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  • Title: Little White Lies
  • Author: Gemma Townley
  • ISBN: 9780345486868
  • Page: 217
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

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    Gemma Townley
    Gemma Townley launched her writing career at the age of sixteen with a book review in Harpers Queen At Reading University, unimpressed with the official university paper, Spark, she launched a satirical rival, Spank, which she edited for a year before taking over as deputy editor on Spark and features editor on South East Student.Gemma is currently head of communications at the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants She is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and is studying for an M.B.A at Henley Management College.She lives in West London with her husband, Mark and their son She is Sophie Kinsella s sister.

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    Love Fool
    Okay, so it isn’t that little. It’s kind of a whopper. It’s just that when Natalie Raglan ups and quits her job at a Bath advertising firm, breaks up with her loser-ish boyfriend, and moves–to London! Things don’t quite turn out the way she planned. Having made the brave move to the Big City, the lifelong country mouse finds that living chic is still a long way off. Even Cressida, the girl who used to rent her tiny flat, still gets more phone calls and mail there than Nat does. Come to [...]

    I was in need of a romantic fix, so I picked up Gemma Townley’s Little White Lies. Townley and Shopaholic’s Sophie Kinsella (Madeleine Wickham) are actually sisters, and they both excel in the “Chick Lit” genre. Kinsella’s books have better-developed characters and plots than White Lies, but Townley has the formula down.White Lies' Natalie Raglan moves to London and finds herself alone and lonely. She’s jealous of the mail and phone calls Cressida, who used to live in Natalie’s fla [...]

    I LOVEDLOVEDLOVED this book!!The beginning grabbed me from the get-go and I was hooked until the very end!! Funny, witty and makes you just wish you had a best friend just like her!!You know what she's doing is totally wrong and, not to mention, illegal but you find yourself making excuses for her and seeing the good in what she's doing!A must for every girl.

    This book was a fast read and while I enjoyed the book I would not read it again. I found it to be too predictable and there just weren't enough cute moments to make me want to read it again.

    Sheryl Sato
    A cute and funny romantic comedy.

    Urbandale Library
    This is the type of book that is hard to put down but easy enough to pick up during your kid's swim lesson! Some parts were predictable as with many summer reads but the main character makes some very unpredictable life decisions - the kind of decisions that make you wonder why you aren't a little more unpredictable.

    I wish I had read some reviews on this book before I bought it. This book is about a small town girl who moves to the city and takes on the identity of the woman who had lived in the apartment before her. I found the protagonist, Natalie Raglan, to be wimpy, ditsy, superficial, and extremely indecisive. She rambled on and on about what she was doing wrong but never did anything about it. She seemed to repeat the same sentence over and over again. Towards the middle of the book, I found myself ju [...]

    Nida Kazi
    I really didn't like the beginning It was a major rant but it explained her life so it was necessary And honestly she tried not to read someone's mail (as it's shown in the book multiple times) but she did and then the story progresses to a better plot as Simon enters Liked it! Liked the scene where Julie makes Simon purchase that black dress for NatalieCressida ;)

    About what you would expect from the Shopaholic genre - absurdly complicated scenarios from a ditzy protagonist who should end up penniless living in a room in her parents house but instead comes out on top of the world due a couple of fortuitous chance meetings with random strangers. But all in all, not a bad beach book.

    I was leaning toward a 3, but near the end of the novel the story fell into the chick lit cliche of ridiculous misunderstanding. The main character Natalie is likeable enough, and at least the author provides a reason for her indecision and "gosh, I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings" attitude.

    An interesting enough premise, but had some unanswered questions and plot holes. How did Natalie get off scot-free though she impersonated someone else for a few months? Why did no one ever question her identity? The ending seemed rushed and did not provide a satisfying close to the story.

    Awwwww! I loved it! Carolina Gonzalez, thank you so much for lending this stressful-funny-chick flick of a book!

    Carolina Gonzalez
    Fun book! kept me awake during the graveyard shift!!!

    Readable but Natalie struck me as rather dumb and I couldn't get past how we were supposed to sympathize with the other girls in shop when really they're actually "borrowing" (aka stealing) dresses, wearing them, then turning around and selling them as brand new in a very expensive store. It all just rubbed me the wrong way.

    A good summer read! I was reminded of this book while in a store today. I was thinking its exactly like the one she works in in the novel: high end, serving champagne and in my case a French lady trying to convince me I should buy all the dresses because I was trés jolie.

    Paula Storm
    Really fun read, perfect chick lit beach read.

    Really funJust a really fun read that lets you take break from real life and enjoy Natalie's. I love the escape that Gemma's books always give me.

