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  • Title: The Moment
  • Author: Douglas Kennedy
  • ISBN: 9780091795849
  • Page: 119
  • Format: Paperback

  • Thomas Nesbitt is a divorced American writer in the midst of a rueful middle age Living a very private life in Maine in touch only with his daughter and still trying to reconcile himself to the end of a long marriage that he knew was flawed from the outset he finds his solitude disrupted by the arrival, one wintry morning, of a box postmarked Berlin The return addresThomas Nesbitt is a divorced American writer in the midst of a rueful middle age Living a very private life in Maine in touch only with his daughter and still trying to reconcile himself to the end of a long marriage that he knew was flawed from the outset he finds his solitude disrupted by the arrival, one wintry morning, of a box postmarked Berlin The return address on the box Dussmann unsettles him completely For it is the name of the woman with whom he had an intense love affair twenty six years ago in Berlin at a time when the city was cleaved in two, and personal and political allegiances were haunted by the deep shadows of the Cold War.Refusing initially to confront what he might find in that box, Thomas nevertheless finds himself forced to grapple with a past he has never discussed with any living person and in the process relive those months in Berlin, when he discovered, for the first and only time in his life, the full, extraordinary force of true love But Petra Dussmann the woman to whom he lost his heart was not just a refugee from a police state, but also someone who lived with an ongoing sorrow beyond dreams and one which gradually rewrote both their destinies.In this, his tenth novel, Douglas Kennedy has written that rare thing a love story as morally complex as it is tragic and deeply reflective Brilliantly gripping, it is an atmospherically dense, ethically tangled tale of romantic certainty and conflicting loyalties, all set amidst a stunningly rendered portrait of Berlin in the final dark years before The Wall came down.Like all of Kennedy s previous, critically acclaimed bestselling novels, The Moment is both unputdownable and profound Posing so many searching questions about why and how we fall in love and the tangled way we project on to others that which our hearts seek it is a love story of great epic sweep and immense emotional power.
    Douglas Kennedy
    Douglas Kennedy was born in Manhattan in 1955 He studied at Bowdoin College, Maine and Trinity College, Dublin, returning to Dublin in 1977 with just a trenchcoat, backpack and 300 He co founded a theatre company and sold his first play, Shakespeare on Five Dollars a Day, to Radio 4 in 1980 In 1988 he moved to London and published a travel book, Beyond the Pyramids His debut novel The Dead Heart was published in 1994.


    B the BookAddict
    Writer, Thomas Nesbitt, is middle aged, recently divorced and living a quiet and private life in Maine. The return sender’s name on a package he receives draws him into reviewing a manuscript he wrote about his life, some twenty five years earlier, when, as a young travel writer, he travelled to and lived in West Germany. The time spent there and his relationship with a woman, who had been until recently a citizen of GDR, changes his life in untold ways. The manuscript reminds him of the one i [...]

    Andrew Smith
    This book is about 200 pages too long. There are sections where the point is laboured beyond belief and I found the instant attraction of the two main characters, which turned to full on love in about five minutes flat, hard to believe - and hard to stomach at times. So did I hate it? Well no, not really. The story itself was interesting enough to keep me turning another page and above all some of the writer’s observations about life in general seemed, to me, spot on. I’m not sure I’d rush [...]

    The Moment by Douglas Kennedy was such a suprise in a good way in that it was much better than i could of ever expected. While i was drawn to the book by the setting of Cold War Berlin something i have been facinated by for many years what totally suprised me was how good the overall story was. At no point did i feel that the romantic parts were overdone or cliched. The story itself was truelly gripping and engaging. At times sad, at times hilarious but at no time boring something emphasised by [...]

    Lewis Weinstein
    6/12/15 reading again to learn from Kennedy's ability to capture emotions in words.***This book affected me emotionally in a way that few books do. Kennedy's ability to convey what his characters are feeling is extraordinary. Love found and lost is a common theme, but this story, set mostly in Berlin divided by the Wall, stands out. However, the book is far from perfect. After reading 100+ pages, I was still searching for a plot, hoping there was one. After another 100+ pages, a plot had begun [...]

    Ilyhana Kennedy
    This is what I would call a "yes" and "no" book. To steal the author's theme, I'd say that it has great 'moments'but then goes wandering off somewhere.The pace of the novel tends to dominate the reading experience. I found it so slow at first that I almost put it back on the shelf. It gradually gathered pace until it was rolling along very nicely and I was immersed in the intrigue. The plot was sometimes predictable, sometimes surprising.And then it crashed. The reading of Petra's journals was p [...]

    Manchester Military History Society (MMHS)
    A totally gripping novel of love, loss and cold war politics set in Berlin in the 1980's.It's difficult to review this book without giving too much away, but despite a slow start the author starts to ratchet up the tension leaving you unable to put it down.It's unusual to find a book that I would recommend as an insight into cold war politics as well as a great intense love story.Douglas Kennedy accurately reflects the cold war politics and atmosphere of Berlin in 1980s' as well as providing the [...]

