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  • Title: The Silencers
  • Author: Donald Hamilton
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  • Page: 413
  • Format: Paperback

  • Name Matthew HelmCode Name EricMission 4 The SilencersRemarks The undercover agent with a killer instinct a weakness for the wrong woman takes a long day s journey into the New Mexico mountains finds God help us all a crumbling, ghost town church which conceals one of the most ungodly devices ever conceived for man s destruction.
    Donald Hamilton
    Donald Hamilton was a U.S writer of novels, short stories, and non fiction about the outdoors His novels consist mostly of paperback originals, principally spy fiction but also crime fiction and Westerns such as The Big Country He is best known for his long running Matt Helm series 1960 1993 , which chronicles the adventures of an undercover counter agent assassin working for a secret American government agency.Hamilton began his writing career in 1946, fiction magazines like Collier s Weekly and The Saturday Evening Post His first novel Date With Darkness was published in 1947 over the next forty six years he published a total of thirty eight novels Most of his early novels whether suspense, spy, and western published between 1954 and 1960, were typical paperback originals of the era fast moving tales in paperbacks with lurid covers Several classic western movies, The Big Country and The Violent Men, were adapted from two of his western novels The Matt Helm series, published by Gold Medal Books, which began with Death of a Citizen in 1960 and ran for 27 books, ending in 1993 with The Damagers, was substantial.Helm, a wartime agent in a secret agency that specialized in the assassination of Nazis, is drawn back into a post war world of espionage and assassination after fifteen years as a civilian He narrates his adventures in a brisk, matter of fact tone with an occasional undertone of deadpan humor He describes gunfights, knife fights, torture, and off stage sexual conquests with a carefully maintained professional detachment, like a pathologist dictating an autopsy report or a police officer describing an investigation Over the course of the series, this detachment comes to define Helm s character He is a professional doing a job the job is killing people Hamilton was a skilled outdoorsman and hunter who wrote non fiction articles for outdoor magazines and published a book length collection of them For several years he lived on his own yacht, then relocated to Sweden where he resided until his death in 2006.


    Matt Helm, more man than Dean Martin could shake a Martini at.I won't get going on bad movie adaptations past advising avoiding them. Bad movie adaptations are bad.This is the fourth book in a series but don't let that stop you, Donald Hamilton writes these books as standalone adventures. This time he is sent to recover a rogue agent who is stripping in a bar in Mexico and the adventure that ensues takes in Communism, nuclear warfare, dead bodies, Texan snow storms, churches hanging off of the s [...]

    I'm noticing some poor proofreading in this edition. A lowercase 'L' turned into a capital 'I' in one case, 'nuke' replaced 'mike' in another. I'll bet they're OCR errors. So far, not as bad as the Ace reprints of the 90's, but not up to the quality of the previous reprints.The story was still pretty good. It's set back in the 60's but holds up well, at least for me. Few use tire chains any more & phone booths need to be sought out, but otherwise not bad. Good mystery & Helm is at his co [...]

    In the mid-60's, an atomic bomb test is plagued with security issues & one foreign agent is a tough opponent. He's killed several of our people & the entire project is in danger, so the order gets passed to Helm to stop him. The agent's identity & ridiculously tight security create problems for Helm. It makes for an amusing (at times & in a grim way) situation that Helm fights his way through in his unique, tough fashion.How they could take such a good book & turn it into suc [...]

    Another excellent read by Rudnicki & book by Hamilton. Helm really is a bastard, but he's a consistent one. The plot was twisty & I loved the gov't infighting. So true to form.

    Back in 1963 to 1967 I probably thought this was a great book. That's when I first began reading Donald Hamilton and Matt Helm novels. I literally devoured them when I could get them, along with JDM's Travis McGee, Mike Hammer by Mickey Spillane and other similar authors. Of course I was much younger, a captive of the US Army without a whole lot to do when not policing the parade grounds. I was disappointed, can't go back I suppose. I did enjoy it but not so much the second time around.