    Georgiana 1792
    Lo sanno tutti che le bugie hanno le gambe corte e che non vanno lontano neanche quando le fasciamo con dei jeans griffati che le fanno sembrare chilometriche. Lo sa benissimo anche Natalie Raglan che, appena trasferitasi a Londra dalla noiosa Bath, dopo essersi lasciata col fidanzato di sempre, Pete, sta cercando di farsi una nuova vita ricominciando daccapo, con tutto l’entusiasmo di cui è capace.Dopo un mese di serate solitarie davanti alla TV, però, anche se trascorse in un simpatico app [...]

    labibliotecasegreta/"Le piccole bugie del cuore" è il primo libro che leggo di Gemma Townley. Nello scorrere le uscite di marzo 2014, questo rientra nel gruppo delle copertine che hanno attirato la mia attenzione, sia per il titolo che per l'immagine. Non son riuscita a fermare i miei ricordi d'infanzia, ad un altro paio di scarpette dello stesso colore, quelle della strega dell'Est nel Mago di Oz.Questa è la storia di Natalie Raglan, una ragazza nata e cresciuta nella provincia di Bath, che c [...]

    Jana Heinzelmann
    This was actually the first book I‘ve ever read written by Gemma Townley. I did not even know about her existence before I stumbled over a blog post by A Woman Reading who wrote about her. Gemma Townley is the sister of Sophie Kinsella and also writes Chick Lit. Since I love Sophie Kinsella books I definitely wanted to try out a book written by her sister. I chose Little White Lies because it is about a girl moving from a smaller city to London and tries to find her way through life. I liked t [...]

    Little White Lies by Gemma TownleyLittle White Lies is the story of Natalie, who has just moved to London from the countryside. She got cheated on by her ex and is ready to start a whole new life in a new town. So, she quits her job, packs up, and moves to London.Unfortunately for Natalie, life in London does not pick up as quickly as she would hope. She finds herself in a downgraded job (she now works retail, before she worked in marketing), with no friends, and staying in every Friday and Satu [...]

    Jessica Lawlor
    Little White Lies: A Novel of Love and Good Intentions by Gemma Townley tells the story of Natalie Raglan, a 20-something just looking for adventure. When Natalie quits her job in Bath, England for a more exciting life in the big city of London, she realizes that sometimes adventure isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.Natalie gets an apartment in London and a job at a high-end clothing shop in town. She doesn’t have much of a social life and is disappointed by her new life in the big city. Nat [...]

    La mia recensione completa la trovate quakatiusciarigogliosi.iNatalie si trasferisce dalla piccola cittadina di Bath a Londra: lascia famiglia, ex fidanzato, amica e lavoro in una società pubblicitaria per iniziare una nuova vita andando a fare la commessa in una rinomata boutique.A causa di un disguido postale, si vede recapitare a casa la posta dell'ex inquilina del nuovo appartamento: buste profumate, scritte a mano e, soprattutto, inviti ad eventi di famosi locali.Cose c'è di male quindi s [...]

    This book is about Natalie Raglan, who has left her smaller town of Bath, England for the big town of London. Things aren't really working out how Natalie though they would, she is at home every night, not making friends, and working in a dress shop with the boss from Hell. The past tenant of her apartment gets more phone calls and mail than Natalie does. One night after finally making progress with a social life, going out with co workers to the bar, Natalie does something and opens the past te [...]

    Yeah, it is a book that most people would describe as "Chick-Lit" - and even if I hate that term, it does apply here. The story is full of wish fulfillment and does (sometimes) feel like a modern age fairy-tale. Natalie Langdon (Hero of the story) moves to London on a whim and decides to start a new life. At first it doesn't work out in her favour and because of that she starts telling her friends and family some little white lies. Naturally they spiral out of control soon and Natalie has to dea [...]

    Giovanna Santoriello
    2 stelle e forsezza.Ho deciso che devo lasciare il chick lit da parte per un po', e l'ho deciso quando ero circa a 100 pagine dall'inizio di questo libro. Sono stata tentata di abbandonarlo diverse volte, ed è per questo che ho deciso di finirlo in pochi giorni (e anche perchè in biblioteca era già riprenotato, per cui l'alternativa era: finirlo a breve oppure riconsegnarlo e richiederne un'altra copia- cosa che non avrei più fatto, visto il mio scarso interesse verso il libro in questione-) [...]

    I don't know why this was still on my Want to Read list, as I'd apparently read it already. Very much like in Unraveled, Townley spends a goodly amount of time stuck in protagonist Natalie's head.Unfortunately, it seems that there is quite a lot of fiction that relies heavily on the main characters being so self-centered that they mis-understand what other characters are saying. It doesn't help that their communications skills are so poor, and their actions so extreme.For instance, Natalie has f [...]

    Un libro piacevole, senza troppe pretese. Una lettura che sa accompagnarti durante il giorno, senza però muovere quell'emozione che ti spinge a non smettere di leggere. Si smette tranquillamente per dormire. Annoia un po' la prima parte, secondo me è un po' lento a partire, poi però la storia evolve e almeno si è un po' più coinvolti nelle vicende di Natalie, che non sembra combinarne una giusta.Manca un po' di divertimento. Dalla copertina sembra promettere qualche risata, un po' di avvent [...]

    life's a fairy tale
    If the letter Natalie opened was meant to connect Cressida to Simon's father then why did it have Simon's number on it? Anyway, overall I really liked this book. It had some really cute moments, but also had some moments that really bothered me (Natalie's constant justification of everything - ugh!). In the end, the fact that Natalie pretended to be someone else and opened someone else's mail ended up not even being that big of a deal. Seriously, the people she lied to didn't even care after all [...]

    It was okay. An easy read book.

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