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  • Title: Wolves Dressed as Men
  • Author: SteveLowe
  • ISBN: 9781615722365
  • Page: 483
  • Format: ebook

  • Can their love save the human race Thiess remembers very little of his life before he changed His only memories now are of frozen mornings, naked and coated in human blood, and of running for his life from a Tracker bent on his destruction Thiess prays for forgiveness and begs God to cure him of an affliction that turns him into a murderous beast, but as the Tracker closCan their love save the human race Thiess remembers very little of his life before he changed His only memories now are of frozen mornings, naked and coated in human blood, and of running for his life from a Tracker bent on his destruction Thiess prays for forgiveness and begs God to cure him of an affliction that turns him into a murderous beast, but as the Tracker closes in, he is losing any hope for salvation Then he falls in love with Maria, and together, they race through the crumbling slums of a city slowing burning to the ground at the hands of a serial arsonist, setting off a chain of events that will threaten the existence of mankind.
    Steve Lowe misses riding Big Wheels in the cul de sac He is the author of a handful of Bizarro books, including MUSCLE MEMORY, KING OF THE PERVERTS, and YOU ARE SLOTH Hey, look That s him over there No, the other way Yeah, that s definitely him.


    Dan Schwent
    Maria is interested in a mysterious co-worker named Thiess but Thiess is the bearer of a dark secret: he's a werewolf! Will Thiess share his secret with Maria before the mysterious Tracker guns him down?Remember the good old days before sparkly vampires and baby-lovin' werewolves, when monster tales were more than excuses for some smut? Wolves Dressed is Men is a throwback to those glorious days.Wolves Dressed as Men is a slim, 60 page volume but Steve Lowe crams it to the brim with lycanthropic [...]

    Kelly H. (Maybedog)
    As I expect from Steve Lowe, gifted writer, witty man and all around nice guy, this book was written well and had an interesting new take on the werewolf mythos. But from the first page it was depressing as fuck, Steve. Full disclosure: Steve is a friend but because of his books. I was interested in another of his novels and tried to win a free copy. I didn't but we got to chatting and I won a free friend instead. But he was an author first and foremost and I honestly reviewed his lighthearted [...]

    Mike Puma
    OK. So I’ve finished it. What to say? What to say? What do you say when you’ve finished a book read somewhat reluctantly? A genre-novel, to boot. Not only a genre-novel—but, but, a horror novel. Well, not exactly a horror novel, more like a suspense novel. Except, it’s really more of a horror-meets-suspense-meets-detective novel. My experience with horror novels is minimal—Frankenstein and Dracula. I’ve gotta coupla Gothic novels under the belt, and the current GR genre-designation f [...]

    Sometimes as I finish a book I didn't enjoy, I relish the thought of writing the review that will tear the author a new asshole. I had a distinctly different reaction as I reached the end of Wolves Dressed as Men, because I didn't enjoy it, AND it was written by a friend. I was confused. Last year, I read Steve's debut, Muscle Memory, and it narrowly missed being in my 2010 top ten. Literally just missed it; it was number eleven. MM was clever, surprising, constantly funny and poignant, and it e [...]

    Good stuff a short sharp and deadly story. Hunter and hunted, hunter is the tracker and hunted is the wolfman. Written in flowing visceral pace a joy to read. We heard these stories before but the way Steve wrote this was good and engrossing. I would have not read this If it wasn't for cheapness and easiness of ebooks and plus a Goodread friend's review. Excerpt from Tracker's voice "The mid-morning bustle ebbedand flowed in waves of ill repute alongthe sidewalk - the wretched homeless,the addic [...]

    Steve Lowe
    Please note that this five star rating is out of a possible 17 on my own personal scale. Anything more than that would be downright unseemly. Don't blame me for ' illogical rating scale.Please also note that if you got the eBook version of this story, it was published JUST before I perfected "aromatic" eBook technologies that would have added the distinct smell of wet dog to your reading experience. Perhaps if this is ever reprinted at another time in the future, you will be able to enjoy it as [...]

    Mercy - it is a word that many people hope will be shown to them in their time of need, but what does mercy truly mean? Snuffing out one life for the sake of many other lives, or is the risk of saving that one life merciful enough?The Tracker understands his form of mercy. Handed down through generations his task has been sent down from God to save the world from the demons of the Devil himself. He will destroy every last one of them and anyone who stands in the way. Theiss is in need of true me [...]

    This is going to have to be a very brief review. Otherwise, it will give too much away for a very brief book.Wolves Dressed as Men by Steve Lowe feels like a classic take on a werewolf story. None of that touchy feely paranormal romance crap that seems to have infected most bookstores like a cancer in the last few years. The werewolves depicted in this book are brutal, animalistic killing machines.The book follows three viewpoints: Thiess (who recently contracted lycanthropy), Jacoby (a disgrace [...]

    What could have been the most tedious day of my life was SAVED by Wolves Dressed as Men! Seriously, I forgot my phone this morning AND I had an appt at the hairdresser's. That is a TERRIBLE combination worthy of complete fear and loathing and all things impatient! BUT lucky for me I started Wolves last night and it is such a tidy, slim little entertaining short piece of fiction that it fit in my handbag AND happened to be there. What kind of person takes were-fiction to work with them? Well, I g [...]