    As the book opens in modern day the reader is introduced to a man, Thomas, about to get a divorce. The book soon goes into flashback and the story of Thomas's great love is revealed. Set in Berlin just prior to the fall of the Berlin wall the book is full of the dark, distrustful atmosphere you would expect. The woman that 25 yr old Thomas meets is Petra and her story, when it is finally revealed, is peppered with the horrors of living through incarceration and interrogation before finally being [...]

    I just finished this book and find myself stomping around in utter annoyance. This book took me forever to get through. I found the beginning very lethargic and difficult to plow through. It took off past the midway point. I ran the gamit from boredom, to interested, to enthralled, to frustrated by some cheesiness that eventually seemed warranted so I accepted it, then back to enthralled, then bored, and then annoyed. I didn't care for the wordiness and over philosiphication that went on (yeah p [...]

    The Moment by Douglas Kennedy is primarily a Love story with a little historical content thrown in.This is the story of Thomas Nesbitt who is a divorced American writer living in Maine. He lives a quiet life until one day a package arrives from Berlin and his past is brought back to haunt him.The package is from Petra Dussmann a woman he had an intense love affair with over twenty five years ago in a divided Berlin under the shadows of the Cold War.Petra Dussman was a refugee from the police sta [...]

    María Montesinos
    Hay momentos en que te das cuenta de que todo va a cambiar. Hay momentos en que solo lo ves con la perspectiva de los años. A raíz de la separación de su mujer, el protagonista de esta novela que se desarrolla en dos tiempos, vuelve al pasado a través de una historia de amor que cambió su vida entonces. Sin embargo, en aquel momento, no pudo o no supo verlo. Él era un joven escritor de libros de viaje que creía saber mucho del mundo, ingenuo, algo descreído del amor y con miedo al compro [...]

    Everybody has a 'moment.' Can many people string it out into a whole book? Probably not. But Douglas Kennedy does just that This book made me do three things that I've never done before as the direct impact of reading a novel. 1) Cry2) Become emotionally involved3) Enjoy reading long pages of one narrativeDouglas Kennedy, where have you been all my reading life? This novel was absolutely breath-taking from start to finish. At first I detested Kennedy's attention to detail, the way he delved into [...]

    Amanda Patterson
    What an ordinary book written by an extraordinarily average writer. Perhaps that’s why readers like his writing? He makes his story seem better than it really is by using a few props. He gives his character an unusual job, throws in a few foreign phrases, and crafts seemingly ‘clever’ backstories. Until you realise they are all vignettes without substance.Or maybe I’m just a dull reader who doesn’t get it at all.This book was a trial at 488 pages. When you start out with a protagonist [...]

    somewhere between 2 and 3 stars, actually.I wanted to like this so much more than I did. The overall story was good - I loved the setting of the Cold War in Berlin - but it could have been about 200 pages shorter. It was very wordy and at times I found myself skimming. Also, I never connected to the characters - I had a hard time liking them. Every once in a while I found a line of text that really stuck with me (I even teared up a bit at the end), but overall, I was just anxious for the story t [...]

    This is one of my favorite books EVER! I've never read anything by Douglas Kennedy and I think I'll have to read more. This is the story of Thomas Nesbitt, a travel writer, who just received divorce papers from his wife. After avoiding a freak-accident, Nesbitt returns home and finds a box from a long-lost love. The story begins as he remembers his time in Berlin with Petra. The story ponders the idea of being in the moment and how our decisions really do have long term effects. I loved the char [...]

    "The moment came. The moment went. And I still think of us and cry"Поредната прекрасна книга от любимия ми Дъглас Кенеди! Голяма, ужасно интересна, с много мъдрости и мисли за живота и за това какви сме ние хора и как действаме. Историята е грабваща. Изпипана е много добре. Размислите на автора посредств [...]

    Carla Ford
    The further into this book I got, the stronger my feeling was that it was going to be one of those books that I would never forget. And it has stayed with me ever since I finished it. What an amazing title, first of all. Especially in these times, we know what it means to live in "the moment", even if we are not often able to do exactly that. But, what if you could look back and pinpoint the exact moment that your life changed its course - forever? That is exactly what Thomas Nesbitt is able to [...]

    I have read a hundred books in my life, but there's only a few that I will never forget. This book is one of the few.The Moment tells the story of Thomas Nesbitt (the travel writer) and Petra (the translator) who met and fall in love at the time when Berlin was divided in two. Thomas, an American, decided to write about Berlin in his second travel book. He met Petra, an aloof german translator who was recently exiled from East Berlin. While Petra tries very hard to avoid Thomas, because of the o [...]