    David Dalton
    This was my first Matt Helm novel. I believe this is the 4th of 27 Matt Helm novels. Written back in the very early 60's. I think Matt Helm was the American answer to James Bond. I liked this story enough that I plan on getting many more of these stories. I'll order the first Matt Helm book:very soon.As I said these stories were written back in the early 60's and they provide a very good insight into the world at that time: the way people dressed, talked, and acted. Helm isn't as fancy as James [...]

    Look at that picture of Hamilton rocking the beard and aviators. It's like Hemingway and Hunter Thompson made a baby, a tough guy baby. He writes surprisingly well too, and this was way better than it needed to be. Obviously Dean Martin's interpretation of Matt Helm was penetrating and subtle, almost as if Helm were a drunk playboy crooner rather than a violent and complex spy, but i won't be joining in on the Dino-bashing, cos he's awesome, and anyone that says otherwise i hope the moon hits yo [...]

    Ralph Carlson
    I always enjoy a Matt Helm book,even if I have already read it at least a couple of times before.

    Mike (the Paladin)
    Okay a shorter version of my usual prequel. I was years ago in the dark ages of the '60s and '70s a fan of spy/fi/action/men's action books. I missed the Matt Helm books due to the vomit worthy movies and TV series. That said now that I've actually picked these books up I find them excellent even a cut above the Bond books they often get compared to. Don't get mislead by thatHelm is NOT Bond. Helm is a serious operator who does his job.In this outing Helm is sent in "for" an agent who has turned [...]

    Another great Matt Helm story, full of Cold War intrigue . It's just sad that this series which could have been great movies if it were not for Dean Martin.

    David Makepeace
    Another fun Matt Helm book.

    "The Silencers" is the fourth of the Matt Helm novels. His family life behind him, Helm is now the quintessential hardboiled agent, tough and unsentimental. As he points out, it does no good to get chummy with other agents, you might have to sacrifice them the next day or the next week.This adventure takes Helm south of the border to a Juarez strip club and then northward into the winters mountain passes of New Mexico. Atomic bombs and damsels in distress generally don't mix too well and Helm fi [...]

    George K.
    "Σατανικά μηχανήματα", εκδόσεις ΒΙΠΕΡ.Όγδοο βιβλίο του Ντόναλντ Χάμιλτον που διαβάζω, χρονολογικά είναι το τέταρτο βιβλίο της σειράς με ήρωα τον Αμερικανό κατάσκοπο και εκτελεστή Ματ Χελμ. Έχω διαβάσει πέντε βιβλία της σειράς, μιας και ξεκίνησα με το έκτο μέχρι να φανώ τυχε [...]

    Wait a minute__a stripper is murdered on stage and dies after passing along some evidence to a woman to a woman with a ringside seat? Helm retrieves the evidence by tearing the woman__s dress off? They__re trying to identify an enemy agent known only as The Cowboy? Trying to locate somebody or something called __Wigwam__? As familiar as I am with the Matt Helm movies, reading The Silencers put me in mind of the story of George S. Kaufman and S. J. Perelman, co-authors of The Coconuts, one time w [...]

    Harv Griffin
    Not my favorite Matt Helm novel. Say, 3.5 stars; but it is better than the first one, which I don't consider a "real" Matt Helm novel, just the set-up for the series.The "Matt Helm Maneuver" is fully developed in this novel of the series. It's not really a Matt Helm novel unless Matt uses himself as bait. Here, Matt finds himself tied-up helplessly by the Bad Guys (Matt Helm being tied up comes up again and again further along in the series). I don't consider this information a "spoiler" because [...]

    Rudy Powell
    Matt Helm NovelsI read the Matt Helm books back in the late 60's and early 70's and really enjoyed them back then. I've started retreading them recently now that they are digital and think they're better than ever. Great stories, great characters, gear reads! Perfect Beach books!!!!!

    Donal Hamilton' gritty Matt Helm adventures, while dated, still bring enough charm for an end of summer evening. No. This is not the Dean Martin version of Matt Helm from those awful movies, but a tough US agent a bit nastier than even Bond. As I said, "dated" but a nice quick, fun read.

    read during summer 1970

    Michele bookloverforever
    read many years ago

    Vikas Datta
    Engrossing as usual and Helm as unspeakable as usual

    What can I say? The best.

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