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  • Title: Uller Uprising
  • Author: H. Beam Piper
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Kindle Edition

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    H. Beam Piper
    Henry Beam Piper was an American science fiction author He wrote many short stories and several novels He is best known for his extensive Terro Human Future History series of stories and a shorter series of Paratime alternate history tales.

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    Jared Millet
    I'm kind of on the fence about this book. As a piece of military SF adventure from the Golden Age, it's pretty excellent and not nearly as clunky as many of Piper's contemporaries. Something about the whole story is a little off, though, and leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I'm not surprised to discover (after the fact) that the book is based in part on the Sepoy Mutiny in British-ruled India. What's unsettling is Piper's attitude toward colonialism and imperialism. At best, the case could be mad [...]

    Some books hold up better than others in later years. I first read "Uller Uprising" in 1983. I was fifteen and viewed the world through the eyes of a fifteen year old. Then "Uller Uprising" was a terrific blood and thunder adventure novel. A little bit old fashioned, but that was okay. I loved the old adventure movies with Errol Flynn, John Wayne, Tyrone Power, Stewart Granger and Burt Lancaster and (at the time) "Uller Uprising" read like one of those great old Hollywood matinees. Sadly we all [...]

    B. Zedan
    Piper clearly has a thing about how native peoples are treated, which I was familiar with from Oomphel. This story was originally part of a set of novellas that were based on a seed idea written by Dr. Clark. He gave the writers two worlds to work with and they ran with it. Piper threw in the "Bengal uprising against English-held India" (as stated nicely in a very good introductory essay about Piper's work by John F. Carr). We are also introduced to the common theme of Piper's characters having [...]

    Sean Brennan
    H. Beam Piper was one of the true unsung heroes of SF. who committed suicide in 1962 due to a lack of literary success.This like most of his work deals more with philosophical issues and the fact that History endlessly repeating itself, the events in Uller Uprising following a similar pattern to the Indian Mutiny of the 19th Century against British rule. To lovers of the genre Piper is well worth searching out, you will be in for a pleasant surprise.

    H Beam Piper sadly took in own life and did so in a most conscientious way, not wanting to leave a mess for anyone to clean up. I am sad that he chose that way out. We may have lost some truly great stories. Unfortunately, The Uller Uprising was not one of them. I'm just going to cut to the chase and save us all some time: Descendant of Nazi war criminal - complete with cigarette holder and monocle - leads a racist suppression of four-armed lizard men. He even shoots the "geeks" in their open mo [...]

    Nathan Trachta
    At times I enjoy going into by stack of books and picking one of the “oldies” out and re-reading them. Recently I was in the mood for a good space opera and while browsing thru I bumped into the Uller Uprising by H. Beam Piper; score!!!Uller Uprising is Mr. Piper’s futuristic retelling of the Indian Mutiny (1857 CE for those that are interested). As with India in 1857; Uller is a corporate world where the native (silicon based life with four arms and looking like a lizard) is “guided” [...]

    Well thought out species and planet creation, some annoying tropes of 40's-50's sci-fi (smoking and cocktails, main male character seldom flustered or shocked, female characters referred to as girls, never women nor by name - except the lead characters), and quite an ingenious retelling of the historical Sepoy Mutiny (1857 colonial India) 600 years into the Atomic Era, 21 light years from Earth.The introduction by John Carr tells us that the novella itself has had an interesting history and the [...]

    Uller Uprising is one of Piper's early books. It involves the occurrences on a planet with a native species which is silicon based, and far different culturally then humans.Strife between the humans and the Ullerans has existed since the Chartered Uller Company was licensed to exploit the resources of the planet. This comes to a head because of a native misunderstanding of the humans.The books is wonderful. Tons of action, strong characters, and best of all, it is totally plausible. Piper based [...]

    I can't say that I really like this story. It is not written badly, but the perspective is Machiavellian and pro-Imperialism, which is not something I can agree with. That does not make it a bad book, but it does mean I don't care for it. The plot takes place on the Planet Uller, where the Terro-Human Uller Company (see East India Company) is in the process of 'civilizing' the native four-armed lizard men. They have allies and detractors among the natives. The detractors stage a rebellion, and t [...]

    Pete McCutchen
    Classic Midcentury SF For those easily offended by a retrograde political subtext, this is not the book for you. Indeed, if you take this sort of thing seriously, you might even be triggered. But it is a classic. Interesting world building, crisp writing, and a quick pace. And it is not a doorstop. Kindle formatting is a bit wonky.

