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  • Title: God, If You're Not Up There, I'm F*cked
  • Author: Darrell Hammond
  • ISBN: 9780062064554
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Tina Fey s Bossypantsmeets David Carr s The Night of the Gun in Darrell Hammond sgroundbreaking memoir, God, If You re Not Up There, I m F cked a raw look inside the troubled life and mind of anAmerican comic genius By turns poignant and hilarious, Hammond takes readersfrom the set of Saturday Night Live, where he was the show slongest tenured cast member, to the drug ridTina Fey s Bossypantsmeets David Carr s The Night of the Gun in Darrell Hammond sgroundbreaking memoir, God, If You re Not Up There, I m F cked a raw look inside the troubled life and mind of anAmerican comic genius By turns poignant and hilarious, Hammond takes readersfrom the set of Saturday Night Live, where he was the show slongest tenured cast member, to the drug ridden streets of Harlem and into thetwisting corridors of his own unflaggingly humorous consciousness Minglingbehind the scenes stories from television s best loved comedy series with adark look inside a world class funnyman, God If You re Not Up There,I m F cked is a book sure to resonate with anyonewho shares a talent for performance, a love of comedy, or a desire to know howan artist can climb from the deepest despair to the very top of his profession.
    Darrell Hammond
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    Jennifer Lynn Harrison
    As opposed to other memoirs written by 'Saturday Night Live' alums, this one is much more serious and heavy. Hammond had a horrific childhood and a brutal adulthood, floundering in the throes of misdiagnosed mental illnesses and alcoholism. Only during his 7th season on the show did he finally find a DR that actually helped him properly. This book does have some great stories from behind the scenes of SNL, but it is not solely a 'book about SNL'. I wish it had been. I wish that he had written TW [...]

    Fair or not, as I read Darrell Hammond’s God, If You’re Not Up There, I’m F*cked, I couldn’t help comparing it constantly to Tina Fey’s Bossypants. Both Hammond and Fey are prominent alumni of the long-running NBC sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live, and their memoirs were published a mere seven months apart. While Fey’s book was modestly entertaining, it was a bit of a disappointment. It favored cute and clever witticisms over candor and humility. In contrast, Hammond has penned [...]

    Hammond's story is fascinating -- from his traumatic boyhood to his famed run on SNL to his struggles with mental health and addiction -- and he tells it with a kind of raw honesty that you don't expect from someone so famous. At its heart, this book is about trauma and recovery, and Hammond's retelling of the moment he finally found his freedom (p. 251) is as profound and moving as anything I've read in some time. I suppose I could complain that the book takes too many bunny trails, as the auth [...]

    Karl Haug
    Growing up in a family where his mother constantly tortured him, physically and emotionally, Darrell Hammond learned to believe that death and pain was around every corner. This pain was lodged so deep in his brain that he would wake up screaming at night, scar up his whole body with razor blades and kitchen knives, and was almost constantly drunk or being shipped off to rehab. While living in constant fear, he also was busy performing stand-up comedy for SNL and another club/show he could get i [...]

    Bryce Rausch
    I have never really been the kind of reader who grabs a book and reads it cover-to-cover in a single sitting. And I'm still not because it took my 2 sittings, but that's fine because I've never really been the kind of reader who grabs a book and reads it cover-to-cover in a couple sittings. So #humblebrag.Darrell Hammond has a story that is unlike even the more dysfunctional comics. From most comedians you expect a little bullying, isolation, sadness, parents getting divorced, lots of drinking, [...]

    This book was all right. I heard him on Fresh Air and was intrigued in a way I hadn't been before I knew his story was so dark. Darrell Hammond, the guy behind some of the most famous impersonations on SNL, turns out to be another in the school of deeply haunted comics, thus I was intrigued. Sadly, the book was more about his time at SNL and the struggles he was having during them (drinking/drugging/lots of cutting/trips to rehab/etc.) than it was as to what got him there. And although it strugg [...]

    If you watched SNL in the late 90s, you likely saw Darrell Hammond as Bill Clinton or a number of other characters, including Ted Koppel, Phil Donahue, and everyone's favorite Trebek-mother-bagging Sean Connery. Like many SNL cast members before him, Hammond has his demons. A violent, traumatic childhood resulted in an addicted, alcoholic adulthood that had him in and out of rehabilitation facilities, psych wards, and emergency rooms. He writes frankly about strategically carving up his arms wit [...]

