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  • Title: Between Two Worlds
  • Author: Shelter Somerset
  • ISBN: 9781615818853
  • Page: 184
  • Format: ebook

  • Aiden Cermak and Daniel Schrock are the definition of worlds apart It doesn t get different than agnostic and Amish, and no one is aware of this than Aiden The young Chicago journalist travels to central Illinois Amish Country to research an article and ends up as a house guest of Daniel and his family after an act of bravery leaves the Schrocks in his debt.AAiden Cermak and Daniel Schrock are the definition of worlds apart It doesn t get different than agnostic and Amish, and no one is aware of this than Aiden The young Chicago journalist travels to central Illinois Amish Country to research an article and ends up as a house guest of Daniel and his family after an act of bravery leaves the Schrocks in his debt.Aiden is drawn to the solemn and mysterious Daniel and decides to hang around Amish Country for a while longer, despite the risk of terrible consequences for Daniel But Daniel s suspect sexuality might not be the only secret he s harboring, and as Aiden becomes and enmeshed in the community, he discovers that a hidden past may make it even harder for Daniel to face his emerging feelings It may be impossible to build a bridge between their worlds their only hope may be to carve out a world of their own.
    Shelter Somerset
    Shelter Somerset s home base is Chicago, Illinois He enjoys writing about the lives of people who live off the land, whether they be the Amish, nineteenth century pioneers, or modern day idealists seeking to live apart from the crowd Shelter s fascination with the rustic, aesthetic lifestyle began as a child with family camping trips into the Blue Ridge Mountains His brand is anything from historicals, mysteries, thrillers, and contemporaries, all with individualistic themes When not back home in Illinois writing, Shelter continues to explore America s expansive backcountry and rural communities His philosophy is best summed up by the actor John Wayne Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway Shelter Somerset s novels are available on Shelter Somerse


    Chris Jeffreys
    What a romance novel!!! And when I say "romance", I mean it -- it is not a novel that is chock full of sex scenes. In fact, in the entire book, the two lead characters kiss only twice. But, that doesn't change the fact that this is one of the most romantic stories that I have ever read. Aiden seems to follow supposed boyfriends to different cities throughout the US during his young life. When the story starts, he is just recovering from his most recent break-up. He is a freelance writer, and is [...]

    The is long way love story. The plot captured me from the start and I couldn't put the book away. This story is the first one when I truly got a feeling for Amish people, their lives and how hard it is to be yourself as a Gay person in this community. The story is realistic and really well written. I loved how the the plot developed till the end, there were no loose ends, really nice. The end is TRULY awesome from my romantic point of believe and it gave me hope for true love. I simple loved thi [...]

    I really like a story with Passion, love(the kind that makes you tingly all over and go awwww) and sex between the characters, I don't expect porn but at least one night of passion to show their love would do, I'm not asking for much. So sorry, but for me, this book lack of the things that I love in a M/M story.

    2.5 very, very slow then such an abrupt ending I think I could've believed more in the love story if we saw more of the two as partners. As is was, I'm left feeling very skeptical.

    this isn't quite as bad as two stars might indicate. i wanted to like it more, and in spots i did, and then it fell off the buggy againere are a number of problems here. i could not warm up to aiden because he is a such a milquetoast guy who lets life buffet him around, alternating with making sudden impulse decisions without thinking them through. and he never seems to learn. he also romanticizes amish life, and while this book in general isn't doing too badly portraying it, both the novel and [...]

    Elisa Rolle
    It’s always too easy to fall in an usual path while trying to deal with a subject that already many other authors used, and sometime abused, but I think Shelter Somerset did an honest job to the Amish community. And I’m using the word honest with all the positive meaning it bears.First of all, the author didn’t idealize the Amish people, they are not some sort of perfect peace dream but they are not even those evil cartoon characters you read sometime about. They are people with different [...]

    Kim Mack
    Thanks to for sending this First Reads book for free through Giveaways. I tried to like this book, but found it somewhat slow. I also noticed a few things about the writing that detracted from the story. There were descriptions in odd places which made it appear the author was trying too hard, including a few discrepancies in the same descriptions a few pages later, flat descriptions of Amish life, etc. Finally, the romance wasn't something I could connect with. It felt almost empty and flat. [...]

    Between Two Worlds is easily the best m/m romance with an Amish character I've read so far. The reason why I didn't give it 5 stars was (in my opinion superfluous) the murder mystery and the ending which was rather rushed. There is no sex in the book which in my opinion is a good thing as it's a refreshing change from some books which more or less are one long sex scene and it's a great fit for a story about extremely religious people.

    I loved this story! I loved the characters, both the MCs and the supporting characters. I loved the details of Amish life. I loved the writer's style. So why not 5 stars? While I loved both characters, I needed to see more interaction to really feel their connection. (view spoiler)[One slightly wet kiss on the last 3 or 4 pages just wasn't enough. (hide spoiler)]

    This book is a disgrace to the noble tradition of gay Amish fiction. So boring/no boning.

