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  • Title: Nobody Gets the Girl
  • Author: James Maxey
  • ISBN: 2940012175304
  • Page: 382
  • Format: Nook

  • Richard Rogers was an ordinary man until the super genius Dr Nicolas Knowbokov built his time machine On the machine s maiden voyage, Dr Knowbokov accidentally changes history so that Richard is never born Now trapped in a world that has no memory of him, Richard is an invisible, intangible ghost to everyone but Dr Knowbokov and the scientist s two superheroine daughtRichard Rogers was an ordinary man until the super genius Dr Nicolas Knowbokov built his time machine On the machine s maiden voyage, Dr Knowbokov accidentally changes history so that Richard is never born Now trapped in a world that has no memory of him, Richard is an invisible, intangible ghost to everyone but Dr Knowbokov and the scientist s two superheroine daughters, Rail Blade and the Thrill.Assigned the codename Nobody, Richard becomes the world s ultimate spy, invisibly battling the super powered terrorist army run by the mysterious mastermind Rex Monday The fate of the free world is at stake as the superhuman battles escalate, wiping entire cities from the map, threatening the survival of all mankind.Who can save us from the looming apocalypse Nobody
    James Maxey
    I ve been an avid reader since I first picked up a book Luckily, I was within biking distance of three different libraries growing up I was a skinny kid If only I had maintained that link between biking and reading, I might be a skinny adult I m also a writer I wrote my first book as a kid, an adventure about pirates and ghosts When I was a teenager, I used to write superhero adventures Then I went to college and was steered toward writing literature It took me several years to shake that off, and today I write the sort of books I devoured by the shelf when I was sixteen, fast paced fantasy, SF, and superhero adventures, which I use to explore deeper questions about life My goal is to always be thought provoking and always be fun.I ve had short stories in about a dozen anthologies and magazines My novels to date are Nobody Gets the GirlThe Dragon Age trilogyBitterwoodDragonforgeDragonseedBurn Baby BurnThe Dragon ApocalypseGreatshadow January 2012 A team of superpowered adventurers are recruited by the Church of the Book to extinguish the primal dragon of fire, Greatshadow.Hush July 2012 An effort to complete a quest for a fallen friend, the warrior woman Infidel stumbles onto a plot to kill Glorious, the primal dragon of the sun, and plunge the world into permanent cold and darkness, the elemental domain of the dragon Hush Witchbreaker January 2013 A young witch named Sorrow has lost control of her magic after tapping into the spirit of Rott, the primal dragon of decay Her desperate quest to save what remains of her humanity leads to an uneasy alliance with an amnesiatic warrior who might be the legendary champion of the church known as the Witchbreaker But can there combined powers prevail when they trigger the wrath of Tempest, the primal dragon of storms


    I just can't pass up a superhero novel. Few rise above mediocre, but they're like space operas, I am always looking for the one that shines above the rest.Nobody Gets the Girl is better than average. The worldbuilding and the plotting was excellent. James Maxey creates an internally consistent world packed with all the usual superhero tropes — the supergenius super-technologist who is a one-man Illuminati, his supergenius nemesis, giant baby dolls trashing cities, superheroes and supervillains [...]

    This isn't just a novelization of something perceived as a comic book. It's very purposefully written as a novel, without the reliance on visual cues something transferred from another medium tends to have. It's got a strong start, an interesting premise, thought-provoking ethical questions, and some great, sympathetic moments from a hero who's suddenly thrown into a world that makes no sense to him.So why the low rating? Well, unfortunately the second half the book didn't live up to the first h [...]

    Nobody Gets the Girl is the kind of book that makes me want to break out all those reviewers' cliches like "a non-stop thrill ride" and "a giant roller-coaster of a book," though maybe it's just the summer movie trailers seeping into my prose. All kidding aside, if you're looking for a summer beach read and you're not crazy about Danielle Steel or Jackie Collins, give Nobody a try. It's a clever superhero parody about a man named Richard Rogers who suddenly finds himself invisible. He makes the [...]

    I received this book from a First Reads giveaway.I love superheroes. I read lots of comic book collected editions. I watch lots of superhero movies and TV shows. And recently, I have been reading super hero novels.This book is a tenth anniversary printing, so the original came out sometime in 2003/2004. Even knowing that, I felt like the story was very up-to-date and never felt "behind the times"James Maxey built everything into this story. There are time travel, teleporters, alternate time lin [...]

