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  • Title: The Big Picture
  • Author: Douglas Kennedy
  • ISBN: 9780786889372
  • Page: 129
  • Format: Paperback

  • What If You Had to Choose Between Your Life and Someone Else s Ben Bradford has it all a beautiful wife and two healthy sons, a big house in an affluent Connecticut suburb, partnership at a prestigious Manhattan law firm But scratch the surface and you ll find a deeply unhappy man Not only are Ben s dreams of life as a professional photographer slipping away, but so isWhat If You Had to Choose Between Your Life and Someone Else s Ben Bradford has it all a beautiful wife and two healthy sons, a big house in an affluent Connecticut suburb, partnership at a prestigious Manhattan law firm But scratch the surface and you ll find a deeply unhappy man Not only are Ben s dreams of life as a professional photographer slipping away, but so is his wife into the arms of another man, who, Ben discovers, just happens to be a photographer.What If You Had No Choice When a confrontation with the lover turns ugly, a spilt second is all it takes to change Ben s life forever Quickly realizing that there is only one way out, he sets into motion a meticulously detailed plan that ultimately lands him out West, with a shot at the proverbial second chance But the price tag is high Ben must give up his friends, his home, his children, his name His life.And just when it seems he s pulled it off, Ben Kearns there s a small hitch Even in a small town in Montana, it s only a matter of time before your past catches up with you.
    Douglas Kennedy
    Douglas Kennedy was born in Manhattan in 1955 He studied at Bowdoin College, Maine and Trinity College, Dublin, returning to Dublin in 1977 with just a trenchcoat, backpack and 300 He co founded a theatre company and sold his first play, Shakespeare on Five Dollars a Day, to Radio 4 in 1980 In 1988 he moved to London and published a travel book, Beyond the Pyramids His debut novel The Dead Heart was published in 1994.


    Back in 2002, I receive an email from a visitor to my website imploring me to read The Big Picture. In fact, he had admitted to confronting complete strangers in bookstores and insisting they read it.So, I jotted it down on my to-read list, and it was about a year later that I stumbled upon it in a used book store and walked out with it and a few other lucky finds.The book ended up sitting on my shelf for nine years. I don't know why I never picked it up, but I must have read a lukewarm review f [...]

    I remember reading A Special Relationship by this author. That was such a great book. So, I had to find another by this author. This one was just as good. This is an American writer, however, he currently lives in London. I’m thinking his books are popular there, because when I try and mooch these books, they are all in the UK. That’s too bad because America is missing out. This guy is good. His character development is awesome. You route for the main character, but you realize how flawed th [...]

    This is one of the best book I v ever read. Once again Douglas Kennedy proved that he is one of the top writer when it comes to take a character as far away as posible from the original plot. He is credible on the technique part, he gives a touch of romance which is relaxing, and always know how to crush the heroe when you wouldn t think he could go any further down. You will understand how you can die not only once but twice and still survive. I read it almost in a day as most of Kennedy s book [...]

    Rebecca McNutt
    The Big Picture is a shocking, gripping and emotional thriller, sometimes unoriginal, but overall a really great story.

    I loved this book!! This is a first-time author for me, and I was very impressed. I can't wait to ALL of Kennedy's others!

    Ben Bradford, seems to have it all. A beautiful wife, a big suburban home, two kids and a partnership in a prestigious New York Wall Street Law Firm. Then, of course, it all turns to mush.This book is a real page turner. It was the 3rd Kennedy book I had read (the first 2 books were written from a women's perspective, this one from a man's), and quite different from the others. This man knows how to keep you entertained!As I keep saying - get your hands on anything written by Douglas Kennedy!

    Ryan Teeter
    This is a phenomenal book that I read about three years ago. Still remember the vivid detail of this thriller. For me, books are extremely hard to get into but right from the start this one grabs you.I could not put this one down and finished it in only 6 days (that is super fast for me as books usually take 6 months).

    a little too smooth with too many coincidences for my taste. Ben has almost everything going for him. gets away with murder and new identities not once but twice. wonder how Ben can sleep at night and look at himself in the mirror.

