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  • Title: Archie and Amelie: Love and Madness in the Gilded Age
  • Author: Donna M. Lucey
  • ISBN: 9781400048526
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Hardcover

  • John Armstrong Chanler Archie to his family was an heir to the Astor fortune, an eccentric, dashing, and handsome millionaire Am lie Rives, from a Southern family and the goddaughter of Robert E Lee, was a daring author, a stunning temptress, and a woman ahead of her time.Filled with glamour, mystery, and madness, their love affair and marriage made them the talk of soJohn Armstrong Chanler Archie to his family was an heir to the Astor fortune, an eccentric, dashing, and handsome millionaire Am lie Rives, from a Southern family and the goddaughter of Robert E Lee, was a daring author, a stunning temptress, and a woman ahead of her time.Filled with glamour, mystery, and madness, their love affair and marriage made them the talk of society in the Gilded Age.Archie and Am lie seemed made for each other both were passionate, intense, and driven by emotion but the very things that brought them together would soon draw them apart Their marriage began with a secret wedding that found its way onto the front page of the New York Times, to the dismay of Archie s relatives and Am lie s many gentleman friends.To the world, the couple appeared charmed, rich, and famous they moved in social circles that included Oscar Wilde, Teddy Roosevelt, and Stanford White But although their love was undeniable, they tormented each other, and their private life was troubled from the start They were the F Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald of their day a celebrated couple too dramatic and unconventional to last but their tumultuous story has largely been forgotten.Now, Donna M Lucey vividly brings to life these extraordinary lovers and their sweeping, tragic romance In the Virginia hunt country, just outside of Charlottesville, where I live, the older people still tell stories of a strange couple who died some two generations ago The stories involve ghosts, the mysterious burning of a church, a murder at a millionaire s house, a sensational lunacy trial, and a beautiful, scantily clad young woman prowling her gardens at night as if she were searching for something or someone or trying to walk off the effects of the morphine that was deranging her I was inclined to dismiss all of this as tall tales Virginians love to spin out but when I looked into these yarns I found proof that they were true Donna M Lucey on Archie and Am lie.
    Donna M. Lucey
    Donna M. Lucey Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Archie and Amelie: Love and Madness in the Gilded Age book, this is one of the most wanted Donna M. Lucey author readers around the world.


    BAM The Bibliomaniac
    Now THIS is the kind of Astor story I want to read! Archie is a great great grandson of the original; Amelie, the spoiled, flirty southern belle he marries. Appearances would say that they would be perfect for each other, but there are problems from the first month. They spend their initial wedded winter separated, he in Paris, she is Virginia at the family seat, but in the spring they travel to London where the become a part of the Soul set and Amelie begins taking morphine.Constantly seeking a [...]

    Kim Brittingham
    Often books that are this thoroughly researched can be difficult to digest. But this was a rich, delicious read. Amelie and Archie were bigger-than-life characters. They lived almost as though they knew they would one day be subjects of fascination to us. I was most fascinated by Archie's in-depth experimentation in the paranormal, and by how Amelie seems to have been the original Southern Belle, as we've come to understand that archetype through popular culture. In Amelie, we see hints of Scarl [...]

    Whoa, baby, this book has it ALL. Drugs, sex, money, madness, scheming relatives, betrayal - its's a show-stopper of a story, well told and compelling.Amelie Rives was the "it" girl of the Gilded Age, a beautiful southern girl who wrote scandalously steamy novels, took drugs, married an Astor scion and then a Russian prince. Part Scarlett O'Hara, part Paris Hilton, she hooked the unstable Archie Chanler, who spent the better part of his life fighting his siblings, who'd committed to an asylum so [...]

    3 1/2. Great story. Somewhat buried in lots and lots and lots of background material about everyone in the family. Thank goodness for the family tree.

