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  • Title: You're Not You
  • Author: Michelle Wildgen
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  • College student Bec is self conscious of her aimless life she has fallen into an affair with a married professor and a major she has no interest in In a half hearted effort to redeem herself, she answers an ad for a caregiver and finds herself employed by Kate, a wealthy, happily married woman with ALS Lou Gehrigs disease Their relationship develops into a surprisingCollege student Bec is self conscious of her aimless life she has fallen into an affair with a married professor and a major she has no interest in In a half hearted effort to redeem herself, she answers an ad for a caregiver and finds herself employed by Kate, a wealthy, happily married woman with ALS Lou Gehrigs disease Their relationship develops into a surprising intimacy, and as she observes the implacable changes in Kate her own life takes shape in ways she didnt anticipate Vibrant and sensuous, this is a fiercely unsentimental yet poignant novel.
    Michelle Wildgen
    Michelle Wildgen is a writer, editor, and teacher in Madison, Wisconsin In addition to being an executive editor at the literary journal Tin House, Michelle is the author of the novels Bread and Butter A Novel forthcoming from Doubleday , But Not For Long and You re Not You both available in paperback from Picador , and the editor of an anthology, Food Booze A Tin House Literary Feast Tin House Books You re Not You has been adapted for film, starring Hilary Swank and Emmy Rossum.Michelle s nonfiction has included a weekly column on food television as well as individual essays on a wide range of topics from American Girl doll Rebecca Rubin, Burt Reynolds 1970s fan mail, and obscure Wisconsin card games to the craft of writing, fresh mozzarella, deer hunting for the neophyte, and the number of times one has to endure anaphylactic shock before giving up shellfish for good She received her MFA from Sarah Lawrence College and has taught fiction and nonfiction at the University of Wisconsin Madison, the Tin House Summer Writers Workshop, and the Iowa Summer Writing Festival Her fiction, personal essays, and food writing have also appeared in publications including The New York Times, O, the Oprah Magazine, and anthologies such as Naming the World and Other Exercises for the Creative Writer, Dirty Words, Best New American Voices 2004, Best Food Writing 2004 and 2009, Death by Pad Thai and Other Unforgettable Meals, and journals including StoryQuarterly, TriQuarterly, Prairie Schooner, and elsewhere.Awards and honors include a scholarship to Bread Loaf, residency at the Hall Farm Center in Vermont, and the Virginia Faulkner Award for Excellence in Writing from Prairie Schooner.


    Okay, I'm writing a more thorough review of this book b/c I did a little search on others' thoughts and actually found some people giving this book one star. That's just ridiculous. Maybe the subject matter isn't for everyone - it's about the relationship between a college student and the thirtysomething woman suffering from ALS that she cares for - but to imply in any way that this book is not extraordinarily crafted and beautifully written is just absurd. I read a LOT of books, and I'm not abo [...]

    Melissa Crytzer Fry
    Michelle Wildgen’s YOU’RE NOT YOU is the perfect book for readers who like to tackle novels with thought-provoking, grey-area topics. Warning: this is not a light read, as it addresses terminal, progressive illness and how the afflicted and the spouse must deal with the stark realities forced upon them. The author has created so much more than that, though – offering humor, strength and the power of choice to her strong female characters.At the heart of this book is Bec, an ambivalent coll [...]

    I so desperately wanted to like this novel. The synopsis on the back hinted at a tragedy turned around through the beautiful exploration of the senses. That is certainly not what the story delivered. I expected Kate to be a better-developed character with a more profound lesson to teach. I admit that she did change Bec's life but no more than any other employer or boss. I also felt that Bec's attitude and behavior towards the end of the story (I won't give away too much information) was a bit an [...]

    Great debut book about college student, Bec, who is unhappy with her major and her job waitressing who takes a job as a caregiver for Kate, a youngish woman with ALS. At first Bec doesn't think she is cut out for the job with all of the personal things she has to do for Kate and feeling very uncomfortable doing it. However, Bec soon finds herself enmeshed in Kate's life doing practically anything and everything for her, giving up her friends and herself in the process. But what will she do when [...]

