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  • Title: Edge
  • Author: Jeffery Deaver
  • ISBN: 9781444704464
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

  • When a Washington, D.C police detective is targeted by Henry Loving, he and his family are immediately put under government protection Loving is a ruthless lifter , hired to extract information from his victims, and he will use whatever means necessary including kidnapping, torturing or killing their family.Assigned to the Kesslers is protection officer Corte uncompromWhen a Washington, D.C police detective is targeted by Henry Loving, he and his family are immediately put under government protection Loving is a ruthless lifter , hired to extract information from his victims, and he will use whatever means necessary including kidnapping, torturing or killing their family.Assigned to the Kesslers is protection officer Corte uncompromising, relentlessly devoted to protecting those in his care and a brilliant game strategist He also knows just how brutal the lifter can be six years earlier, Loving killed someone close to him.The situation soon escalates into a deadly contest between protector and lifter as each tries to outwit the other .
    Jeffery Deaver
    1 international bestselling author of over thirty novels and three collections of short stories His books are sold in 150 countries and translated into 25 languages His first novel featuring Lincoln Rhyme, The Bone Collector, was made into a major motion picture starring Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie He s received or been shortlisted for a number of awards around the world.


    Giovanni Gelati
    I just need to get this out from the start: I loved this novel, seriously, loved it! This will definitely be in my top five reads of the year, not the quarter, the year. Synopsis first then let the love fest begin:“When Washington D.C. police detective Ryan Kessler is targeted by Henry Loving, he and his family are immediately put under government protection. Loving is a ruthless "lifter", hired to extract information from his victims, and he will use whatever means necessary including kidnapp [...]

    Anne(Booklady) Molinarolo
    3.5 StarsMy MusingsI really liked this novel a lot. And if I hadn't been sick this weekend, I would have finished it in 2 days. Jeffery Deaver has created a great new character - Corte - that I would really enjoy seeing again; maybe as sequel or a new series. He's a complicated guy who doesn't smile, takes his job seriously, and does what it takes to protect his charges. He's very secretive and loves board games, and he uses game strategy to outsmart the lifters and hitters that want to kill or [...]

    PROTAGONIST: Corte, Federal protection officerSETTING: Washington, DC; Virginia SERIES: StandaloneRATING: 3.5EDGE is a standalone by thriller expert Jeffery Deaver which introduced me to a few different kinds of characters than I’ve met before. The protagonist of the book, Corte, is a Federal protection officer who is known as a “shepherd”. His assignments are to protect people who possess information that a criminal desperately needs. Often, the criminal will hire someone known as a “li [...]

    I am a big fan of Jeffery Deaver and this book, "The Edge,"
 with Corte, who calls himself ‘the shepherd,’ a protector, as the main character, this book was no exception. Loving is a return character for Deaver and an old enemy his stories. It is not Deaver’s best book but as I listened to it on audio and it was easy to follow and had both action and suspense. I had a bit of confusion at first with “the lifters,” the hitters” and the cutters and what all of that meant. It is a fast [...]

    Edge, eh? Four words sum up this review: Deaver has lost his. Don't waste your time or money.

    Edge is the first Deaver book I've read that was not in the Lincoln Rhyme series. I was pleasantly surprised by a slam bang action packed thriller with plenty of curves in the road. The story revolves around a special witness protection detail. They are attempting to protect a family from a guy known as a lifter. A "lifter" is a mercenary who extracts information. He is willing to use any "edge" he can get. He will kidnap, torture, threaten, blackmail. The bad guy in this story is an expert at k [...]

    3.5 Stars for me. It wasn't that this wasn't a good book, it was. Corte is a new character for Deaver, not sure if we will see him again. Corte works for a shadow government agency that protects individuals from harm. He has many people that don't want him to complete his mission. Where I had issues with the book was it was wrote in first person. My least favorite tense. Eventually I got used to it and was able to get into the story. Corte came off as a loney individual and after reading the sur [...]

    Enjoyed this fast paced thriller thoroughly. The 'twists' got a little repetitive towards the end, but still a very good read.

    Very surprised. It was horrible. Tried to get into this but put it down and I rarely do that ever. Just not up to par with his other recent works of fiction.

    An exceptional effort by Deaver. The book kept me up last night until 2:00 AM finishing it. Lots of surprises right up to the last few pages. Just when you think the narrative is over, something happens to keep it going. The main protagonist, a man named Corte, is a a senior federal protection officer known as a "shepherd." He is in the employ of an anonymous government agency dedicated to a highly specialized brand of citizen protection. He is assigned to protect a Washington, D.C police detect [...]

    Craig Sisterson
    Bestselling American thriller writer Jeffery Deaver is most well-known for his psychological thriller series starring quadriplegic criminalist Lincoln Rhyme (such as THE BONE COLLECTOR, adapted into a film starring Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie), a spin-off series starring interrogation expert Kathryn Dance, and recently for taking up the baton by penning the latest James Bond novel, CARTE BLANCHE, but he has also written some very good standalone thrillers over the years. EDGE introduces [...]

    Dodol Surodol
    Deaver seems to have gotten better with technical terms and the teenage character says "like" a lot less, so that's good. I'm not that crazy about the protagonist's extreme love for board games. Deaver does this a lot with his protagonists, tying every thought and action with whatever interest they have, and while it's nice to learn about things you wouldn't otherwise know, it tends to render the characters one-dimensional.As writers are prone to, Deaver exaggerates the I.T. stuff quite a bit, w [...]

    Nayan Patel
    Another great book by Jeffery Deaver!! This book for me was highly reminiscent of The Blue Nowherewhere the reader was left guessing till the last moment.What really sets this book apart is the one on one matching of wits between Henry Loving and Corte, the main protagonist in the book. Corte is a "shepherd" in a highly clandestine government agency responsible for protecting Ryan Kessler and his family to prevent the "lifter" Loving from gaining an 'Edge' over his wards. Just when the reader th [...]

