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  • Title: The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray
  • Author: Chris Wooding
  • ISBN: 9780439546560
  • Page: 327
  • Format: Hardcover

  • The Alienest meets Dracula in this gripping, gothic horror thriller from young UK phenom Chris Wooding.Thaniel, just seventeen, is a wych hunter Together, he and Cathaline his friend and mentor track down the fearful creatures that lurk in the Old Quarter of London It is on one of these hunts that he first encounters Alaizabel Cray Alaizabel is half crazed, lovely,The Alienest meets Dracula in this gripping, gothic horror thriller from young UK phenom Chris Wooding.Thaniel, just seventeen, is a wych hunter Together, he and Cathaline his friend and mentor track down the fearful creatures that lurk in the Old Quarter of London It is on one of these hunts that he first encounters Alaizabel Cray Alaizabel is half crazed, lovely, and possessed Whatever dreadful entity has entered her soul has turned her into a strange and unearthly magnet attracting evil and drawing horrors from ever dark corneer Cathaline and Thaniel must discover its cause and defend humanity at all costs.
    Chris Wooding
    Chris Wooding grew up in a small town in Leicestershire, where not much of anything happened So he started to write novels He was sixteen when he completed his first He had an agent by eighteen By nineteen he had signed his first book deal When he left university he began to write full time, and he has been doing it professionally all his adult life.Now thirty nine, Chris has written over twenty books, which have been translated into twenty languages, won various awards and been published around the world He writes for film and television, and has several projects in development.Chris has travelled extensively round the world, having backpacked all over Europe and North America, Scandinavia, South East Asia, Japan and South Africa He also lived in Madrid for a time When he wasn t travelling on his own, he spent his twenties touring with bands and seeing the UK and Europe from the back of a van.He also learned not so long ago that his family tree can be traced back to John Milton, author of Paradise Lost, which has no bearing on him whatsoever but it s kind of interesting anyway.Chris lives in London.


    I couldn't connect with the storyMaybe I'll read it again in the future and find it better.

    my review can be found here

    I was browsing the YA section of my local library and I stumbled across this book. Or maybe I should say that it called out to me. The blurry cathedral on the cover just promised to be dark and mysterious. I'm a sucker for dark, broody, creepy, gothic (etc) type stories, and this delivered just that. I haven't read anything by Chris Wooding before, in fact, I'd never even heard of him until I picked up this book. As soon as I'm done writing this review, I'm going to be adding his other books to [...]

    I really enjoy reading Chris Wooding's novels. There's always something very dark and weird to the worlds he creates, and it makes the stories edgy and exciting. The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray is no exception. Set in an alternate universe of Victorian London, there are more than just famous serial killers (in this case, it's Stitch-face) to worry about. Ever since the city was bombed, wych-kin have been appearing in the Old Quarter. They kill, possess, steal babies, and just generally do bad stu [...]

    Another unexpected wonder by Chris Wooding. In an alternative Victorian London, young Thaniel Fox hunts wych-kin, the spooky beings who haunt the Old Quarter. While hunting, he encounters the beautiful Alaizabel Cray, who is possessed by a spirit that makes her an attraction to all sorts of wych-kin horrors. In solving Alaizabel's mystery, Thaniel and his mentor Cathaline become discover a secret society that is threatening not only London, but humanity itself. This atmospheric tale is perfect f [...]

    15 Jan '12Still shrieking, she saw the thing lurking in the shadows of the corner of the room, visible only in the murk of sleep-fogged eyes. Naked, twisted, an old, old crone with her long straggly hair cloaking her bent body, she crouched on all fours with hooves for feet and a long tail twitching behind her.If you liked the Bartimaeus Trilogy, or if you thought The Mortal Instruments was good - or, in my case, had good ideas but failed to deliver, then go give The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray a [...]

    4 Stars The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray by Chris Wooding is a fun, fast, and action packed gothic horror novel that is done up in a steampunk like London. Wooding has created a cast of likable characters and put them in a really cool urban fantasy setting. Thaniel, our main protagonist is a young man that is a Wych-Hunter by trade. He is the son of England’s most renowned Wych-hunter, and has had to try and live up to his father’s legacy. This novel centers on a mass murder named Stitch Face, [...]

