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  • Title: Because He First Loved Us
  • Author: Henry B. Eyring
  • ISBN: 9781570089244
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Hardcover

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    Henry B. Eyring
    Henry Bennion Eyring is an American educational administrator and religious leader who is First Counselor in the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints LDS Church Eyring was the Second Counselor to Gordon B Hinckley in the First Presidency from October 6, 2007 until Hinckley s death on January 27, 2008 On February 3, 2008, Eyring was called to be the First Counselor to Thomas S Monson in the First Presidency, serving with Second Counselor Dieter F Uchtdorf.Eyring has also served in the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, the presiding bishopric, First Quorum of the Seventy, and as Commissioner of Church Education of the LDS Church.


    This is the kind of book you want to read slowly, to contemplate. Read it too fast and it’s not going to make a huge impact, I’d think, because how could you apply all the principles he outlines?Elder Eyring’s first book, To Draw Closer to God, was geared more toward our building a relationship with God, putting our hearts in the right place so that the Spirit may abide within us. Because He First Loved Us focuses on sharing our spiritual strength with others.I wish I had taken notes on it [...]

    Josef Miyasato
    The more I read this the more profound it becomes.

    The first 40% of the book is the plan of salvation. I love Henry Eyring's stories, and I missed them in the first of the book. He writes about new convert's coming into the church, and the callings they are called to serve. He said that all of our callings are giving to us by our Heavenly Father, to help us stretch and grow. The membership of the church are to watch after the new converts, and help them. He has a section on teenagers, and tells us the dangers of this time in the lives of those c [...]

    David Barney
    Talk President Eyring has given throughout his ministry. Good to read them over again.

    7/21/8 It's amazing to hear the love and sincerity Elder Eyring sharing these very personal stories and lessons in his own voice in my audiobook copy on my MP3 player as I commute to and from work each day. Today I listened as he shared regarding a lesson he learned when his patience was reaching it's limit with his two-year-old son and I was chastened along with him as the Lord, through the simple faith of brother Eyring's son, gave him insight into his own weaknesses. There is a direction and [...]

    This was a 'collection of discourses by Henry B. Eyring' of the First Presidency of the LDS church. I always enjoy hearing his talks, because he speaks so clearly and with such feeling. I actually remember him giving some of these talks, but it was great to read them all collected like this. I have two favorites in here, one called "Do Not Delay." This was a reminder that life is swift and uncertain, and if we want to make changes in our lives, the time to do it is now. I also really enjoyed the [...]

    The first chapter caught my attention so completely that we found an audio version of it, and we listened to it as a family.This is a selection of talks by Henry B. Eyring. Some of them were familiar, and were a delight to reread. Many of them can be found on lds. This book brings together many meaningful discourses.Contents (are in three sections): TURNING OUR HEARTSA Life Founded on TruthDo Not DelayChild of PromiseMaking Covenants with GodPrayerAlwaysFinding Safety in CounselThat We May Be On [...]

    Amy Halbern
    I love President Eyring. He is one of my favorite Apostles. I love the stories and examples he shared from his life and the life of the Savior. I loved how he helped us better understand the plan and love that Heavenly Father has for each one of us. I loved how President Eyring helped see how we can improve our lives by serving and loving others unconditionally. Finally I loved at the end how he talked about gift giving and the different theories behind it. This also gave a different perspective [...]

    This collection of talks by Henry B. Eyring is a wonderful read. Touching on faith, fellowship, the giving and receiving of gifts, etc each chapter stands alone while also contributing to the inspiring whole of the book. One of my favorites, 'Debt Management', was actually the shortest, underscoring Eyring's gift of generating a thought-provoking impact even in minimal pages. Henry Eyring is an exceptionally inspiring person - the way he writes/speaks definitely resonates with me.

    I absolutely loved this book! It's a compilation of several of Pres. Eyring's talks given over the years. I love how the talks are grouped, the way they all flow together, and how uplifted I felt with every page. Honestly, this is probably the best parenting manual I've every read. It's nothing new: just live the gospel to your best ability and share your testimony. But, as a mother I found so many helpful things for raising righteous, happy, and loving children.

    as a speech and language pathologist, i've developed a love for communication and the human voice. i have always loved president eyring's voice and the way you can feel his testimony and love for the Savior in not only his words, but also in his voice. i listened to this book, read by the author, which made it especially powerful. president eyring taught gospel principles that gave me a new perspective of the principles. i love this book.