    One of Piper’s longer books. I know like many of his works it’s inspired from historical events, but as I don’t actually know anything about British/American colonial history (it’s kind of a blank spot for me), I can’t draw any comparison that way. Not my favorite work of Piper’s, but still enjoyable. Plenty of action, drama, heroes and heroines.

    Piper always felt that the past would continue to repeat in the future, and this story follows that concept. The Sepoy Mutiny was a terrible conflict, and Piper's twist into the future was a truly enjoyable read.

    Maybe it's the sixty-odd years of continued war in the shadow of the atomic genie, maybe it's my pacifist up-bringing. While I know that love blooms ever among the worst ugliness of this world, I just don't find a colonial nuclear war of subjugation a good setting for a love story.

    Gordon Burgess
    Read this as a kid. All I remember is the awesome section on what silicon based life would be like. And the ridiculous names that were a combination of different earth cultures, like, Mumbe O'Leary or Lars Gonzalez

    Terry Mills
    Another great Piper book.Once again Piper has a good one. When all seems lost, well, you'll just have read it. As I have said before, I have yet to read a Piper book that I didn't love. Maybe I'm just partial, but I have every book Piper wrote.

    I have but one observation to add to the excellent reviews by Jared Millet and Checkman (the gist: very well-written military caper but the crypto-fascist bent is troubling). Here it is: I found it odd or maybe even a bit lazy on the author's part that wars in the far future, with routine interstellar spaceflight to boot, are fought using what is essentially WWII-style tactics and equipment.

    Excerpt: e native-troops barracks were still burning, and there was a twinkle of orange-red here and there among the ruins of the labor-camp. Much of the equipment for the Polar mines had already been shifted into defensible ground. The rest of the circle was dark, except for the distant lights of Skilk, where the nuclear power plant was apparently still functioning in native hands. Then, without warning, a spot of white light blazed into being south-east of the Company area and south-west of Sk [...]

    Jesse Toldness
    I'm split on this book. On the one hand, the more-Kipling-than-Kipling love letter to colonialism and the enthusiastic endorsement of a 'greater' people ruling over and eradicating the culture of a 'lesser' people for their own benighted good is troubling to my modern sensibilities. More disturbing is the, still present in the field although not as dominant as in the 40's and 50's, ever-so-slightly (and more than likely entirely unconscious) fascist-leaning infatuation with the 'One Strong/hyper [...]

    "ZNIDD SUDDABIT!" So the Ulleran challenge begins, with the rantings of a prophet and a seemingly incidental street riot. Only when a dose of poison lands in the governor-general's whiskey does it become clear that the "geeks" have had it up to their double-lidded eyeballs with the imperialist Terran Federation's Chartered Uller Company. Then, overnight, war is everywhere.How it will end is in the (merely) two Terran hands of the new governor-general, a man shrewd enough to know that "it is easi [...]

    This fairly pulpish story of an alien uprising against their human colonizers was fairly entertaining, despite showing more than a whiff of White Man's Burden. The characters are on the cardboardish side, and Piper makes a bit too much of his female characters being capable despite their gender (actual publication date = 1952) Still, the aliens were interestingly presented, from a science/technical standpoint, and the plot kept my interest despite being read in bits & pieces over the course [...]

    Benjamin Elliott
    The plot point where they find instructions to build a weapon using a novel was a little convenient at best, but otherwise the story worked pretty well. The intro said that Piper used this book as an exploration of an actual uprising in British controlled India, and I'm trying to figure out the analog for nuclear weapons in English occupied India and not coming up with one. Other than those two things, the progression of the action made sense, and I appreciated the low key nature of the romantic [...]

    I love how the characters are so mixed in their ethnicity.Love love love that they plans used for the Atomic came from a Romance novel written by an author obsessed with accuracy in her historic settings.Not sure Atomic Bombs work quite as depicted, especially not sure one bomb would set off others - that seems a bit too Hollywood.By our modern standards the People seem a little Nuke-happy.Still I just loved it.

    Leigh Kimmel
    It's not every day the heroes of a science fiction novel reconstruct the atom bomb by using a cheesy romance set in the middle of the Manhattan Project as their primary guidebook.

    Classic Piper. I love "old" SF, and this was it at its best.

    1984 grade B(My note = Don't read)

    An interesting story looking at relationships between natives and colonisers.

    Definitely not the best Piper I've read.

    Hunter Johnson
    Uller Uprising by H. Beam Piper. The beginning of the Federation series in Piper's Terro-Human Future History. Military SF, and sometimes dated, but the alien race is well-imagined.

    Quite fun, although I did feel like I was reading a well-written defense of the Afrikaaner viewpoint.

    Book 18 is cool

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