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  • Title: Baiting Ben
  • Author: Amber Kell
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 163
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Ben joined Silver s club to meet a mate As a lone wolf he needs to join a pack to survive But just when he thinks he found his mate in the elegant Thomas, Dillon a man from his old pack, comes into town to claim Anthony for himself What is a wolf to do
    Amber Kell
    Amber Kell has made a career out of daydreaming It has been a lifelong habit she practices diligently as shown by her complete lack of focus on anything not related to her fantasy world building.When she told her husband what she wanted to do with her life he told her to go have fun.During those seconds she isn t writing she remembers she has children who humor her with games of what if and let her drag them to foreign lands to gather inspiration Her youngest confided in her that he wants to write because he longs for a website and an author name two things apparently necessary to be a proper writer.Despite her husband s insistence she doesn t drink enough to be a true literary genius she continues to spin stories of people falling happily in love and staying that way.She is thwarted during the day by a traffic jam of cats on the stairway and a puppy who insists on walks, but she bravely perseveresShe also writes under the name Mikela Q Chase

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    Aղցela W.
    This is the second book in the Moon Pack series it was a quick fun read. Ben is a lone wolf far away from his old pack, and searching for a mate. When he goes to Silver's club he meets Thomas. Right away they recognize they are mates and despite some initial misgivings because of Ben's lone wolf status the men mate and claim each other. Everything is going good for them until Dillon arrives to claim Ben, his mate. Ben was in love with Dillon but when Dillon didn't claim him he gave up that dream [...]

    シ Pen*Cil シ
    Non, non, non. Trop c'est trop!Je ne comprends pas cette volonté de vouloir toujours écrire des histoires où il n'y a pas une once de psychologie, de sentiments vrais, d'histoire qui se tienneCe livre est pour moi ce qui se fait de pire dans le M/M, en entache l'image, et ferait détester un triangle amoureux aux adeptes du genre. Je n'ai rien aimé! Les personnages, leur histoiresMais pire encore, j'ai détesté la traduction!!!Je pense qu'il n'y a pas eu de relecture syntaxique, simplement [...]

    I am very glad that I decided to read further than the first installment. I really enjoyed this second book in the series and it gave me a better idea of the flow of these short stories. I adored Ben, Thomas, and Dillon. Plus, watching the havoc Anthony is causing for their alpha was hysterical.This was a fun story and now I'm looking forward to more.

    BubblesHunty Honest & Direct Opinions
    There was really no story here (most of Story revolves around Silver and Anthony from book 1) this one two guys meet are mates have sex oh couple weeks later here is 3rd mate more sex. Then slight conflict with Ned resolved in a page cause of Anthony and the end

    Era tutto perfetto, niente bdsm, finalmente un libro con una bella coppia di lupie poi sbam inserisce il terzo. Perchè? Ma perchè, maledizione Come per il precedente, poteva benissimo arrivare a 4 stelline.

    Lena Polskaia
    J'avais considéré le tome 1 comme une petite mise en bouche pour introduire la série, sympathique mais un peu brouillonne, espérant voir développer dans les épisodes à venir toutes les pistes abordées, et creuser plus en profondeur l'univers où vit la meute de la lune Ce n'est pas le cas dans ce tome 2 , hélas. Certes, on retrouve avec plaisir l'alpha Silver et son indiscipliné soumis, le trop bel Anthony, mais on en découvre pas plus ni sur la meute, son fonctionnement, ses membres, [...]

    This is the second book in the Moon Pack series and while it suffers from terrible editing issues it was a quick, fun read.Ben is a lone wolf, far away from his old pack, and searching for a mate. When he goes to Silver's club he meets Thomas. Right away they recognize they are mates and despite some initial misgivings because of Ben's lone wolf status the men mate and claim each other.Everything is going good for them until Dillon arrives to claim Ben, his mate. Ben was in love with Dillon but [...]