    Много глупава книга. Авторът има четивен стил, но това е единственото позитивно нещо в случая. Изсмукана от пръстите мъжка фантазия, нереалистична и наподобяваща любовен роман история с обилен deus ex machina. Наистина жалко.

    Ben Bradford is your typical Wall Street lawyer. Wife, two kids, house in upscale soutwestern Connecticut suburbia, big paycheck. But he hates it. He wanted to become a photographer, but through a combination of societal inertia and parental pressure, he ended up “doing the right thing” and becoming a lawyer. He still maintains photography as a hobby. Now his wife is sleeping around and his marriage is obviously on the rocks. In a heated moment, he accidentally kills his wife’s lover, a lo [...]

    I read this book because I saw the French movie that was based upon it. The movie was all right, and much, much better than the book. In the first place, the plot is very thin. Ben Bradford is a Wall Street lawyer and amateur photographer whose marriage is falling apart. When he finds out that his wife is having an affair with a professional but unsuccessful photographer, he kills the man in a fit of anger. He disposes of the body in a way that leads everyone to believe that he was the one who d [...]

    The Book Whisperer (aka Boof)
    I bought this book on a recommendation and I wasn't disappointed. I found myself picking it up at every available opportunity (I LOVE books that make me not want to put them down). This is the story of a stressed out Wall Street Lawyer in Manhattan who is married with 2 young sons and very disillusioned with his life. He has always longed to be a photographer and regrets the way his life has ended up. By complete accident (I won't spoil it) his life turns upside down in a split second and he fin [...]

    I was really impressed by Douglas Kennedy's second book, The Job. It was a great read but somehow I had gotten the impression it was his first novel. Wrong. The Big Picture is his first novel and it is also excellent. It's not quite as polished as The Job, but a good read nonetheless. Ben Bradford is a Wall Street estates and trusts attorney who makes excellent money. He has a lovely wife, a home in Connecticut, two small sons and a fun hobby. And from his vantage point, his life sucks. Somewher [...]

    A wealthy Wall Street lawyer has it all - beautiful wife, great kids, a lovely home, but he is still unhappy. He regrets he couldn't be a photographer. Then when he finds out his wife is cheating on him with a neighbour, he snaps and murders the man. Exit his life in New York. Enter into a new life in Montana as a photographer for a small newspaper. Everything is good. Then he takes some photos at a large forest fire, one of which gets picked up by the national press, and he gets famous. His old [...]

    Rita Mahan
    I love the writing of Douglas Kennedy but something about this book just didn't hit the right note for me. Maybe it was the fact that it was originally published in 1997 and seemed a little dated with references to Wall Street and the upper class neighborhoods of Connecticut. The characters all seemed self-absorbed which may be because of the time and place they lived in. Anyway this is a thriller and consists of a murder and the way the murderer takes over the life of the victim and carries on. [...]

    Hồng Sơn
    Cách kể chuyện, giọng văn hơi chán nhưng đúng như lời giới thiệu, cuốn sách mang nhiều điểm dễ đồng cảm với độc giả: "gợi lên trong tâm trí người đọc những những ý nghĩ về bản thân, về những cơ hội bị vuột mất, những cuộc đời có thể mình đã sống nếu lựa chọn khác đi"

    Deuxième roman que je lis de l'auteur et deuxième coup de cœur ! Quel suspense et quelle atmosphère, c'est brillant !

    Tara Hall
    Truthfully, I really enjoyed this book. Part of the reason it only netted 4 stars was that it had the potential to be a truly epic book that could change a reader's life perspective, and instead chunders into the third act.The protagonist Ben has it all, per the blurb, but to get it all, he had to give up his dream of being a photographer. His wife Beth also traded her dreams of being a novelist for motherhood and wifedom. Because both of them are unhappy in their suburban success, she begins an [...]