    Een boek dat ik gelezen heb samen met de boekenclub 'YA & chicklit NL', tevens kon ik dit boek gelijk weer gebruiken voor mijn 2015 reading challenge onder de noemer 'a book by an author you've never read before'. Ik hoorde voor het eerst over dit boek, doordat ik de trailer van de film zag. Jij bent mij, gaat over Kate. Kate heeft 2 jaar geleden te horen gekregen dat ze lijdt aan ALS. Nu ze steeds meer hulpbehoevend wordt, zijn ze op zoek naar een extra hulp voor overdag als haar man is wer [...]

    Full disclosure: Michelle was my workshop leader at Tin House.I loved this book. The writing is simultaneously spare and lush, something that I love but am not sure how one achieves this. I suppose it's word choice. I noted this in Michelle's essays on food that I had read previously, and this book also veers into fantastic images of farmers' markets and kitchens.A short summary makes this book sound like "a Lifetime special movie" (as Michelle herself told me at one point). A college student be [...]

    ღ Suus ღ (pages.and.books)
    Ik vond het een heel mooi boek Mooi maar hier en daar wel wat langdradig geschreven. Sommige stukjes boeide me niet zo waardoor ik dat een beetje vluchtig geen lezen. Voornamelijk na de dood van Kate. Daarom geen 5 sterren. We hebben dit boek als maandboek gelezen met de groep YA & CHICKLIT NL als thema boek + film De film ga ik van de week dus ook nog kijken.Boek is een aanrader! Het verhaal zet je met beide benen op de grond Het idee dat dit heel realistisch is , is beangstigend :( De ge [...]

    Ik wou dit boek 4 sterren geven, tot ik bij het einde kwam. Ik twijfelde zelfs of ik de juiste epub had, zo abrupt kwam dit einde. Zonde, want het verhaal vond ik verder erg mooi geschreven.

    I'm going to be honest. I read this book because I saw the trailer for the movie, and just the trailer had me in tears. I put this book on my hold list at the library the next day.I'm not really sure how to feel about it. I didn't have to fight to finish it; it definitely kept my attention. But it was odd. The book revolves around Bec, a 21 year old college student who works as a waitress, parties hard, is having an affair with her married professor, and has no direction in life. For some reason [...]

    YOU'RE NOT YOU by Michelle Wildgen - St. Martin's Press - 0-312-35229-8 - 274pps - $23.95 (paperback due in August from Picador Press - 0-312-36952-2- $14.00)Wildgen masters her first novel with the tightest story I've read in years. As strippingly honest as Ethan Hawke with the simple elegance of Kent Haruf and a touch of Jennifer Weiner's wit. No padding, no redundancies, just impeccably good writing with incredible insight into the life of a Lou Gehrig's victim. With respect and empathy, Wild [...]

    It's rare for me to give a book five stars, but this one fully deserves every one. It was one of those books you wish wouldn't end.Bec is a college student in Madison, Wisconsin -- disinterested and aimless. Bored with waitressing, she answers an ad for a caregiver, and is drawn into the life of Kate, a 30-something woman with ALS. Clumsy at first, she gradually begins to discover what she's good at, to get a sense of who she might be in the world. She starts to come into her own.But the irony i [...]

    This book was a break from my normal reading as of late. I had finished some heavier and creepier stuff and decided to fall into something a little less tense, something effortless. This book fit the bill. I finished it over the course of one night and day. It so closely walks that chick-lit vs fiction line But I feel its got more substance than your run of the mill chick-lit novels do. The main character Bec is a going-nowhere, job-hopping, party girl in college, who is sleeping with a married [...]

    A honest read that will evoke complex feelings, pain, sadness and happiness. This is the story of a naive young caregiver and her patient, a strong independent woman with Lou Gehrig's disease. The relationship between these two women far outweighs any of the other relationships of the book. We see how the relationship grows. How the relationship helps Bec inadvertently find her calling in life and how the relationship allows Kate to have the courage and ability to stay true to her belief system [...]

