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  • Title: Tree Surgery For Beginners
  • Author: Patrick Gale
  • ISBN: 9780002256124
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Lawrence Frost has neither father nor siblings, and fits so awkwardly into his worldly mother s life that he might have dropped from the sky A true misfit, he grows up happier communing with nature than with people While he is straightforward, honest, and a doting father, he can be a difficult, taciturn husband but he s the last person one would suspect of being a killLawrence Frost has neither father nor siblings, and fits so awkwardly into his worldly mother s life that he might have dropped from the sky A true misfit, he grows up happier communing with nature than with people While he is straightforward, honest, and a doting father, he can be a difficult, taciturn husband but he s the last person one would suspect of being a killer Then he wakes in the woods one morning to find himself branded a wife beater and under investigation for murder Suddenly his small world falls apart as he loses wife, daughter, liberty, livelihood, and, almost, his mind Bereft of his family though cleared of wrongdoingLawrence undertakes a journey to the Caribbean, where a passionate encounter with an aging actress throws his life into further disarray Meanwhile, the exasperated women in his lifemother, ex wife, and enigmatic mistress are forced to accept that their lives must feel the gardener s blade if they are to bloom afresh Seeking sanctuary at an alternative therapy center among the giant redwoods of northern California, Lawrence finally stumbles upon the possibility of happiness, but not before some chance encounters and long hidden secrets conspire to unearth the deeply buried roots of his misfortune.
    Patrick Gale
    Patrick was born on 31 January 1962 on the Isle of Wight, where his father was prison governor at Camp Hill, as his grandfather had been at nearby Parkhurst He was the youngest of four one sister, two brothers, spread over ten years The family moved to London, where his father ran Wandsworth Prison, then to Winchester At eight Patrick began boarding as a Winchester College Quirister at the cathedral choir school, Pilgrim s At thirteen he went on to Winchester College He finished his formal education with an English degree from New College, Oxford in 1983 He has never had a grown up job For three years he lived at a succession of addresses, from a Notting Hill bedsit to a crumbling French chateau While working on his first novels he eked out his slender income with odd jobs as a typist, a singing waiter, a designer s secretary, a ghost writer for an encyclopedia of the musical and, increasingly, as a book reviewer His first two novels, The Aerodynamics of Pork and Ease were published by Abacus on the same day in June 1986 The following year he moved to Camelford near the north coast of Cornwall and began a love affair with the county that has fed his work ever since.He now lives in the far west, on a farm near Land s End with his husband, Aidan Hicks There they raise beef cattle and grow barley Patrick is obsessed with the garden they have created in what must be one of England s windiest sites and deeply resents the time his writing makes him spend away from working in it As well as gardening, he plays both the modern and baroque cello His chief extravagance in life is opera tickets.


    As always, Gale's characters are interesting, but the many coincidences and other unliklihoods in this one make it far from one of his best.

    Of all the books I've read I've never felt so attached to minor characters who have so few pages dedicated to them. The supporting cast of this novel are quite wonderful.

    Sally Anfilogoff
    My third Patrick Gale and after a not especially promising start I did really enjoy this. At first I thought I wouldn't be able to overcome my revulsion for the main character, Lawrence, but it was complex enough to keep me going. I think Doris was the character I loved most. The back of the book suggested it was a comedy but I didn't find it to be amusing and found the themes of loss and grief very decently done, I won't give anything away, although I found some of the cruise story a little ske [...]

    This book’s American passages are almost too weird for me.Its opening pages, in England, reveal the grisly aftermath of the main character’s assault on his wife, who disappears shortly thereafter. Her hair in the sink and a bit of tooth are not the grisliest parts of this book. Despite the moral discomfort of standing in the violent character, Lawrence’s, shoes, the opening pages’ dense verisimilitude promise a riveting book of a certain serious type.But then Lawrence gets on a cruise, a [...]

    David Hebblethwaite
    Okay, so it took eighteen months between my seeing Gale at Cheltenham Literature Festival and actually getting around to reading him, but I got there in the end. But the book I’ve chosen seems quite an oddity. Tree surgeon Lawrence Frost is under suspicion of murder when his wife Bonnie and daughter Lucy go missing, until Bonnie walks into a police station and identifies herself. But the Frosts had rowed with each other, and Lawrence did hit Bonnie in anger; these issues must be worked through [...]

    Andrew Cox
    I did not enjoy this book as much as other Patrick Gale's books although it was still a good read. I guess I find comedy a little difficult particularly when there was plenty of tragedy in the book. A bit like "The Siege of Krishnapur" I found the contrast between comedy & tragedy somewhat problematic.This book is a fairy story so the unlikely coincidences are of course fine. However the realness of Gale's writing has always impressed me so I found this aspect of the book a little off puttin [...]

    A wonderful, comic, light hearted, life affirming novel. It starts in a dark place and feels as if the characters perform a dance to the author's music, to end in the warmth and light. As the novel ends "How do we manage to go so awry, break so utterly apart and still find the strength to continue?"I would have rated this higher, but I felt that there was a forced section in the middle of the book where the author wanted to tie up loose ends, that did not have the same authorial voice, before he [...]

    Robert Mckenzie
    Not so much tree surgery as the title would suggest. An enjoyable enough read but the protagonist is difficult to empathise with. I got the feeling that he got much more than he would have outside of this novel and in spectacularly unlikely circumstances. Basically boy meets girl, finds out too late that she's not the right one, gets shit on a bit and then has a ridiculously contrived meeting with the right one, or two and lives happily ever after. A little to fanciful for my tastes. Worth a go [...]

    There are some actors I only like in one role - Firth as Darcy, Day Lewis in The Last of the Mohicans, Jackman as Wolverine, you get the point. Patrick Gale is clearly the author version of this. Notes From an Exhibition - great. This was not. I tried but they were all so mundane and grim. And then the tiger. *rolls eyes*

    Jan Laney
    Such a disappointment after the last Patrick Gale I read. The plot meandered along like a soap opera, full of coincidences and incredible dramas. I just didn't have any belief in the characters who didn't seem to know who they were themselves.However,the part that took place on a cruise liner did serve to reinforce my determination never ever to go on a cruise.

    I love Patrick Gale. In this novel he seems to have turned the Acme Plot-o-meter up to eleven - there's enough storylines in there to keep the average soap opera busy for six months at least. It's great fun and as you'd expect there are some fantastic characters. Thoroughly enjoyed it, and I'm glad I was given another of his back catalogue for Christmas.

    Kate North
    Didn't like this one nearly as much as some Patrick Gale; something about the plot twists and turns maybe, or that the characters were a little too close to caricatures? it was still readable, and some bits I liked quite a bit, just not among my favourite of his

    Jill Bowman
    Yes, the ending did seem a bit too much of a coincidence - but it made a great story. As always Gale's characters are so rounded, so human and so enjoyable. I wish he'd write more books. I'd read every one.

    Teresa D
    Just love the books by Patrick Gale

    A silly book. Far too many coincidences in a short space of time. And a tiger, silly.

    Far too many coincidences to give this plot much verisimillitudebut the prose is of Gale's usual high standard

    Terry Mark
    I quite enjoyed this book really but was ruined by a ridiculously far fetched ending.


    One of his best.

    A fantastically convoluted and well written tale.

    Such a good book with a lot of good twists and turns. Made me laugh and feel like crying - all I could expect from Gale.

    Not the best Patrick Gale but anything by him is worth reading . it covers a multitude!

    Humour is so subjective.Too black for me, I didn't laugh once just found it far fetched. Easy read though.

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