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  • Title: The Peach Keeper
  • Author: Sarah Addison Allen
  • ISBN: 9780553385601
  • Page: 435
  • Format: Paperback

  • NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERIt s the dubious distinction of thirty year old Willa Jackson to hail from a fine old Southern family of means that met with financial ruin generations ago The Blue Ridge Madam built by Willa s great great grandfather and once the finest home in Walls of Water, North Carolina has stood for years as a monument to misfortune and scandal Willa has lNEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERIt s the dubious distinction of thirty year old Willa Jackson to hail from a fine old Southern family of means that met with financial ruin generations ago The Blue Ridge Madam built by Willa s great great grandfather and once the finest home in Walls of Water, North Carolina has stood for years as a monument to misfortune and scandal Willa has lately learned that an old classmate socialite Paxton Osgood has restored the house to its former glory, with plans to turn it into a top flight inn But when a skeleton is found buried beneath the property s lone peach tree, long kept secrets come to light, accompanied by a spate of strange occurrences throughout the town Thrust together in an unlikely friendship, united by a full blooded mystery, Willa and Paxton must confront the passions and betrayals that once bound their families and uncover the truths that have transcended time to touch the hearts of the living.Look for special features inside.Join the Circle for author chats and .RandomHouseReadersCircle
    Sarah Addison Allen
    New York Times Bestselling novelist Sarah Addison Allen brings the full flavor of her southern upbringing to bear on her fiction a captivating blend of magical realism, heartwarming romance, and small town sensibility.Born and raised in Asheville, North Carolina, in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Allen grew up with a love of books and an appreciation of good food she credits her journalist father for the former and her mother, a fabulous cook, for the latter In college, she majored in literature because, as she puts it, I thought it was amazing that I could get a diploma just for reading fiction It was like being able to major in eating chocolate After graduation, Allen began writing seriously Her big break occurred in 2007 with the publication of her first mainstream novel, Garden Spells, a modern day fairy tale about an enchanted apple tree and the family of North Carolina women who tend it Booklist called Allen s accomplished debut spellbindingly charming The novel became a Barnes Noble Recommends selection, and then a New York Times Bestseller.Allen continues to serve heaping helpings of the fantastic and the familiar in fiction she describes as Southern fried magic realism Clearly, it s a recipe readers are happy to eat up as fast as she can dish it out.Her published books to date are Garden Spells 2007 , The Sugar Queen 2008 , The Girl Who Chased the Moon 2010 , The Peach Keeper 2011 and Lost Lake 2014 and First Frost 2015 From BN


    Jeanette"Astute Crabbist"
    This wasn't terrible, but it lacks that spark of magic Allen's readers have grown to love. Late in the book there's a chapter called "The Joker, the Stick Man, the Princess, and the Freak." That should have been the book's title. There's not really anything about "peach keeping" in the story except one little thing near the end that feels like it was tossed in to justify the title. The story's about four thirty-year-olds who finally come to terms with high school pettiness and decide to get on w [...]

    Rating 3.5The Peach Keeper tells the story of the people that live in Walls of Water, North Carolina. Focusing on a select few, their friendships, their loves, their struggles, and their secrets. The Blue Ridge Madam is a very old house that is being restored to her former glory. The story is a bit about that restoration, the grand gala that is being thrown for it, the people that it brings together, and the unearthing of stories that have remained buried for years.I liked this one, but expected [...]

    I guess the only thing more predictable than this book was my reaction to it. Once again I let myself be fooled by a high rating despite the fact that Winter Garden and lots of other dumb (or mostly dumb) chicklit books had high ratings as well. I should have known when I saw there was magic realism which I almost never enjoy(it usually feels like a deux ex machina to me), though all the reviewers said there was less of it here than in Sarah Addison Allen's other books so I had some hope. And [...]

    There is just something about Sarah Addison Allen's writing that makes you fall in love with reading all over again. In the Peach Keeper, her fourth book, Allen takes us back to North Carolina and to the town of Walls of Water. Paxton Osgood has been working to restore the Blue Bridge Madam, a local inn, to its former glory. Willa Jackson is, while not an outcast, one of the unique characters that show up in small Southern towns. While they grew up together and attended school together, they nev [...]

    Confession: I sent my husband out last night to retrieve this book for me while I made dinner for the kids and tried to breathe deeply. This pregnancy . . palls, you guys. The thing is, he was happy to do it and even (after some creative detective work) snagged the very last copy at our local bookstore! I was incredibly relieved. Because all I wanted to do last night, after dinner and talking to my two squirts, and reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows with Will, was get comfortable on t [...]