    Sheri Arnold
    This is the book that Lorrie Moore MEANT to write when she wrote A Gate at the Stairs. It is very much like Moore's book--a female college student unsure of where she's going in life, needing a job to get through school, ultimately taking a caretaking job for a couple, then becoming embroiled in their lives, and finally breaking away and learning something in the process. BUT, Wildgen somehow does it so much better. Do yourself a favor: skip A Gate at the Stairs, but read You're Not You.

    Julianne Angel
    I really enjoyed this book. Makes one think about a whole other side of ALS. The outside caregiver. I lived their relationship and showed w caregiving is way more than a job. Sad but real. I thought it was a great read and would recommend it for sure

    This book about a college student who cares for a woman with Lou Gehrig's disease is not altogether realistic, but is nonetheless very touching in parts. Given that this is Wildgen's first novel, I think she shows a lot of promise, but it's not fully realized here.

    Exquisite, through and through -- writing, voice, character arcs, all of it. So many times I would stop and think, "If only I could write like this." As an added bonus, it's set firmly in Madison and has a fair amount of good stuff for the foodie set as well. I love, love, loved this book.


    Diane Dachota
    This novel is touted as as a fictional account of a caregiver to a woman with ALS disease and the bond between them which changed the cargiver's life. It's kind of like that. Beca is a college student at UW Madison who basically hates college and is kind of a slug, she doesn't shower or change her clothes all that often and she is having an affair with a married teaching assistant. She takes a job with Kate, a thirty something wealthy woman who has ALS and needs someone to do things like dress, [...]

    Melissa Ramirez
    To start, a disclaimer: I have to admit that I watched the movie version first. There WILL be very SLIGHT SPOILERS FOR THE MOVIE scattered throughout this review. You've been warned!Though the book was published first, in 2006, they didn't release the movie till 2014but I must say, this is one instance where I liked the movie more. I heard you. What kind of self-proclaimed bookworm enjoys movies more than books, right? But sometimes movies just work better. (Example: LOTR. Books are great, but t [...]

    This densely written novel is worth every minute spent reading it. The prose,the depth of character development, and the subjects tackled were all done in an exemplary fashion. No one could read this book and not be moved to feel, to think, to hope for more from author Michelle Wildgen. I had somehow missed You're Not You when it was published in 2006, but am so glad I discovered it eleven years later. There are several stories going on at once.a lovely young woman (Kate) in her 30's has lived w [...]

    This book was painful to read, not due to the subject matter, but the writing was horrendous. I don’t even think an editor looked at it due to the glaring continuity errors (Did Bec meet Liam in January or February? It changes with each paragraph). I forced myself to finish his book just so I could be done with it. I am so glad I don’t have to read about Bec anymore. She just might be the worst main character ever.

    Kelly McCloskey-Romero
    This is a gem. It is everyday and intense all at once, perhaps like caring for someone who is ill. I love the way that main character Bec grows and changes throughout the story; she's someone who I would find co fusing if I met her, butWildgen's genius is that she makes her understandable. What a beautiful book. I especially love the very end.

    I really enjoyed this book. Watching Kate & Bec's friendship form was enlightening, proving opposites do attract.

    Arielle Rubinstein
    Nice portrayal

    Claudia Farr
    So beautiful!

    Interesting account of a caregivers story to an individual with ALS.

    4.5 stars

    شعرت أن القصة لم تنتهي عدة خيوط تُركت دون نقاش ، دون نهاية!

    Bec is a college student who's a bit aimless in life. On a whim she applies for a job as the caretaker of a woman living with ALS, otherwise known as Lou Gehrig's disease. She is young, not too wise and can barely take care of herself much less someone else yet somehow, flying by the seat of her pants she figures it out.Kate has very little motor function from her neck downwards. She is fully dependent on her existing caretakers, her husband and her wheelchair. The only thing they don't do for h [...]

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