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  • Title: Canyons of Night
  • Author: Jayne Castle Joyce Bean
  • ISBN: 9781611060027
  • Page: 220
  • Format: Audio CD

  • Growing up on Rainshadow, Charlotte Enright knew better than to ever go into the Preserve, until that one fateful night with Slade Attridge a night neither of them would forget.Now, fifteen years later, both have returned to the island Charlotte to take over her late aunt s antiques shop and Slade to fill the police chief s position Able to read auras, Charlotte sensesGrowing up on Rainshadow, Charlotte Enright knew better than to ever go into the Preserve, until that one fateful night with Slade Attridge a night neither of them would forget.Now, fifteen years later, both have returned to the island Charlotte to take over her late aunt s antiques shop and Slade to fill the police chief s position Able to read auras, Charlotte senses something amiss in Slade, but that doesn t stop her from wanting him again.That is, as long as his dust bunny deputy keeps his paws off her merchandise Hiding a psi injury, Slade is afraid of his powerful desire for Charlotte But a series of increasingly violent crimes draws them closer together and into the darkness at the heart of the Preserve
    Jayne Castle Joyce Bean
    The author of over 40 consecutive New York Times bestsellers, JAYNE ANN KRENTZ writes romantic suspense, often with a psychic and paranormal twist, in three different worlds Contemporary as Jayne Ann Krentz , historical as Amanda Quick and futuristic as Jayne Castle There are over 30 million copies of her books in print She earned a B.A in History from the University of California at Santa Cruz and went on to obtain a Masters degree in Library Science from San Jose State University in California Before she began writing full time she worked as a librarian in both academic and corporate libraries.Ms Krentz is married and lives with her husband, Frank, in Seattle, Washington Pseudonyms Jayne Ann KrentzAmanda QuickStephanie JamesJayne BentleyJayne TaylorAmanda Glass


    I don't know who the girl on the cover of this book is supposed to be, because it in no way is the heroine of the book. Maybe it's the hero's side-piece in a few years.Anyway another okay read in this very hokey, but kind of fun, world that is taking place on another planet in the future. The romance in this one was better than the last one because you actually believed the couple liked each other. That helps when it comes to love stories. These two met as teenagers and she had a major crush on [...]

    Alex is The Romance Fox
    Canyons of Night (Looking Glass Trilogy, # 3, The Arcane Society, # 12, Harmony, # 8) by Jayne Castle is a spin-off from Harmony and is set in Rainshadow Island, home to a mysterious Reserve where people who don't fit in with society can live a quiet and safe life.Charlotte Enright, owner of the local antique shop called "Looking Glass" in Rainshadow Island, and Slade Attridge, the new police chief had met when they were teeangers. Fifteen years later both have come back to the island. Strange a [...]

    Lois Bujold
    Reading Krentz/Quick/Castle is something like buying a one-pound assortment of candy, and finding that they are all chocolate-covered cherries. If one happens to like the flavor (which I do), this is not really a problem, but I admit reading a bunch in a row does the author a bit of a disservice. The basic flavor of a K/Q/C romance plot might be shorthanded as "Beauty and the Beast" or "My Bodyguard"; the heroines gradually become more kick-ass over time as the market has permitted (or demanded) [...]

    Light and fluffy just what I needed. All the sweetness without the calories.

    Jacob Proffitt
    I don't know if it's relief that the Harmony series isn't degenerating after all or simply a better story, but I lost myself to this book and enjoyed every minute. It's not a complete win, but it was enough of one that I'm looking forward to the next one, already.I liked Charlotte from the start. She's diffident in ways that most Krentz heroines aren't and her power is subtler (to the point that people dismiss her pretty much outright). I liked how well she puts up with that and how she takes tr [...]

    (2.5 stars) Canyons of Night moves the Castle/Krentz/Quick's Looking Glass series back to the future and to a new corner of her Harmony world to finish off the trilogy, while apparently starting a new series of Harmony books set on Rainshadow Island. Slade Attridge had never planned to return to Rainshadow Island, but having suffered a grievous injury to his hunter talent and on the verge of psi-blindness, after a fifteen year absence he's back to play sheriff while pulling together plans for hi [...]

