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  • Title: Batman: Secrets
  • Author: Sam Kieth
  • ISBN: 9781401212124
  • Page: 305
  • Format: Paperback

  • Sam Kieth, renowned illustrator of THE SANDMAN, has earned a reputation for creating comic book epics that combine powerful action and thought provoking themes Now, he brings that vision to Batman in a story that pits the Dark Knight against the Joker all under the unforgiving eye of the media Their confrontation is caught on film, and Gotham City s protector appearsSam Kieth, renowned illustrator of THE SANDMAN, has earned a reputation for creating comic book epics that combine powerful action and thought provoking themes Now, he brings that vision to Batman in a story that pits the Dark Knight against the Joker all under the unforgiving eye of the media Their confrontation is caught on film, and Gotham City s protector appears to pummel his archenemy without mercy The Joker uses this to frame Batman in the court of public opinion while the media hover like vultures, ready to convict before all the facts are in.
    Sam Kieth
    Kieth first came to prominence in 1984 as the inker of Matt Wagner s Mage, his brushwork adding fluidity and texture to the broad strokes of Wagner s early work at Comico Comics In 1989, he drew the first five issues of writer Neil Gaiman s celebrated series The Sandman, but felt his style was unsuited to the book specifically saying that he felt like Jimi Hendrix in The Beatles and left, handing over to his former inker Mike Dringenberg.He acted as illustrator on two volumes of writer William Messner Loebs Epicurus the Sage and drew an Aliens miniseries for Dark Horse Comics, among other things, before creating The Maxx in 1993 for Image Comics, with, initially, writing help from Messner Loebs It ran for 35 issues and was adapted, with Kieth s assistance, into an animated series for MTV Since then, as a writer artist, he has gone on to create Friends of Maxx, Zero Girl, Four Women and Ojo.Ojo comprises the first and My Inner Bimbo the second, in a cycle of original comic book limited series published by Oni Press Loosely connected, the cycle will concern the intertwined lives of people with each other and sometimes with a supernatural entity known as the Mysterious Trout Kieth has stated that other characters from The Maxx series will appear in this cycle of stories My Inner Bimbo 1 was published in April 2006 Issue 2 was delayed past its original release date It was finally resolicited in Previews in 2007 and hit the store shelves in November 2007.DC Comics Batman Lobo Deadly Serious, a two issue prestige format mini series that started in August 2007, was written and drawn by Kieth This was followed by 2009 s two issue prestige format mini series Lobo Highway to Hell, written by Scott Ian and featuring art by Kieth.


    It all begins with a secret that Batman has kept close to his heart since his childhood and which the Joker wants revealed because the latter believes an exposed secret can be used against the former. The tale in of itself is the Joker manipulating photographs to show that Batman murdered a couple and then brutally beat the “clown prince of crime” to a pulp. Joker picks up a girlfriend who is not so surprisingly easily manipulated and mentally imbalanced. The story is hit or miss at times bu [...]

    Sam Keith has a lot of good ideas. He's just well, not a very good writer. His dialogue tends toward the clunky, and he needs an editor like nobody's business. (I had more than a few instances of "huh? who?" in these ~120 pages, as characters morphed from Mooley to Dooley, Deborah to Dinah, maybe?) In this particular story, Batman and the Joker reminisce about old times--particularly, about The Killing Joke and Batman's biggest secret, revealed a little at a time throughout the original five i [...]

    Travis Roberson
    Really, the most intriguing thing about this book is the art. While Sam Keith obviously has some great ideas bouncing around in his head, I think he has a problem with getting them on paper. The story that is printed on the page and left for all of us to read just isn't as good as I think it could have been. It's a decent read and certainly not terrible, but it's clunky dialog, out-of-character characters and seemingly rushed story definitely harm it.

    I kind of agree with whoever said this is Batman cosplaying as the Maxxe it totally is. I do very much admire Keith's art, and the odd relationship between the Joker and Batman has always fascinated me. They're like a really screwed up old married couple at this point. Bute denouement (which is where it really strongly echoes the Maxx) is kind of silly, and I just don't buy it. So I'm kind of on the fence about whether it fulfills its promise.

    Quite a great book. Reminds me of the brooding darkness and disturbing insanity of "The Killing Joke" and a little bit of "Arkham Asylum," but for that same reason it didn't feel as fresh or original. Even still, the story really had me captivated, and the characters were certainly interesting. And it had me chuckling a few times as well! I'd definitely recommend this one.

    I really liked the art style of this book. The story jumped around a lot, from "2 hours prior" to "five minutes after," for really no good reasone gimmick didn't serve the story. But again, great art, thus it's worth a read.

    Colin Bruce Anthes
    To its credit, it wraps up well. But the story is contrived with poor writing and no build or climax. The ending comes as a pleasant surprise.

