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  • Title: My Barsetshire Diary: The Daily Events of the Gentry Recorded for Posterity
  • Author: David Prosser
  • ISBN: 9781456479770
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Paperback

  • The daily diary of a Lord going about his business in a haze of blissful ignorance.
    David Prosser
    Having worked for a number of years in Local Government I took early retirement due to ill health An occasion where someone asked me how my day had been led me to giving the answer as a fake diary entry They loved it and demanded until finally I was asked to produce a book.Each day I wrote a chapter or two and dutifully sent it flying through the ether to America I also gave the handwritten version to my wife, the only person who can decipher the handwriting She took them to bed to read while I sat at the computer waiting for an answer If Julia my wife laughed I knew I was OK She kept laughing and asking for until finally My Barsetshire Diary was born Apart from some humour that had to be explained and amended slightly for our American friends, the book seemed to be popular with readers.That led to me trying again with my own favourite The Queen s Envoy.I hope some of you will take the time to try them and leave your opinions for other readers.


    Chris The Story Reading Ape
    When I read this book, I slipped easily into the world of Lord David and Lady Julia, both of who are forces to be reckoned with.Lord David for his seemingly 'oblivious to everything and everyone' way of making his journey through life (but laced with occasional profound insights to his surroundings and its inhabitants).Lady Julia for her astuteness when dealing with Lord David and her arch rival, the Lady Mayoress.Any husband and Father of daughters will relate to the 'Family Credit Card Carrier [...]

    Pete Denton
    After the dystopian related reading of late this book was a very welcome diversion back to good old blighty. A lot of the books I read rely on violence, bad language and sex to entertain Ok so there’s nothing wrong with that, but humour is another sure-fire winner.My Barsetshire Diary is a fabulous depiction of his life as a Lord in the modern age. As the title suggests, it’s written as a diary in the first person with each day telling us a charming story of his family life. I thought this w [...]

    Christoph Fischer
    "My Barsetshire Diary (The Barsetshire Diaries Book 1)" by Lord David Prosser is a wonderful excursion into the (fictitious) world of Lord David and Lady Julia live a modern day life with their recently inherited title as Lord and Lady. Traditions, British class system and formality meet shopping trips, exercise machines and mundane tasks and issues.The book is full of situational comedy, irony and great wit and most amusing characters. Told in diary style, small snippets and events illuminate t [...]

    Jacqueline King
    Having followed Lord David Prosser's blog for a while now, I really enjoyed reading this gentle amble through his life; meeting his village neighbours and antagonists, and identifying with the lovely Lady Ju. I particularly love the fact that David generously opens his wallet, whenever his wife or daughter take a fancy for some retail therapy, (with regular coffee breaks and lunch, of course!) The anecdotal style is easy on the brain cell and holds no dramatic shocks or surprises ~ a great read [...]

    A.C. Flory
    A review of 'My Barsetshire Diary' by Lord David Prosser [11/10]Without further ado - I love this quirky little book! Its gentle, understated humour had me chuckling and chortling like one of those horrible laughing toys we used to give our kids. As I do a lot of my reading on the loo I'm sure the neighbours must be totally mystified by the sounds coming from my house. But I care not! I'm still in Barsetshire and I'm still smiling.For the full review please follow this link : wp/p25AFu-4r

    Lord David Prosser
    Easy reading, humerous book that doesn't rely on sex, violence or bad language to display life in a P.G. Wodehouse village in the current century.

    Carole Parkes
    I enjoyed this light hearted, tongue-in-cheek look at the lives of Lord and Lady Prosser mainly because it didn't need me to do anything but read. As a lover of thrillers with suspense and intrigue, my reading involves trying to remember every detail and clue. This book was a refreshing change. It’s an easy flowing, non-taxing, absorbing read, liberally splashed with good clean humour.Between garden fetes, fund raising events, a visit to the opera house, endless shopping, and dining out, they [...]

    Chris Thrall
    A wonderful romp through the British countryside! Written in a unique style of British humour at its best, Lord David had me laughing out loud at every line!Chris Thrall is the author of 'Eating Smoke: One Man's Descent into Drug Psychosis in Hong Kong's Triad Heartland' - a memoir

    Sorin Suciu
    Witty to the bone.David Prosser’s wit is like a good piece of cheddar: sharp and full of flavour. But what really makes “My Barsetshire Diary” stand out is the author’s penchant for infusing each and every sentence with humour. I have not seen such incredibly well sustained humour since Wodehouse, and it is not for lack of trying.If you ever have a chance to meet David Prosser in person, please do us all a favour and kidnap him, then force him to write some more.

    My Barsetshire Diary isn't my usual style of read so that I really enjoyed it is high praise indeed. I came to welcome my forays into Lord David & Lady Julia's world as a welcome diversion from my own Being immersed in their happenings put a smile on my face and bestowed a lightness upon my being. Of course, Oscar stole the show.

    Margaret Sharp
    A delightfully witty and warm account of the day to day goings on in the lives of Lord David and Lady Julia.This is *my* type of book due to its gentleness and *clean* content. And of course, having Oscar the cat as a character adds to its appeal.Highly recommended.

    Catherine Johnson
    Rip roar funny account of life as gentry. The cemetry scene is hilarious and I love how Lord David's voice is the same as on his blog. Excellent read!

    K.D. Dowdall
    Lord David Prosser, writes about his daily life in the lovely Welsh countryside with his Lady, Julia Prosser, in the most delightful way. Lord Prosser has a natural ability to write about common elements of daily life in the most comedic monologs. Especially, about Oscar, a very spoiled cat, with a taste for blood, human blood. Meaning, that the cat bites and scratches his owners at will. Then there is the bird. Well, you can imagine the jealousy and the Oscar tricks to get his way. How Lord and [...]

    • [PDF] ↠ Free Read ☆ My Barsetshire Diary: The Daily Events of the Gentry Recorded for Posterity : by David Prosser Á
      322 David Prosser
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