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  • Title: Book of Moons
  • Author: Rosemary Edghill
  • ISBN: 9780812534399
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

  • Someone is stalking New York s occult underground in search of the Book of Moons, an ancient spell book that may have once belonged to Mary, Queen of Scots, and is willing to kill to find it Can Bast, a single white witch and amateur detective, find the murderer before he or she strikes again HC Forge.
    Rosemary Edghill
    Rosemary Edghill is a pen name of Eluki Bes Shahar She was born long enough ago to have seen Classic Trek on its first outing and to remember that she once thought Spock Must Die to be great literature As she aged, she put aside her fond dreams of taking over for Batman when he retired, and returned to her first love, writing Her first SF sale as eluki bes shahar was the Hellflower series, in which Damon Runyon meets Doc Smith over at the old Bester place Between books and short stories in every genre but the Western several dozen so far , she s held the usual selection of odd and part time writer jobs, including bookstore clerk, secretary, beta tester for computer software, graphic designer, book illustrator, library clerk, and administrative assistant for a non profit arts organization She can truthfully state that she once killed vampires for a living, and that without any knowledge of medicine has illustrated half a dozen medical textbooks.Her last name despite the efforts of editors, reviewers, publishing houses, her webmaster, and occasionally her own fingers is not spelled Edgehill.Also writes under the name Eluki Bes Shahar.

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    Kao i prethodna (a bogami i sledeća) knjiga u trilogiji o Bast, profi Vikanki i detektivki amaterki, i ova knjiga je umereno slab detektivski roman a vrlo solidan romančić o moralnim dilemama pojedinca koji se drži svoje religije ali gubi poverenje u svoju versku zajednicu. Šarena i vrlo raznorodna neopaganska scena u Njujorku devedesetih, za one koji to vole, plus dosta scena smeštenih u knjižarama specijalizovanim za okultno ali koje se (knjižare) prevashodno izdržavaju prodajući upe [...]

    Second in the "Bast" mystery series featuring Karen Hightower, a Wiccan and member of Changings coven in New York, and whose witch name is Bast. It's set in contemporary New York--although this was written at least 15 years ago--and deals with the life of contemporary Pagans. In this book, Bast's friend Glitter calls her, distraught, because her BoS (Book of Shadows--a witch's own personal self-written "Bible" and spellbook as it were) has disappeared. Since Glitter tends to be a bit absent-mind [...]

    Much like Speak Daggers to Her, its predecessor, Book of Moons is a tight, thoughtful little mystery. Its selling point isn't necessarily the complexity of the crime at hand; since this book's only a couple hundred pages in length, there's not much time for things to get too complex. Rather, what makes it interesting is Bast and her interactions with everyone in her neopagan community, and in particular as a followup to the events of Book 1.Several of Bast's fellow Wiccans are noticing strange d [...]

    The second Bast novel deals with the strange disappearances of numerous Books of Shadows throughout the Wiccan community, the murder of a Celtic-themed bookstore owner, a newbie desperate to join a coven and organizing a public Pagan event in NYC. To say Bast has her hands full is an understatement. Throw in mysterious, old Book of Shadows that might belong to Mary Stuart aka Mary, Queen of Scots and all bets are off.As a mystery, this book is a bit light. The killer isn't much of a surprise. Ho [...]

    The entire trilogy of the Bast Mysteries is very good, but this is my favorite. All three books follow a similar pattern - classic murder mysteries, but with a Pagan subculture twist. What greatly appealed to me was that there are REAL Pagans in this book - everything from the New Ager hippy to the sci-fi geeks blending fandom with faith to the perpetually frustrated faith-seeking outsider. The main character, Bast, is easy for me to connect with.These are quick books to read, although getting h [...]

    Aelwyn Daeira
    This book is FABULOUS. Any Pagan who is part of "the community" will recognize the characters who show up to the Beltane festival.And enjoyable, exhilarating, and quick read. I can't wait to read the other Bast mysteries.

    Julie H.
    This is the sort of urban mystery that just might save your life someday. Seriously. Do not be afraid to make a scene when push comes to shove.

    read 02.15.06

    The second in Edghill's series of Wiccan/Neopagan-themed mysteries. Better than the first one (there is an actual mystery, even if Our Heroine is too dense to solve it in a timely manner).

    • Free Read [Fantasy Book] ¶ Book of Moons - by Rosemary Edghill ✓
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