    This one's a keeper. Some books just hit you in the first few pages, and you know deep in your gut that you've stumbled on a true find. Wooding has crafted a gritty, atmospheric fantasy set in the Old Quarter of London. Thaniel is a wych-hunter; he hunts Cradlejacks, monsters who steal babies. He protects Alaizabel who is mysteriously possessed and a magnet for evil creatures. The tools of a wych-hunters trade are well-detailed, and it's a pleasure to read such a well-thought out form of magic. [...]

    Aly (Fantasy4eva)
    So I'm actually not going to rate this book until I've finished my review. I've had a lot of mixed feelings about this one. Normally I would just decide whether a book is good or not, but for some reason I just couldn't decide this time around. I felt maybe reviewing it would finally bring me to a conclusion. The problem might have been that I actually found the main characters bland. Whilst the ones that stood out were the bad creepy ones, and you know when your preferring the bad guys over the [...]

    It's kind of strange that I would end up reading this book right after I finished playing Dishonored. Like Alaizabel Cray, Dishonored is set in a vaguely steampunky/Victorianish city, infested with hungry rats and being devastated by a mysterious plague. I couldn't help but picture parts of the Wooding's Old Quarter as looking like the Flooded District of Dishonored. But if the developers of Dishonored took any inspiration from this book, that's where it ended. In Dishonored, magic is very thin [...]

    I'm maybe a bit below four stars on this one, but I'll round up because my teen book group really seemed to like it, and teen appeal counts for something with YA lit. In general, this book held my interest well. It was pretty original, and the writing is decent. Toward the end, though, it seemed to get a bit heavy handed with the philosophical aspects of the story. I like the idea that the witch-kin (ghoulish beings of all sorts) come from the dark part of human minds, but to say that they come [...]

    I enjoyed this book, it was Young Adult in tone but not pandering. I just read two books of very similar tone to this, and I liked both of them. This one has a very Gothic, Faerie Tale bent to it. Definitely felt Young Adult, like Graceling, but I was engrossed and kept with the characters. Interesting environment and world (which I was interested in learning more about, sometimes it felt a bit thinly drawn, but the author succeeded in giving me the total creeps a few times with his monsters, so [...]

    UKUPNA OCENA (overall rating) - 7/10Radnja (story) - 7/10Likovi (characters) - 7/10Pripovedanje (writing style) - 7/10Okruženje (setting) - 8/10

    Shaun Chen
    Steampunk meets horror. YA adventure. Monsters, serial killers, elder gods, and dirigibles! This is one of those books where I can just start listing off a bunch of random things that are cool about it. For example, the characters:Alaizabel Cray — she’s cray-cray, but that’s because she’s possessed by the spirit of an ancient wychThaniel Fox — our protagonist, a teen gentleman-badass who hunts monsters… and isn’t snarky?? Perhaps that’s the biggest surprise of the novelCathaline [...]

    I never expected any anticipation of a pleasurable read from this book. I was bored and I was in dire need of buying a book and I came across this book by Chris Wooding and it was on sale at that time. A book below ten bucks is what I consider a sure buy with no regrets, which is why I didn't shed a tear when I bought The Da Vinci Code. So, I bought it and let it collect dust on my bookshelves for a while until the day I was urged to read it. I finished the book in one sitting and at the end of [...]

    Alice (theseoldbooks)
    This book is good. Scary good. I love it. Take this with a pinch of salt though because I first read it when I was quite young, so rereading it meant a whole lot of nostalgia. It’s absolutely amazing because Wooding has managed to stick so much into such a small book, and do it well.To summarise: Thaniel is seventeen (prime YA protagonist age) and an orphaned wych-hunter in a steampunk London which is overrun with ‘wych-kin’, (boogie men, zombie things, ghouls, and monsters that steal babi [...]