    Benjamin Featherston
    There have been many recent books and movies looking at superheroes and villains through the eyes of the media. Sam Keith's contribution to this subgenre offers beautiful illustrations and novel storytelling techniques but it mostly retreads familiar territory in the rivalry between Joker and Batman.This story takes place outside of regular Batman continuity. The Joker has been paroled and enjoys the benefit of due process both from the law and the press, and he even keeps a home address! When J [...]

    not interested in the story, but the art was incredible. five stars for the art, one and a half for the story.

    Edward Cheer
    I've read and watched a lot of Batman in my life. I've seen his origins and those of all his villains. I've seen Gotham's darkest crevice, Arkham Asylum's lowest lair. What possible secrets could this comic possibly have that I wouldn't know? Well To start, the art in "Batman: Secrets" is pretty neat. Very stretched out and abstract (Similar to "Arkham Asylum" (The one that came out before the video game)), creating a sense of fear and insanity. But unfortunately, the story and characters are ve [...]

    here's another one that totally overreaches. the art style is definitely not my thing, but i was hoping at least for a story that was compelling enough to make looking at all those weird flyaway hairdos worth my time. but the story is just okay at best and really lame at worst. let's forget the silly premise of joker being paroled out of arkham as being declared "sane" for a moment; everything he does after is just silly (and not joker-silly, just silly-silly). his relationship with the a.d.a. i [...]

    Sam Keith pulls double duty as both writer and artist of the graphic novel Batman: Secrets. Free on parole, the Joker finds himself in Batman's crosshairs after murdering a top level District Attorney. During their scuffle, a photograph showing the Clown Prince of Crime being brutally beaten makes its way into public news. As the populace begins to show disdain for Batman's actions, the Joker decides to continue the smear campaign through faked photos and self-harming actions. The Dark Knight mu [...]

    The only reason I randomly picked this up at the library one day was because I flipped through it and absolutely loved the art style. It's this weirdly colourful, yet dark and messily abstract style and I love it so much. The art in this is amazing. I wish I could say the same about the rest of it.The story line itself at surface value is fine. The Joker wants to frame Batman and turn the public's perception of him against him. Okay, cool, that sounds decent to me. The execution is so, so terrib [...]

    Feather Mista
    Me pregunto si todavía podré conseguir algunos de los tomos de este coleccionable que me interesa tener.De momento, me alegra tener otra obra de Kieth entre mis pertenencias y voy a aprovechar para acotar algo que no tiene que ver con esta saga en sí: recién me leí en edición argentina Batman: Fantasmas 1 y 2 (Batman Confidential #40-43 USA) y por lo que veo, jamás se recopiló en libro en ningún idioma, y eso que está bastante buena la historia. Provisoriamente, dejo mi semi-reseña en [...]

    Hannah Givens
    05/06/09: I loved the story, it captured a certain essence of the perennial Batman/Joker battle, but did not appreciate the art.05/14/10: Enjoyed the art more this time, or at least the framing -- the occasional Joker/Bats talking heads make it sort of an in-their-heads story, a dreamlike sequence that's real but never happened.

    I kept going back and forth on this, but I think I've decided. It really sucks. Some of the ideas are good, but I feel like I've read this story before with other characters. And this Joker doesn't make any sense to me, plot elements seem really random. I guess my main complaint is I feel like it's trying to play heavy emotional notes it doesn't earn.

    Joel Griswell
    Terrific work by Kieth. Fantastic story, absolutely gorgeous and disturbing artwork, I haven't seen many artists who make the entire page come alive like this, and break free from the traditional panel restrictions, both highly stylized and very painterly at the same time (reminds me of Dave McKean somewhat). This is a savage, and very dark story.

    Secrets is a pretty cool Batman comic featuring Batman and the Joker. The Joker uses a picture of him and Batman that makes it look like Batman is trying to kill him to try and turn the public against Batman. It's an interesting story about the secrets people keep and what people are willing to believe.

    Another case of the artwork being better than the story. Joker tries to blackmail a few people and convince the world that he is reformed while trying to frame Batman. One of the artists worked on The Maxx, so a pretty cool and expressive style of drawing.

    Batman and the Joker reminisce about The Killing Joke, Bruce Wayne recalls a secret he shared with his boyhood friend Mooley or Dooley (depending on the issue), and the Joker practices the expression he wore in Arkham Asylum.

    Probably the most underrated batman story ever. Keith's Batman is unforgettable with it's exagerated pointed ears. only two words are necessary BAD ASS!

    Enough style and substance to rival the classic, controversial Arkham Asylum: A Serious House On Serious Earth, only without all the allegory.

    Kevin Connery
    OK Batman/Joker tale.


    Victor Orozco
    Well This was pretty weird.The story was strange the artwork over exaggerated and it wasn't anywhere as good as I expected Batman to be.F

    the best of sam kieth's slew of batman novels. The others were really bad. This one is worth a read.

    Terry Meeks
    I gave it 3 stars for the story, which was pretty good. the art work though, well it's just horrible. still a good read.

    I am thoroughly unimpressed at the moment

    Great art, compelling story. 3 1/2 stars.

    This one had awesome art. The story is nothing earth-shattering, and that's exactly why it only gets three stars.

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