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  • Title: Batman Animated
  • Author: Paul Dini Chip Kidd
  • ISBN: 9780061073274
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Paperback

  • From Emmy Award winning producer Paul Dini and acclaimed designer Chip Kidd comes Batman Animated, the behind the scenes story of the hit show that revolutionized television animation and brought a stunning new look to the legendary Caped Crusader Since its premiere in September 1992, Batman The Animated Series has been acclaimed by enthusiastic viewers and longtime fansFrom Emmy Award winning producer Paul Dini and acclaimed designer Chip Kidd comes Batman Animated, the behind the scenes story of the hit show that revolutionized television animation and brought a stunning new look to the legendary Caped Crusader Since its premiere in September 1992, Batman The Animated Series has been acclaimed by enthusiastic viewers and longtime fans of the Batman character as the defining image of the Dark Knight onscreen Now readers are offered an inside look into the creation of the series Granted unprecedented access to the archives of the Warner Bros Animation Studio, Chip Kidd has combined breathtaking photographs by Award winning photographer Geoff Spear and fashioned an imaginative layout of never before published preproduction and finished artwork that echoes the boldness of producer designer Bruce Timm s powerful TV show.Paul Dini s text offers entertaining and informative commentary on the series history, development, and continuing production It includes glimpses into the making of the Batman animated features Mask of the Phantasm and SubZero, and a sneak peek into the future projects.Featuring a detailed episode guide, comments from the series creators and voice actors, and an introduction by Bruce Timm, Batman Animated is a must have for Batman fans young and old.
    Paul Dini Chip Kidd
    Paul Dini is an American television producer of animated cartoons He is best known as a producer and writer for several Warner Bros DC Comics series, including Star Wars Ewoks, Tiny Toon Adventures, Batman The Animated Series, Superman The Animated Series, The New Batman Superman Adventures, Batman Beyond and Duck Dodgers He also developed and scripted Krypto the Superdog and contributed scripts to Animaniacs he created Minerva Mink , Freakazoid, Justice League and Justice League Unlimited After leaving Warner Bros In early 2004, Dini went on to write and story edit the popular ABC adventure series Lost.Paul Dini was born in New York City He attended the Stevenson School in Pebble Beach, California on an art scholarship He attended Emerson College in Boston, where he earned a BFA degree in creative writing He also took zoology classes at Harvard University During college, he began doing freelance animation scripts for Filmation, and a number of other studios In 1984, he was hired to work for George Lucas on several of his animation projects.The episodes of the He Man and the Masters of the Universe cartoon that were written by Dini have become favorites amongst the show s fans over the internet, although despite this as well as contributing to interviews on the released box sets of the series, Dini has made no secret of his distaste for Filmation and the He Man concept He also wrote an episode of the Generation One Transformers cartoon series and contributed to various episodes of the Ewoks animated series, several of which included rare appearances from the Empire.In 1989, he was hired at Warner Bros Animation to work on Tiny Toon Adventures Later, he moved onto Batman The Animated Series, where he worked as a writer, producer and editor, later working on Batman Beyond He continued working with WB animation, working on a number of internal projects, including Krypto the Superdog and Duck Dodgers, until 2004.He has earned five Emmy awards for his animation work In a related effort, Dini was also the co author with Chip Kidd of Batman Animated, a 1998 non fiction coffee table book about the animated Batman franchise.Dini has also written several comics stories for DC Comics, including an acclaimed oversized graphic novel series illustrated by painter Alex Ross A hardcover collection of the Dini and Ross stories was published in late summer 2005 under the title The World s Greatest Superheroes Other books written by Dini for DC have featured his Batman Animated creation Harley Quinn as well as classic characters Superman, Batman, Captain Marvel and Zatanna.Best known among Dini s original creations is Jingle Belle, the rebellious teen age daughter of Santa Claus Dini also created Sheriff Ida Red, the super powered cowgirl star of a series of books set in Dini s mythical town of Mutant, Texas Perhaps his greatest character contribution is the introduction of Harley Quinn along with designs by Bruce Timm on Batman The Animated Series.In 2001 Dini made a cameo appearance in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back during the scene in which Jay and Silent Bob wear ridiculous looking costumes for a film being directed by Chris Rock, in which Dini says to them you guys look pretty bad ass.In 2006, Dini became the writer for DC Comics Detective Comics That same year, he announced that he was writing a hardcover graphic novel starring Zatanna and Black Canary In 2007, he was announced as the head writer of that company s weekly series, Countdown Paul Dini is currently co writing the script for the upcoming Gatchaman movie Dini is also currently writing a series for Top Cow Productions, based in a character he created, Madame Mirage.Paul Dini is an active cryptozoologist, hunter and wildlife photographer On a 1985 trip to Tasmania, he had a possible sighting of a Thylacine He has also encountered a number of venomous snakes, a Komodo Dragon and a charging Sumatran Rhi


    Bruce Timm's rendering of Batman for his cartoon show was one of the best interpretations of the character ever, maybe the best. If you agree then you need this book. There are story boards to the cartoon show, character studies, production notes, and tons of brilliant Bruce Timm art. There's even an amazing memo from Broadcast Standards & Practices notifying the producers what they can't show on a superhero cartoon. ("The third thug must be Caucasian", "It's okay to have Catwoman raking Bat [...]

