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  • Title: Just Jane
  • Author: Nancy Moser
  • ISBN: 9780764203565
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Paperback

  • In this moving and authentic portrayal, Christy Award winning author Nancy Moser transports readers back to the life and times of one of the literary world s beloved heroines, Jane Austen Growing up in a clergyman s home gives Jane opportunities to observe human nature at its best and worst Vivid and delightful characters pour from her pen Elizabeth Bennet, Fitzwilliam DIn this moving and authentic portrayal, Christy Award winning author Nancy Moser transports readers back to the life and times of one of the literary world s beloved heroines, Jane Austen Growing up in a clergyman s home gives Jane opportunities to observe human nature at its best and worst Vivid and delightful characters pour from her pen Elizabeth Bennet, Fitzwilliam Darcy, Emma Woodhouse, Fanny Price, John Willoughby Jane dreams of publishing her stories and sharing them with the world, but how can she She s just Jane from Steventon Will anyone ever read her novels
    Nancy Moser
    Nancy Moser is the award winning author of twenty nine inspirational novels that focus on discovering our unique purpose Her genres include both contemporary and historical stories Her latest historical novels are the Downton Abbey inspired Manor House Series Love of the Summerfields , Bride of the Summerfields , and Rise of the Summerfields Also new is The Pattern Artist about Macy s and the Butterick Pattern company Her historical bio novels allow real women of history to share their life stories Just Jane Jane Austen , Mozart s Sister Nannerl Mozart , Washington s Lady Martha Washington and How Do I Love Thee Elizabeth Barrett Browning An Unlikely Suitor was named to Booklist s Top 100 Romance Novels of the last decade Nancy s time travel novel, Time Lottery , won a Christy Award, and Washington s Lady was a finalist Her contemporary books are known for their big casts and intricate plotting Some titles are The Invitation , John 3 16 , Weave of the World , The Sister Circle , The Seat Beside Me , and The Good Nearby Nancy and her husband live in the Midwest She s earned a degree in architecture, traveled extensively in Europe, and has performed in numerous theaters, symphonies, and choirs She knits voraciously, kills all her houseplants, and can wire an electrical fixture without getting shocked She is a fan of anything antique humans included Find out nancymoser.


    (Two and one-half stars: I definitely thought it was OK and I nearly liked it).The life of Jane Austen reads like one of her novels – in most ways. There are balls, flirtations, close friends, tiresome family members, adverse financial situations which make marriage an apparent necessity and choices which hold out for love despite adverse financial situations. In one major aspect, however, the biography and the novels of Austen diverge: a happy romantic ending. Austen died at the age of 41, ha [...]

    I feel bad giving a book about Jane Austen only three stars. I love Jane Austen. I love her books, and I admire her a lot. From all that we know of her, she seemed to be a remarkably keen, intelligent and discerning woman. Having not read that many bios about her, I can't say whether or not Just Jane was truly accurate, but accurate or not I found that the book dragged on a lot and I thought that it was overall pretty boring. I don't mean to say that Jane Austen's life was boring, for although s [...]

    Age Appropriate For: All AgesBest for Ages: 12 and upI avoid most fiction about Jane Austen, either in movie or in book form. Why? I just haven’t liked their take on this historical character. We really don’t know that much about her, which leaves lots of room for speculation and embellishment.It is rare for me that a main character in a book is my favorite. I usually like the side characters more. However, Jane tugged at my heart strings. She has to go places and be with people she doesn’ [...]

    I so love anything by or about Jane AustinI am one of thousands, I know. This book is not high literature but don't we all need a little respite once in a while and this is my cup of tea. In fact I do have a cup of tea along with "jane" and can't wait to indulge at the end of the afternoon with her.Happy Valentine's Day. Tomorrow my daughter and I are having a Valentine Tea in honor of Jane Austin for my Jane Austin Book Society organization at my daughter's home. Wish all my friends could come [...]

    Just when I told myself I was finally done with my Jane Austen habit for a while, I saw this book and had to read it I did! It's essentially the same story that is presented in the movies "Becoming Jane" and "Miss Austen Regrets," as well as the book I recently read, "The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen." It's about the woman behind the famous novels, whom I find utterly fascinating. It's written in first person, and I was uncertain at first if I liked or disliked the fact that the author did not at [...]

    Meredith (Austenesque Reviews)
    Did your interest in Jane Austen's novels ever make you want to learn more about Jane Austen? Did you see that there were many biographies written about her but not really want to read a biography? If you are like me and prefer the fiction/literature genre more than the nonfiction/biography genre,this would be a great book for you. This is the story of Jane Austen's life from the age she met her first love, Tom Lefroy (age 20) til the time she died (age 41). In parts the story is a very truthful [...]

