Unlimited [Science Fiction Book] í The Rich Are Different - by Susan Howatch ó

  • Title: The Rich Are Different
  • Author: Susan Howatch
  • ISBN: 9780449207703
  • Page: 398
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

  • Dinah Slade was young enough to be Paul Van Zale s daughter But she didn t care She was a very ambitious and beautiful woman with her eye on Van Zale s tremendous fortune However, she hadn t counted on falling in love Paul found himself attracted to Dinah in a way he had long forgotten Her vitality, her sensuality, consumed him With her he could forget his past, hisDinah Slade was young enough to be Paul Van Zale s daughter But she didn t care She was a very ambitious and beautiful woman with her eye on Van Zale s tremendous fortune However, she hadn t counted on falling in love Paul found himself attracted to Dinah in a way he had long forgotten Her vitality, her sensuality, consumed him With her he could forget his past, his wife, his enemies, his empire.
    Susan Howatch
    Susan Howatch b 1940 is a British novelist who has penned bestselling mysteries, family sagas, and other novels Howatch was born in Surrey, England She began writing as a teen and published her first book when she moved to the United States in 1964 Howatch found global success first with her five sagas and then with her novels about the Church of England in the twentieth century She has now returned to live in Surrey.


    I loved Cashelmara and The Wheel of Fortune (and can't wait to read Penmarric), Howatch's series which takes the infamous Plantagenets and places them in 'modern day' settings, and was therefore looking forward to The Rich Are Different which retells the story of Ceaser, Cleopatra, Mark Antony and Augustus. Unlike the Plantagenets who I know well, I've never read about the Romans and was keen to discover their story as well as get swept away in a big fat family saga full of love, lust, hate and [...]

    This book sucked me in. It took place during the post-WWI economic boom and crisis, and continued to WWII. It mirrored the lives of Cleopatra, Julius Caesar, Augustus, and Mark Antony, but it took place on Wall Street and in London. It was so creatively done that I didn't realize until I was half-way through it that the story sounded familiar. This was a dream for me as a student of history because of the constant references to historical events and people. I found each character interesting bec [...]

    Deborah Pickstone
    Re-read last year but am writing reviews for all the early novels in light of their historical back stories. This review is substantially the same as for the sequel Sins of the FathersI love Susan Howatch's psychological writing. More, I love her method of taking a historical context and transposing it to a more modern one; in this case, the story of Julius Caesar. I see very few people seem to read the back story of Caesar as they review this book so I thought I would make a more detailed revie [...]

    England, 1922. Wealthy New York banker Paul Van Zale decides to entertain himself by investing in Dinah Slade's cosmetics enterprise. Despite the great difference in their ages, the two begin an affair, but Paul's past *sins* eventually call him back to his wife and the cut-throat world of Wall Street (and maybe a gangster or two). I'm in a bit of a review slump and not up to a full blown recap of events, so I'm keeping this short and sweet. Paul and Dinah have plenty of ups and downs and dirty [...]

    I am in awe with Susan Howatch as this novel was the most pleasant surprise for me. I bought a battered copy of this novel ( a old one from the 70s with a misleading cover ) on a charity sale and after a couple of years standing in my library, I decided to give it a go but expecting it to be a romance novel. No, sir, not at all. I loved it from the beginning and being so pleased with the book, I made a little research about it and found it was a "modern?" retelling of Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, M [...]

    My first Susan Howatch novel. I was only half through this story when I purchased 10 more of her novels. Yeah, she's that good.

    I've read this book when I was 20 or so, then again when I was in my 30's and just re-read it again in my 40's. There's just something about this story and I pick up different things I didn't notice before, or didn't understand, on every reading. I just recently relized that it mirrors the story of Cleopatra, Julius Ceasar and Mark Antony, but set in the 1900's. Love it. Wish the author picked a different title, it very misleading.

    Anita Ashland
    This is a fast-paced, engrossing read. I've read her Starbridge books about ecclesial drama many times but had never read one of her earlier works. I'm glad I finally did. This book is set during the 1920s and 30s but the financial intrigue and shenanigans read like 2017.

    Linda Lpp
    Loved this when it came out. Wonder what I'd think now 40 odd years later?

    Theresa Brandt
    This book reminded meof why I love to read. Well written, engrossing plots peopled with fully developed characters who stimulate the gamut of emotions from like to loathing make for a book in which I can become totally immersed. The Rich Are Different is just such a book.The author's depth of financial and social knowledge of America in the 1920's and 30's is outstanding. Her descriptions of the final heady days before the October, 1929 stock market crash are suspenseful and heartbreaking and le [...]

    My sister had great fun mocking the title of this - which may indeed be the worst title ever - but I knew that Susan Howatch does not write just another trashy book. Her novels are retellings of historical couples set in a more modern era (I don't know my ancient Roman history, which apparently this one mimics). Another thing Howatch always does is shifting narrative perspectives - each of half a dozen major characters narrate a good chunk of the book. After you've been in someone's head like th [...]

