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  • Title: Going Vintage
  • Author: Lindsey Leavitt
  • ISBN: 9781599907871
  • Page: 162
  • Format: Hardcover

  • When Mallory s boyfriend, Jeremy, cheats on her with an online girlfriend, Mallory decides the best way to de Jeremy her life is to de modernize things too Inspired by a list of goals her grandmother made in 1962, Mallory swears off technology and returns to a simpler time when boyfriends couldn t cheat with computer avatars The List 1 Run for pep club secretary2 HosWhen Mallory s boyfriend, Jeremy, cheats on her with an online girlfriend, Mallory decides the best way to de Jeremy her life is to de modernize things too Inspired by a list of goals her grandmother made in 1962, Mallory swears off technology and returns to a simpler time when boyfriends couldn t cheat with computer avatars The List 1 Run for pep club secretary2 Host a fancy dinner party soiree3 Sew a dress for Homecoming4 Find a steady5 Do something dangerousBut simple proves to be crazy complicated, and the details of the past begin to change Mallory s present Add in a too busy grandmother, a sassy sister, and the cute pep club president who just happens to be her ex s cousin and soon Mallory begins to wonder if going vintage is going too far.
    Lindsey Leavitt
    Lindsey Leavitt is a former elementary school teacher and present day writer mom party animal not to be confused with her spirit animal, which is a lion She lives with her family in the Utah mountains She is the author of the COMMANDER IN CHEESE series, THE PAGES BETWEEN US series Co written with Robin Mellom SEAN GRISWOLD S HEAD, GOING VINTAGE, THE CHAPEL WARS, and the PRINCESS FOR HIRE series.


    Khanh (the meanie)
    Actual rating: 1.5"‘Don’t whine to your spouse about your daily troubles. He’s had a harder day providing for you and your children.’ This is what you’re aspiring to? To be some guy’s house slave?”Ginnie hops out of her seat. “I hope you’re not romanticizing this too much. That prefeminist movement crap is scary.”“What do you know about the feminist movement?” Um, what did I know? I’d meant to read some books on that too, but when I thought of old feminists, I thought o [...]

    Lindsey Leavitt
    I had so much fun writing this book.

    3.5 StarsGoing Vintage was cute, funny and sweet. It was an easy read one you could get through fairly quickly. When Mallory finds out her boyfriend of over a year has been cyber cheating on her, she feels betrayed not only by her boyfriend, but by technology. If there were no such things as “Friendspace” or “Authentic Life” her boyfriend wouldn’t have been betraying her with a girl named “BubbleYum” his cyber wife. When Mallory finds a list her Grandma made back in 1962, when she [...]

    If you're looking for a book that is cute, fun, and a complete time-pass, Going Vintage is the book for you. If, however, you're hoping to get a little more depth from this novel, a little more insight into the life of a teenage girl, I'd suggest Melina Marchetta's Looking for Alibrandi instead. You see, Going Vintage isn't a bad book - not at all - but it's kind of silly. It seems like that from the cover and synopsis too, but I guess I was just expecting something a little more, especially wit [...]

    Colby Sharp
    I am guessing that not a lot of 31 year old dudes read this book. I did, and I loved it.

    I think most people will fall into one of two camps with Going Vintage. It'll either be a fairly enjoyable reading experience, because it's a cute, fluff read - or, it'll be an about average reading experience, precisely because it's a cute, fluff read. I on the other hand fall into a third camp, I actually think Going Vintage is more than a cute, fluff read, and it only seems like one because its message is scattered and ineffective.First of all, the message is right there, in the summary. Mall [...]

    Sophie Riggsby / allthingsequilateral
    *Review published on Mundie Moms on 3/20/13*First, this book is already on my "going to share it with my kids when they're older" shelf. Yes, it's that good. Lindsey always writes these layered stories that are full of moments of sweetness and surprise, andGoing Vintage is just that story. Who hasn't said that they want to go offline for a while? I think I say it at least twice a day, but I was fascinated by Mallory's determination to do just that in her post-Jeremy world. Mallory's smart, sarca [...]

    Wendy Darling
    3.5 stars Cute! Wasn't a huge fan of the actual "going vintage" part, and there were things that were strangely glossed over. But I like Mallory and her relationships with her family and friends, and I like Oliver, too. Bonus points for characters who behave as they should (well, except for Jeremy, of course.) Would definitely try another book by this author.