    I enjoyed reading this fictional account of Jane Austen's life, based on actual facts. I learned about some things I didn't already know, such as her marriage proposal. I also appreciated the insight into the feelings of Jane during the different stages of her life. The writing style, however, was slightly distracting as the author tried to write like Jane Austen. I suppose it was necessary, though, because she tried to use Jane's actual words whenever she could. It did get better as the book we [...]

    I was disappointed by this book. I was expecting a compelling plot, but it was very uneventful for the first 250 pages. I was very tempted halfway through to just put it down and not bother finishing the book, but I wondered if anything would actually happen by the end, so I kept reading. What did happen during the last 100 pages really wasn't enough to redeem the intense annoyance and boredom from the beginning of the book. It's mostly a group of vignettes about the author's life. There wasn't [...]

    I started reading this with a critical eye, deeming it rather dull and Jane's character lacking. The writing seemed either overly simplified, or as if the author was trying too hard to make it sound like Jane Austen, without much success. But it managed to draw me in after a while, and I believe if it were written as much like the author herself might have written it, it would be a harder, duller read. And of course, it was better written than I could have done. I did dislike some of Jane's comp [...]

    Having visited Jane Austen's Bath, England home during the summer of '06, I was drawn to read this book. Also knowing that Austen fairly regretted the time she spent in Bath, I wanted to read about her life and times. Having no other such volume with which to compare Moser's book, this was an informative read and one that seemed to put readers into Austen's head as she and her sister struggle with their "spinsterness" in the face of most women of the day who chose marriage as their only option i [...]

    Margaret Chind
    Jane Austen of course is legend to us today. Although I have heard some historical discrepancies from one or two things in this novel of her life, I really see this as a depiction that is the most true to how I see Jane's life.Nancy Moser did a wonderful job bringing the light of Jane to a realistic picture for me and I could imagine every scene of her story. At first I was reading on a depressed note, thinking of the Jane movies I have seen recently just knowing that it will end with her death. [...]

    Angela Holland
    I always struggle with what to write or if I even should write a review if I do not care for a book. But being a book blogger it is supposed to be about giving your honest opinion and review of the book whether it be good or bad. So here is my honest opinion about the book. I really wanted to like this story as I like to read things about Jane Austen. It took me two times to get through this book. For some reason it just seemed to ramble for me and did not really go anywhere. I think this book w [...]

    I have really enjoyed this entire series of historical novels. I can tend to be wary of books that involve Jane Austen, but this one does a nice job of giving a sense of the way things might have been without copying too much of the author’s original language or voice. I actually had seen this one mentioned at Home With Purpose in February and decided to pick it up from the library for myself.

    This was one of my favorites - came out at the same time Becoming Jane (film) came out, I kept crossing the characters in the book with the ones in the film, and it was kind of fun. Love, love Just Jane. Well done!

    "Just Jane" is a novel about Jane Austen's life. The author, Nancy Moser, strove to discover as many facts as possible for the book. However, because many of Jane's letters were destroyed after her death, there are gaps in her life, which Moser had to do her best to fill in. In the back of the novel, Moser was kind enough to list what was fact and what was fiction in her book. I appreciated that.As for the story, I enjoyed it. It was quaint and cozy. Jane led a simple, quiet life. She was a genu [...]

    Amy Lignor
    It’s no surprise to anyone, if ever reading my reviews, that I am an extreme fan of the incomparable Jane Austen. I have always believed this woman was the "end-all and be-all" of fictional works, so I really desire any author who embarks on this subject to do this lovely woman justice. I am happy to report that this author has done just that. In this realistic and emotionally moving portrayal of Jane Austen’s early life, the author takes us through the circumstances that molded this young g [...]

    This book was a pleasant surprise. I was expecting just to read a fictional account of Jane Austen's life, but what I got out of Just Jane is so much more.Nancy Moser writes this fictional biography of Jane Austen in the first person, speaking in a way that Austen herself may have spoken. While the character interactions and dialogue are created by Moser, much of it is based on fact, as researched in Jane Austen's letters. Just Jane follows Jane Austen's life as she starts to write her now famou [...]

    Summary: An imagining of Jane Austen's life following her from her early writings to her death.Likes: I LOVED Cassandra and the relationships Jane had with other females in her life. Cassandra is an awesome sister and a friend to future generations as portrayed here because she encouraged Jane to write, write, write throughout their lives. Unfortunately Cassandra also burned what were probably some very enlightening letters written by Jane but book>letters so I can forgive her for that.I like [...]