    Photina HaumschiltGenre: HorrorThanial Fox is a seventeen year-old wych-hunter. London has been plagued with wychs and dark creatures ever since The Vernichtung. While on a hunt for a Cradlejack Thaniel finds what he thinks to be a creature crouched in a corner half-crazed. He soon finds out that the "creature" is really Alaizabel Cray and that she has been possessed by an old wych spirit. With his mentor and friend, Catheline, they all set out to find answers and fight the creatures that keep p [...]

    colleen the convivial curmudgeon
    3.5The writing in regards to place and the general happenings of the story in this alt-reality Victorian London Lovecraftian type creep-fest is good - it's very atmospheric and there were definitely moments where I found myself reading with wide-eyes and a quickened heartbeat, unconsciously holding my breath. Not much gore, which is good, but definitely some creep factor going on.I didn't feel that the characters were developed quite as well as the world, though, and I was a bit unhappy that Tha [...]

    I found this book on a steampunk list, but don't be fooled. It's not steampunk; in fact, it's more Lovecraftian horror, by which I mean lots of creepy creatures and not much soul.Basically, that's the problem with this book. The characters are fairly one-dimensional and you never get close enough to them to really invest in their story. The description and detail in the book is great, but when more time goes into describing the wych-kin than the characters reaction to them, you're in trouble.For [...]

    This came highly recommended from someone at work, but it just couldn't sustain my interest - I was reduced to skimming my way throught the final third to see what happens. The concept of an alternate Victorian reality is definitely an awesome one, but it wasn't always executed well. Its Jack the Ripper figure, for example, ultimately had little to do with the integral narrative, not to mention the fact that I was highly disappointed at not discovering the murderer's identity. Why is it that neo [...]

    Chris Wooding did here what Cassandra Clare was trying to do with Mortal Instruments: write a story set in a Big City swarming with evil beasties, centred around the heroic actions of the evil-beastie-hunters. Wooding did it much, much better (and with a lot less would-be incest). I really enjoyed the fast-paced, suspense-driven plot while being successfully spine-tingled by the scary bits. The carriage-driving serial killer, Stitch-face, particularly sticks in my mind. I'm almost glad I've left [...]

    Left unfinished. Just couldn't get into it. I was hoping for something creepy, intriguing. It was a bit too predictable and easy.

    Seizure Romero
    Has a few deus ex machina moments toward the end, but mostly a tale well told.

    An excellent book, creepy and adventerous

    spotted on Alyssa's profile

    A lovecraftian gothic horror Young Adult novel is always a welcoming idea. There's a portion of young adult people who want their book scary but also adventurous with a tinge bit of romance. I was one of them though I am no longer a young adult. Yet, there's a good lovecraftian gothic horror young adult book and there's this bookGH.I don't like this book at all. It's not bad. I can't actively say this book sucked ass and bad. Chris Wooding has a talent, I give you that. But dear Lord! This book [...]

    What a wonderful book this was! I was hooked from the start, and it just kept getting better and better!The storyline was captivating. Not much information was given at the start about the wych-kin or in fact the characters, but it was such a realistic world that it wasn't needed, everything was clear and brilliant from the start.The characters themselves are wonderful. Even the characters who are in it for less than a page (such as those mentioned in a chapter that is mainly about murders being [...]

    Jovvi Rain
    Waaaaah!!!This book was ROLLICKING!! Action! Adventure! Edge of your seat, what WILL happen next-ness!!!!It was creepy, without actually trying to freak you out it does anyway! I sat and read, read, read it so that bed time came and went, while my enthusiasm for it did not."But then", you ask, a tentative hand on my shoulder, "Why did you only give it 4 out of 5 stars?""Ah!" I reply, a grave and sincere look upon my face, "Because"Because I have to admit, the characters themselves could have jus [...]

    Denay S.
    The haunting of Alaizabel Gray is a great book when I first heard the title I thought that it was going to be a very scary book but it actually wasn't there were some creepy parts in the book but they mass out the great parts of the story I would recomemd this book to anyone because anyone can read it but I wouldn't suggest it to kids grade pre- 4 because they migh tnot understand the theme and the reason of the book whicih is a very big thing because if you know what that is then you will under [...]

    Marija *Who Cares If One More Light Goes Out? Well, I Do*
    Wow, the first book in 2018. I must admit that this was a hard read for me. It was a good idea, but I just couldn't bond with it. Maybe it was because of the translation or maybe it was the book without any excuses. I felt more for side characters that were getting killed than the main ones. They were too two-dimensional for me. I admit that I got the chills a few times because of all the monsters and horrors described in this book, but that was all. Both Thaniel and Alaizabel were immensely bor [...]

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