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  • Title: Skaia
  • Author: Ayden Sadari
  • ISBN: 0984422920
  • Page: 400
  • Format: Paperback

  • Skaia was only a child when his village was burned and his family killed by Julius Caesar s troops in their attempt to add all of Gaul to the Roman Empire Sold as a slave in Rome, he adjusts to his life in the Suetonius family, with the help of other slaves and the friendship of his young master, Glaucus When Glaucus leaves for his tour of Greece, marking his official enSkaia was only a child when his village was burned and his family killed by Julius Caesar s troops in their attempt to add all of Gaul to the Roman Empire Sold as a slave in Rome, he adjusts to his life in the Suetonius family, with the help of other slaves and the friendship of his young master, Glaucus When Glaucus leaves for his tour of Greece, marking his official entry into manhood, Skaia is left behind, to the doubtful mercies of Glaucus father, Thaddeus Again, he adjusts and his life turns out far differently than he ever imagined, as he befriends and loves multiple generations of the family that owns him.
    Ayden Sadari
    Ayden s interest in slash began with Mary Renault s The Persian Boy She began writing in various Alexander fan fic communities based or less on movie verse Which, unfortunately, did not conform closely to actual history in its dealings with Bagoas, her favorite character Historical settings are still her favorite times and civilizations where notions of heterosexual and homosexual did not exist Where slavery and power based relationships DID Though her work is frequently dark and angsty, she very much prefers happy endings.


    Emma Sea
    Loved it and devoured in short order. I'm not usually a fan for soap-operas, and essentially this is what this book is: we follow the MC through many years of his life. However, a mix of excellent supporting characters, vivid historical detail, developing love, uber-possessiveness, and hot dub-con made this a winner. So well-written I cried. Twice. Lots.

    I rather enjoyed this book. It drew me in from the beginning, and there was little I could do but go along for the ride.Skaia is a slave boy that refuses to accept that as his fate. While he submits, he always finds little ways to rebel. The author was very talented at capturing my heart, putting it through the ringer, and starting all over again. This is a very candid story - and I didn't see warnings in the summary (other than a mention of slavery), so here they are. There is slavery. There is [...]

    Extremely long and extremely satisfying. The characters are all depicted with depth. The slavery is brutal and some of the psychological abuse is even worse than the noncon, but this was in the end something of a love story. Same author wrote Collateral Damage.

    An excellent read. The reason I'm giving this 4 stars instead of 5 is that I don't quite trust myself to rate it so soon after finishing the book.Random thoughts.There seems to be some genre-slip happening as the story progressed. I found it a little disconcerting to be reading historical slavery themed M/M, and suddenly finding myself confronted with recognizable contemporary BDSM-genre practices and archetypes. I found myself questioning if Thaddeus' way of thinking was too anachronistically m [...]

    Word of warning: Heavily romanticised depiction of slavery, paper thin characters, an MC who reads as clinically retarded and cries every other page, and a "kind" master who starts developing feelings for the slave in between bouts of raping/beating the shit out of him. I'm obviously an idiot, because the blurb alone should have told me this was not going to be sexual slavery Spartacus, but rather some absurd roman version of Okane Ga Nai. If that doesn't sound appealing to you, you really shoul [...]

    I like these kinds of stories, you know that. I like a little bit of torture and mindbending of MCs (okay maybe a LOT) but you lose me when you incorporate flowers pretty colors clouds butterflies love. Please. I also read literary fiction, so I know about quality fiction, and I like my stories realistic. (And well written. )Skaia was little of either of those things. The writing was so simple it bored me. And description was so sparse I forgot to transport to ancient Rome. Props but no dimensio [...]

    Jocelyn Falero
    I was addicted to this book, much more than I expected to be. When I stumbled upon this one, I was as excited as I was wary. I was in the mood to read something dark but at the same time I do not like books that are too dark. This can definitely present a problem at times when searching for books. What I look for is somewhat of a balance between something that is dark and twisted and yet romantic with a HEA. I understand that this is very difficult thing to achieve and I am so glad to say that t [...]

    I am currently reading this and am so embroiled in the goings on that I don't want it to ever end. It's a long book (which I LOVE) and you get the chance to really get involved in all the characters' lives. The main character is called Skaia. He was bought, at age 9, by a Roman named Thaddeus to give to his 7 year old son, Glaucus. Glaucus is supposed to use Skaia as a friend but, primarily, as a slave. And, as he grows, he is allowed to use Skaia in any which way he chooses including as a sexua [...]

    As another reviewer of "Skaia" stated this book is really a soap opera set in the age of the Roman empire. The book was long, basically focusing on one multi-generational Roman family during the time of Julius Caesar, Marc Anthony and the slow collapse of the Roman empire where having slaves was accepted, even normal in the wealthier households. The stars of this book were Skaia (slave) and Thaddeus (master of the household).I loved reading this tale and didn't want it to end. In fact, there is [...]

    Abandoned on page 100.I felt sick. I don't read to feel sick. I like to suffer, but not to REALLY suffer. So NO.

    I really enjoyed this story. There are some very dark moments, but then slavery is rather dark.I liked the way the characters grew in this story-I think if not for the growth of Thaddeus the love aspect would have been hard to swallow, but his own personal growth made it more believable. One aspect I really loved as well were the various, well developed secondary characters. The story is long, and does involve some non con moments, but then it is set in ancient Rome where slavery existed had bui [...]

    A very long read set in ancient Rome as a young slave boy grows up serving an upcoming Senatorial family. Inevitably, his red-haired beauty attracts the attentions of several generations of the same family . and of course other more nasty and vicious Roman sorts. This not a regular M-M romance read, given the prevailing Roman sentiment / belief systems regarding master-slave relations. However, the author does give us the M-M action along with some brutality and cruelty. The book reminds me why [...]

    Scott M.
    I really enjoyed this story, and thought the author did a commendable job of getting into the mindset of masters and slaves in ancient times. Is it historically accurate? No. Definitely not. The author's knowledge or research into the time period seems largely drawn from the television series, "Rome," by HBO. I say this with confidence because many of that show's historical errors are repeated in Skaia. However, it still makes for a quick, enjoyable read with some of the best characterizations I [...]

    This was a wonderful slavefic. It depicts the ancient Roman society beautifully and Ayden Sadari is a very gifted writer. This was very quality writing.

    Very entertaining read, sexy, realistic (for the time period) and a total must read for m/m bdsm or romance genre book lovers.I may read it again!

    Absolutely loved this book some sad dark moments, but a touching love story

    Enjoyed the book very much!

    • Unlimited [Mystery Book] ↠ Skaia - by Ayden Sadari ✓
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