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  • Title: 99 Days
  • Author: Matteo Casali Kristian Donaldson
  • ISBN: 9781401230890
  • Page: 340
  • Format: Hardcover

  • 99 DAYS is the story of Antoine Boshoso Davis, who is living the dream as a rookie homicide detective for the LAPD But 12 years ago he was living a nightmare As a young Hutu in Rwanda, Antoine was forced to become a child soldier with the rebel Hutu militia Like so many others he was caught up in the slaughter of a country gone insane murdering scores of men, womenand99 DAYS is the story of Antoine Boshoso Davis, who is living the dream as a rookie homicide detective for the LAPD But 12 years ago he was living a nightmare As a young Hutu in Rwanda, Antoine was forced to become a child soldier with the rebel Hutu militia Like so many others he was caught up in the slaughter of a country gone insane murdering scores of men, womenand children with a machete.Antoine eventually fled Rwanda to LA, was raised by an adoptive family into a quiet, sensitive man with a deep need for justice so he joined the LAPD.But when a serial killer starts stalking the African American residents of LA murdering them with a machete Antoine discovers that his past has come back to haunt him.
    Matteo Casali Kristian Donaldson
    Matteo Casali Kristian Donaldson Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the 99 Days book, this is one of the most wanted Matteo Casali Kristian Donaldson author readers around the world.


    Gayle Francis Moffet
    The book starts with an interesting premise: An LA cop--a survivor of the Rwandan genocide of 1994--finds himself having flashbacks and hallucinations of his experiences from childhood when a violent gang war breaks out in LA partly due to a killer wielding a machete.I was hooked on the idea until I started hitting serious storytelling issues throughout that occurred as follows:1. There's a clear attempt (backed up by the blurb on the book) to draw parallels between the Rwandan genocide that occ [...]

    Apparently I'm one of the odd folks out with this book, as compared to others, I think this is the best of the Vertigo Crime series that I've read so far.Not only is the art much better than the other two volumes that I've read, but Casali's writing is much stronger, too, as this almost has a literary feel. Casali let's the artist's images do the talking for his characters, as many of the scenes cut/end on an odd note, one that leaves much that should be said, unsaid, which added to the book's c [...]

    Allen B
    99 Days starts out as your basic police procedural in graphic novel form and slowly becomes more than a by the numbers case as you dive into the backstory of LAPD detective AntoineDavis. The ending of the book took my by surprise but as you get into the second half of the book and his back story becomes more prevalent I couldn't help but feel a certain sympathy for the character. The case Antoine is involved in slowly starts to pull his sanity apart and while I wouldn't classify his actions as s [...]

    James Eckman
    Really a 2.5, a decent plot but the art is so-so and doesn't help the story that much. OK if you like hard-boiled detective stuff.

    Matt Lohr
    The three stars I am giving 99 DAYS are based almost entirely on a truly compelling premise: A black LAPD homicide cop investigates a series of machete murders in south LA that are fomenting gang and racial violence in the streets, the murders all the while calling up horrid repressed memories of the detective's past as a child soldier in the 1994 Rwandan genocide. But this is another case of a dynamite concept hamstrung by problematic execution. The potentially fascinating parallel between the [...]

    The Book Girl (Andrea)
    I am so excited I picked up this book. The premise of this book is that this LA Cop is having flash backs and is thinking about the nightmare of Rwanda. This happens when a gang war breaks out in LA. This killer is wielding a machete, which is similar to his past. The cop in this book is an incredible character, albeit an unbelievable one. I would hope that given the fact it is 2016 a cop like this would not be allowed on the streets. He is having flash backs, taking hardcore medicine to deal wi [...]

    Another installment in the Vertigo Crime line and another pretty good book. I still have a problem with the price for what it is size-wise. Here, Matteo Casali tells the story of a former Rwandan who grew up in the middle of genocide and now has memories flying back to him in the middle of his new life as a LAPD Detective. The story is decent but the twist was predictable and the overall narration by a local radio shock job as grating and would have been better served as a small dose. I feel we [...]

    99 Days has a compelling procedural concept: Take an L.A. homicide detective with a connection to the 1994 Rwandan genocide and have him investigate a series of brutal machete murders in South Central gang territories. Structurally, author Matteo Casali effectively crosscuts between the 2010 murders and the protagonist's African youth, but the dialogue and plotting is pure trash. Casali lays the Ebonics on with a trowel, and the characters are one-dimensional cartoons. It's a shame, as the story [...]

    This Vertigo crime series explores the haunted past and present of LAPD homicide detective Antoine Davis. Having spent his youth as a converted child warrior of the Hutu in Rwanda, Davis is scarred by the atrocities he was forced to commit. Drawn into a violent case of people slaughtered by a machete-wielding maniac, Davis is forced to confront his past sins. A unique exploration of civilized and uncivilized violence, the urban horror and psychosis is a little rushed to bring us to a twisted end [...]

    Vasilis Giannopoulos
    It's a pretty good book with a very intriguing basic idea, which was what caught my attention in the first place. There are some problems with the dialogues but in general I enjoyed reading the whole story and the art is up to it 100%. Also, unlike others I liked the end as I expected something far more cliche. I would go for a 4 star rating but it being rather expensive for its size and publication quality made me reconsider.

    This was ok.I like crime stories but this seemed the result of a formula.In fact, this book could have been written from a template that the other books in this "Vertigo Crime" series were based on. So this was very similar to, but probably not as good as other books in this "Vertigo Crime" series.

    Ryan Haupt
    I wanted to like this more than I was able to. I worry that someone who doesn't know as much about the Rwandan genocide would have a hard time following the plot. I love the idea of how a child soldier might cope as a homicide detective, I'm just not sure this went deep enough to have much of an impact on me. Nice to look at, not a bad read, I just wanted more.

    Another compelling tale in the Vertigo Crime series. While interesting it was more predictable than others. The art was clean and reminded me of Mike Avon Oeming.I gave it a 7/10 on my personal scale.-tpl

    Ming Siu
    Pacing was a little slow, and plot was somewhat predictable. I realised I have a much sicker imagination than the writer, as none of the twists seemed to match up in intensity to what I'd thought they'd be.

    I'll probably continue to read these series, because they are "okay" like a lot of pulp fiction, but they take a lot less time.

    This is a dark drama based on real event in Rwanda, i took the blame because i had a bad mark in ethnology classroom studies.

    For a graphic novel it really got me thinking about some social dynamics we often dismiss.

    Speaking of terrible crime comics, this book is a piece of garbage. Have you seen Hollywood Shuffle? This book reads like one of the ridiculous movies Robert Townsend was forced to try out for.

    • [PDF] Download ✓ 99 Days | by ✓ Matteo Casali Kristian Donaldson
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