    RE-READ NEW VERSION 27/11/112.5 starsOpinion for new version: After reading the new version, my opinion stands. Ben is a half wolf/half fae who walks into Silver's club finding a mate -- and he catches Thomas's eye. I like the story in the beginning UNTIL another mate of Ben, another wolf named Dillon, come to the picture. I'm not really a big fan of tri-mates :(. Especially because the story "hurts" Dillon, no matter how the tri-mates works in the end. That story alone only deserves 2 stars.The [...]

    Ben due compagni, e che compagni. Certo la parte difficile è proprio il condividere ma per amore si riesce a fare cose che non ci si aspettava. Ovviamente adoro Silver e la sua mentalità, non è un bigotto incapace di accettare il diverso anzi. Non solo il suo compagno non è un mannaro ma ha anche accettato la triplice relazione, ha guadagnato due membri per il suo branco.È un bel libro

    3.5 starsBecause I'm reading the whole series at once I didn't mind at all this sequel. However, there isn't really a plot here, Ben found out he is part of a 3some and these 3 guys need to find out between the sheets if they are compatible. Short and sexy.

    This version is tighter and better than the older version. Yes, it's the same story, but with the new cover, publisher and little changes by Ms. Kell it is very much a 4.5 star!

    I like these books. They are telling an interesting storybut the editing is so terrible. Not instead of now, safety instead of safely, etc.

    Elisa Rolle
    Baiting Ben is another short story in the Moon Pack series with potential. Amber Kell is playing with the stereotype of the paranormal genre, in particular the shapeshifter subgenre, re-adapting all of them in a gay point of view. This time is the turn of the menages between two strong alpha males who compete for the attention of a cute pretty thing. And since this is a gay romance, the cute pretty thing is an half human half werewolf redhead twink. Ben was part of an Alaskan pack, and he always [...]

    Les Chroniques Aléatoires
    Alors que dans le premier tome de sa saga l’auteure nous présentait un couple intense et intéressant, j’ai été déçue par la suite. Le côté plan à 3 ne me gêne pas du tout, mais c’est surtout dans la façon dont le tout à était mis en place et qui donne une impression de gros fouillis. On a beau revoir des personnages que l’on connait déjà, qu’on apprécie, on est perdu et cela plus d’une fois au cours de notre lecture.Ben est un loup gay qui a dû quitter sa meute suite [...]

    Lorraine Lesar
    Really getting into this series. This is the second book in the set and is slightly different from the first as it is a ménage story. What I like about these books, is the way the author uses the main characters from the first book as an anchor, bringing them back in to develop the storyline and I get the feeling that this will continue throughout the series, which I really like. Full credit must also be given to the author in using her talent as a writer, when introducing us to the tri-bond si [...]

    Squick alert: the story contains m/m/m.To be honest, it's done rather tastefully, actually, and I've developed a better tolerance for this type of stories. So I shouldn't have anything to worry about but, well, the story wasn't long enough for the triad's development to be exposed so I still felt somewhat iffy in the end.I'm also firmly Team Thomas, the first wolf shifter that main character Ben mated with, so when Dillon - Thomas' contender and Ben's other mate - I couldn't help but frown a bit [...]

    Kelly H. (Maybedog)
    Telling tellingBoring so farAlthough the head jumping is separated as separate sections, pop switches way too many times per scene. Cool that they're having fun having sex not just intense passion.Well that's different. Usually all three are mates. This is more interesting. There's jealousy which is believable. It's always weird when someone refers to a bed as the largest they've ever seen. I mean a California King is still a popular size and only longer, right? A lot of couples have king sized [...]

    One of the things I like best about this series is the different types of paranormals and how they just mingle so well together. In this installment, we have Ben who, after not being claimed by the man he thought wanted him, leaves his home and pack in search of his mate elsewhere. Meeting Thomas is everything he wanted but he can't help but think about the one he left behind and when that man shows up looking for Benlet's just say things get a little violent. Things do eventually work out and t [...]