    I think this is definitely a case of "blame the reader" -- for some reason, I thought this was another bizarro title, like Muscle Memory, which I just read and loved. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that it was more of a thriller or horror story, with a touch of romance thrown in -- just not my thing, I'm afraid. (Romance, yuck!)Having said that, I thought there were moments of brilliance here. I liked how the author described the same scene from various points of view, and I would have lo [...]

    Robert Beveridge
    Steve Lowe, Wolves Dressed As Men (Eternal Press, 2010)Dear Stephenie Meyer, Maggie Stiefvater, Jessica Coulter Smith, and, well, everyone back to, and maybe including, Whitley Streiber: this is how you write a werewolf novel. Or, given its length, the outline of one. But seriously, Steve Lowe just kicked all your butts around the room in a steel cage match, and you probably didn't even notice. Plot: there's a werewolf. He's not too happy with being a werewolf. (Okay, the rest of you lot got tha [...]

    Nate D
    I probably deserve to get straight-up bit by this lycanthropic gift horse, but I was not so into this book. Since the thrill and terror of is that I can be pretty certain that Steve will see this, I'll just write a couple notes to him. Hopefully he will keep I mind that I totally enjoyed his other book, which seemed far more original to mekes:1. moral ambiguity, or rather the denial of a proper moral center.2. the tweaking of the otherwise central-casting characters in the interest of 13. the o [...]

    A very good short novel! I enjoyed it a lot. Not what I expected it to be. Especially the ending, none of that happily-ever-after crap. Very smooth ending. (It sort of reminded me of the ending to the movie Splice) But I loved it. It had potential, so it should have been longer! But the length also attributes to how nice of a book it is to read. I'm so used to reading very, very detailed novels that I kept wondering what the characters were wearing, and what everything looked like, but it was si [...]

    Lil' Grogan
    Not a wrapped story, but through moment-of-time one. The characters and plot are familiar - the anti-hero (Thiess, the werewolf in this case) with the moral dilemma of his "powers", the cold Tracker with his view of ideological supremacy, the girl unwittingly involved, etc. Maybe because of this, I found myself paying more attention to the man behind the curtain as it were. Thought the three world views were done well, particularly liked Thiess' more emotional/sensation-filled view which allowed [...]

    Steve Lowe is an amazing author who weaves an incredible tale. I've yet to read any of his works that haven't blown me away.Wolves Dressed as Men is a change of pace from the typical PNR. Theiss is not a Chippendales model with a chip on his shoulder, and Maria is not a delicate flower with boundless love that can change the world. This novel is gritty, dark, and packed with all the goods you'd expect in a full length book. My only complaint is the same I have for all of Lowe's stories, and that [...]

    Interesting tale of werewolves and the men who become them. One man struggles with his curse, a Tracker whose sworn duty it is to kill the beast, a woman who wants to help, and a journalist who is caught up in the story. They all have a story and we got to see a brief glimpse into each one and how they relate to each other. Enjoyable story!I liked the twist at the end, I sort of expected it, but was surprised anyway!

    Graeme Reynolds
    Steve Lowe creates an excellent werewolf story here. He does not back away from the blood and gore side of things, that are essential for any werewolf book, but he manages to fill the spaces between the death and destruction with some very good character moments. The plot is solid and cracks along at a great pace, with great descriptions and believable dialogue.Great book. Can't wait to read more by Steve.

    Robert Eccles
    "Wolves Dressed as Men" is a wonderful fast-paced tale of hunter and prey unlike anything else I've read in the werewolf genre. Steve Lowe pulls you in and doesn't let go until the tale is told. And even then, he leaves us wanting more.

    Kevin Wallis
    Dark, urban, gritty, bleak - just what you want in a werewolf story. But what sets this werewolf story apart is that it is character-driven rather than violence and gore-driven. That being said, however, there is plenty of that to go around too, with an ending that is dead-on. Highly recommended.

    Brian Tasler
    I must first admit that the author was kind of enough to send me this free so I will preface this by saying that hasno bearing on my enjoyment of the story. Needless to say I breezed through this in around an hour. Excellent short novel with a fresh new take on the werewolf legend. This one involves more science than other traditional werewolf stories. The characters and the action is well drawn. My only complaint is that I would like to see a longer version of this so we have more background on [...]

    Really more of a long short storyke the opening chapters of a longer book. Thiess is a loner, even as Maria tries to burrow into his isolation -- she sees the good man he's trying to submerge.Who's the Tracker,with the military-issue rifle? Who's he tracking and why? And then there's Jacoby. A down-and-out journalist who saw action in Afghanistand is now working for an unscrupulous tabloid. The characters are in place, and we learn more and more. Thiess is a werewolf, but we're never told how th [...]

    Donald Armfield
    Lowe touched on all different subjects here.Horror, Detective, & a little romance. I did not really care for most of it, but the dialouge between the police & detectives was funny!Can't wait to read Muscle Memory 2

    Tina on the Hill
    Interesting spin on a traditional tale!

    just bought this and reading now! plus the sale of this book helps foster children! Check it out: Buy a Book, Help a Kid steve-lowe/2011/01/21/buy-

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