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  • Title: More Than A Governess
  • Author: Jerrica Knight-Catania
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 241
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Becky Thorn has been keeping a secret for than seven years A secret that, if found out, could destroy her So before she gets too ensconced in London society, she accepts a position as a governess for a reclusive Viscount and his wife, far away from the ton Stephen Hastings, the third Viscount Hastings, is nothing short of perturbed when the tart Miss Thorn shows upBecky Thorn has been keeping a secret for than seven years A secret that, if found out, could destroy her So before she gets too ensconced in London society, she accepts a position as a governess for a reclusive Viscount and his wife, far away from the ton Stephen Hastings, the third Viscount Hastings, is nothing short of perturbed when the tart Miss Thorn shows up on his doorstep He is a man with little time and even less patience, who feels his pushover housekeeper is doing a fine job keeping his wards out of his hair But Miss Thorn thinks differently and needles her way into becoming his governess, and eventually, the object of his affection.
    Jerrica Knight-Catania
    After obtaining a degree in Vocal Performance from the Manhattan School of Music, and years of pursuing a career on the stage, Jerrica left the glamorous life of an actress in favor of writing romance She continues to reside in the New York City area with her husband, cat and their precious daughter.


    Jerrica Knight-Catania’s More than a Governess does a nice job of combining historical romance with suspenseful mystery. The writing shines in the dialog, and the large numbers of characters are easily kept apart with quick hints of background and interrelationships. There’s something inherently satisfying about traffic jams of “stalled wagons and meandering barouches” slowing the journey from London’s city to countryside, and the author portrays town and people very realistically with [...]

    Edwina " I LoveBooks" "Deb"
    A DELIGHTFUL AND ENJOYABLE ROMANCE!!Bk2 in The Wetherby Brides series "More Than a Governess" is the story of Becky Thorn aka Lady Isabelle Thornton. We meet the 15yrs old Becky in bk 1 of the series "A Gentlemen Never Tells". We know that she has secrets and that she is more then a maid. We find out all of her secret in this story and what a well written and enjoyable story it is. Posing as a governess Becky meets an falls in love with Viscount Hasting. He has two adorable wards his niece Lydia [...]

    Vikki Vaught
    Vikki’s MusingsI recently discovered this series on Kindle Unlimited. After reading/listening to A Gentleman Never Tells, book 1, I immediately purchased More Than a Governess, book 2. I met the heroine in book 1 and had to find out her secrets. Becky Thorn has a huge secret. Her employer treats her more as friend than servant. While she originally started out as a maid, she is now a companion and friend to Phoebe, the Marchioness of Eastleigh. When Becky finds an advertisement for a governess [...]

    Barbara "Cookie" Serfaty Williams
    More than a Governess (The Wetherby Brides, Book 2)That reason for four stars is this story is like another one. It's a great story about a fifteen year old girl who run away from home after she witness the murder of her mother by her father. The love story of Isabelle and Stephen.

    I really enjoyed this book and would have given it five stars if not for some unresolved issues:Stephan realised himself that Becky was in fact Lady Isabelle Thornton but she never stated it herself to him (or did I miss it?) and seems perfectly unsurprised when he asks about the death of her mother, although she does answer with some reluctance. What happens to Mrs Brown? Did she take part in the kidnapping? What were her motives? This character's plot was apparently completely forgotten by the [...]

    This books sounds like it should be a take on Jane Eyre. And I guess it is. There's the governess, coming from an unpleasant background, looking to leave it all behind plus a case of a sort of secret or unknown identity, there's her employer and the romance there, and the children.Maybe I went in expecting More than a Governess to be really similar to Jane Eyre, but it wasn't. The romance between Becky and Stephen was fast. Too fast (insta-lust!). Not only that, but Stephen paid far too much att [...]

    Elizabeth Bennet
    If you read the first book in the series Becky Thorn will be a familiar character for you. Along with her we join Phoebe and Lord Eastleigh. We get to spend the length of the book with them, which I love seeing past characters connected with in a series. This is a stand alone so don't worry if it's your first in the series but I will warn you. You'll want to go back and read Phoebe's story too. In this book though we learn how Lady Isabelle Thorton became Becky Thorn. Why would a lady in the lap [...]

