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  • Title: Batman: Gotham County Line
  • Author: Steve Niles Scott Hampton José Villarrubia
  • ISBN: 9781401209056
  • Page: 464
  • Format: Paperback

  • BATMAN GOTHAM COUNTY LINE TP Written by Steve Niles Art and cover by Scott Hampton Horror master Steve Niles 30 Days of Night joins painter Scott Hampton BATMAN NIGHT CRIES for a Batman tale that uncovers the secrets of grisly murders outside Batman s usual territory the Gotham suburbs This volume collects the acclaimed 3 issue miniseries BATMAN GOTHAM COUNTY LBATMAN GOTHAM COUNTY LINE TP Written by Steve Niles Art and cover by Scott Hampton Horror master Steve Niles 30 Days of Night joins painter Scott Hampton BATMAN NIGHT CRIES for a Batman tale that uncovers the secrets of grisly murders outside Batman s usual territory the Gotham suburbs This volume collects the acclaimed 3 issue miniseries BATMAN GOTHAM COUNTY LINE 1 3.
    Steve Niles Scott Hampton José Villarrubia
    STEVE NILES is one of the writers responsible for bringing horror comics back to prominence, and was recently named by Fangoria magazine as one of it s 13 rising talents who promise to keep us terrified for the next 25 years Niles is currently working for the four top American comic publishers Marvel, DC, Image and Dark Horse He got his start in the industry when he formed his own publishing company called Arcane Comix, where he published, edited and adapted several comics and anthologies for Eclipse Comics His adaptations include works by Clive Barker, Richard Matheson and Harlan Ellison Steve resides in Los Angeles in his bachelor pad with one cat While there s no crawlspace, there is a questionable closet in one corner and no one is quite sure what is hidden in therebut we have an idea from the author s website


    Sam Quixote
    Horror writer Steve Niles confirms that Batman books with supernatural/horror themes are the major suck with Gotham County Line! In this book Gordon is retired and asks Batman to look into a series of killings where entire families are found murdered in a ritualistic fashion. Batman accepts even though he doesn’t “do suburbs” without explaining why (is he protector of Gotham’s metro area only?) and then puts on his jetpack to investigate. Yes, he has a Rocketeer jetpack in this one becau [...]

    This tale focuses on Batman denying the existence of an afterlife and then being strung along by a necromancer into a horrific world in which the living dead are everywhere. All the while he has an undead superhero trying to help him but the main battle is in the mind of Batman. There were some interesting focuses but on the whole I thought it was only somewhat goodTWORK: B; ACTION: B minus to B; CHARACTERS/DIALOGUE: B minus; STORY/PLOTTING: B; WHEN READ: early to mid April 2012 (revised review [...]

    Mohamed Shoaib
    The joker : you’d like to be dead, Bats. It suits you. Then you’d finally be able to see the dead people who made you into this mess.

    It was an okay story. What really stood out was having Thomas and Martha give Batman a sort of redemption and let them know how they felt about him.

    Sam Johnson
    Not bad. Quick read. Decent enough, but nothing one has to run out and read. The surprises are pretty good and Niles definitely attempts to give the book a thematic unity: the conversation with the Joker in the beginning relates to the upcoming plot, etc. I kept waiting for it to go over the top, but it didn't, at least for me.

    Dan Jones
    Batman / Deadman Team-Up

    Christopher Alex
    Awesome, dark, Batman.

    Rob McMonigal
    I don't remember this one at the comic store at all, so I was coming to it blind. Niles, the man behind 30 Days of Night, opts for the psychological Batman, which is a treat if done right. Batman's got a lot of mental trouble to work out, and a good writer can tease that into something good.Sowhat's the verdict on Niles?This time around, Batman gets asked to help out in the suburbs. Once there, he faces off against a new foe who seems to be expecting him. There's a typical endingbut that's when [...]

    William Thomas
    If it weren't for Steve Niles uncharacteristic representation of Batman, it would have been a perfect book. However, Niles writes a Batman that seems foreign, so far removed from the one that we know, that it makes it hard to take the book seriously. And it is a shame because Scott Hampton is an absolutely brilliant artist, and his work is practically ruined by the story. When we have a Batman saying things like "step up and fight like a man", I'm thinking we have a juvenile version of Bruce, on [...]

    was curious as to how Steve Niles of 30 Days of Night fame was going to tackle Batman. You know it had to have a supernatural element to that, but how do you do that with the urban Batman character. Easy-- loan him out to the county sheriff's department to solve some murders in the sticks. This book has one hell of a start to it and Niles can write a story that can actually make Batman using a jetpack not seem hokey. However, the build-up is twenty times better than the pay-off to this story abo [...]

