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  • Title: Double Sin and Other Stories
  • Author: Agatha Christie
  • ISBN: 9780425067819
  • Page: 114
  • Format: Paperback

  • A superb collection of treats for mystery lovers, featuring both the indomitable English gentlewoman, Miss Marple, and the inimitable Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot.
    Agatha Christie
    Agatha Christie also wrote romance novels under the pseudonym Mary Westmacott, and was occasionally published under the name Agatha Christie Mallowan.Agatha Christie is the best selling author of all time She wrote eighty crime novels and story collections, fourteen plays, and several other books Her books have sold roughly four billion copies and have been translated into 45 languages She is the creator of the two most enduring figures in crime literature Hercule Poirot and Miss Jane Marple and author of The Mousetrap, the longest running play in the history of modern theatre Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller was born in Torquay, Devon, England, U.K as the youngest of three The Millers had two other children Margaret Frary Miller 1879 1950 , called Madge, who was eleven years Agatha s senior, and Louis Montant Miller 1880 1929 , called Monty, ten years older than Agatha During the First World War, she worked at a hospital as a nurse later working at a hospital pharmacy, a job that influenced her work, as many of the murders in her books are carried out with poison.On Christmas Eve 1914 Agatha married Archibald Christie, an aviator in the Royal Flying Corps The couple had one daughter, Rosalind Hicks They divorced in 1928, two years after Christie discovered her husband was having an affair.Her first novel, The Mysterious Affair at Styles, came out in 1920 During this marriage, Agatha published six novels, a collection of short stories, and a number of short stories in magazines.In late 1926, Agatha s husband, Archie, revealed that he was in love with another woman, Nancy Neele, and wanted a divorce On 8 December 1926 the couple quarreled, and Archie Christie left their house Styles in Sunningdale, Berkshire, to spend the weekend with his mistress at Godalming, Surrey That same evening Agatha disappeared from her home, leaving behind a letter for her secretary saying that she was going to Yorkshire Her disappearance caused an outcry from the public, many of whom were admirers of her novels Despite a massive manhunt, she was not found for eleven days.In 1930, Christie married archaeologist Max Mallowan Sir Max from 1968 after joining him in an archaeological dig Their marriage was especially happy in the early years and remained so until Christie s death in 1976 In 1977, Mallowan married his longtime associate, Barbara Parker.Christie frequently used familiar settings for her stories Christie s travels with Mallowan contributed background to several of her novels set in the Middle East Other novels such as And Then There Were None were set in and around Torquay, where she was born Christie s 1934 novel Murder on the Orient Express was written in the Hotel Pera Palace in Istanbul, Turkey, the southern terminus of the railway The hotel maintains Christie s room as a memorial to the author The Greenway Estate in Devon, acquired by the couple as a summer residence in 1938, is now in the care of the National Trust.Christie often stayed at Abney Hall in Cheshire, which was owned by her brother in law, James Watts She based at least two of her stories on the hall the short story The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding, which is in the story collection of the same name, and the novel After the Funeral Abney became Agatha s greatest inspiration for country house life, with all the servants and grandeur which have been woven into her plots.During the Second World War, Christie worked in the pharmacy at University College Hospital of University College, London, where she acquired a knowledge of poisons that she put to good use in her post war crime novels To honour her many literary works, she was appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire in the 1956 New Year Honours The next year, she became the President of the Detection Club In the 1971 New Year Honours she was promoted Dame Commande


    Ahmad Sharabiani
    Double Sin and Other Stories, Agatha ChristieDouble Sin and Other Stories is a short story collection written by Agatha Christie and first published in the US by in 1961. The collection contains eight short stories and was not published in the UK; however all of the stories were published in other UK collections (see UK book appearances of stories below).List of stories: Double Sin; Wasp's Nest; The Theft of the Royal Ruby (also known as The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding); The Dressmaker's [...]