    Ana Dumitrache
    M-a impresionat și acest roman a lui Douglas Kennedy, deși am și ceva negativ de spus la adresa lui. Dar să le luam pe rând. Povestea de dragoste dintre Thomas și Petra e una pe cât de frumoasă, pe atât de tristă. Ajuns la bătrânețe și trecând printr-un divorț, Thomas e într-un moment de cumpănă, un pachet forțându-l să-și amintească de cea mai frumoasă și dureroasă perioada din viața lui, perioada poveștii sale de iubire cu Petra, în Berlinul împărțit de Zid, m [...]

    Първата половина ми оставя усещането за някакво неволно съавторство. Сякаш в отсъствието на г-н Кенеди в текста се е вихрила нереализирана съчинителка на дамски романи, изливайки всичките си скрити емоционални и телесни копнежи. Не знам дали Аластър и Източен Берлин са до [...]

    Maria Sol
    Si tengo que decir algo de este libro es que me puso triste.el libro se divide en partes y a partir del último capítulo de la tercera parte no hice mas que llorar, yo esperaba leer una historia de amor de esas épicas de los tiempos de guerra y sí, leí una historia de amor pero que no se da para nada como yo quería o imaginaba o deseaba, que se yo, sabía de antemano que era una historia de amor que por algo se truncó pero yo esperaba otro final, sobre todo para Petra. Pobre Petra tiene un [...]

    "The Moment" is about a man who never got over his first love, and continues to live his life in somewhat of a numb and dissociative state. His affection for his daughter is genuine and touching, but his interactions with all women except the one who got away are rather cold or perversely clingy.My favorite part is of course the segue in Germany and his relationship with Petra. His interactions with Alaistair has to be some of the best dialogue I've ever read.I can't help but feel however, that [...]

    Nina Draganova
    Обреченост! С това определение ще свързвам тази книга. Написана на друго интелектуално ниво, което няма да достигна в този живот.Въпреки , че съм съвременник на описаните събития, всъщност поради младост или глупост, не съм била в течение на това как стоят нещата по това вре [...]

    Marisa Sicilia
    La terminé hace unos días y aún sigo volviendo a ella, con la seguridad de que Petra y Thomas persistirán por mucho tiempo en mi memoria. Es una historia de la que no debe contarse demasiado. Solo diré que el autor consiguió sorprenderme cuando en realidad debería haber estado alerta, y me emocionó al contar algo que ya conocía. Una historia de una tristeza desgarradora y a la vez contenida. Un retrato exacto de una ciudad y unos personajes rotos, divididos. Como el Berlín pre caída d [...]

    Our lives are made up of a series of moments. For some, one incident can make or break you. Will you come to regret a decision you only had a moment to make? Or will it be the best decision you ever made?"Though you might think, at the time, that this "something" is rooted in an obvious need (sex, romance, or other variations on an amorous theme), the truth is: you won't understand what the true meaning of the moment was until long after it has been stored in that cluttered room we litter with m [...]

    How do you know those moments that will change your life forever? How do you recognize them for what they are? If you do recognize them, how do you proceed, knowing that no matter what you do, your life will never be the same? Douglas Kennedy’s The Moment is a beautifully written exploration of just that, as Thomas Nesbitt reminisces on his life-changing moment many years ago in divided Berlin, his regret over not recognizing it for what it was, and the impact of it on the rest of his life. Fi [...]

    Mr. Kennedy does it again. Till a little beyond halfway mark I was wondering why he is spinning a Mills&Boonish love tale, and then Wham! everything gets into a narrative upheaval. His description of emotions and sentiments of love, shock, trust, and distrust all very lucidly portrayed has read too many horror tales of Nazis and their atrocities. But to read that this horrific dealing of fellow humans continued even after liberation behind The Wall was disturbing to read.Office chores kept m [...]

    Had to buy a book at Adelaide airport. It could have been worse. Set in Berlin while the wall is still in place - I found it a bit over-written. Like another book I read recently, it revolves around falling in love in an instant. I have fallen in love in the space of a night so I find this credible though have to remind myself because it was a long time ago. It deals with the difficult choices made by two characters as a result of the politics of the time (about 1984). I found the plot predictab [...]

    I gave this book four stars as I found it just so interesting. Set in the Cold War period, a young American journalist moves to West Berlin to write a travel memoir about his experiences in both West and East Berlin. He moves into the seedy district of Kreuzberg, minutes from the Wall, and populated by interesting and absorbing characters whom he observes and documents. Eventually he lands a job in a radio station broadcasting into East Berlin, where of course, he meets the love of his life!Anyw [...]

    Fantastisch, except too ponderous. The narrator should have "brooding" stamped on his forehead. I doubt he ever would have been happy. And having to read the same story twice (sort of) added even more length. As the Austrian Emperor said, "Too many notes."That said, if you're looking for a romantically sad story realistically set in Berlin in waining decades of the Wall, this is for you.

    Tatyana Naumova
    Пиздец какой-то.

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