    I'm really glad I read this novel, because otherwise I would have always wondered about it. I heard an interview with the author a year or so ago, and with a musician that had composed an album to accompany the novel. It is not a great work of fiction, but it's still entertaining, competently written, and sufficiently strange for my tastes.Nobody Gets the Girl is superb in terms of the weird comic book ideas that are thrown around. A ferokinetic, a hundred foot tall baby doll with a giant pistol [...]

    I bought this book based solely on the title and the cover art on the paperback edition (infinitely superior to the cover they used on the Kindle version, IMHO).I wish I'd read the book description. I was thinking this was going to be a story about an empowered super heroine without all the angst that riddles the women of Marvel and DC. Nope. It's about a selfish, self-centered wanna be comedian and, sadly, all the super heroines are utterly angsty second-rate characters. Not impressed with the [...]

    An odd book, but fun and satisfying. Starts very slow but hang in there until you meet the doc then decide.My biggest complaint is that all of the "surprises" are pretty well telegraphed. So much so that I kept waiting to be wrong about them but they weren't false trails, they were just trails.

    I don't know that I would have picked this book up if it were not for WTS. I have stalled on a couple of things I've been reading lately but this book certainly didn't have that issue. I bought it Thursday afternoon and had it finished by Friday afternoon. It was fast.It actually felt like I wanted to see it as a graphic novel, not a novel. There were parts that felt like they were full page panels.I came away from the story wondering if I liked the hero or not. I think he's got a lot going for [...]

    In a nutshell, the book was fun. F-U-N, fun. It made for an enjoyable read that left me wanting to get my hands on the follow-up as soon as possible. Regardless of how it might seem, you don't have to be a comic book fan to enjoy this book (I'm not). You just have to enjoy a good story that's chock-a-block with humor and fun (there's that word again) characters, then you're on the right track. If you want a book that will keep you and your friends from the coffee shop up late discussing the book [...]

    A comic book style world for mature audiences, our protagonist, Richard Rogers, awakens one morning to find that the rest of the world no longer recognizes his existence. To be functionally invisible is a somewhat useful talent, but not what you would normally think of as a real super superpower. And yet, Roger has a major role to play in the battle between the big league superheroes and supervillains.Please write a sequel. I liked this book a lot. I love the twists to the standard hero saves th [...]

    Not a bad read, but nothing special - certainly not as special as the hype on the back cover or the introduction by Jim Shooter tried to make it seem like. Still, a decent read. My biggest problem is that none of the characters are really that likable. The story and plot and concepts are strong enough to carry your interest, but the whole time, you just feel everyone you're reading about is a complete jerk, idiot or pathetic.

    The joke is that the protagonist is named Nobody.This wasn't awful but it felt kind of grim and joyless."Nobody" is an invisible man; at one point he spends a chunk of time being an invisible-undetectable voyeur. It's in rather poor taste.

    Warren Clark
    If you love superhero tropes, read this book. If you hate superheroes, read this book. It deconstructs the whole superhero genre in a way that is both fascinating and horrifying but somehow still stays true to silver age ideals.

    Craig Childs
    I first encountered the fiction of James Maxey with the 2002 short story "Empire of Dreams and Miracles." That was followed a few years later by "To Know All Things That Are in the Earth" and "Silent as Dust". I was excited when I read those stories because to me, they represented a significant new voice in science fiction that was unique and probably soon to be The Next Big Thing.I also distinctly remember deciding not to buy his debut novel, Nobody Gets the Girl, in 2003 because it sounded too [...]

    Too Much FunI love the premise of this book. It has everything I need to spend a quiet afternoon reading. On my way to get the next one right now!

    Brian Proffit
    This is a great combination of sci-fi and humor, with some romance thrown in. Some good mind twists and fun.

    Looks cool

    J.L. Dobias
    Nobody Gets the Girl by James MaxeySo here we have an admitted superhero novel and I wasn't sure what to expect. It has a prologue and I'm not usually a fan of those. Add to that the content of the prologue dripped of definite cartoon-y tropes. Then we move to Richard Rogers your everyman; married with a geeky job and a penchant for enjoying entertaining at comedy clubs.I have to give the writer some extra marks for having the poor man have to make the decision about cheating on his wife when hi [...]

    Richard Rogers had a life. Not a perfect life, but it was his. He had a marriage, a job, and even a side career as an up and coming standup comic. Oh, he lives in a world where superheroes and the major cities are being put under domes in order to protect them from threat like a giant robot baby with a gun for a head.Then one day, he wakes up and finds his life never happened. No one remembers he ever existed, not his wife or his parents. A side effect is that he’s also invisible to most peopl [...]

