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  • Title: The Prophet: Amos
  • Author: Francine Rivers Chris Fabry
  • ISBN: 9781608143498
  • Page: 190
  • Format: Audiobook

  • A man of solitude, who felt at home among the hills A man of conviction, who heard when god called A man of fortitude, who spoke to a nation unwilling to listen The Israelites rebelled against God and were devoured by war But first, they were warned by a prophet who refused to turn away Amos.
    Francine Rivers Chris Fabry
    New York Times bestselling author Francine Rivers continues to win both industry acclaim and reader loyalty around the globe Her numerous bestsellers include Redeeming Love, A Voice in the Wind, and Bridge to Haven, and her work has been translated into than thirty different languages She is a member of Romance Writers of America s coveted Hall of Fame as well as a recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from American Christian Fiction Writers ACFW francineriversfacebook FrancineRivers Twitter FrancineRivers


    Francine Rivers is just my favorite. Ever. Period. The end.I SO enjoyed this novella based on Amos. I had just finished studying the biblical book when I began. Rivers places the reader in the country, the time, and among the people of Judah and Bethel. As we read, we live among the sights and sounds, we see and know the people. We abhor them and love them simultaneously, just as Amos does. My absolute favorite part of the book is at the beginning when Amos purposefully injures a wayward lamb in [...]

    This was kind of a cross between a novel and a Bible study. It was very challenging, thought provoking and inspirational, but lacked some of the pulling power of a pure narrative. I listened to the Oasis audiobook, which has an excellent narrator.

    The cover of this book alone exhibits the emotions I felt when reading it. God has truly blessed Francine Rivers with the gift of putting emotions into a written story. Biblical fiction, when written rightly with the right intentions, helps make the stories of the Bible come to life. This isn't to take away from what God reveals to us when we seek Him in His Word but I believe God gifted some with the ability to write stories that help the reader relate to the humanity and those God used. And th [...]

    Melodie De bruyn
    This book was such a blessing. I love how Francine brought to life this mans struggles. it has truely been inspiration.

    I didn't know anything about this prophet who bears a small book in the Old Testament. Showed me the patience and perseverance he had as well as introducing Hosea.

    Reena Jacobs
    Expect my review October 4, 2010 on my website at reenajacobs/blog/2010/10/nOkay. I’ll start by saying, I liked it better than “The Warrior.” Unlike Caleb, I saw Amos experience character growth. He went from a bitter and bloodthirsty man to a humble servant with the well-being of others on his mind. I liked that. Even so, I had one issue. All his growth happened at the beginning of the novella, leaving no room for improvement throughout the rest.Amos was relentless in his prophesying. Ove [...]

    Rebecca McCright
    As with all of Francine Rivers' books that feature Biblical characters, this story revealed important cultural and spiritual contexts that brought Amos to life. Although I enjoyed reading this book as much as I enjoyed reading the others, it was especially moving for two reasons. First, Rivers gave great care to the characterization of Amos as a shepherd. She described in detail the ways that Amos cared for his flock. This was an excellent picture of Christ the Good Shepherd. I was moved to tear [...]

    Mandy J. Hoffman
    MY REVIEW:So we all know that Amos is a small book of the Bible tucked into the back of the Old Testament, but only a few know anything about the man bearing the name. In this book - The Prophet - Francine Rivers mixes fiction with biblical fact to make a story that will hold your attention and have you turning pages as fast as you can. Or in this case siting on the edge of a chair waiting to put in the next audio CD.I appreciate the gentle balance in which Rivers uses to create a story that wil [...]

    This fourth book in the five book series follows Amos, a Judean who is sent to prophesy to Israel about their destruction. It is based mainly on the book of Amos and the author also introduces a couple of contemporary prophets that were speaking along with Amos at that time. Amos' profession as a sheep herder gave him unique insights and perceptions of Israel as sheep wandering off without a shepherd and how God felt when his sheep do such things.The author took significant artistic license in d [...]

    Like other readers, I went into this book with a scant knowedge of the book that bears this minor prophet's name, but have a greater desire to learn more of the times and life that this man of God lived in. First the tender love Amos has for his sheep was a powerful reminder of the love the Great Shepherd Jesus has for all of his lambs. Beyond that picture we saw the reluctant prophet sent to preach God's word to a land puffed up with its own religiousness and pacified by pride in their own worl [...]

    The Prophet: Amos is the fourth in the Sons of Encouragement series by Christian author Francine Rivers. In this novel (as well as the others in the series), Ms. Rivers uses excerpts from the Book of Amos as a foundation for the novel. Her fictionalization of the life of this prophet is quite exceptional and engaging. The reader is able to see the beginning and development of the faith of Amos,the shepherd of his family. Amos vies the sheep as members of his family and compare their personalitie [...]

    De profetenboeken uit de Bijbel zijn heel lastig te lezen omdat je achtergrondinformatie en context mist bij de teksten. Dit boek geeft je in de vorm van een verhaal achtergrondinformatie. Pluspunten: + Ik kan het boek Amos nu lezen en ik snap waar hij het over heeft (Inclusief ook indirect bij Jesaja en Hosea die in dezelfde tijd leefden). + Het herder gedeelte was heel mooi en interessant om te lezen.+ De boodschap van Amos blijkt nog steeds actueel te zijn.Minpunten: - Er wordt heel veel bij [...]

