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  • Title: Act of Deceit
  • Author: Steven Gore
  • ISBN: 9780062111432
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Paperback

  • Mt Shasta is far from the San Francisco sidewalk on which Harlan Donnally s life nearly ended in a crossfire But all too close to a decades old secret that will force him into another The former detective swore he d never play anyone s postman But a dying friend s plea takes Donnally bearing a letter alive with tragedy toward a sister long dead, the victim of the bizaMt Shasta is far from the San Francisco sidewalk on which Harlan Donnally s life nearly ended in a crossfire But all too close to a decades old secret that will force him into another The former detective swore he d never play anyone s postman But a dying friend s plea takes Donnally bearing a letter alive with tragedy toward a sister long dead, the victim of the bizarre criminality of a counterculture that had lost its way Stunned to learn that her killer was never prosecuted, Donnally soon finds himself in battle against a broken justice system and on a trail of evil into a dangerous borderland in which the falsely pious and the wealthy abuse the young and the poor And though each step takes him farther down a perilous path that wrenches him between his inner demons and his mission to redeem a brother s love, he won t stop until he knows the truth For Donnally made a promise to a dead man, and he ll keep it or die trying.
    Steven Gore
    Steven Gore is the author of the Graham Gage thrillers and a former private investigator in the San Francisco Bay Area He has been honored for his investigative achievements, has been featured on 60 Minutes, and has lectured to attorney and investigator organizations on subjects ranging from police misconduct to the design of investigative databases.Series Graham Gage


    Daniel Audet
    Steven Gore has very quickly, with just 2 books, established himself in the coveted marquee line-up of top male thriller authors. This, his third book, out Sept. 1st. is the first edition of a new series with a new character - Harlan Donnally.I finished this advance copy of Act of Deceit by Steven Gore on saturday. The remarkable aspect, which gives our hero Harlan Donnally such legitimate depth and believe-ability lies in Steven Gore's professional background as an investigator. The high end ki [...]

    Harlan Donnally started out to help a dying friend. He told a tale of catching his father molesting his five year old sister and killing him. Just fifteen himself, he knew he couldn't take care of her and left her at a commune.Now in his twilight years, dying of cancer, he wanted Harlan to find the sister, tell her her history, and make sure she got his considerable estate.Harlan had ran a cafe since a bullet to the hip forced his retirement from the San Francisco Police department. Mauricio had [...]

    Darcia Helle
    This is the third book in Steven Gore's Harlan Donnally series but the first I've read. Perhaps my unfamiliarity with the characters altered my perspective. But here is what I liked:The plot is intricate and full of mystery and suspense. The story starts out slowly, gradually building until all the pieces eventually tumble together. The subject is current and handled incredibly well.What I didn't like: I found it difficult to relate to Harlan's character. I couldn't quite grasp his motivation fo [...]

    Lost me early on and I just couldn't get in to it.

    I really liked the flow of the book and how I could turn each page and be enthralled each time.

    The third thriller for new author Steven Gore and first starring the character he hopes to build a series around, Act of Deceit (Harper 2011) introduces Harlan Donnally, ex-star detective and current bored mountain man. His backstory is he retired from police work at the top of his game, intending to devote himself to becoming one with the earth and getting to know his wife in the rural Northern California community of Mt. Shasta.Until his sometime buddy and ex-fellow detective (a man whose wit [...]

    Glenda Bixler
    Note to the Reader: The idea for the story told in Act of Deceit arose out of a number of eventsAct of DeceitBy Steven GoreSteven Gore hit on so many of the issues that are facing the world today in Act of Deceit. Then I found that he had personal knowledge of everything he had covered, based upon his own career.For many reasons, his Note to the Reader held even more drama than the novel itselfAs I started reading and getting into the novel, I began to wonder just who and what this Harlan Donnal [...]

    Mary Gramlich
    ACT OF DECEIT by Steven GoreA Harlan Donnally Novel08/11 - HarperCollins Publishers - Mass Market Paperback, 352 pagesWill fulfilling a friend’s dying wish bring you closure?Harlan Donnally wants to accommodate his friend’s dying wish to turn his estate over to his only living heir, the sister he had to part with when she was five. Burying his friend and finding the man’s sister are more complicated than he could have ever imagined as what starts out simple, turns into a hornets nest of tr [...]

