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  • Title: The Living Daylights
  • Author: Ian Fleming
  • ISBN: 9780141195971
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Paperback

  • In the first of these two thrilling stories, the suave and deadly James Bond is sent to Berlin, where a British agent is going to make a break for freedom beneath the barrel of a KGB assassin s gun While, in the second, a daring execution on motorbike is a riddle only 007 can solve.
    Ian Fleming
    Librarian Note There is than one author in the database with this name Ian Lancaster Fleming was a British author, journalist and Second World War Navy Commander He was a grandson of the Scottish financier Robert Fleming, who founded the Scottish American Investment Trust and the merchant bank Robert Fleming Co.Fleming is best remembered for creating the character of James Bond and chronicling his adventures in twelve novels and nine short stories Additionally, Fleming wrote the children s story Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and two non fiction books.


    Richard Derus
    Rating: 3* of fiveAgain a reminder that the 1987 film is what I'm reviewing, not the Fleming story. Ye gods and little fishes. That's some uninteresting Bond-age. Fell asleep twice. Bratislava? Vienna? Can anyone tell the difference? The plot's very much as always, and that's not a problem if the series has its hooks into you. But the problem with this film is the 1980s-ness of it. What was wit in 1967 is sarcasm in 1987. What was seductive in 1967 is sexual harassment in 1987.Highlights: this f [...]

    I think this is pretty boring plot-wise but I actually enjoy the characterisation of James Bond. It's pretty bleak and depressing, actually. Him being so occupied with guns, women and alcohol doesn't look so "cool" when it's told from his point of view, even though he'd probably disagree. I almost feel bad for him.

    Heather Clitheroe
    For a first introduction to Ian Fleming, it's surprisingly cogent. The character of James Bond isn't new to me - both the James Bond of old and the newer, rawer version found in Daniel Craig. But this is a more considered James Bond to be found in Ian Fleming's writings - one who isn't entirely satisfied with his work, whose head is, yes, turned by pretty women, but who takes a tranquilizer to sleep the day before an assassination assignment. This is a James Bond I can like.And bravo to the Peng [...]

    Aedan Lake
    Two neat little stories - the first Bond short stories I have read, and rather good too. Unusual missions in both stories ("The Living Daylights" and "From a View to a Kill") with a focus on waiting, watching, and drinking until the enemy shows his hand. Fleming's Bond is particularly snobbish and dismissive here, as he muses on life, nature, the awfulness of Berlin, the awfulness of Paris, how disappointing French women are, the time that he lost his virginity and his note-case simultaneously a [...]

    Mark JEaston
    While James Bond translates naturally from the page to film, there's something in Fleming's writing, a brisk but stylish veneer, that the films fail to capture, stripping Bond's elegance and his encyclopaedic and intimate knowledge of drinks and guns, and replacing them with a singular taste for dry martinis and Walther PPKs.Given the continual and frequent production of Bond films, reading the Living Daylights is something of a magic tonic. Not only does it show Bond as the discriminating, hard [...]

    With this, I finish all of the original James Bond stories. Fleming is at best not a great writer, and he really only likes two things (Jamaica and describing luxury items that Bond is wearing/driving/etc.). This was a collection of short stories that didn't work nearly as well as the other set (For Your Eyes Only), but that are better than most of the "late" books (which are really just short stories anyways).

    Rafal Kudlinski
    What can I say. Huge KUDOS to screenwriters of the James Bond movie "The Living Daylights". Movie is very insightful,story is way better told and action keeps you glued to the tv screen for way over 2 hours. Skip this really poor JB story and watch the movie. The Living Daylights is my all time favourite James Bond movie and this story is something I wish I never read

    From IMdb:James Bond is living on the edge to stop an evil arms dealer from starting another world war. Bond crosses all seven continents in order to stop the evil Whitaker and General Koskov.

    This was great! I've never read a Bond book or short story but this mini-collection made me want to. Fleming's writing is a pleasure to read and the stories are very exciting! Bond is the epitome of an action hero and this offering from Penguin does not disappoint.

    Fred Voon
    A glimpse and taste of the original Bond. What struck me in these two stories was the women: (a) they appear only to be desired, and so only the desirable ones matter (b) they (the desirable type) are Bond's singular weakness.


    Love James Bond, but I think I love the movies more. The writing and plot were great, but just something was missing. Still good, and I'll be updating the rest of my backlist shortly.

    Brian Wilson
    First Bond stories I've ever read, and I enjoyed them both!

    Read a long time ago. Would have to reread for a better review and rating.

    re-read Sept 2009 to compare with the movie - there is a slight thread.

    Jen Mackay

    Excellent 007 drama.

    Very cool little story. It goes much more into James Bond as a person than "Octopussy" did. Short and sweetwell, for a sniper story.

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