    LiveYourLife BuyTheBook
    3 StarsAiden Cermak was driving through the Amish country when he sees an out of control truck driver getting ready to smash into a buggy full of people. Aiden makes a lighting quick decision and swings his car in front of the buggy so the truck hits him instead. From there he gets invited to stay in the home of the Schrock’s for saving them. Aiden tries to decline the invite but Samuel won’t hear of it. He is very grateful for what Aiden has done.“No greater man of God than he who lays do [...]

    I recently finished reading "Between Two Worlds" by Shelter Somerset (hmmm, cool name---but sounds a bit like a nom de plume!):There are not huge numbers of Amish in my own immediate neighbourhood (for that, one has to travel to areas a short distance away), but still it’s not uncommon to see horses and buggies on the public road that runs at the end of the lane here. And due to a certain penchant for nostalgia, I’ve always been somewhat drawn to the Amish, or the idea of this sect at least. [...]

    From Dreamspinner Press:Aiden Cermak and Daniel Schrock are the definition of “worlds apart.” It doesn’t get more different than agnostic and Amish, and no one is more aware of this than Aiden. The young Chicago journalist travels to central Illinois Amish Country to research an article and ends up as a house guest of Daniel and his family after an act of bravery leaves the Schrocks in his debt. Aiden is drawn to the solemn and mysterious Daniel and decides to hang around Amish Country for [...]

    Helen Beattie
    *****4.5 stars*****I really enjoyed Between Two Worlds, the plot held me captivated from the beginning to the end. While I don't claim to be an expert on the Amish communities, I have done extensive reading about them and it seemed obvious to me that Shelter Somerset has done a great deal of research for this book.I really liked how respectful she was of the Amish culture and did not include sex scenes just for the sake of it because in my mind Daniel would have seemed a whole lot less believabl [...]

    C.J. Anthony
    I'd been looking forward to reading this for a while because of the unique concept-a m/m romance where one of the men was Amish. I was really curious and intrigued with the struggle an Amish man might go through, in figuring out he was gay and then reconciling that with his belief system that told him it was a sin and abnormal.For the most part the author did a pretty good job with this. If you're looking for lots of smut this is not the book for you. The attraction and realization between the t [...]

    3.5 stars - I enjoyed the writing immensely, and was totally immersed in the book and its characters. I found Aiden and Daniel's love unique and hard earned. The world of the Amish was amazing to behold. I truly felt for Daniel as he fought to stay true to his faith while embracing his love for Aiden, an outsider. Aiden was a wonderful man, one who saved Daniel and his family from tragedy, embraced the plain life of the Amish, and never pushed his love onto Daniel, suffering in silence and willi [...]

    Anthony Langford
    I enjoyed it and I liked both characters. However, I think much of the 'falling in love' part took place off screen and we didn't get enough scenes of them together and growing closer. We more like heard about them bonding than actually seeing it. I also think it ended rather suddenly given the slow place and I didn't like the 'coincidence' of them showing up in the same place and deciding to spend their lives together. I just didn't buy it. There should have been more time together talking over [...]

    Theo Fenraven
    I devoured this last night and this morning, because yes, I have a long-standing Witness kink, but the end was a minor let down. The reason? Well, I kept thinking there would be hot sex and all I got was a hug and a kiss. With spit. To be fair, it was a wonderful story. The characters were well drawn and I ended up rather loving them both, but after everything they went throughI wanted some hot clinches. That's just me, though. I like things spelled out, especially between the sheets. If you enj [...]

    What a joy to come across a book about my two favorite topics: the Amish and gay male romances. Not only is this one of the best gay male romances I've ever read, but, surprising to me, one of the best Amish fictions I've read. The Amish life was depicted so authentic, I have to assume Shelter Somerset was raised Amish. It immersed me in the Amish world entirely. The slow buildup of the love between the two male protagonists--one Amish the other "English"--was very gratifying. A very well writte [...]

    Phillip Deackes
    After reading Keira Andrews' Amish trilogy I needed more MM stories with an Amish plot. Glad I found this one. The Amish community Aiden meets is not as strict as the one Isaac and David were from in Keira's trilogy making contact with the English a little easier. I enjoyed it, but not as much as Forbidden Rumspringa. That was just so special.

    I really did enjoy this book, was a lovely story and I did love the characters. I've always been interested in scenarios like this one, they just intrigue. Very believable can believe Daniel's anguish over this situation. Would recommend to people, nice read :)

    Gaby Franz
    A book that tells a love that grows slowly, but it becomes very powerful. The end seemed to have their "happily ever after" even arrives. Leaves some questions unresolved but it is the beginning of uan saga, so look forward to reading the other books soon.

    "[His parents] were as malleable as the rubber fittings his father used to fix bathroom sinks in his plumbing business."That's good, smart writing. A metaphor used to not only describe personality trait, but a person's job and a sense of place--working class America. Loved it!

    Katherine Spencer Inskeep
    I dumped this book, not because it wasn't interesting, but because it was moving too slowly and I needed something with a quicker pace.

    AwesomeI could not put it down. I do not have the words for how much I enjoyed this book. I can't wait to read number 2

    Barry G.
    Surprisingly well crafted and sweet story. The descriptions of Amish farm life were vivid and realistic. Loved the slow burn romance.

    Admittedly, I was looking for graphic sex but the writing is so polished and professional and the characters so engaging, five stars no prob.

    Nicely done!

    Christy T

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