    Oussama Ghajati
    "L'homme qui voulait vivre sa vie" (titre original "The Big Picture") est le deuxième roman de l'écrivain américain Douglas Kennedy et son premier succès international.Ce roman retrace l'histoire d'un homme qui a réussi.Brillant avocat dans un prestigieux cabinet à Wall Street, une vaste maison dans une luxueuse banlieue, une femme élégante et deux enfants, Ben Bradford est un modèle de réussite sociale qui incarne l'Amérique gagneuse de l'ère post-Reagan.Pourtant, sous cette vie en [...]

    Another fantastic offering from Douglas Kennedy. At this point I feel like he can't actually write a bad book. This gripped me from the first page, the characters were truly brought to life through the way this was written and I genuinely cared about the story. Some bits were actually quite shocking as well as tense and exciting and I was quite surprised at just how dark some aspects of this book were. The depth of detail, as with all of Kennedy's novels, was stunning. (view spoiler)[The only th [...]

    So fast moving and suspenseful, I just could not put it down! Gary always wanted to be a photographer, but instead he ended up a lawyer. When he finds out his wife is cheating on him with a guy he considers a deadbeat, but also happens to be a photographer, he's pretty upset. So upset, in fact, that he does something that will change his life forever. That's about as much as I can tell you without revealing more than the back cover told me. I strongly recommend you pick this book up for yourself [...]

    comme pour ses autres livres, on se laisse porter par kennedy, par une histoire intrigante et un style fluide. mais ce n' est pas mon premier kennedy je crois que le premier livre lu de cet auteur sera toujours mon prefere. pour celui ci je trouve peut etre la fin rapide l'auteur resumant plusieurs mois voire annees en quelques pages. est ce expres pour faire sortir la monotonie du quotidien? je la trouvre en tous cas bancale par rapport aux details des pages precedentes. une conclusion un peu r [...]

    In the book The Big Picture by Douglas Kennedy, a man realizes his life isn't as faboulous as he thought. Or should i say so he thought. He lives in a well known neighborhood with his wife and two children, in a house not so homly filled with antiques from centuries ago. He works as a lawyer making a good salery so his wife can spend the money on more furniture. The main charector forgets about his passion for photography and despite his dreams became a lawyer and not a photogropher. His father [...]

    Another brilliant book from Douglas Kennedy! This man has such intelligence and each book takes you on a captivating journey. This was no exception. After an accidental murder of his wife's "boyfriend", Ben has to cover his tracks and fast. This isn't your usual "running from the police" novel, I assure you!I was prepared to give this a firm five stars but I feel toward the end of the book, the excitement wore off as opposed to increasing. Saying that, I did not see the ending coming and finishe [...]

    again, having chosen this book at a book sale, i wasn't expecting too much of it. it starts prosaically enough with a lawyer who has been married and has two youg sons. Then his wife is talking about a divorce, and from there things start escalating so that he can't look back.He finds himself in Montana pursuing the career he has always wanted, of a photographer. Fortune and fame--or infamy?

    Nina Draganova
    Ох, този човек ме нажежи до червено :) Мислех, че не ми се четат такива книги, но автора е ненадминат разказвач. Не можеш да спреш, почнеш ли. В тази изобилстват брутални сцени, което хем ме отблъскваше, хем бързах да прочета и да стигна до по-спокойни води.Пристрастих се :) Отива [...]

    "When you have died twice and come back again (as someone else), where can you run to anymore? still, urges never die; they simply lie dormant."Fast paced and interesting. A real goodread. My first Douglas Keneddy but I'm impressed.

    This was a "can't put it down" book even though I didn't like the protagonist at all. He is the sort of person I wanted to shake and say "wake up!" Even so, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and found the ending satisfactory.

    It was hilarious while reading this book thoroughly. I wasn’t able to stop giggling when this author’s sarcastic satire came out in very realistic conversations. But in the end, when I closed the book, in a fleeting moment, I realized how sad story it is

    This was a very interested read. By the time I reached past page 100, I thought was reading a totally different book the context completely changed. However, stuck with it and it was very good, very thought provoking. I could not guess the end at all and was completely surprised by it.

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