    Devin Vanderpool
    This was one of my favorites out of the Sons of Encouragement series so far because it took a book that most people can't even fathom or understand, including me, and fleshed it out into a story that people can connect with. We see more of the man behind the prophesies and are able to understand the world he was living with. I reread Amos after reading this book, and had an entirely different perspective. In a culture in which people are very conscious of judgment for anything on anyone, it was [...]

    Jessi Bayly
    I'm going to be honest, I've never really read the whole book of Amos from the Bible. This book gave me a good look into his life. What I most got out of Amos is that Jesus, The Good Shepard, never said my life would be easy if I follow and obey Him, but the reward at the end of my life will be worth it. My favorite quote is when Amos said, “I’m not a professional prophet,and I was never trained to be one. I’m just a shepherd,and I take care of sycamore-fig trees." God doesn't always call [...]

    This is the final book of the Sons of Encouragement series. It is probably the most unique of the books; though that doesn't necessarily make it my favorite. This one is a little slow moving, but becaue it is the subject matter is so different from what my experience is, I found it engaging. Amos is a sheperd and has the heart of a shepard, but is called by God to be a prophet. He has no training in the scriptures so is a strange choice for a prophet. Amos is from Judah but is called to speak to [...]

    Randy Tramp
    The Book:In the Prophet, the life of Amos is examined. Amos’s message to the people of Israel was unpopular. He challenged those who were enjoying the blessings of prosperity. My Thoughts:This was one of those books that I didn’t want to end. I could identify with Amos, a simple sheep herder. He could easily have been the next door neighbor. As I read this book I grew to love this prophet of God. He didn’t come from greatness or proclaim to be anyone of importance. Amos spoke the word he f [...]

    Emily Butler
    It was very inspiring, the main character faced many challenges and the author did a great job describing the pain and sadness the character felt over the course of the story. It was was easy to relate to because he was just a normal person and then everything changed when God told him to preach his word. He was confused because he was just a regular sinful person but he knew he had to follow God's way. The emotion he feels when the people reject God is powerful and saddening but it changed the [...]

    Lauren Rev
    Brought a difficult Bible text to life. Many additions to the Biblical text but states right in the introduction: "This book is also a work of historical fiction. The outline of the story is provided by the BibleBuilding on that foundation, I have created action, dialogue, internal motivations, and in some cases, additional characters that I feel are consistent with the biblical record." Can be challenging to distinguish history from fiction. Bible study in back of the book is one of the best I [...]

    Francine Rivers is one of my favorite Christian authors, so I was thrilled to see this new series by her. This is the fourth book in a series called Sons of Encouragement. It is fictional account of the prophet Amos, based on his book in the Old Testament. Amos is a simple shepherd that God calls to preach to his enemies in Bethel, Judah. Amos warns them over and over again to repent and turn away from their wicked ways, but they refuse to listen. Ultimately, God sends a conquering army to teach [...]

    Really appreciated Rivers' fictionalization of Amos. God's words situated between probable/possible scenarios gave new impact to my spirit. When the religious worshiped the calf, Yahweh was included as A god within their pagan scenario. I hadn't quite understood that fact prior. This connected the Jews of old with me today. What idols do I worship ALONG WITH GOD Almighty through Jesus Christ?? Thankful to have read this, yet another winner, from Francine Rivers' pen.

    Charity Murigi
    Great similarity between this narrative to the world we live in today. The church of today is like Israel in the days of Amos. "Away with your noisy hymns of praise! . . .Instead, I want to see a mighty flood of justice,an endless river of righteous living. . . .”What sorrow awaits you who lounge in luxury . . d you who feel secure . . . !You are famous and popular . . d people go to you for help. . . .How terrible for you"Riveting, inspiring read.

    Of all of the "Sons of Encouragement" series this was the most precious and amazing to me. I guess part of it's allure was how removed a prophet's place in our culture today really is. It was so amazing to see what Amos's life could have been like and what being called to be a prophet looked like as well. This is a book worth reading.

    Amos was a shepherd. I loved the way the author describes Amos' life as a shepherd, and the different behaviors of sheep. It makes the bible's descriptions about "we are like sheep" more understandable. Amos was a reluctant prophet. Yet he finds that it is better to be in God's will and do hard work rather than die outside of God's will.

    Melissa Hall
    What I loved about this book was that Amos became a flesh and blood person instead of words written in the Bible with no real relevance to my life. It inspired me, captivated me and brought me to tears. I am a better person because I read this book but at the same time I wish that I could read it for the first time all over again.

    Joy DeKok
    The life of this prophet broke my heart. I wept for him and then for all the prophets whose lives were devoted to God and His message. This was the hardest book in the series to read, and in a strange way, my favorite.

    slow start but the main character was a shepherd and the book is based on history. I am glad I read it because I will remember the story of Amos. Some of what he went through made me do some self evaluation and I hope to grow as a person from that.

    Anna Meyer
    I had not really studied much of Amos before. I love the historical fiction and the description of his shepherding duties. It paralleled with how God is our shepherd! I was highly encouraged by the story!

    Luke D
    Beautiful! A wonderful story of an obedient prophet. Encouraging, uplifting, challenging! Many lessons are hidden beneath the surface. Greatly brings alive the period (of Jeroboam and Uzziah) in which Amos was prophesying.

    Like always, as soon as I walk away from one of her books, I am compelled to go to the Bible. She simply has an incredible gift for giving characters of the Bible flesh and blood you can imagine without compromising the integrity of the word. This one is about Amos.

    This was the fourth in a five book series and was my favorite so far. While it is a fictional account of the prophet Amos, all of his prophecies are here. I love how Francine Rivers brings this man to life! I highly recommended this one!

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