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  • Title: Snare
  • Author: Katharine Kerr
  • ISBN: 9780312890452
  • Page: 258
  • Format: Hardcover

  • The author of the beloved Deverry series Dragonspell, Darkspell, and The Red Wyvern turns her hand to a new kind of tale.On the planet known as Snare, the descendants of Islamic fundamentalist emigrants have created beautiful enclaves, where they can sit on a patio enjoying green grass and true roses, but the nomadic tribes live in a much harsher landscape Where the gThe author of the beloved Deverry series Dragonspell, Darkspell, and The Red Wyvern turns her hand to a new kind of tale.On the planet known as Snare, the descendants of Islamic fundamentalist emigrants have created beautiful enclaves, where they can sit on a patio enjoying green grass and true roses, but the nomadic tribes live in a much harsher landscape Where the grass is purple, the trees are orange, and the huge and dangerous sentient Cha Meech lizards roam the landscape.Idres Warkannan and his companions seek to find the only man who can redeem their Islamic civilization from its despotic ruler and restore justice to the population Zayn Hassan, refugee from the despot s service, finds himself living among the tribes of the comnee, where Healer and Spirit Rider Ammadin, seeing the dangers all around her, is beginning to doubt the gods who are her only protection To save herself and her people, Ammadin journeys eastward into war, intrigue, and adventure and finds than she bargained for on all counts.
    Katharine Kerr
    Born in Ohio, 1944 Moved to San Francisco Bay Area in 1962 and has lived there ever since Katharine Kerr has read extensively in the fields of classical archeology, and medieval and dark ages history and literature, and these influences are clear in her work Her epic Deverry series has won widespread praise and millions of fans around the world.


    Lis Carey
    The cover blurb says, "On the planet Snare, the descendants of Islamic fundamentalists war with the descendants of scientists, and the alien natives, for the fate of a planet." Let this be a warning to you against reading cover blurbs.It's not 100% false. We do have the descendants of Islamic fundamentalists. We do have the descendants of scientists. We do have the native intelligent species--though something in me balks at describing beings living on their own planet where they evolved as "alie [...]

    Rhiannon Miller
    Interesting that the people who reviewed this negatively tend to like the Deverry books. I sought out the Deverry books having read Snare, and found them to be exceedingly disappointing by comparison. I thought Snare was a well-realised, complex world, with some nice questions about whether and how spirituality emerges from religion (if all the magic of the Tribes is just legacy tech, and their religion made up out of whole cloth, why do the cranes try so hard (as they do) to be Zayn's totem?).I [...]

    Lucy Takeda
    I would actually rate this 3.5, since I ended up doing quite a bit of scanning as I read. I thought the Deryni Chronicles were great. This was good.A planet is invaded by three groups sharing a star ship that got list. There is a sapient species already on the planet. A pact is created to separate and protect all the groups that now need to coexist on the only inhabitable continent. Of course, every group despises the other groups, because the pact demands that they not interact and share inform [...]

    A dense book, without even chapters to offer some relief. The beginning of the story can be overwhelming, with many names, countries and races thrown in all at once to explain a political landscape I found a bit difficult to grasp, especially since there are two "levels" at play. However after the first 100 pages or so, the story really focuses on individual characters, their goals and flaws and journey, and it became very interesting to follow them along as well as discover new cultures through [...]

    Simon Mcleish
    Originally published on my blog here in June 2005.Katharine Kerr has long been an author I have enjoyed reading. She is best known for her long running Deverry series, which is basically standard fantasy, albeit well written and with some nice individual touches. I think that her other books, closer to science fiction, are more interesting, but now Snare brings that inventiveness back to a new fantasy world. (A slight caveat about what I've just said - this is fantasy with a fairly remote scienc [...]

    A very interesting idea,imagining the outcome of a planet being accidentally populated by 3 completely different societies of people, the evolution of these societies over 800 years as well as their impact on the native life-forms. The literary style was not quite to my liking, and the characters seemed to follow templates already decided by the author at the beginning of the book with very little in the way of development through events unfolding in the book. Zayn for example remained a patheti [...]

    Ian Bott
    I rarely pay attention to book blurbs, and it's just as well in this case because the front cover blurb ("e descendants of Islamic fundamentalists war with the descendants of scientists") almost put me off looking any further.It bemuses me that someone could have picked on just about the least relevant details as a hook to promote the story. Instead of being enticed, I was worried that this would be nothing more than a thinly-veiled soapbox. I wanted entertainment, not lecturing.Luckily I read t [...]