    It starts out interesting, but with the middle of 2nd chapter it descends into a mess. A serial killer performs a number of violent murders in Gotham suburbs and Batman sets to investigate and to battle with his inner demons. On the paper it sounds promising, but hey! Steve Niles wrote this, you know - man behind equally messy (but slightly better)Gotham After Midnight. Batman utters some banal phrases like "step up and fight like a man"; Alfred plucks a work outta his ear (yuck); Batman uses th [...]

    The world of Batman meets the supernatural element in this tale from horror writer Steve Niles. A series of murders in the suburbs of Gotham brings Batman into confrontation with a well-prepared adversary. When the killer tricks the Dark Knight into helping him commit suicide, the situation spirals into a world of the undead. Batman, aided by Deadman, the Phantom Stranger, and a zombified Jason (Robin) Todd, battles against the unliving horde in an attempt to restore reality back to normalcy. Ni [...]

    I like zombies. I like Batman. So naturally combining them both should be a chance to setup a good story, right? Even if it's just action, you don't expect it to be boring. Yet this is what happens here, and none of it works well at all.Batman himself seems out of character, and the entire issue feels campy as he trots around in the suburbs naturally with the police, not to mention the fact that he's constantly flying around casually in a jetpack like Superman.The ending has also been overdone i [...]

    Steve Niles and artist Scott Hampton create an eerie tale of death and beyond. I wasn't sure this book could work well, taking Batman out of Gotham, but it succeeded pretty well. The art was perfectly suited for this type of book. I also enjoyed one of the surprise guest stars. The other guest star served no purpose. My main problem was that Batman's reaction to what was happening was pretty fast and drastic especially for someone who has seen so many crazy things like Batman has. It just didn't [...]

    A different Batman, more of a occult/death case than the usual fare. Set in Gotham County, ritualistic murders are taking place, and Gordon asks Batman to investigate. The book made some bad decisions, like Batman using a Jetpack, and getting surprised by the criminal fairly easily. Once it got into the actual storyline it was a bit more interesting, and featured guest spots with Deadman and the Phantom Stranger. Non-essential unless you like the odder fringes of the Batman world, and cases that [...]

    The best panel in this entire book is Alfred (view spoiler)[ zombiefied and still using the posh English dialogue (hide spoiler)].Other than that, the story has the potential to be wonderfully creepy and dark, really delving into Batman's psyche - but doesn't. Instead we get a confusing story, an out-of-character Batman, and a slippers-wearing Gordan. I'd recommend this book only to diehard Batman fans - new readers will find it too confusing.

    Pretty enjoyable. Loved the art. I started playing Thunderball halfway through because there were so many shots of Batman that could have come out of a 60s Bond movie. Jetpack, ejecta-seat? Classic.Writing could have been a little more solid. There were some good beats but it lacked real punch. Still excellent to see a story about victims blaming Batman in such a way. Where "Jason" forgave him over everyone else.

    Matt Mazenauer
    I like the idea of Batman out of his element, in the suburbs, going after an "ordinary" serial killer. But this isn't Batman. this is some schmuck with a friggin jetpack who gets duped easily left and right. All in all, I'm still interested in where the story is going, I just wish it had been written with a real Batman.

    Batman and horror. Quite the different and unique combo, but one that seemed to work for this story. Like how Niles has Batman start to doubt himself, but as always the hero comes out in the end. Batman and zombies?? Who would have figured. Not a great story, but good. Very cool artwork. So if you're looking for the not so typical Batman story please check this one out.

    Ryan Mishap
    Hey, looks like a Batman versus Zombies story, sweet. Starts out like a standard serial killer story. Neither of these things is altogether true. An intriguing story about more than just what is on the surface. Just who is Batman and what does he stand for? The dead want to know.I would rate this higher, but the art wasn't as impressive as the story requires.

    Stand alone Batman story by "30 Days of Night" author Niles. As with all Bat tales, we go into his psyche and play around with his demons. But the writing was good and effective use of some supporting characters. Plus, the Bat Jetpack.

    Fraser Sherman
    Batman battles an occultist crossing across the boundary of life and death in one of the less impressive Batman vs. supernatural stories I've come across. And why assert Batman doesn't believe in an afterlife when as Deadman's appearance shows, Bats has plenty of experience with it?

    Michelle Cristiani
    Great artwork - really good panels to pore over again and again. Neat plot line about Batman confronting emotional openness (obviously not his strong point). Steve Niles walks a nice line, allowing Batman to show some softness without being wimpy. Also, it's kind-of scary. Well-done all around.

    Batman. Zombies. Steve Niles. what more could you ask for?

    This was just so cool and creepy.

    Worth reading.

    John Henery
    Steve Niles doing a Batman story! A must read for horror fans

    Really enjoyable and well done horror story, not so much for the plot - which is a bit confused - but for the pacing and build of horror.

    Kevin Connery
    GN combines 3 comics

    CREEPY Batman story. Incredibly engaging from the first page. And the first time I'd ever read a Batman story that dealt directly with themes of the supernatural.

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