    Four Stars: A fun contemporary that makes you pause and reflect on technology.Mallory feels so lucky to have a great boyfriend like Jeremy, even if she does grow tired of the constant make out sessions. They have been dating for over a year and have a great relationship, so she thinks. Mallory logs onto Jeremy's computer to help write his paper. His social networking site is open, and Mallory notices he has been playing an online game, and worse he has an online girlfriend. Hurt and confused, Ma [...]

    Aly's Bookish Wonderland
    This review will also be up on BOOKLIKES!I don't know much about Oliver, but who does? I think that mysterious aloofness is part of his image. He was nice enough to give me a birthday card that night with a twenty-dollar gift card to Outback Steakhouse. Outback? That's the way to get in good with your cousin's girl.*Sigh*I should have listened. When I saw my friends rating this book one or two stars, I should have stayed away. But when you see a book on sale for 50p, what do you do? You buy it. [...]

    *A copy was provided for review purposes*EEEP, what a cute and lovely book! So glad that I got a chance to read and review it because it was the perfect 'get-you-in-your-giggly-mode' read, ha ha. I love the whole idea that Ms.Leavitt came up with about leaving behind cell-phones, computers, and ipods and going back to the 60's when everything was care-free and girls didn't have to worry about their boyfriends 'cyber-cheating' on them with girls called BubbleYum. I think that, in our time and gen [...]

    Confession: I picked up my ARC of Lindsey Leavitt's GOING VINTAGE this week because I was in the mood for something light and funny, and I knew this book about a girl who renounces modern technology when her boyfriend cheats with an online gaming wife seemed perfect. It wasbut it was so much more than the fluffy read I was hoping for when I picked it up. Lindsey Leavitt (who also wrote SEAN GRISWALD'S HEADwhich is also great) has a way of writing sweet books that are never too sweet, always hila [...]

    Lisbeth Avery Domus Libri
    I've put off reviewing this book for a while, but not for my usual reasons. I'm not scared that this will turn into a massive rant or a bunch of fangirling nonsense. No, I simply do not know how to express myself here. I know what I'm feeling but I have no clue on how to say it.GOING VINTAGE is the kind of book that makes you happy while reading even though you know it's absolute fluff. I don't like reading fluff for some reason. My "chick lit" (and I use this term very loosely) needs something [...]

    Jessie(Ageless Pages Reviews)
    I hate to damn a book with faint praise, but the only thing that comes to mind upon finishing this novel is: blandly inoffensive? Simple, forgettable, if sometimes charming? There are characters that are sometimes funny, sometimes flat, and never really approach what I think of as three-dimensional? They came, they did their thing to various repercussions, but none really interested me worth investing in? A lot of what happened came off as predictable (view spoiler)[I saw the end of the relation [...]

    2,5 Sterne. Ich mochte es nicht. Die Geschichte war nicht wirklich etwas neues. Die Geschichte hat mich gelangweilt. Die Geschichte hatte eine blöde Protagonistin. Dafür war das Englisch leicht zu verstehen und das Cover ist wunderschön.

    I knew once I saw the cover of Going Vintage that I wanted to read this book. It's cute, fun and the colors really pop out. Plus, I thought the idea behind the book was definitely very original. I'm glad to say that the book definitely lived up to my expectations.I loved Mallory's character. She was young, confused and was just going through her first break-up. The range of emotions that she went through were palpable and very realistic. She was naive, insecure, innocent, wrong at times and a pe [...]

    Jen Ryland
    How refreshing to find a YA main character with no supernatural powers, no amnesia, no superhuman fighting skills. She's not super-smart, super-gorgeous, or super-anything: athletic, talented, ambitious, popular, unpopular, rebellious etc. etc. She's just a regular girl who's trying to figure her life out. When Mallory discovers that her boyfriend is (virtually) cheating, she blames the internet and swears off modern technology entirely. No computer, no cell phone, nada. This did seem a tad impu [...]

    Ai Haibara
    I'm gonna be like Mallory and use a listing format for this review.You should read Going Vintage if you love:- Lola and the boy next door and Adorkable-Fluffy and funny books.-60s vibe and references (food, clothing, antiques etc)-Vintage retro fashion, such as puffy cute prom dresses (which I adore!)I need something like that in my life; for prom or not.-Mentions of hand craft and sewing.-Main female characters that grow and understand the mistakes they have made.-Cute male love interest who is [...]

    Emily Anne
    Ooh, Going Vintage was much better than I expected! Before I read the book I would have bet I'd give it 3 bookcases. No, this is worth at least 4! (And you know I'm a tough rater) Lindsey Leavitt tells us a witty and sweet story with characters worth cheering for.Okay, to start out, this book is filled with fab lists! And they are not annoying at all. Just stuff that made me laugh like, really hard! Also, Mallory and the lists go in hand in hand. Mallory is just a lot of fun. She also says some [...]