    I'm giving the book two stars because I'd never heard of either Archie or Amelie before so the subject matter should have been interesting. The lack of objectivity is wearing, though. Lucey's palpable dislike of Amelie Rives--a dislike not shared by people like Edith Wharton, Henry James, and Oscar Wilde--became tiresome very quickly. I shall seek out a book on Amelie that is not quite so biased. Archie, however, comes across as nuttier than a Payday bar, pages of rationalization notwithstanding [...]

    Elisabeth Cole
    I found this book disappointing. I never got a feel for what Archie or Amelie were like or what they're marriage was like. It mostly focused on Archie and his life before and after his marriage to Amelie.

    Christopher Fox
    An entrancing view into lives of the wealthy and privileged in 19th and early 20th century America - thus the "Gilded Age" of the sub-title. Lucey has done monumental research on the people in this book and it shows in the rich narrative which incorporates lots and lots of excerpts from letters of the 'combatants' - and I use that word deliberately because from the social class that I'm in, if ever one suspects that money and power and influence guarantee happy, serene, humane, uncluttered, sane [...]

    Cathryn Conroy
    This would have made a spectacular, page-turning novel that would have kept readers awake long into the night. Unfortunately, it's not a novel. It's a rather dry nonfiction account of John "Archie" Armstrong Chanler, one of the heirs to the massive Astor fortune, and Amélie Rives, a beautiful Southern belle whose godfather was Robert E. Lee. Prodigiously researched by author Donna M. Lucey, the book is a stellar historical account of the scandalous marriage and divorce and subsequent descent in [...]

    Virginia Van
    Archie Chanler, dashing, handsome and artistic, was heir to part of the Astor fortune. Amelie Rives, beautiful, passionate and creative, was a scandalous author from an old, but poor, Southern family. Their secret wedding scandalized his family and, though they moved in the highest of social and literary circles, their private lives soon turned bitter, driving them to divorce and Archie into madness, or so his family claimed. The F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald of their day, their tragic romance h [...]

    Paula Yerke
    A descendant of Robert E Lee and an infamous celebrity of her day marries the heir to the Astor fortune in the Gilded Age. It reads like a soap opera with sex, madness, loves won and quickly lost, fortunes won and lost, etc. The Kardashians of yesteryear? Unfortunately, I just didn't get swept up in the story. The writing just never got me to care.

    I loved this so much, I went and scoured used book sites to be able to read Amelie Rives' book! I talked about it so much my boyfriend at the time bought me Rives' sequel. I even reread it for fun several years later, and have lent it to many friends.

    Grace Acevedo
    I think what fascinated me most is this all really happened, these crazy characters living the supposed perfect life had the biggest flaws imaginable. Very well written with lots of details. The pictures at the very end were perfect. Highly recommend to get a snippet of the 'gilded age' era!

    Bizarre couple - an Astor heir and his bodice-ripper author wife, but I really couldn't get too interested in either of them - something about the obscenely wealthy's problems leave me cold.

    It was a fascinating and surprisingly entertaining biography of two remarkable people. The author has a terrific way of holding a reader's attention. I am looking forward to Lucey's latest release!

    Dionna Johnson
    Not what I thought it would be

    Heather G
    SadTragic life, tragic death really sums up the lives told here. It truly proves money can't buy happiness. A very well written compelling book.

    Sad, but yet these two people give you a lot to think about. That Charlottesville certainly has a lot more history than Thomas Jefferson!

    Charlene Patton
    I read this with more than usual interest since my husband is related to Amelie Rives. Even though my mother-in-law and two of her cousins were very involved in Rives family history, we had never heard of Amelie. It was exciting to learn that there was a famous author in the family history. The book was fascinating, as was Amelie's very manipulative personality and her relationship with poor besotted Archie. In the end, I felt sorry for both of them.

    Sherry Sharpnack
    I was pretty disgusted by this "love" story about Archie Chanler aka Chaloner, an heir of the Astor fortune in Manhattan real estate, & Amelie Rives, a southern female writer of some reknown with a character straight out of a Tennessee Williams play. She was a sensuous, beautiful woman who was apparently sexually repressed even though she wrote about female sexual passion in a time when that wasn't even acknowledged, much less discussed in polite circles. Archie fell helplessly in love w/ Am [...]

