not exist although I understand from other reviews that it is based loosely on Carlin How.I decided that it was one to read and although I do not normally like historical fiction this story was made enjoyable by the fact that the author, like me, is a railway enthusiast and bri [...]

    Bryan D
    I enjoyed the atmosphere and the writing, the mystery of the crime was interesting to a point but then I found it a tad confusing with a sprinkling of did I care with a side helping of eh when I got to the end of it. I still like the Jim Stringer books but not as much as Jelly and Ice-cream.

    Jennifer Petkus
    The beginning of Murder at Deviation Junction by Andrew Martin for some reason reminded me of a Hayao Miyazaki movie, which doesn’t make sense because the acclaimed Japanese anime director’s movies and the story of a English train detective solving a murder would seem to have little in common. But anyone familiar with Miyazaki knows his love of the Victorian steam age in his movies such as Howl’s Moving Castle and Castle in the Sky, which are filled with belching fire metal monstrosities.D [...]

    Murder at Deviation Junction is the fourth of the Jim Stringer novels. Set in 1909, Jim Stringer is still in the railway police, and still wishing that he was back working the engines.A body is found close to the railway line near Saltburn, an apparent suicide - but Jim suspects something more. He also believes that journalist Stephen Bowman knows more than he is saying. The dead man, Paul Peters, was a press photographer, a colleague of Bowman's. Just before he died he had been interested in ta [...]

    Dirck de Lint
    I'm inclined to think that this is the best book of the series to date; both the author and the protagonist seem to really be finding their stride. The latter still stumbles about a little, but he is at last a detective in truth rather than a chip in the flume of Fate. The writing seems to me more substantial, too; the voice from the previous entries is still there, but there's a more certain presentation, and a defter hand at the balancing of period language with modern appreciation for dialogu [...]

    Peter Auber
    Paul Peters, railway journalist and photographer, is found hanged in a hut close to Stone Farm, an obscure railway station on the Whitby line. Suicide or (as the title suggests) murder? Detective Jim Stringer investigates, even though he gets into trouble with his Sergeant. All the members of a travelling club are dead or missing too - coincidence or correlation? Assisted by another journo, Jim travels first to London, then north beyond Edinburgh, in search of the answer to his mystery. When he [...]

    Martin Hollands
    Another Jim Stringer "Railway Detective" mystery.The setting for the story was perfect, both in its accuracy and also its relevance!I thoroughly enjoyed this story with its historical accuracy, the detailed scene setting and the way in which the characters were developed and have developed (if you know what I mean).The pace of the story is good and it maintains interest throughout. There is no need to be a railway enthusiast to enjoy this, however if you are you will be delighted at the accuracy [...]

    Didn't like this. The plot is flimsy. As for the style, the blurbs insist on recalling Dickens but this is silly. There is hardly a Dickensian genius at depiction of character. Again according to blurbs, this book is said to be funny. Any humor escaped my notice. Moreover, is there a reason why, with the exception of the hero's spouse, there are no females? Or is this meant to evoke the ambiance of the Edwardian period? All in all, the book is disappointing. Disappointing enough that, given said [...]

    Jim Stringer has failed to arrest a man for assault, but his train home uncovers a body in a snowdrift and Jim begins investigating. He tracks down a stolen camera and get a picture developed of the men of the Whitsby-Middlesbrough Travelling Club as they were on their special club car. Further investigation determines that several of these men were either missing or confirmed dead under suspicious circumstances. In spite of his superior telling him to leave it alone, he continues the investigat [...]

    Love this series. Combines transportation and history, brings 1909 England and old trains to life. Finished -- came together quite well. When will #5 be available? Boston Globe Review 012509 boston/ae/books/articl

    Liz V.
    I almost did not read this book, having reserved it at the library before reading The Lost Luggage Porter, but deciding to give the author another chance. A mistake on my part as the protagonist is a loose cannon in all senses, so that the plot descends into a mire of missed opportunities and abuses of the law.

    Keith Hamilton
    Another excellent murder mystery set amongst a snow bound North East as Christmas approaches, our hero detective Jim Stringer unravels a plot that takes him from Middlesbrough and Whitby to Fleet Street and the Scottish Highlands. A bygone world is brought vividly to life and after many twists and turns, the mysterious affair is satisfactorily resolved. A real page turner, highly recommended.

    Heather Fitt
    This is the first book from this author that I have read, and to be honest, I doubt I will read another one. It was almost painful to get through. I was definitely not on the edge of my seat. The plot was a bit flimsy, and I didn't find the detailed descriptions of the many trains ridden by the main character particularly interesting.

    It's OK. Full of geeky period detail about trains and Edwardian England but as a detective Jim Stringer is pretty hopeless! Crime solved by happenstance and circumstance not by him. It is a beach or holiday read really not one to get your brain ticking over

    Amicus (David Barnett)
    I have enjoyed all these novels about the railway detective, Jim Stringer, his wife Lydia and the dangerous adventures he experiences.There is one piece of period detail which I feel the author has got wrong, though. I am sure there were no ten shilling and pound notes in circulation pre 1914.

    This should be a 2.5 star really as I quite liked it although it did feel a bit slow in places.

    You can just smell the steam, can't you?

    Another good read in the steam detective series

    unclear what the point was.

    Chris Gillies
    Another creditable entry in the Jim Stringer series, although it goes somewhat off the story rails at a few points it's still a good ripping yarn!

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