    Ily Goyanes
    WellThis book is the autobiographical account of Hammond's struggle with alcohol and drugs during his years on Saturday Night Live and beyond. I don't want to be mean, but the book reads as if it were written by someone who was still intoxicated. Being a huge SNL fan and having fallen in love with Tina Fey all over again after reading Bossy Pants last year, I was eager to read Hammond's book. But while Fey's prose is tight (and hilarious), Hammond's is nonsensical and flat. He jumps back and for [...]

    Sandy Bergeron
    NEVER had any idea that Darrell Hammond was going through so much psychological trauma! I am a big fan of his and always enjoyed his Sean Connery impression on the imitation Jeorpardy game on Saturday Night Live and then again when he portrayed John McCain during his townhall meeting with Barak Obama! I would sincerely say he is my all time favorite Saturday Night Live personality. I wish him well with his personal issues and am very impressed he wrote his story.

    Briana Alzola
    There is some dark stuff in here. More than once I said "Wait, what?!" out loud while reading it.

    I enjoyed reading this book, though I have to admit that it has its problems. As has been written in several other reviews of this book on this site, the timeline is kind of screwy. Or maybe it isn't so much the timeline, as the chapters all pertain to a specific set of years, but the switching back and forth from the years discussed in the chapter with remembrances of childhood. Granted, those flashbacks were important, and happening in his real life, but they tended to be a little confusing. A [...]

    Read this in about a 24 hour period. VERY engrossing, and held me spellbound as his interviews did as well. I have always watched SNL even through good years and bad, and Hammond was always solid and consistent performer. Which is even more of a compliment now that I read his memoir. I loved all the tidbits about cast members and guest hosts, and especially about his political views (Which are basically nonexistent, which surprised me). I read Bossypants by Tina Fey too, and its great to get bot [...]

    Hammond is best known for his impressions of Bill Clinton on Saturday Night Live, but an encounter with Grand Marnier got him sent home from Washington, DC, the night before he was to attend Clinton's second inauguration. Starting with his first drink at age 14, Hammond ran the substance-abuse gamut from prescription drugs for a variety of mental illnesses to a sordid night spent in a crack house. His memoir is a series of chronological anecdotes, beginning with his baseball-playing childhood th [...]

    Just finished reading Darrell Hammond's book. I literally could not get enough of this book. I finished 2/3 of it in the first sitting. I've always known that in order to be brilliantly funny you have to be immensely disturbed/depressed/had a messed up childhood. This book is a testament to that fact. Darrell Hammond is an immensely brilliant comedian, as is he, in intensely disturbed/depressed person. I give him such respect for being as open as he is in this book. I think that his book is goin [...]

    Lisa Irby
    After seeing an interview on Piers Morgan, I knew I wanted to read this book in order to get the whole story. Wow. He was emotional and eloquent when talking about his childhood, but didn't go into too many details. I read most of the book in one sitting because I couldn't put it down. Throughout the book, he jumps through time and describes his addiction to drugs and alcohol and his many misdiagnosis issues with the mental health professionals. His story is one of triumph and hard work. I felt [...]

    I wanted to read this book after hearing Hammond being interviewed on NPR. It was the most disturbing thing I've ever heard on NPR, not simply from the fact that Hammond's mother had horribly abused him, but because you could really hear the hurt in his voice. So this book deals with trauma and addiction along with the celebrity-filled world of SNL. Really well written, and I wonder if he wrote it without assistance or just had a wonderful editor or what. Lastly I want to add that just a photo o [...]

    A good but not great story. It contains a few insights into working in comedy/show biz/SNL. It seems honest, written with enough sarcasm to not get too sappy or dark. A little lite, though on revealing anything too spiritual or deeper than personal tragedy, and relationship stories that were begun (marriage and child) were not brought up to date in the end.Overall, another story of a person whose life has been screwed up by addiction to alcohol and drugs. In this case, self-medication was the re [...]

    Susan Olesen
    Abused as a child in a Sybil-esque manner, Hammond found he could calm his mother by doing voice impersonations, which lead to a natural career in comedy. The trauma of his childhood took him more than 40 years to covercome, with repeated forays into rehab for alcohol abuse, depression, panic attacks, and cutting behaviors. This book feels like his final catharsis. The book is so easy to read you feel like you're sitting there talking to him, and he never says a bad word about anyone. One of the [...]