    This is a rather strange book. It is excellently constructed, and a surprisingly deep world. In fact, the process of worldbuilding is the best part of the book. The characters think they live in one relatively shallow world with a relatively shallow history, and we learn their true situation more or less as they do. (Well, faster, but not so fast as to make it useless exposition). The plot is long and twisting. The main worldbuilding thrust is interesting, but the original main plot's return for [...]

    A really different book which I really enjoyed. Kerr always focusses a lot on language and I guess you know it has its place in this book but to be honest the story would have worked just as well without it though the near French words like shen made me laugh.I really liked the 3 human cultures in the book and this made the story pretty easy to understand in the beginning, however as things are revealed the plots and motives of the 2 cultures in branching out alone are the kind of reasons I can [...]

    Quite good! On the planet of Snare, three different groups of humans and a race of aliens live in separate societies. One group of humans is descended from Islamic fundamentalists; one is descended from scientists & engineers, and one is descended from soldiers. Each group sees the world a little differently and has different priorities. As the novel unfolds, the various characters learn more about their history, their beliefs, and each other. It's well-done, and doesn't give away too much t [...]

    This was one of the hardest books I ever read when I was a freshman in high school. It was also the second book I ever read after starting to read again when I was 16. It was so hard to read because the words are so tiny and because it is one big book :) I loved it though. It is almost kind of like a newer version of Star Wars if you will. Nothing beats Star Wars, but this came pretty close. With grass that is purple and a sky that is red, I loved this book and highly recommend this to any fanta [...]

    Katherine Kerr has written fiction steeped in history. A journey of enlightenment and realisation of falsehoods. Each character's quest brings them closer to their own individual acknowledgment of belonging, place, and identity. 'Snare' for me was an amazing read on so many different levels. This novel profoundly asks the question 'why do we believe our histories', and answers, 'because that's what we've been told'. I will read more of this author.

    Really interesting and unpredictable plot, which starts giving hints in one direction and developed in a completely different manner, revealing the setting.A bit too many coincidences and often terminology typical from the setting not well explained may make the reader a bit confused.Anyway, a pleasant reading.

    Jody Mena
    This was surprisingly good! I was a little worried that it would be forced, but it flowed naturally and the surprises at the end were appropriate in a way that it felt more like a mystery being solved than anything else. I would highly recommend it!

    Jen Paull
    A rare single volume fantasy book - which is the reason I bought it. I like the view it gives of how some cultures might evolve if left to themselves. Also the technology which makes it read almost like a pure sci-fi novel by the end.

    Kimberly Watkins
    I have mixed feelings on this one. I did truly enjoy the world she created & the characters. Very interesting idea. I do have to agree with some other critics on it being a little slow & it kind of fizzles out at the end.

    Conrad Toft
    For some reason (perhaps because it was on the Kindle?) it took me a while to get into this book, but once I settled into it on holiday I really enjoyed the characters and societies that Kerr created.

    Cherry Mischievous
    Fab stand alone! This is the book which made me seek further offerings from this author :)

    A rather different book that shows that you can mix fantasy and sci-fi. Also shows that Kerr's can write more then good fantasy. The book is a bit slow sometimes, however it is still worth reading.

    Bought it at the Red Cross shop.

    Sean Mulkerrin
    Snare is perhaps one of the greatest singular stand alone books I have ever read. It seamlessly blends many elements into one amazing narrative. It's probably the most re-read book on the my shelves.

    Amy Bennett
    Boring, didn't finish it. It's rare I don't finish books but this one never grabbed me no matter what I tried.I've read other series by her and loved them so I think it's this particular story.

    Wonderful book! I enjoyed the characters and the level of detail very much.

    Meir Hoberman
    I read this several years ago, but last year I read it again and was astonished at how big an influence it had had on me and my own writing. It was well worth the second and maybe a third reading.

    This book is responsible for introducing me to the world of Deverry. All I can say is "more"! This book does have a potential for more volumes - before and after.

    Paul Costello
    Interesting scfi story meets fantasy, greatly enjoyed this

    Started reading it because I liked the Deverry books. Couldn't get into it, didn't get any further than the torture scene.

    Quite a good novel, the plot starts to wander a little, but it is quite an enjoyable standalone.

    I was glad this turned out to be science fiction! I would read more books set in the same world.

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