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  • Title: The New Natural Cat: A Complete Guide for Finicky Owners (Plume)
  • Author: Anitra Frazier Norma Eckroate
  • ISBN: 9780452265172
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Paperback

  • Here is the definitive handbook for concerned cat lovers everywhere, now thoroughly revised and updated with an all new health encyclopedia Offers basic tips on choosing a vet, dealing with litter box problems, selecting a scratching post, proper grooming and diet, caring for sick cats, and much 20 line drawings.
    Anitra Frazier Norma Eckroate
    Anitra Frazier Norma Eckroate Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The New Natural Cat: A Complete Guide for Finicky Owners (Plume) book, this is one of the most wanted Anitra Frazier Norma Eckroate author readers around the world.


    Ok so it's a cat book. I bought this thing YEARS ago and I still have it in my library even though my beloved cats are long gone (about ten years gone). I just highly recommend this book if you are in fact a finicky cat owner- those two things tend to go hand in hand. I utilized all of the recipes for my own two cats and people often commented on how they looked like show cats. Before I earned the love of my two cats (RIP Sydney and Virgil :( ) I was a complete newb about how to tend to a cat. I [...]

    First, this book has GREAT insights about cat behaviour, grooming, feeding, illnesses, etc. There are some negatives though. This book takes a homeopathic view on health. I'm dubious of most homeopathy claims for both humans as well as cats. However, in Frazier's defense, she DOES point out when you should take a cat to a vet and not fool around with at-home homeopathy treatment.Another negative is that in several places Frazier advocates feeding your cat garlic. Please don't do this. Garlic is [...]

    If you are crazy about your cat you will have this bookif you can find it. Last time I looked it was out of print. It really helped in many instances to understand my cat's health. Albeit I don't do all the wonderful recipes she has for making their food. Who has the time? I do try and stay away from cat "junk food". I would add two little pieces of advice. If your cat has a slow intestine, cooked lettuce added to their food will do wonders. Secondly, a homeopathic dose of arsenic (yes, I said a [...]

    Not sure how to characterize this book. It has some pretty good advice that has worked, but later I discovered parts of it that made me wonder about the reliability of the rest. For instance, she recommends Bach flower remedies, believes you can communicate with your cat through mental images and thoughts and I'm pretty sure there was a section in there on your cat's astrological profile. So I guess I'd say try out some of her advice on training your cat, traveling with your cat, etc but check w [...]

    This is a detailed guide to pampering your pet. Really it offers a way for your cat to live a hippy lifestyle. Personally I found much of the advice a bit bizarre, but it was amusing. I don't think I will be cooking the cat natural gourmet meals any time in the near future.

    This is a very helpful guide for cat owners. There's a lot of sensible, low-tech advice in here, especially regarding nutrition. But there's also a lot of wacky-cat-lady stuff. Be selective.

    LOVE this book! Great to have on hand as a reference book. My cat has enjoyed some of the recipes. Not that it is supposed to however it has saved me a few visits to the veterinarian and has given me peace of mind late at night. I am a homeopath and find this very helpful in caring for my cats.

    Great overall resource, would recommend it with kinesiology testingBottom Line: Buy itOverall, a great book to add to your kitty library. Any book that helps empower you, with knowledge, is a good addition to any personal library.I decided to take the health of our cat in a more alternative direction, after he finished a course of antibiotics (prescribed by our vet) that did not resolve his health issues.With the help of friend (certified in kinesiology), we tested our cat for just about everyth [...]

    This book has proven to be invaluable during my cat's recent illness. I haven't read every bit of the book, as it is more of a reference book, but the sections I have read have been extremely helpful. From how to give liquid or pill medications and how to force feed to natural remedies for common ailments and dietary recommendations, this book has it all. [Since I was dealing with a sick cat, I focused on sections such as these; however, she also has information on how to introduce a new pet to [...]

    So far I am generally greatly enjoying this book about cats and natural cat care. The only thing that I've found somewhat disappointing so far is that her only offered solution for digestive problems primarily involves boiling down a chicken to make a concentrated homemade chicken stock for one's cat. I understand that homemade broth is a great solution for a cat, but it simultaneously seems to me like people that are interested in natural pet care are statistically also more likely to not eat m [...]

    Verity Caldwell
    Great book. Being the owner or my 7 cats who own me. I bought the original paperback of this book over 14 years ago. It has been & is my cat Bible. I downloaded the revised edition because my old copy is nearly falling apart & I have not been disappointed the old trusted formats wit up to date information. Anything I needed to know is there & never fails. From dealing with neglected & feral cats with numerous emotional. problems from very nervous timid cats to hyper active. The h [...]

    This gave me a very thorough how-to on caring for my cat, the spunkalicious Chewy. When we first welcomed him to our home, and donned our apartment La Casa de Chewy, I would wake up in the morning with scratches on my face and arms. This book instructed me how to clip his nails without a fight. It also helped me transition him to a raw food diet which has prevented constipation (a big problem in the beginning), improve the quality of his play by identifying him as a bird-cat rather than a mouse- [...]

    An overall very informative book about cats, their behavior and their health. Because Anitra started put as a groomer of some sort, there's also a big part about how to groom. There are some bits that I don't recommend doing with your cat, so you have to filter out a lot of our dated or just wrong information. It also has a lot about homeopathy, she talks about the cat goddess and animal communication. It has to be your cup of tea.

    This is an informative book with many good suggestions for homeopathic treatment. I am taking care of a feral cat (my first cat ever) so some of the book was not applicable for me as she does not allow me to pick her up without scratching me severely. We are working on that.

    Anyone thinking of reading this should know it was published in 1990, whereas _The Natural Cat_ by the same author was published in 2008. Confusing. Returned unread to the library; back to the newer version.

    Love the nutrition section; remove any food left after 10 minutes! feed twice a day; moist or natural food - no kibble, cats do not chew their food! kibble does not clean their teeth!reread in 2010

    Sunny Gulati
    I *thought* I knew my cats. Then I read this book and now, I _know_ my cats. This book helped me understand nuances of their body language, and their social structure -- leading to a much better relationship between them and me.

    If you have a cat--this is good to have on the shelf. Ignore the freaky stuff where the author thinks cats can read minds. Or don't! Maybe she's right.

    This book has saved my a** & my bank acct so many times. My cat-habit is expensive/extensive, & this book has great info.

    The must have for cat owners

    Originally bought and read years ago for Hobbes. Have re-read it numerous times. I believe the tips in here helped keep my beloved Hobbes alive for nearly 19 years.

    Caroline Mathews
    Ha! Getting Belle and the Fabulous Five ready to do some gourmet cat dining!

    Some great tips for taking care of your cats.

    This is a great guide to natural cat care. Many wonderful remedies and suggestions on diet to maintain a healthy cat.

    Great reference book

    • [PDF] Download Ù The New Natural Cat: A Complete Guide for Finicky Owners (Plume) | by ↠ Anitra Frazier Norma Eckroate
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