    Barbara Mitchell
    I requested this paperback book after reading Gore's A Criminal Defense which I enjoyed. I wasn't disappointed at all. Gore is a former private investigator and that shows in his plots. His hero is Harlan Donnally, a good man trying to make up for what he sees as the errors of his father's ways. Dad is a legendary Hollywood movie maker, famous particularly for a movie about Vietnam that Donnally believes got his brother killed in action. In this story Donnally's friend Mauricio Aguilera confesse [...]

    This review can also be seen on here.Please note: I read this book in August, 2011 from a copy provided by the Vine program.About the Book: The first in a new series by author Steven Gore, Act of Deceit introduces us to Harlan Donnally, a former police detective who now runs a small restaurant in Mt. Shasta, California. When Mauricio, who had worked for him for years, lies dying in a hospice, Harlan learns that Mauricio has been living a lie for decades. On the run since he was a teenager, Mau [...]

    In “Act of deceit” by Steven Gore, detective Harlan Donnally goes on a dangerous mission—find the sister of his dying friend Mauricio Aguilera, Anna, whom Aguilera left on the front steps of a commune some thirty odd years ago, after they escaped from their father who molested her. The main problem confronting Donnally is that Anna was murdered back in 1986, and her killer—Charles Brown—was seen as unfit for trial, instead scuttling between different medical facilities and detention ce [...]

    I received an advance copy as a good customer gift from a bookstore in San Francisco. I took it down to the Ferry Building Saturday morning, bought a cup of coffee, and started reading. This is the first time I was actually sitting right where a scene in a book took place right when I was reading it. The first few pages are kind of lyrical, then I hit a line that started me turning pages until I'd read straight through to the end. Great plot, great twists, and a great character in ex-SFPD cop Ha [...]

    Harlan Donnally was a former SFPD detective who was retired on a disability after being shot on the job.He promises a dying friend to find the friend's younger sister who his friend placed in a home when she was five. Tragically, when Harlan finds the girl, Anna, he learns she was murdered years ago and her kiler never brought to justice.He feels he wants to resolve the case for his friend and learns that the accused killer got off because he was found incompetent. When Harlan brings the man to [...]

    Harlan Donnally is asked by a dying friend to locate the sister he placed on the doorstep of a commune many years ago and show her the letter of the crime he committed and why he did what he did. But, in his words, Donnally isn’t going to be anyone’s postman. Yet, he goes and takes it upon himself to locate this girl, Anna. Turns out she was murdered some years ago and nobody was ever convicted for the crime. The investigator in Harlan kicks in. It leads him into worlds never expected.This c [...]

    A very busy book that just didn't do it for me.I enjoyed meeting retired detective Harlan Donnally who was forced to retire due to an injury sustained during a shootout. He goes about his business with a battered body but a world class commitment to following the trail to wherever it leads.But, the book has so many twists and turns that it felt like the author was whipsawing the story around just build an artificial sense of tensionRead more at: dwdsreviews/2011/

    Joyce McKune
    After being shot, Donnely was retired out of the SPD and bought a rural California cafe. His neighbor left him a letter of confession on his death bed, asking him to find his sister who'd been molested by their father, who he'd killed. He'd left is 5 year old sister at a commune and new she was in good hands because he'd gone back to see her from a distance when she was in school. Donnely was nearly killed a few time trying to fulfill this dying wish.

    Rj Hirshkind
    A car accident of a book. Enough story to keep you reading but nothing to want you to read the next Harlan book. A main character that is hard to like, who whines to much about social injustice, and has relationship problems with everyone.

    This book is TERRIBLE! Lots of characters I didn't care about doing things I didn't care about. I couldn't even bring myself to read the last 10 pages. I just wanted to put the book down as fast as possible and never waste my time on another Steven Gore book ever again.

    Neil Mudde
    A complicated but very interesting story, taking all sorts of twists and turns, you will find falsely pious and the wealthy abusing the young and the poor, a worthwhile read, I enjoyed it from beginning to end, must get some of his other books

    John Hanscom
    Actully 3 1/2. It is a good story, based on some real incidents.

    Read about 10%I wasn't enjoying it at all and when the woman he was sent to find was found long dead, I just didn't see a point. I guess I'm in an impatient mood

    It's ok. Wouldn't mind reading if desperate at an airport, otherwise no need to find more books by this author.

    • Best Download [Steven Gore] á Act of Deceit || [Business Book] PDF Ù
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