    Kate Perry
    Wow, this book was SO good and unlike any other book I have ever read. Thank you Megan for the recommendation to read this. It's hard to summarize this book. At first I thought it was a little slow but each page I read grabbed me more then the last and by the end, I couldn't put it down. This is story centered around 4 main characters, broken down into 5 parts. Each part is narrated by one of the characters(with one character that narrates two parts). This is a novel centered around the greed an [...]

    Dinah, an ambitious but impoverished young woman, propositions Paul, a rich American banker, in the hope of saving her family property. The book takes place in both the UK and USA, revolving around high finance and business. Fast-moving, tough characters, and well-woven plots with a fairly satisfying ending. When I first read this in 2000 I concluded that it was not really my kind of book. In a sense that's still true - the banking and high finance life of the early 20th century isn't my scene. [...]

    Haven't re-read this since my initial read when it came out in 1977 - since I enjoyed my recent re-read of PENMARRIC, I'm continuing in Howatch-mode - Caesar, Cleopatra and Marc Antony transported to the world of high finance in New York and London in the years between the two World Wars.February 25th: I set it aside several weeks ago, after about 200 pages - I just couldn't take Howatch's lady-romance writing style any longer, and the character of Paul Van Zale, who believed marriage to be more [...]

    Oh my goodness, I remember reading this years ago with my first reading group, in Austin, and love-love-loving it. Read several others by the same author back then (though they were hard to come by). Don't remember too many of the specifics (shocker!), just that it opened up a whole new world of historical fiction for me. Glad to see it's out in kindle format now and looking forward to reading it again and reliving all the family drama!

    I read this book in high school and enjoyed it very much. I enjoyed it the second time as well, perhaps for different, more mature reasons. It is a light and easy read, but yet is not too fluffy, with a good dose of well-researched historical information. Themes of ambition, greed, and adultery kept my interest level high as well as a set of interesting characters and moral dilemmas.

    Susie Fiorito
    Susan Howatch is my favorite newly discovered author! Wow how did I miss her all these years. This is the 4th book I have read of hers this year.Modern day Julius Caesar and Cleo with all the support cast.Worth the read!

    Lichenia Green
    I liked the way it was written by different characters.

    Rain Noire
    Excellent novel, the story has more than one climax which is a first. She writes from different perspectives and the writing is intelligent. She illustrates human flaw deliciously. Love!

    One of her best books based on a powerful banking family.

    Mary Ann
    Very good story, I hated Cornelius.

    Isobel Ashwood
    I re- read this book after many years. The first time I read it I did not realise it was based on Caesar, Antony and Cleopatra but never-the-less it immediately became one of my favourite books. This shows how timeless this story of love and power is.The book begins in the UK and New York, post world war 1 and is told in the first person by a succession of interesting characters based on real Romans with the character based on Cleopatra, Dinah, getting two sections to herself. She is obviously t [...]

    Jane Gregg
    This flipping fabulous tome of a book (written in 1977) is an absolute scream. Loved every word of it. It’s ostensibly a re-telling of Antony and Cleopatra (hint, hint all the brilliant allusions to Roman poetry and prose) updated to the 1920s-1940’s, with trans-Atlantic settings. It’s scope is clearly quite massive, but it is so well handled by and narrated with a prism-like technique by Susan Howarth that it never feels difficult. Quite the opposite in fact. What a great find. Highly rec [...]

    Cherice Bock
    I like the author's style of moving from character to character as the story emerges. The reader gains empathy for each one and can see how the others misjudge them. I didn't really like most of the characters, though! As you read you come to like them somewhat, but although they have depth as in they are well rounded characters, they are mainly not people I would want to emulate: cut-throat Wall Street bankers with a limited moral compass.

    Judith Jones
    I have been reading Susan Howatch's books since she started writing and I thought I had read them all and then I find the rich are different. I bought this on kindle and couldn't put it down. I have always loved her books and this one is no different I started reading it and hated the fact that I had anything else to do besides read. No one can tell a story like Susan can I will have to see if I missed any of her other books, sure hope so !!!!!

    Denise Louise
    This book moves along quite quickly despite the number of pages. Susan Howatch pulls you in to this historical fiction right from the start with interesting characters and a riveting story line. Each chapter is the point of view of one of the characters in the story. This style of writing keeps me so engrossed in a book that before I know it, I've finished reading it.

    Macawley Brown
    Took so long to get into great storyline but a little long-winded

    Really good, intriguing and at times a bit too much detail, but worth it overall.

    Great writing style, a great tale

    Sally Wessely
    How did I miss reading Susan Howatch until now? I've just finished reading three of her novels. Now, I am hooked on reading her books. As another reviewier has said, reading "The Rich Are Different" made me remember why I love reading. This was true for me also. I love reading when I've found a great story that allows me to become immersed in the book. I find it hard to put the book down. I think about the story lines. I think about the characters as if I know them personally.Early in this story [...]

    • Unlimited [Science Fiction Book] í The Rich Are Different - by Susan Howatch ó
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