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  • Title: Mafia Queens Of Mumbai:Stories Of Women From The Ganglands
  • Author: Hussain S. Zaidi Jane Borges
  • ISBN: 9789380283777
  • Page: 161
  • Format: Paperback

  • Smuggling, gun running, drugs, terrorism for many decades, Mumbai has lived under the shadow of the Underworld Dawood Ibrahim, Karim Lala, Varadara jan Mudaliar these are names that any Indian would recognise Analysed in print, immortalised on film, their lives, their gangs, their businesses are out there for anyone who wants the information But there have been womeSmuggling, gun running, drugs, terrorism for many decades, Mumbai has lived under the shadow of the Underworld Dawood Ibrahim, Karim Lala, Varadara jan Mudaliar these are names that any Indian would recognise Analysed in print, immortalised on film, their lives, their gangs, their businesses are out there for anyone who wants the information But there have been women, too, who have been part of this murky side of the city, walking along side, sometimes leading and manipulating men in the Underworld to run their own illegal businesses Here, for the first time, crime journal ists S Hussain Zaidi and Jane Borges explore the lives of some of these women, and how, in cold blood, they were able to make their way up in what was certainly a man s world From Kamathipura to Dongri, from assassins to molls, this is a collection that tells the stories of women who have become legend in Mumbai s streets, lanes and back alleys Absorbingly told, impeccably researched, Mafia Queens of Mumbai reveals a side of Mumbai s Underworld that has never been seen before.
    Hussain S. Zaidi Jane Borges
    Hussain S. Zaidi Jane Borges Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Mafia Queens Of Mumbai:Stories Of Women From The Ganglands book, this is one of the most wanted Hussain S. Zaidi Jane Borges author readers around the world.


    Ronak(Pihu) Gajjar
    That the female of the species is deadlier than the male. - Rudyard KiplingI stumbled upon this one in 2013, as a reference for the evident research subject and it swiped right into the Mumbai loving space of my mind. The underworld connections always intrigued me well enough weaving within the political layers. Guns are more attractive than roses. – Vishal BhardwajI completely agree with reading this one. The language of Mr. Former Investigative Journalist - Mr.Zaidi is sharp-clawed and eluci [...]

    Henna Achhpal
    It's a non fiction book but reads like fiction. Pieces of facts and interviews are brilliantly crafted together into a collection of short stories. Loved reading it!

    Samir Dhond
    Having lived in Mumbai for many years, I have never encountered or witnessed, thank god for that, the underworld and their dealings. However, as I grew up in that city, I have read, heard many stories about the underworld. The lives of gangsters were in the open whenever one of them was caught. The stories haunted us for days together until we got back to normal life on the streets of Mumbai. When I look back at those years, I realize that Mumbai is quite a safe city for an average citizen of th [...]

    In the corner of a graveyard in Mumbai lies an unmarked tombstone of a woman who was revered as godmother by you-know-who himself. Somewhere else, many years ago, an alone, sick and pained woman was stabbed multiple times in her private parts because she dared to stand up for her beloved departed and many more years ago and still remembered as a deity by few was a sex worker who'd put today's feminists to shame. True stories of women who made their own footing in the dangerous and bloody of Mumb [...]

    I don't read a lot of books about gangsters, but the ones that I have, all revolve around male gangsters. In Mafia Queens of Mumbai, lives of women who were part of the mafia have been told so well by Hussain S. Zaidi. From Jenabai to Pappamani, from being narco empresses to mobster molls, the stories seem unreal when you first start reading them, because we (or maybe it's just me) have never seen/read stories of women from the ganglands. The stories themselves have been narrated so well, it's d [...]

    Wow! wat a book! i picked it at 0040 AM today, thinking it'll lull me to sleep - and instead i sat up till 330 and finished this at 1 shot!Def 1 of the most riveting pieces of journalistic writing that i hv come across in a long time, and the author has manged to keep it succinct, yet filled with tidbits to titillate our never ending fascination with Mumbai and its underbelly!Go read it!

    Raja Subramanian
    Most human beings hate crime and would be appalled at the violence and depravity often displayed by the underworld. But few can claim to be completely disinterested in reading about the underworld or watching movies made around the underworld. I guess I am not an exception. I keep buying books and read them even as I abhor the utter lack of morals and the mindless violence that go with the territory. The Mafia Queens of Mumbai by S Hussein Zaidi written along with Janes Borges makes for a fascin [...]

    Vivek Tejuja
    Yes it is true, behind every successful man, no matter what the profession, there is always a woman. A Woman who is not only strong-headed but also sly enough to accelerate the man’s thoughts and decision-making process, in the direction she wants to. And yes women rule the roost (though for some men it is hard enough to accept the fact) and that’s true. The reason I say this is because I have just finished reading Mafia Queens of Mumbai, a realistic and hard-hitting portrait of women who we [...]

    S. Hussain Zaidi & Jane Borges has thrown some lights on the lives of Mafia queens of of Mumbai. Though there are numerous books and movies on life of underworld dons, mafia queens who can / are running underworld are unknown to normal people.In men's world underworld, it is very difficult to make and sustain a position for woman. The ladies like Jenabai, Ashraf, Mahalakshmi Papamani made Mumbai's don under their control. Even dons like Dawood, Karim lala respected these ladies and their sug [...]

    Women are amazing indeed. The book throws light on some prominent women in the world of tuffest men.e Underworld! Captivating read. Fascinating to no extent. Realized that for some women.curity, society, men and family are not everything. Hussain Zaidi did a wonderful job of penning down somethong that's not spoken out loud. Visualizing all that was written in the book excited me then I thought how would those women have lead the worldfacing and living everything that was written? A tip to reade [...]