    Willa Jackson and Paxton Osgood come together to honor their grandmothers. Along the way they find a mysterious murder, what your coffee order says about you, and most importantly- themselves. Sarah Addison Allen always introduces a number of interesting characters and we even got a glimpse of the Waverlys catering a party- which was a nice surprise. My favorite parts about this one was the Blue Ridge Madam- the house that Willa & Paxton fix up, and the coffee shop where the barista discover [...]

    Disappointing.That's the best word to describe this book. I have read Sarah Addison Allen's previous books, and I have generally enjoyed them. They're basically Alice Hoffman knock-offs, but that's okay, that's what I was looking for. When I read the description for this latest book, I was excited. It sounded like an interesting story, with all the small-town elements I enjoy. And the problem is, the basic plot elements are really interesting: a skeleton found beneath a peach tree on an old dere [...]

    The Peach Keeper by Sarah Addison Allen was like a beautiful pie with a golden brown crust that just invites you to slice into it and enjoy a piece. Unfortunately, once the first bite has been taken you find yourself chewing and chewing waiting for a burst of juicy fruit or a satisfying custard filling but instead finding a lot of puff pastry and air.I really, really wanted to read this novel, expecting a driving plot or strong character development that fleshes out the subplot of love, friendsh [...]

    Three stars, because I liked it. A good relaxing read. The Blue Ridge Madam—built by Willa’s great-great-grandfather and once the finest home in Walls of Water, North Carolina—has stood for years as a monument to misfortune and scandala skeleton is found buried beneath the property’s lone peach tree, long-kept secrets come to lightThese words got me reading this book. The rest of the blurb made it a dubious possibility, but curiosity and a love of these old southern houses, finally pulle [...]

    Julie Miller
    I really disliked this book. That said, I really enjoyed Addison Allen's other titles, but this one read too chick-lit-ish for me. I didn't feel like Colin, Paxton, or Willa were as interesting as her usual characters, nor did I feel like their problems were very difficult or compelling. I mean, Colin felt like his youth was rough because his friends considered him to be tightly wound? How horrible. And what were Paxton's reasons for staying in her parents' house so long? I didn't feel like we u [...]

    Sarah Addison Allen writes magic: her stories are full of strong Southern women, sweetness and secrets. In The Peach Keeper: A Novel, she once again weaves a wonderful tale of two Southern women, distant in the present but bound together by the past and a powerful secret. Paxton Osgood has spent her life being the girl and then the woman that everyone seemed to expect her to be. Willa Jackson is just the opposite. She defied convention and her grandmother's attempt at a strict upbringing, only t [...]

    My son told me a story about a spider and a ladybug, and how he squashed the spider because it was icky and it bites, but he let the ladybug crawl across a toy at the toy store instead. That story was ten times more riveting than this one, and the language in it was far more believable than the language in The Peach Keeper. Some of the events are interesting - like when the ladies' club meeting goes horribly wrong because everyone tells the person next to her what she really thinks of her, as if [...]

    3 stars ("I liked the book")Sweet. Cozy. Optimistic. Charming. These are the words I would use to describe this fluffy, happy read--the first book by Addison Allen I've read (though it won't be my last). I enjoy these family-secrets novels, where everything works out in the end, generations come together, and everyone learns to love and understand each other. I thought the magical realism seemed tacked on and unnecessary (though I do normally enjoy magical realism), but no complaints otherwise. [...]

    Well, I have officially read all of Ms. Allen's novels and I must admit to being a wee bit sad there are no more left to read. Her stories have a special kind of magic to them, a combination of bitter and sweet, dark and light that is done so seamlessly I am in awe of her. While her books are not perfection (but honestly, what book is truly perfection?) the way they make me feel when I read them takes my breath away. I long to live in the world she's created, to eat flowers that will make me fal [...]

    Why oh why did I take this long to ever read this author??? I absolutely LOVED this book. I am a fan of chick lit and southern fiction and this was the best of both. This will not be the last I read of Sarah Addison Allen

    Heather K Veitch
    Another lovely read from Sarah Addison Allen, complete with quirky, memorable characters, a touch of magic, and enough whimsy to catch your breath. I really enjoyed this book and (as this was a library loan) at some point I'll buy a copy for my permanent collection. As well as the two blossoming romances in the book, there was the welcomne inclusion of a character from a previous novel -- Claire from "Garden Spells" -- and it's delightful how the books are weaving together across locations and e [...]

    N.N. Light
    Such a sweeping story that captured my heart from the beginning. Highly recommend!My Rating: 5 stars

    “…If you’re lucky enough to find [true friendship], you hold on to it, hold on and never let it go…”The Peach Keeper isn’t the first novel I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing by Sarah Addison Allen. I’ve read The Girl Who Chased the Moon and Garden Spells by her as well. However, I have to say that The Peach Keeper is by far my favorite.This novel takes place in Walls of Water, North Carolina at a time when the Woman’s Society Club is planning their 75 Annual Gala. The Osgood [...]