    So much fun!Mallory breaks up with her boyfriend over . . . well, I hate to spoil it because it was very interesting, but essentially technology was involved. She decides to swear off technology and live like it's 1962, back when her grandmother was also a junior in high school. Using an old to-do list of her grandmother's, she decides to sew a dress for homecoming, join the pep club (after first starting a pep club), and find a "steady" for her younger sister if not for herself. But 1962 was no [...]

    Melannie :)
    How funny is this concept, seriously? It's probably full of hilarious situations.

    This book caught my interest the moment I learned that the main character had a certain violent streak and a love for chips with salsa and cream cheese. Also, there's apparently this thing called milk toast, and it sounds so disgustingly DELICIOUS.Anyway, back to the book. It's exactly like the summary says. A girl finds out that her boyfriend's been cheating on her with an internet chick named, of all things, BubbleYum. How do you take someone with a name like that seriously? Mallory finds out [...]

    Nasty Lady MJ
    To see full review click hereI'm sort of obsessed with the late 1950's/early 1960's. A lot of my favorite movies come from that era. I love the dresses. Interesting enough, do you know that Banana Republic has a Mad Men inspired collection? And it was the one time in history America had a semi glamorous president. Grant it, the whole Mr. President Marilyn Monroe episode sort of soiled that but whatever. So yeah, a YA novel that has a heroine who wants to go back to that era. I thought, hey that [...]

    Going Vintage is cute, fluffy and rather pertinent. I have been taking a lot of classes that deal with new media for children and young adults and the term “digital native” has been bandied around to varying degrees of acceptance. The point is, technology is as essential to kids today as perhaps breathing (you know what I mean). It’s not something they think about, just like we didn’t question telephones or the TV. It was just there and we used it. Similarly, the generation that is comin [...]

    Mad Scientist
    4.5 Blasts ---> Most Delightful!Concoction of a Review:Like most of us, Mallory is another young lady in this world who wants to figure out where she belongs and what her “thing” is. However, the way that Mallory goes about this is a tad unorthodox but amazing in almost every way. While dusting and cleaning away the basement of her grandmothers home she found a list. As the Mad Scientist is not a person who lists I did not feel an moment of glorious aha at this but Mallory did! The list w [...]

    Stephanie A.
    What a wonderfully charming story. A pleasantly young-for-her-age teenager, after some drama blows up online, decides life was simpler back in her grandma's high school days of yore and commits to divesting herself of any technology or other products available after 1962. She takes that part to slight extremes (she won't use the internet even for a class assignment that requires it, and agrees to buy a poorly working rotary phone because apparently just using a landline is still too conveniently [...]

    Paula M. of Her Book Thoughts!
    MORE REVIEWS ON MY BLOG."Mallory, you want a freeze? I’m a glacier. You want slow? I’m a turtle. But I’ll also be waiting by the phone every night, no matter how long it takes until you’re ready. Scout’s honor."I picked this up because of the Title. I mean, who can't pick this up?! I'm a big fun of vintage. And because of Mallory's idea, I might do it someday. Yep! I'm going Vintage! .r I don't know, maybe half a day? Or three days? Thinking about it makes me want to give up already.Ma [...]

    Pre-reading thought:Absolutely stoked I got the UK edition, because - have you even seen that GORGEOUS cover?! Aww :)After-reading thoughts:I'm so delighted I decided to get this book on a whim last week :)Loved the whole aspect of going vintage, as Mallory does for a while. It made me actually think a lot about the way it has become so normal to run to the internet for any little tidbit and one tiny passage in the book struck me: when Mallory has to wait for her mum to pick her up and doesn't k [...]

    Way cute story! It all starts off with a nosy girl named Mallory who is to tempted by her boyfriend Jeremy's alluring computer sitting unsupervised, locks are off and Mallory is cruising his accounts when it happens she finds evidence that he has cheated on her in a not very conventional way. Yet it is a form of cheating and I can see why she is upset. Rumors are flying via testing, phone, e-mail and Mallory has had i,t she decides she is going Vintage giving up her modern technological convenie [...]

    Watch for my upcoming review in the Deseret News.Completely fun, with a relateable, realistic teen main character who had me laughing from the start. Just the right amount of toe-curling romance. No sex.Attention authors: if you think you must put sex in a YA novel to make it believable, please read this book. PLEASE. I've read way too many YA novels where the author sticks sex in for no real reason. It's as if they are saying: I need to make my book modern and relevant, so therefore there must [...]

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