    A mediocre tale of superheroes and sci-fi that will entertain but may dissatisfy 3.5 Stars Having previously encountered other work by James Maxey (his fantasy novels about Dragons ~ Bitterwood etc.), I was thrilled to have the opportunity to sample something a little different by an assured writer. With excitement and anticipation I delved headlong into a fast-paced adventure, which sadly was incredibly disappointing and sub-standard in comparison to his other published works. I am a huge fan o [...]

    Nobody Gets the Girl: A Superhero Novel by James MaxeyBeing a retired fan of comic books (haven’t collected in years), I’ve always had a soft spot for the world of caped-crusading, crime-fighting, four-color fantasy that embraced my escapism for decades. My first job was at a comic book store. I got paid in trade, and couldn’t have been happier. But adult life steps in, kids sprout up, and responsibilities rear their ugly head in this sometimes paycheck to paycheck world. Comic spending mo [...]

    I don't usually enjoy books with protagonists I don't like. And I don't like Nobody much at all (which is a lot less Southern dialect than it sounds, when you're talking about this book, since the protagonist is, often confusingly, called Nobody). I can see why his wife was happier in a world where he didn't exist. He treats women badly, he's lazy and unmotivated, he makes inappropriate jokes, he doesn't demonstrate a lot of ability to care about anyone but himself, or, if he does care, to care [...]

    The action in "Nobody Gets the Girl" was enjoyable, and and the setting was believable (for a world with superheros). However, I found the characterization somewhat choppy. Early on, it's established that Nobody can be seen, but only in a way that conforms to people's expectations. Things he's manipulating can sort of be seen (people see things he's drooped or thrown, but not things he's holding). Yet he never tries to dress up in full motorcycle gear and drive out on onto the road where people [...]

    Richard Rogers has a problem. He was never born.He was a office professional, and part time comic, until one day he woke up and someone else was living in his house, his parents had never heard of him, and no one could see him. Time travel is such a pain.The man who accidentally wiped out his life shows up to apologize, and offer him a job. Since the time traveler is the only person who seems to be able to see or hear him, Richard goes along. Before long he's Nobody, invisible warrior in the str [...]

    This super hero sci-fi novel is sort of the ultimate tall tale, where through out the novel the author continually tries to one up the tall talewhich is extremely interesting and entertaining, but definetly strains suspension of disbelief. Simply put, it starts out extremely entertaining, though I think by the end its gone off a little to far. There are a few other concerns with the novel. Some of the characters are not given the respect that they are due (a bit flat in some regards) though this [...]

    Drew Perron
    This is a frustrating book, but at the same time, a fascinating one. When it's dealing with fucked-up human beings trying to do the right thing with world-changing levels of power, it's good - no, it's great. When it's dealing with upper-middle-class white male angst, it's not so good. When the two collide, it can go either way; sometimes, the main character gets shocked out of his provincial viewpoint, often doing something really cool in the process; sometimes, he (view spoiler)[screws the Dar [...]

    Dave Story
    This is a fun, funny, serious, (rinse/repeat) novel of superheroes and supervillans. And yes, the fate of the world hangs in the balance.As superhero stories go, you have to accept some of the unbelievable aspects of the superhero genre, with otherworldly gadgets and strange powers. And being a avid fantasy/sci-fi reader, some implausability in a story is just fine with me. This book, however, takes a huge leap with some pretty extreme plot twists.And does Maxey pull it off? I think so. Well eno [...]

    James Maxey’s Nobody Gets the Girl is a fun superhero novel. It would be a great beach read. I won’t say too much about the story except that the title is a play on words. There are genuine superheros that are almost three dimensional. The dialogue is often comic-booklike.There is good versus evil and serious questioning of which is which. There are many types of life investigated much as there is in Replay. There is a good story, though it lacks a little in constraints.Look, this isn’t gr [...]

    Chris Westbay
    "Meh" doesn't even begin to describe this book.If it wasn't so short I would have just quit reading halfway thru. Instead every prediction I made since chapter 1 came true and I yawned my way to the end.Forget having a character who's invisible, try a whole cast of characters with no depth, predictable plot twists, and random soft porn on a child's grave?!? o.OHe had a good concept but the world needed more fleshing out, the dialogue was far from witty, and the whole thing was completely forgett [...]

    I am so glad that I didn't pay full price for this book.I love superhero/super villain books but this one just wasn't that good. Nobody's thought process was all over the place. One minute he is thinking about cheating on his wife because he is essentially bored with his life and then later on in the book he talks about the vows of for better or worse. Things of this nature continue on through the book. The last couple of chapters were so confusing I just sat there rereading the words several ti [...]

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