    Ivonne Rovira
    Double Sin and Other Stories, first published in 1961, contains eight short stories that were previously published elsewhere. With the exception of the silly “The Dressmaker’s Doll” and the predictable “The Last Séance,” all of the stories are enjoyable, particularly the final one, “Sanctuary.”And, yes, Hercule Poirot and Miss Jane Marple make some appearances. Lastly, I listened to an audiobook of this book, and all of the narrators — particularly Simon Vance, Joan Hickson, and [...]

    Caidyn (BW Book Reviews; he/him/his)
    Double Sin - 4/5: I was about halfway through this short story when I distinctly remembered watching it on Agatha Christie's Poirot about a few months back. Of course, I remembered the general idea of the case, but I couldn't remember whodunnit. An enjoyable short little mystery. And, why is it that every time Poirot tries to have a little vacation, he winds up having to solve a mystery?Wasps' Nest - 4/5: Short, sweet, and to the point. This was the perfect length for this mystery. And, as usual [...]

    Really great classic Agatha Christie. I was surprised to discover a few stories were less mystery and more gothic/horror. Between Agatha Christie and Alfred Hitchcock, can you beat the English for knowing what's supremely creepy?

    Kim Kaso
    Entertaining and fun, an Agatha Christie is always a treat during a month of reading. Poirot and Miss Marple had stories, plus some creepier tales.

    I racconti della bambola e della medium mi hanno un po' lasciata perplessa, non sembrano proprio racconti della Christie e non mi aspettavo questo tocco di soprannaturale.

    Diana Long
    This is a mixed group, some featuring her well known characters and some featuring none. Many of the stories appear in other of her published works. Featured in this edition are:Double SinWasp's NestThe Theft of the Royal Ruby (a.k.a The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding)The Dressmaker's DollGreenshaw's FollyThe Double ClueThe Last SeanceSanctuary

    Cerize Sicat
    My favorite would definitely be the The Thief of the Ruby Stone which is a Poirot story. It's highly entertaining. The play the kids set up for Hercule Poirot is kind of funny, though it reminded me of a movie that sounds exactly like it (but it's a new film, so they might have gotten the idea elsewhere). Well played Poirot, well played. I didn't like the story of The Dressmaker's Doll and The Last Seance. They somehow do not tie up well with the other stories. They somehow doesn't make sense to [...]

    Several fascinating mysteries and even a few ghost stories, which was a pleasant surprise. I had no idea that Christie wrote ghost/supernatural stories. My favorites mysteries were two of the Poirot tales: Wasp’s Nest, The Theft of the Royal Ruby, and the very interesting Ms. Marple story Sanctuary. I also very much enjoyed The Dressmaker’s Doll, which was a classic English style ghost story very elegantly told. Some were weaker than others, but not a bad story in the bunch. Very enjoyable c [...]

    An odd collection of mysteries, everything from the usual Poirot and Miss Marple stories to two creepy, supernatural stories quite out of the usual for Christie. As usual, her short stories are a delight.

    All these stories are in other collections. I had read them already.

    Meh. This wasn't a great collection of short stories (nothing like The Regatta Mystery), but it also wasn't the worst Christie I've read. "The Dressmaker's Doll" and "The Last Seance" were the only truly awful stories, the rest were ok. Overall feelings = meh.

    Short story collections are so hard to rate. A few of the stories were great, but most were awful. They were like half formed things.


    2017 reread on audio: Magnificent collection of stories I think I may know by heart. This time the fabulous readings by Christopher Lee, David Suchet, the lispy Joan Hickson, and other fabulous actors were so good I am inclined to re-listen rather than be disappointed by whatever I try next. I've a suspicion that I first read this book more than 30 years ago, and perhaps that's why I could tell you the creepy doll story, Poirot's Christmas adventure with the pudding, and the seemingly idiot girl [...]

    Mike Page
    Short stories can be good when you have been reading novels/novellas and these are decent. The two "supernatural" stories do not really make the impression I think they meant to, especially the seance one which you could see the ending coming a mile away. Also, I think since they are shorter, it is easier to guess the outcomes for all of them.