    I read this book only because I heard about the Astor family. The Gilded age is not my favorite historical time and I knew nothing about “Archie” or Amélie Rives. On the positive side, I finally understood much better the atmosphere described by Edith Wharton in The Age of Innocence with its claustrophobic feeling, the oppressive families and the rigid social rules of the upper class.On the negative side goes everything else. The story is told from “Archie” side - nickname of John Armst [...]

    Elspeth G. Perkin
    Sadly, not the toast of my Gilded Age shelfThis was not exactly the splendid carriage ride into intoxicating history that I was hoping for. I believe I found that unforgettable experience with Fortune's Children: The Fall of the House of Vanderbilt (a title I highly recommend to anyone who is interested in the Gilded Age or all that glitters about history). Archie and Amélie: Love and Madness in the Gilded Age was more of a gossipy well-opinionated magazine article while Fortune’s Children ta [...]

    Four-star content with only a two-star presentation. I found it both sometimes fascinating and at other times boring. I believe this could have been a really top-notch biography with some extensive editing.

    Jane Glen
    Fairly interesting read. Always amazes me how people of wealth and power find so little happiness.

    The Chanler family [mother was an Astor] were bonkers. Archie met Amelie and somehow persuaded her to marry him. Could it have been the money? It's fortunate that the couple didn't have children. A very interesting story, but I had to speed read the second half. I was getting tired of the sad, sad facts.

    Almost a two. The story of an eccentric Astor heir and his eccentric (in very different ways) wife. I found this book nearly incoherent at times. It left many questions unanswered. Avoid

    Before reading this book, I had never heard of Amalie Rives. She was an author in a time when not too many women were, and not only an author, but an author of (for the time) fairly racy novels. Archie Chanler was a descendant of John Jacob Astor. Like all men, he fell hard for Amalie, becoming obsessed with her. He managed to convince her to marry him. They proceeded to make each other crazy, or crazier. The subtitle says it all. The first half of the book covers the love story, while the secon [...]

    Well, this was another of my 'great finds' On sale at a local market for 3.50! WOOHOO. Don't know yet, but seems very intriguing! When the inside flap explained the story. . . about a couple, he an heir of John Jaccob Astor, millionaire and she, god-daughter of Robert E. Lee and from a prominent family of society, set in the late 1800s-early 1900s and stating, among other things that "Now, Donna Lucy (the author) vividly brings to life these extraordinary lovers and their sweeping tragic romance [...]

    I have a fascination with the Gilded Age that was fueled by tours of many homes of the movers and shakers of this period. Wealth can be a great divider, but humanity is humanity. You find goodness, decency, loathsomeness, greed, pettiness, vanity and every other trait that marks mankind in the wealthy as you do the "common" man. It is the human stain. This book marks the sad and doomed relationship between two people. Archie, an heir of the Astor fortune and Amelie, a spoiled, cunning Southern b [...]

    Carol Wakefield
    A dual biography about Archie Chanler, heir the Astor fortune and Amelie, a southern belle, author and much admired beautiful woman. Two exceedingly eccentric characters who marry but have difficulty living together. Amelie writes novels that are shocking for her era, late 1800s and early 1900s. They generally live apart, spend Archies considerable fortune , stun society and eventually divorce, an unacceptable action in this time. Archie remains obsessed with Amelie married to her or not. Their [...]

    Archie Astor is the great-great grandson of John Jacob Astor who made his fortune around 1800 in real estate in New York. Archie marries Amelie, a southern belle from Virginia, who is an author and artist of some renown. Archie has several siblings who declare him incompetent, and he spends several years in a "home." Archie was definitely eccentric, but I'm not convinced he needed to be sent away. Amelie's family doesn't have much money after the War, but she sees herself as a fine Southern lady [...]

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