    Another of Nancy Moser’s series on historical women. This one is about Jane Austen, who has been a long time favorite of mine. It was interesting to learn a little more about her life. At the beginning of the book there is background information on Jane’s family which helps to keep them all straight. For different reasons, Jane and her sister, Cassandra, never married. They were very close and much of the factual information about Jane comes from her letters to Cassandra. Moser depicts Jane [...]

    I really hate to write anything sometime, about a book I've read, but I do always like to go back and remember what I thought about the book. My memory is so bad, that I can't usually remember unless I make a note of it sometime.That said, I liked this book, but I didn't love it. I wanted to really, really like it, but I really sort of struggled through it. That could have just been me, though. I've read two others by Moser (Mozart's Sister and Washington's Lady and I have another yet to read), [...]

    When I began reading this book, I was not sure I was going to like it. The fact that it is written in the first person did not sit well with me at first. However, I did not have to read too far before I became completely engaged in the story. I found this to be an entertaining way of getting an insight into what life must have been like for Miss Austen and to (finally) grasp how her family was put together. I had never been able to keep track of all the brothers and nieces and nephews, but havin [...]

    I really expected quite a lot from this. I love Jane Austen, and seeing as her story is quite like that of one of her characters (without the happy at the end) I had thought I would quite like this. But I did not.The writing style of the book was the biggest problem for me. Nancy Moser says herself she did not try to write in Jane's unique voice, merely tried to hint at it. The hints were too few, in my opinion, and I found it quite hard to connect this Jane to the Jane I have read about before. [...]

    I keep vacillating between 2 & 3 stars, so 2.5, I guess. It took me a long time to get through this short book, mostly because I was bored for the first half and less bored for the 2nd, but still not captivated. I think it is hard to write a novel of a real person's life, so maybe authors of this type of book are doomed from the beginning. The author tries to capture Jane Austen's voice, but for me, it just didn't work. I found myself wondering what was fact & fiction through the book. F [...]

    This was a good read, and I really enjoyed reading more about Jane Austen's life. This book has inspired me to read the biography written by her nephew - James Edward Austen-Leigh. As historical fiction, it does draw many conclusions about her life that are not actually based in fact. At best, it uses Austen's books, Austen's biography by her nephew as well as other biographies and references. These are pulled into a novel format for entertaining reading. I feel it an accurate portrayal of the a [...]

    Loved this book! If you're a Jane Austen fan, you will like it too. It's exactly how I pictured her to be. Grant it, is a novel, but there are some truths to it. The author did their research. It was like you were put back in time to Austen's society. The issues that she dealt with in her time made an impact in what she wrote. You can see that throughout her writings and in this book. I love the way that the author incorported her books that she wrote by explaining which characters Jane was work [...]

    I absolutely ADORE Jane Austen, so this book definitely caught my eye. We know very little of her life, so the author had to fill in the gaps as best she could. I think she did a pretty good job overall, although I felt like she made a too much of Austen's relationship with Tom LeFroy. I've never had the impression that Jane put her life on hold for 3 years, just waiting for him to come back for her. This author has Jane doing just that and I felt like it made her look a little silly and foolish [...]

    This book started out okay, and I was looking forward to another wonderful read about life in the 1800's, but unfortunately, either because there wasn't a whole lot of information about Jane Austen, or the author just couldn't stop writing before it became dull, the story dragged on and on after about 2/3 of the way through. I had to finish it, ethically, and I was interested, but I read quickly, not because I couldn't wait to find out what happens, but because I couldn't wait to finish the book [...]

    This book is assembled very well. The author mixes documented factual bits of information with some creative fictional writing to fill in gaps in the life of Jane Austen. She provides a thoroughly integrated portrait of the writer as she creates her characters from various life experiences. By choosing appropriate quotations, the author gives us a reasonable perspective about why some of Jane Austen's favorite characters develop in the way that they do! Fans of Jane Austen's novels and/or film a [...]

    Disappointing. Started off excited about this book, hoping to learn something new about Jane Austen. Thing is most of the things in this book I deduced already from reading her novels. And I felt the important parts of her life, her love life and her coming to terms with failed relationships seemed to be bylines. Instead, there was a lot of focus on if she would be published. I got frustrated and bored with this view. This may be due to the fact that there seems to be a paucity of work for Nancy [...]

    gaaaaah! I really, really wanted to like this book, but by about 100 pages in, I was ready to throw it against the wall. I can take the constant musings of, "Oh, will anyone ever read any of my writings?" (although they grew tiresome) but then to have Jane contemplating the 19th century beginning in 1800?!?!! Um, certainly not - she would have known the 19th century began in 1801. She wasn't that dumb. Other minor irritations, such as the use of adjectives instead of adverbs, but the 1800 thing [...]

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