    This is the second book in the Moon Pack series. I liked it but it was extremely short. I felt like I was reading a synopsis of the book rather than the book itself. I enjoyed the characters, especially Ben (and Anthony from the first book).Ben runs from his home pack because he thinks Dillon doesn't want him. He ends up finding Thomas and they claim each other as mates. Well, Dillon shows up and tries to claim him too. I think the story had a lot going for it but so much was missing. I may read [...]

    Non dimenticherò mai Ben che fangirla tipo bimbominchia isterica "baciatevi baciatevi" ai suoi compagni durante la loro prima volta a tre.E nemmeno potrò mai dimenticare la domandona da un milione di dollari "missionario o pecorina"?Romanticume a palate E comunque la coppa come miglior personaggio non protagonista, ora e nel futuro, a Anthony!!! :)

    Quello che mi piace di queste novelle è il fatto che mi fanno ridere molto nei momenti più disparati.Questa volta il triangolo non mi ha infastidita, cosa davvero strana, visto che io i triangoli non lo sopporto assolutamente. Immagino che sia per la spiegazione fornita da Anthony (sto adorando quel ragazzo, sul serio).Più proseguo nella lettura più penso che Silver sia un ottimo alfa.Ps. (view spoiler)[Mamma mia, quanto mi è stato sulle scatole Ned, davvero! Fortuna che è arrivato quel te [...]

    Well, I didn't hate it. There's no character development, no real bonding, the sex is pretty bland, and I'm feeling no love for any of them. So much potential, so much blah. I liked Anthony and if there were no Anthony in here I'd probably give up the series. With him to tie in the first book, which was an ok read, and save the day here, I was fine with not finishing this astonishingly short read. So little real development and depth that I'm finding it quite difficult to drum up any enthusiasm [...]

    2015 Re-read:Well, for a triad in a supremely short amount of words this wasn’t too bad. Obviously a lot of development has to fall by the wayside because of that, but the result is better than some of the (really bad) wordier stories of threesomes that I’ve encountered.Also makes me wonder whether my reading habits have deteriorated that much over the years, seeing how I don’t feel the need to complain much about this book this time around.But yeah. In the end all three came across as peo [...]

    Very enjoyable. It follows Attracting Anthony and I look forward to reading the rest of the series. A great way to spend my leisure time.A great start to a fun series. Hot characters and a unique take on the shape-shift story line. Very entertaining.You do need to read the series in order, they build on each other with the MC's having their own story (and HEA) but a story throughout the Pack that continues to grow.

    A definite 4-star read. Good progression into the world building. This one was a bit stronger than the first, so that's a good thing!I can't ever seem to resist those possessive growl-y wolves who dote on their smaller mates. I think I'd have like to have seen another scene with all three of the wolves. Also, I'd have appreciated a better sense of time for the story especially the ending, but a progression and series I'm pleased to continue.

    I've never been a fan of menages, and this one didn't do anything to endear them to me. Another short shot in what looks like a long series. Wished the book was more about the trio building their connection than the starting of a mystery for Silver and Anthony. Again editing would have come in handy.

    Blaine ToraTsume
    Even as a short story, this was not long enough or the story developed enough to be considered complete. The book was an introduction without a proper plot or an acceptable ending. What was written was enjoyable to read but it leaves you completely unsatisfied and looking for more. It's like the story jumped off a cliff.

    Well, so far each short story seems to be more like a chapter of Anthony & Silver's story; all really quick reads & the angst of the books usually seem forced. I think it would actually be better if read all at once, instead of like a serial with each chapter coming out every few months. However, the main plot is interesting, so I keep following it.

    A short and sweet story. The problem with ones this short is that you really don't get to know the characters all that well. Add to that the fact that this one is menage, and you get even less of the individual characters. There just wasn't much going on here, but I liked how it built onto the first story.

    Mandy Quinn
    I really enjoyed and loved reading this book and this series so farI really loved reading this book it was a really good book. I loved the relationship between Thomas, Dillon, and Ben. I loved the comedy, the twists and turns, and the edge of the seat action in this book. I will recommend this book and the series to everybody I know and to all my friends too.

    • [PDF] Download ↠ Baiting Ben | by ☆ Amber Kell
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