    I have to say I'm a bit disappointed that there wasn't more magical realism in this. There's a bare hint of something paranormal, but not enough to make it anything more than a contemporary romance. I did like it well enough when seen in that light. But although there was potential for both magical and gothic atmosphere, they just weren't fleshed out enough. And there's not much to do with keeping peaches, either.

    I sat and read this all in one last night. There is something extremely satisfying in reading a book cover to cover in one sitting, even if the book is mediocre at best. Sadly, this description fits The Peach Keeper: mediocre. I say "sadly" because as much as I'm not naturally drawn to chicklit, I do sometimes get in the mood to read from the genre, and when that happens, I check out what my reading girl friends have been nattering about. Recently, The Peach Keeper has been showing up all over m [...]

    Τέσσερις διαφορετικοί, νέοι άνθρωποι, που αφήνουν τις καταστάσεις να τους ορίζουν. Τους ανθρώπους, τον τόπο τους, τις αναμνήσεις τους. Είτε συμβιβάζονται και αποδέχονται, είτε τρέχουν να ξεφύγουν, τελικά δεν μπορούν να ξεπεράσουν το Γουόλς οφ Γουότερ και ότι αυτό συμβολίζε [...]

    aPriL does feral sometimes
    The unadorned Walls of Water, North Carolina, will certainly be broached a tad by the expected events everyone could see coming by page 20! I had to close my eyes because it was difficult to endure what was endlessly rolling out before me. Really. I had to close my eyes! The lack of any tension or excitement in the plot of 'The Peach Keeper' was exceptionally stressful. But I pushed on, bringing it, climbing the Walls, diving into the Waters.Despite my best effort, I was a drifting a bit all at [...]

    Μία εγκαταλειμένη έπαυλη στην κορυφή ενός λόφου, σήμα κατατεθέν μιας κωμόπολης, αποτελεί το σημείο αναφοράς του βιβλίου. Οι πρόγονοι της Γουίλλα ήταν οι ιδιοκτήτες που πτώχευσαν και την έχασαν και οι πλούσιοι γονείς της Πάξτον είναι αυτοί που την αγόρασαν και την ανακαίνι [...]

    "If you make room in your life, good things will enter."What a lovely book! It's the story of two women, Willa and Paxton, who live in a small town in North Carolina. The women have never been friends, but an unearthed mystery and a secret held by their grandmothers will bring them together.I enjoyed "The Peach Keeper" so much I plan on reading the author's other books.

    Laura Freed
    Such a great book. As always, Sarah's writing is a treat and she creates characters that draw you in - and even though they are flawed, Sarah gives you a reason to love them. At the heart of the story we have acceptance - coming to terms with who you are - or who you think you are! Highly recommend. My only niggling complaint: SPOILER AHEAD - STOP READING NOW IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THE PEACH KEEPER:It was just sooooo obvious when Willa discovered the newslettersrhaps even before that, but certainly [...]

    Lisa Kay
    ★★★★✩ Audiobook well narrated by Karen White.Sisterhood is powerful. If you want to read a book about women, friendships, tradition, power, regret, love, loss and finding an enduring strength, this is the book for you. Plus, I love a good murder mystery, especially if a ghost is thrown into the mixA has a deft hand at writing books for the magical realism genre and I've delighted in most of them, none more than Garden Spells. But this one runs a close second. (Though I have yet to read [...]

    Another magical masterpiece by Sarah Addison Allen! This Southern gothic mystery set in the beautiful yet mystical Walls of Water, a fictional small town in North Carolina. It is the perfect setting with its lush greenery and fog that can be captured in a jar for this magical realism novel filled with the paranormal events after the body of Tucker Devlin is unearthed during the renovation of the Blue Ridge Madam, the former home of Georgie Jackson, the grandmother of Willa one of the main charac [...]

    My Thoughts: I have been anxiously waiting for this book to come out! I fell under Sarah's spell when I happened upon "Garden Spells" on my library shelves way back in 2007. After that I have literally gobbled up everything this author has offered and I happy to say that I really enjoyed this one. I actually felt like I was watching a version of "Practical Magic" while I was reading this book. I enjoyed the southern location. What's not to love about the quaint and charming town of Water Falls, [...]

    I'm going to say this is her best book yet. Another romantic and adventuresome story with fantastic writing about magic, mystery, love and friendship. Sarah Addison Allen is so unique; while you can always expect big elements of magic and mystery, each story goes in a direction that is its own fairy tale. Each of her characters have their quirks but you root that the twists and turns in the story will go in their favor and they will have the "happily ever after" ending. If you have liked SAA's o [...]

    Debbie Floyd
    3.5 stars. There are just those times I need to read chick lit. This book is southern chick lit and fit the bill for me. A quick and quirky read. I enjoy this author's books and she will continue to be on my to read list.

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