    Una raccolta interessante di storie con due personaggi ricorrenti della Christie.Sono presenti anche racconti senza un detective predefinito, dai quali traspare l'interesse dell'autrice per l'elemento paranormale.

    Reminded me why I love Christie. What a fantastic bunch of stories; plus, The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding came at just the right time. :D

    Ar ieškote laimės? O gal gerų detektyvinių istorijų? Patekote ten kur ir reikia.Telieka tik perskaityti

    Bookworm Erica
    enjoyable. odd to read non mystery stories from her tho. the doll story was very goodd very creepy

    واقعا جالب و پر از داستان های مهیج و زیبا بود

    I just couldn't get into this one. I really wanted to like it and to get into it, but I just couldn't. I will probably try again later.

    This is a set of short stories written by Agatha Christie. It is a mixed bag of characters and that made for some interesting reading. In this book, you will enjoy both Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple use their knowledge of how people tick either by experience or their little grey cells to solve murders. There is one story in which Hercule Poirot celebrates an old-fashioned English Christmas while solving a delightful mystery. Miss Marple shows her skills at observation of other people never lead [...]

    Bridget Martin
    This short story collection is a very good introduction to Agatha Christie. The Wasp Nest is classic Agatha Christie. This short story exemplifies why her work is still enjoyed by so many. It hardly mattered that I soon remembered seeing a televised version. It's not a who-dun-it. It's a tag along with M. Poirot and enjoy his reasoning. An extended quote from agathachristie/charact :Poirot and ChristieOne of Christie’s later regrets was that Hercule Poirot began his literary life too mature: " [...]

    "In one of london's most elegant shops, a doll in green velvet is found every morning, seated in a different chair In a small country church, an uninvited stranger is discovered sprawled at the altar. In this superb collection of treats for mystery lovers, both the indomitable English gentlewoman, Miss Marple, and the inimitable Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot, put their power to the test."~~ back cover'The Dressmaker's Doll' ("a doll in green velvet is found every morning, seated in a differ [...]

    "Agatha Christie was the greatest exponent of the classical detective story. Her unique literary talents have crossed every boundary of age, race, class, geography and education. While she refined the template for a fictional form, the reading of her books became an international pastime." John CurranI started reading and collecting Agatha Christie books when I was 9 years old. I adored her books and still do. There is a great comfort, as an adult, in reading her books and acute observations of [...]

    This collection contains several stories which appeared earlier--including one called "The Theft of the Royal Ruby," which is renamed from a British collection called The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding, in which it was the title story. it also has two of my least favorite Christie offerings ever: supernatural stories, one about a doll and one about a seance. I never liked dolls--even when I was a kid; I think they're creepy. A supernatural story about a doll is about the worst thing I can im [...]

    Really good collection. The Poirot stories get a tad repetitive about missing jewels, but were still entertaining. A couple of supernatural stories slipped in, "The Dressmaker's Doll" and "The Last Seance". The latter was a little on the cliche side, but had a creepy undercurrent, and "The Dressmaker's Doll" brought a gamut of emotions. The collection concludes strongly with two Miss Marple stories with her wonderfully crafted puzzling incidents that befall her acquaintances.

    Bonnie Sanguinet
    This is the first downloadable audio book I've listened to and was perfect for the plane travel I was doing. It consists of eight stories, some mysteries, some closer to horror. My favorite was the Dressmaker's Doll, one of the horror stories, but I just simply like the way Christie writes.The joy of listening to actors like David Sushet, Ajman Hickson and Christopher Lee also added to my pleasure.

    Bettye McKee
    It's always nice to take a break from heavier reading and relax with an Agatha Christie story. For the most part, the short stories in this volume are good, old-fashioned mysteries. It's hard to believe this book was published 46 years ago. The stories are timeless and still just as entertaining.Dame Christie wandered into the paranormal realm a couple of times with The Dressmaker's Doll and The Last Seance. Otherwise Hercule Poirot and Miss Jane Marple were at the top of their game.

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