    A confession of addiction to The Wetherby Brides seriesWhen the heroine in this book enters the story (immediately, of course), she's already in a super-adrenilated state. As "Becky", she stays there for a large part of the book. Between fleeing her murderous father, adjusting to life as a servant after being a proper young lady, and falling in love (against her better judgment, of course!), she manages to not only stay alive, but also to succeed. Of course, it helps that she falls in with the p [...]

    (read again as part of The Ballroom and Beyond)As this book begins, a woman who has listened to her parents argue watches as her father pushes her mother, who falls down a flight of stairs. Realizing she has just seen her mother die at the hands of her father, the young woman flees, and after a few days on the streets, begins a new life as a maid. In subsequent years, she matures, but deep down, stays frightened. An option to move on (from the post of companion, which she has made her way up to) [...]

    I always like governess stories, in spite of the fact (or maybe because of it) that it's basically falling in love with the boss. There's always the conflict of not really belonging to the servant class and not being a part of society either. In this case, it's even more of a conflict because of Becky's background.I liked the suspense in this story of wondering when Becky's secret would be revealed and what would happen. Becky's connection with the children and how she was able to draw them out [...]

    Regency Historical . Hero is Stephan Viscount Hasting . Heroine is Isabella (Becky) . Isabella is an Earls daughter and what she saw happen to her Mother frightened her . She just ran right out the door she was to frightened . For the past 7 yrs she was a companion to a Marquesses. While there she received a later stating that a couple would like her for a governess . Becky (Isabella) decides to take it . So she goes . Stephan , Viscount Hastings is working in his study when one of his staff tel [...]

    Read as part of the Timeless Quills Timeless Collection. The Wetherby Brides, Book 2Lord Hastings is having trouble raising his troubled niece and nephew. Becky Thorn comes to interview for the Governess position. You can guess what happens.However Becky is keeping a secret. She is not a governess, but a Lady on the run from her father who she watched kill her mother 7 years ago. When her pass come back to haunt her, it makes keeping the new life she has found more difficult.I do wonder what hap [...]

    Loved it!More than a governess was a good story. I loved Becky and the Stephen. This was my first for this author and I love her writing. I also liked the secondary characters. The kids were cute and the h friends. And now I realize this book was part of a series but I don't feel I missed anything reading out of order. But now I will have to buy the first book about phoebe and the duke. I want to read how they got together. Great story I would recommend.

    Dawn Hurley
    PerfectPerfectI can't find fault with this book. I laughed, I cried and enjoyed the roller coaster of a ride which is within these pages. I will definitely be reading this one again

    Kirsten Lenius
    Not a bad regency era romance. The only thing that struck a jarring note with me in both this and the first book was the familiarity with the servent class. Members of the aristocracy generally did not treat them as friends.

    Brittney Bower
    From the daughter of a lord to the maid of a poor minor nobility family of the Ton and then the governess of a vastings and finally wife and mother. Rebecca sure has one advanture after another in her young life. And it is just a book away from you discover it.

    looking to reading book three.

    A beautiful story and one that I didn't want to put down. I really enjoyed it.

    Tina Michael
    It was a little sappy, but easy to read and kept my interest.

    I read this in the Timeless Quills Collection. This was 2.5 stars. It was ok but I doubt I'll be looking for more in this series.

    Great bookGreat book by it's self or in a series. Story line flowed smoothly. It had hope for the hopeless. I will read all the books in the Series.

    enjoyable fluff

    Suzanne Fajardo
    Jane Eyre-ish.

    Suze JA
    I liked the story til about the middle then it got a bit long winded. I could not wait for the book to end.

    I loved this book. It is the best in the serie by far!

    She does it again!Heartwarming characters, a bit of intrigue, and the right storyteller, this story took on a life of its own. It was a great read!

    Dana Lynn
    pretty basic but still captivating characters that draw you in!

    More trashy Regency from my binge. Entertaining and quick easy read.

    Autumn Jean
    An addicting series. Cute stories, great plots, fun sexy scenes and inspirational characters. Well done. Worth the read!

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