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  • Title: The Pony Problem
  • Author: Barbara Holland
  • ISBN: 9780140363395
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Paperback

  • When Jean Monroe wins a pony named Hopscotch in a contest, she can t believe it and her neighbors don t want to believe it They re doing everything they can to get rid of Hopscotch When the A.S.P.C.A comes to take her pony away, Jean knows she s got to come up with a miracle And she may just have the faith and imagination to do it.
    Barbara Holland
    Barbara Murray Holland was an American author who wrote in defense of such modern day vices as cursing, drinking, eating fatty food and smoking cigarettes, as well as a memoir of her time spent growing up in Chevy Chase, Maryland, near Washington, D.C.


    A perennial favorite from my childhood, The Pony Problem is not just your basic horse story. This is a beautifully written but bittersweet story about a young spirited girl who wins a pony in a contest. The Problem: she lives in a Levittown-style suburbia, cookie-cutter houses and NIMBY neighbors. The story takes place in the 70s or so, Jean's widowed mother is the only woman in the neighborhood who works and her older brother is a math genius. Their neighbors already look at them askance, but o [...]

    This is one of the greatest books EVER. If you happen to be a young girl who dreams of a pony of your own, as I was when I first read it. (I believe I have read it three times at least, and I am now looking for my own copy.) This is the story of Jean, who lives in a suburb where all the houses look exactly alike, and most of the families do too. But Jean's family is different: her brother is a certified genius, her father has passed away, and it is her mother who commutes to the city every day w [...]

    Wow average rating a 2; I guess I'm in the minority. Well, I love this book because it's about a person who just would not give up, no matter what. She didn't fit in, she had strange ideas, she lived in kind of a fantasy land, but she somehow made her life work. Everyone I've ever loaned this book to has loved it.

    Emily Edwards
    This is definitely one of my favourite books from childhood. Very well written, a great plot, well executed and realistic characters. Perhaps winning a pony in a contest isn't the most likely of circumstances but the story is lovely. I wish all pony books were this good.

    Jean Monroe is the heroine we all wanted to be at that age - completely idealistic and able to will her wishes into existence. The Pony Problem is a wonderful horse-filled fantasy of a young girl who just wants what she wants. And yet, Jean is likable, you can imagine just why she is bored of a normal life and why she just absolutely positively has to have a pony of her own. Jean's adventure bounces along to the most unexpected conclusion, and we bounce along with her as she struggles to solve h [...]

    This book is weird. It's just the best way to put it. The story is odd, yet amusing. The book is somewhat told from a child's perspective and sometimes in 3rd person. It highlights the girl's innocence of life and her journey to realizing that dreams are more complicated than just dreaming. A great book to feel like a child again.

    Rena Sherwood
    When dreams come true it can really screw up your life. This is (just one) of the messages in Barbara Holland's The Pony Problem but do not despair -- it's a very hopeful book about someone stuck in a very bad situation.Holland effectively describes the horror of urban sprawl in the 1970s. And the horror of not being able to be the person you want to be (which has not ended with the 1970s.) One person our heroine butts up against is described succinctly as liking plastic horses more than real on [...]

    • [PDF] Download ✓ The Pony Problem | by ↠ Barbara Holland
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