    As other reviewers have suggested, the protagonist seems to be a stand in for the author, And if this is the case, the author must be, as the protagonist is, a total bore.He wants to provide little grammar lessons along the way. Only problem, Deaver can't come close to Strunk & White or Eats, Shoots & Leaves. He begins on p. 18 by giving the grammar once over to an email. "Grammar, spelling and punctuation are good," he says. "Proper use of "per." I didn't explain that 'as per,' what mos [...]

    This book had a subject that I haven't really read much about. Corte, works for a super secret agency within the government, one who provides protection for people that are getting ready to go into the witness protection program. It is like they are the in between the US Marshalls, who normally take care of this service.While the prologue starts out with a bang, the start of the book is a little slow, setting up the players and just exactly who and what everyone is. But once the story gets going [...]

    I really enjoyed this book overall, but the author has some annoying habits. He puts the characters in "back-to-the-wall" situations, then taa daa! He gets them out of it, because he is sooo smart that he knew this would happen and planned for it. And how did he get so smart? Well, he has lots of degrees. History and math and I'm sure there are more, but I wasn't paying attention anymore. He is obsessed with board games! Yes, Risk and chess and backgammon. That's how he outsmarts the bad guys. D [...]

    Though he's a favorite author, not my favorite book. A story about private protection of a family against a "lifter" or person hired to kidnap a family member for the purpose of finding information, it never really grabbed me.The main character, Corte, never engaged me - he seemed flat, cold, and distant. The story is told from his perspective but you never really learn much about him. Even the bad guy, Henry Loving (really?!), wasn't well developed and seemed a cardboard character. He was alway [...]

    Simon Gosden
    Jeffery Deaver writes some of the cleverest, well constructed crime novels to be found anywhere and this really hits the mark.When Washington D.C. police detective Ryan Kessler is targeted by Henry Loving, he and his family are immediately put under government protection. Loving is a ruthless ‘lifter’, hired to extract information from his victims, and he will use whatever means necessary including kidnapping, torturing or killing their family. The hero of this tale is Corte uncompromising, [...]

    When a secret government agency becomes aware of a plot to kidnap a Washington, D.C. police officer, Corte, an agent who works for the agency, is assigned the role of "shepherd" or protector. In this fast paced thriller, Corte is pitted against Henry Loving, a cunning and ruthless "lifter" who is known to torture his subjects in order to obtain information. A tense cat and mouse scenario begins as Corte attempts to keep his target alive. With unexpected twists and turns, Deaver keeps the reader [...]

    Deaver and an entire genre like him are what I classify as my "junk reads." He's a step above in that he usually works theoretical concepts into whatever theme he's running; in the case of this book--game theory.

    I did not enjoy this book. I could only get thru the first 10 to 12 pages. I am not sure why but felt very confused by way the subject matter was presented. I like most of Jeffery Deaver's work. This was not one of those.

    Laura C.
    I kept reading Jeffrey Deaver’s “Edge” hoping that there would be something more. There wasn’t. Not because Mr. Deaver can’t write. Not because it wasn’t inventive enough. Not because the twist at the end was expected. It was a report, not a story. Yes, I think that’s it.

    Rupesh Goenka
    A very weak plot gets worse as the story progresses. Characterization is poor with horrible ending. There is no 'EDGE' to this disappointing thriller.

    Typical Jeffrey Deaver in that it's another brilliant book. So many twists and turns in the storyline but he gives you hints of it along the way. I can't wait to read the next book.

    Fantastic! Most exciting, plot twisting novel I've read in ages. Highly recommend!

    The best way I can think of to describe this book is that it was similar to hiding someone by placing them in a witness protection program. The stress of the situation has different effects on each of the Kessler family memebers as the story unravels and Henry Loving, the hired hit man, goes after the real target. Why and who in this family is targeted and how can he keep them safe is the job of Corte, a senior federal protection officer. Corte has a special interest in this case as he has faced [...]

    Contrary to some other readers I thought Jeffery Deaverâ's "Edge" was a great story with more twists and turns than the usual thriller/suspense story.Is short this story revolves around keeping safe those in the community who have information or will speak out against the bad guys. Whether based on fact or purely fiction is of little importance as this yarn gives an insight into the life of one who is charged with keeping safe potential witnesses. While the principal character, Corte, seems to [...]

    The title of the book is well suited. Suffice to say, it kept me on the edge as there were complex yet clearly presented thinking patterns from both the main antagonists.Both character's had similar way's of thinking which created an intense atmosphere throughout and every description was well presented. Whether it was during an action scene or if it were related to tactics which both men subjected upon Eachother to see who would finally conquer once and for all.Overall,a great read and highly r [...]

    Jessica Macri
    I enjoyed this story. Edge is about Corte, a Shepard, or someone who protects people when lifter, or kidnapper is after them. This lifter is super dangerous - he killed Cortes mentor.Corte has an affection for games of strategy- such as board or card games. This gives him a unique in site into what a person's strategy might be. The Edge - is to find something that gives you an edge over someone else to convince them to do what you want. The advantage goes back and forth in this story. It's very [...]

    Jeffrey Deaver must have inserted a cranial jack directly into my brain. He knows how to pump up my heartbeat in anticipation of often brutal action scenes and stroke my ego by letting me feel like I’m solving some of the problems along with his protagonists. The protagonist of the first Deaver novel I read, Speaking in Tongues was largely structured around psychology. This novel, Edge, is largely structured around board games. Admittedly, part of my enthusiasm for this book stems from my pers [...]

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