    Christopher Jennings
    Everything I wanted this book to be it is. (Except sturdy. It's come apart over time.)

    Printable Tire
    The fall of 1992 saw the premiere of a Saturday morning cartoon show unlike any other on at the time. Batman: The Animated Series raised the bar in terms of the quality one could expect from children’s programming. Here was a show with a unified style, intricate plots and a well-crafted atmosphere. The show soon earned the admiration of its target audience of children, but its craftsmanship did not go unnoticed by critics. That it was a show taken seriously by critics is no more evident than i [...]

    Enzo Nicolini
    Excelente compendio de anécdotas y diseños detrás de una de las mejores series animadas de televisión de todos los tiempos.

    Mike Gloady
    Paul Dini and Chip Kidd (uncredited here, but credited on the publication itself) wrote this guide to the 1990s animated series while Dini, and artists Bruce Timm and Eric Radomski were finishing up their work on the last few episodes. Indeed, it's final pages offer hints of an evolution - the series that would come to be known as Batman Beyond.While there's text a plenty to give almost as much insight as any fan could want into the development and making of such a seminal work, the text isn't t [...]

    Mike Jensen
    Animated television shows that are truly great in every way, concept, design, story, dialog, and the quality of the animation, are non-existent, but the BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES came closer than any before, marred only be some lesser stories and episodes in which the animation was farmed out to a Japanese company. This book tells the story behind the series. It includes the history and development of the idea, character and other design, the people who put it together, and was written by two [...]

    Dave Sippel
    This was one of my favorite TV shows as a young teen. Everything about the cartoon was amazing from the art, to the voices to the writing. I moved away from Batman and DC Comics as I got older but seeing this on the bookstore shelves was like coming home for me. It gave a behind the scenes look at the creative process that went into making the cartoon. Storyboards were laid out, as was sketches of character designs. Fans of the 1990s FOX cartoon will love this book.

    "this a tribute to the best/greatest cartoon in the world"a great coffee table book, but an even better/interesting read on all things batman tas. any fanatic of the animated series (like me) will definitely appreciate it. still weird to think of luke skywalker as joker, hehe. after reading through this, you feel inclined to rewatch the series and you will be able to appreciate it even more thatn before, knowing what kind of work went into this cartoon classic.

    Ben Flay
    BRILLIANT what is there to say that has not been said ? ground breaking definitive cartoon the original and best stunning take and look for the dark knight maybe more so originally than later in the reboot Must have for any Bat fan cartoon fan or comic fan or artist this is definitive look at a definitive ground breaking emmy award winning cartoon that redefined the word Dini started out on the iconic He man cartoon series and his pedigree shows

    Scott Williams
    This is a must-read for true Batfans. It features some wonderful looks at rare production art from the animated series. This book mostly just whets my appetite for more! I would love to see an expanded edition with a full episode guide that includes full scripts or story treatments, model sheets and more detail on the licensing and action figures.

    Nash Bork
    This is a really cool book if your a fan of the Batman animated series formally on WB. It follows the series from its inception to its end when it embrace an anime-ish style. There is tons of behind scene information, including interviews with the creators and actors. There are also great pre-production sketches. For the fan who can't get enough of the animated series.

    This is my favorite art book ever. I've probably read it half a dozen times. I love hearing about how the Batman Animated series was made by in the 90s. It was such a fantastic show, and it is amazing how much time and effort went into the show, and how different it was than other cartoons.

    Words cannot express the awesomeness that is the production crew and the cast of this fantastic animated series. The awesomeness that is Bruce Timm, Paul Dini and finally Chip Kidd is just too much for me to handle. A must have for the definitive Batman book collection.

    These guys changed animation, took it to a new level, a better level. This is a great book and look at the art that used dark shadowy corners and alley ways to tell there story with a sea of characters some classic villains, and some new ones keeping it fresh.

    Shortly before this book came out, I thought to myself that there needs to be a book about this wonderful animated series. The stories were amazing and the animation, by TV standards, was excellent. Then one day at work, *POOF!*, here it is! Now it's in my library.

    A great look at one of the greatest cartoons of all-time, and possibly one of the best shows of all-time. I'm not kidding. A really informative, colorful, and behind the scenes book of one of the greatest entries into the Batman canon, in terms of video.

    a cool look into drawing batman for the animated series of the late 90's and early 2000's

    Signed TWICE by the great Paul Dini. :)

    very interesting, the book really brought back many memories of the series.

    If you are a fan of the show you will love this book.

    Kevin Richey
    Brought back many memories. (Date estimated. It was some afternoon that I spent in a Barnes & Noble during the semester.)

    A good read for any fan of the Animated Series. I loved the book. :)

    This is enjoyable for the essays about casting to music direction, and the insights about the changes to the series. The art is beautiful and this makes for a good "coffee table" book.

    A nice, well-rounded look by the creators at what was probably the most consistently great animated series ever.

    Raving Redcoat
    An interested look into the making of the Batman animated series. Fans of animation should appreciate it.

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