    Precise, meticulous.A definite read.

    Vaishali Gupta
    Like all the other works of Zaidi, this too is a result of an extensive research and years of real world knowledge of the ganglords. The beauty lies in the narrative written in first person that rouses empathy and gives it a fiction like quality. Engrossing, revealing and a must-read!

    The Mumbai underworld, or the Mumbai Mafia is as much a part of the city as Bollywood is, and as much a stuff of legends. The well known stories from this murky world are all male-centric. Haji Mastan, Dawood Ibrahim, Varadarajan Mudaliar, and Karim Lala, to name a few. Thirteen true stories of black marketeers, prostitution ringleaders and trained assassins hit the pages of "Mafia Queens of Mumbai" with a convincing splatter. Sure, critics may call it trade paper, but this is pulp at its graphi [...]

    We've all heard and read about the men of the Mumbai underworld. Many have been portrayed in screen by our favourite heroes as well. But what of the women? Hardly do we come to know of them. This book is an attempt to right that wrong. It was wonderful in an albeit perverse way to read about the women whose names have been forgotten in the murky waters of the Mumbai underworld. Women who, for whatever reasons, decided to take the plunge into a life of crime and paid for it. Loved the fact that t [...]

    As they say behind every successful man there is a woman. So true. And those women are more strong as compared to these men. Its non fiction but didn't feel like it. Very interesting novel. Made me wonder what went wrong with women these days. In those days women used to be so strong and a single woman could handle an entire gang of men. My favorite characters were Gangu and Ashraf. Loved reading it.

    Disha Naik
    Dongri to Dubai was my first Hussain Zaidi book - and I couldn't help getting hooked! I absolutely love how he keeps you on your toes from the first word to the last. You just can't help but feel restless until you read and finish the entire book. The language is plain, simple and just perfect. He explains the workings of Mumbai mafiosi with such ease and comfort - it's amazing. I've already got My Name is Abu Salem from the local library - and I can't wait to start.

    AMAZING !!!! Never knew that females had played a brilliant role in the Mumbai Underworld.Thanks to the author for this well researched genuine fictionIt would be even better and enjoyable if we can watch it as a movieIts time for me to grab another work of the same author "Black Friday" I have already ordered it from Flipkart but not yet received

    Attracts and hold the reader with a sharp claw all through the pages.

    Brilliant tales of some brave women gangsters. After the success of Black Friday, Hussain Zaidi delivers a winner again.

    Puneet Tomer
    I always enjoy reading books which reveals the secrets of past. The author must have done lot of research on the subject before putting down all the mind blowing facts. A good read for sure

    Ankit Prabhash
    A valuable piece of reportage, vibrating with drama, intrigue, and unexpected pathos. Brings out the reality in packets of small explosions.

    I'm destroyed by this book - not because it's so good, because it isn't, but because it's so close, and underneath the pulp it's so bleak. It's filmic because it's real; it happened. It's happening.

    It's no great literary feat, but a rather riveting portrait of the underrepresented women in the Bombay underworld.

    wow. Never knew this book will be such a great read. Takes you to inside of Mumbai Mafia. Loved the story of Sapna!!

    "Crime is juicier than spirituality. Guns are more attractive than roses. And thus- at least to me- the stories about the lives of gangsters are much more fascinating share than that of saints" - Vishal BharadwajThe author has done full justice to bringing out the essence and nuances of each mafia queen. The narrative is more like a fiction than non-fiction. Each story is gripping, dramatic and will leave the reader as a fan of these mafia queens (though the author swears he wants to understand [...]

    Abhilash Ruhela
    Recently, Shootout at Wadala released and earned approximately 60 crore+. Everyone felt that the movie had potential except that the acting of John Abraham didn't go well with the role. I had a big problem with the movie because I was expecting it to be just as the novel "Dongri to Dubai" was from which it has been adapted. Over this, in the movie, the main protagonist is Mania Surve instead of Dawood Ibrahim, the protagonist in the book. But while reading Dongri to Dubai, a huge respect for S H [...]

    Aditi Mukherjee
    Zaidi's book is a collection of stories of once bruised and battered women climbing to the top of the mafia world through self determination, beauty, wit, intellect and manipulation – unabashededly using these attributes as and when thought necessary. These true stories are inspiring, althought not in the most righteous way and are reminders of how these unconventional women wielded power and succeeded in an illegal world of the mafia – consisting otherwise entirely of men. A small time boot [...]

    Sharang Limaye
    Not in the same league as the seminal 'Dongri to Dubai' or even the slightly inferior 'Byculla to Bangkok'. Still, 'Mafia Queens' makes for interesting reading. Zaidi's ability to tell plausible true crime stories filled with provocative details has always left one awestruck. His sourcing skills as a scribe are enviable considering the secretive nature of the world he writes about. Readers looking for the sheer thrill of blazing guns and slashing knives may be left disappointed. These are storie [...]

    The book looks into the lives of women who became part of the underworld, carved a name for themselves and gave wings to their ambitions (or so the book suggests). Although, the authors have made great efforts to understand the person behind, the larger than life, mafia figure encapsulated by these women, the writing betrays the intention. Strategies used by these women are often summed up in shallow repetitive words such as "sex appeal, beauty" suggesting little literary prowess and imagination [...]

    Consisting of a set of stories on various women involved in Mumbai's seedy underworld, this book takes you through the lives of thirteen women who had their lives intimately linked with the city's mafia.The stories are short but mostly interesting, as they offer glimpses of Mumbai that you don't usually see.The book uses various styles of narration, often changing within the same story, with dramatized retellings featuring prominently, which, in my opinion, felt weak.

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