    Listened to this in the car and really enjoyed it. There are so many principles he discusses that are immediately applicable to my life. I plan to listen to it again soon. Although I recommend it to anyone, I find it particularly helpful to new husbands/fathers because he told so many stories about interactions with his father and with his own children. It struck me how great a man must be to raise his son to eventually become an Apostle.

    I just never know how to rate a religion book. I liked this book by Eyring but I think "Drawing Closer to God" is better than this one. Still has a lot of great quotes from him but at times it dragged on with repeated messages (not that I don't need them). Good read, just not one that I say is awesome.

    I will admit that many of the discourses in this book brought tears to my eyes.The talks are divided into three sections: 1) Turning Our Hearts, 2) Leading Others to Christ, and 3) Blessing Others in Love. A true testimony strengthening book. With studying the New Testament and the life of Christ in Sunday School this year, it has been a nice addition to my Sunday reading.

    I would recommend this book to three sets of people: 1) parents; 2) home & visiting teachers; 3) friends. There is something in this book for everyone, but I found some very needed counsel for those 3 groups. If you read it with a desire to find ways to bless others - you will find exactly what you need.

    I love this book. I love Henry B. Eyring's ability to make me want to be a better person and how he concentrates on Christ. This is the type of book where you can read a chapter and it's like a reading an article in the Ensign, so you don't have to keep reading it straight through, you can just pick it up when you need a lift. Good book.

    Mary L.
    When you want a short (or semi short) uplift this is the kind of book to read. It is composed of talks or pieces of talks given by Henry B. Eyring. Perhaps my favorite was titled Debt Management. It's not the type of debt that I expected but one that we all have--remember the part in King Benjamin's talk about the unprofitable servant.

    What can I say? A whole collection of President Eyring's talks and addresses. I love the way he explains the gospel, and the relationship we can have with the Lord and others. I was surprised at how many times he specifically talked about parenting, and loved it.

    "Because He First Loved Us" by President Henry B. Eyring is a collection of some of his addresses given throughout the years. Many of these talks are classics and are worth savoring. I highly recommend this book to all believers of Christ.

    Brad Boyce
    I have always been fond of Elder Eyring's teachings and books. This book was especially helpful for me as parent trying to figure out how to help my boys build faith and spiritual strength. This book could be possibly be in my top-ten.

    I had heard many of these talks in General Conference or at CES meetings when I was a seminary teacher. So as I revisited them I could hear the kind, emotion-filled voice of Pres. Eyring in my mind's ear reminding me of simple truths that will help me better live the Gospel.

    This is a collection of talks that he has given over a period of several years. Some of them really spoke to my heartke "The Law of Increasing Returns." I will read parts of this book over and over.

    It feels a little odd to rate church books. They are just in a totally different category from all the other books I rate on this site. That being said, it is a very good book. It is just a bunch of talks but they are all good.

    My Daughter sums Henry B Eyring books as "you need to read a little at a time because the book is so full of emotion" I tend to agree. Read a little absorb, ponder. You can feel his understand of our Heavenly Fathers plan and love for us.This is a must to read.

    This is the kind of book that makes you look at basic truths and oft read scriptures and realize what they can really mean for you for the first time. I really love the style in which he speaks and writes, so easy to listen to and connect with.

    Michael J Winegar
    This book was really wonderful, even though I didn't realize before I picked it up that it was a collection of discourses rather than a work on a single subject. Heavy reading that I suggest be taken a chapter at a time.

    What can I say? I love Eld./Pres. Eyring. In a word, he's gentle. In two, he's powerfully gentle. Highlights, I think, are "Debt Management" his story about his 80 year old mission companion telling him that he can't get his years back, and the treatise on good gift giving.

    President Eyring has a knack for taking topics I've heard about my whole life and explaining them in a way I've never heard before. The talks in this collection are insightful and well-constructed.

    This was a wonderful insight into the atonement of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Elder Erying inspires me to be better everyday!

    This is another gem by President Eyring. I have read his other book "To Draw Closer to God" about three times. I plan to read this book again. This book brought joy to my life.

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