    Cory Aldrich
    SNL and I have grown up together, and Hammond's memoir is a tremendous look beyond the sketches. We only ever see these folks three minutes at a time, behind the veil of character and costume. While I would never wish the trauma he endured on my worst enemy, and am grateful for his courage in allowing us in, so that we might see something of the real person behind the personas. What is most striking to me is Hammond's tremendous gratitude towards those who walked with him and at times carried hi [...]

    Cara Ellison
    Darrell Hammond is one of my favorite SNL alums so this book was an auto-buy for me. I was shocked by it; I had no idea that he had been tortured by his mother, that he struggled with drug addiction and cutting and suicidal tendencies. Though it could be dark, he managed to strike the perfect tone between lightness and darkness. The writing was very good, the story was amazing. It left me with renewed and deepened appreciation for one of the most talented comedians of our generation. Flat out lu [...]

    It would be a cliche if it weren't so often true--our funniest comics are born of tragic circumstances. Childhoods don't come much crueler than Hammond's, and the SNL impressionist didn't do himself any favors as he got older with his overindulgences. Yep, while he was playing Al Gore, he was pretty effed up on crack.Hammond doesn't spend a lot of time feeling sorry for himself, and he's a sympathetic character. He's getting help but one gets the idea that he's not there yet, practically falling [...]

    Darrell Hammond has led one crazy life. I was not expecting this kind of book. Figured it'd be the usual life story with some fun stories from SNL, etc. It did have that, but Darrell has a lot of demons, too. Abuse from his mother as a child, as well as drug and alcohol abuse throughout his life, made for a pretty riveting read. Would have been a 4/5, but I thought it lost some steam in the last few chapters. Still a good and surprising read.

    Mauoijenn ~ *Mouthy Jenn* ~
    Holy Jesus! What a book!!Heard Hammond talking on NPR a couple of weeks ago about this book. I knew I had to go and get it. I was a huge SNL fan during his stint on it and thought it would be neat to see what that was like. The book was funny in some spots and horrible (as in his horrible childhood) in others. But yet he is a survior none the less. :)

    Nicolette Harding
    Well, that was disturbing!! The funniest people are usually the most disturbed.

    If you're a fan of Darrell Hammond, or just comedy, SNL, or impressionists, you'll enjoy this book. It's not all giggles and grins though, he's had quite a life.

    Terry Collins
    Not sure what I expected via an autobiography by Saturday Night Live human chameleon and quintessential Bill Clinton surrogate Darrell Hammond, but this book certainly wasn't it sure, we get background information into how he creates his impressions, but the book is also a tragedy about a damaged human being who never recovered from an abusive childhood (even though he finally made some kind of peace with his parents and what he endured). I never had any idea Hammond spent so much time in rehab [...]

    Paul Fuhr
    I picked this up on a whim, since I've been on a good run of comedy autobiographies and other assorted tomes (Steve Martin, Mike Birbiglia, Patton Oswalt). I had no idea what this longtime SNL player's story was, nor did I know that his past is steeped in abuse and addiction. His style is abbreviated and clipped, but instead of feeling accessible and breezy, I felt like I wasn't being given the whole story at times. When he's describing his demons, it's as affecting as anything I've ever read; w [...]

    David Brooke
    I reviewed this in a "dueling review" over here: adventuresinpoortaste/It duels SNL alum Tina Fey's Bossypants. The God, If You're Not Up There, I'm f*cked review portion is here:The first thing you’ll note when reading this book is that Darrell Hammond is a troubled man. This isn’t a joke book, nor is it a book focused on making the reader laugh. This is a book about mental illness, but at the same time it does an incredible job taking the reader through what it’s like to work at SNL. As [...]

    Katie Robinson
    Wow, this was much heavier than the light, funny read I was expecting. I knew that Darrell Hammond had struggled with addiction, but I didn’t know the half of it. I’m really glad that he got help and that he’s able to smile more. My only regret with this book is that it sat on my TBR piles for so long; I’m glad I finally got to it. Definitely much different than other SNL alums’ stories, but revealing, emotional, and somehow still funny (at times).

    Jeanne Lambrianou
    Behind the Scene at SNL as a LifeMr. Hammond gave me a lot of insight into weekly tv - and at the same time into himself. This was a fun read, informative, and many times also sad. I guess we hope the folks on tv are having a better time than we are - but no. I hope Mr. Hammond will write some more.

    • Unlimited [Paranormal Book] ✓ God, If You're Not Up There, I'm F*cked - by Darrell Hammond ✓
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