    I love Jayne Ann Krentz and her other aliases, Jayne Castle and Amanda Quick. However, I normally think less of the Jayne Castle books. However, this is an exception as it is an offshoot of the Arcane Society series, which I really, really like.(I'm not too fond of the cover, though, as I don't think it represents the character well.)This story takes place entirely on a quaint, exotic island. Books that do this appeal to me. I like the isolation motif where everything is confined to a limited ar [...]

    You can also read this review at Reflections on Reading RomanceI’ve been a fan of Jayne Ann Krentz in her various pseudonyms ever since my Mother-in-Law shared some of her Amanda Quick books with me, and I’ve really enjoyed her Paranormal Romances written under the name Jayne Castle. So I was thrilled when I saw her newest book, Canyons of Night (Book Three of the Looking Glass Trilogy), at Target last night, especially since it’s not being released until Tuesday, August 30. While Canyons [...]

    I only read these for the dust bunnies! Rex was fabulous, he had style and extremely good taste! The romance was pretty good too and I enjoyed the mystery. JAK has great world building and I wasn't even too cranky about the whole Arcane thing carry over.

    2.5 stars This story has a cute set-up and middle that reminded me a bit of JAK's Eclipse Bay series, but set in Harmony. Unfortunately, it all fell apart with the ending for me -- the typical hero/heroine in peril, escape from said peril because of really contrived circumstances (in this case, Charlotte's psychic sense that Slade is in trouble, even though no-where else is there any indication that she has powers of that sort), et cetera, et cetera.I think it only really bothered me because I f [...]

    I hate to say anything negative about a book, I really do. Even if I couldn't stand it or couldn't finish it (or both), I just don't like to say anything bad about it, at least in print. The way I see it, this author plus all the people who got this book ready for the market put in a lot of time, effort, and hard work. And yetd yetI've been reading Jayne Castle's (aka Jayne Ann Krentz, aka Amanda Quick) Harmony series for years and years. I think reading any new editions has just become habit. S [...]

    First let me say that I'm not normally a fan of the "futuristic" genre. But for some reason I do enjoy Jayne Castle's books based on the Harmony world. Why? Maybe it's because this world is interesting to me or maybe it's the adorable dust bunnies that I just adore!!! (I want Rex!) Having thought about this I think its simply the fact that I love anything Krentz/Quick/Castle writes. Did I enjoy this book? Definitely. Charlotte and Slade are very interesting characters and truly made for each oth [...]

    Kathy Martin
    This is the conclusion of the Looking Glass Trilogy which began in the book In Too Deep by Jayne Ann Krentz and continued in Quicksilver by Amanda Quick. This story moves to the planet of Harmony and takes place on the island of Rainshadow. It is a small isolated island. Charlotte spent part of her childhood there with her aunt and now has returned to take over her aunt's antique store. Charlotte has a little-regarded psychic gift of being a rainbow reader. She can see people's auras and can tun [...]

    Canyons of Night3.5 StarsWhen Charlotte Enright returns to Rainshadow Island to run her aunt’s antique store, she is surprised to discover that the new Chief of Police is none other than Slade Attridge - someone she was never been able to forget after he rescued her as a teen. Now a number of mysterious break-ins and a dead body in her shop has Charlotte coming to Slade for help once again. Series note:This is the 3rd book in the Looking Glass trilogy, and the 12th and final book in the Arcane [...]

    Barbara ★
    What can I sayI love Jayne Castle (Jayne Ann Krentz, Amanda Quick)! She writes the most exciting romances. Her heroes are always to die for and her heroines are usually kickass. Canyons of Night is no different. I totally loved Slade Attridge. He is the perfect man for Charlotte Enright. His psychic abilities mesh completely with hers making for a perfect match. I particularly liked Rex, the dust bunny with 6 legs, 4 eyes and a mouthful of sharp teeth. He provided the needed comic relief. I love [...]

    Although almost all JAK books immediately rate five stars with me, I felt this one was somewhat tepid and not as fast-paced as her other books, but what is probably really happening is that I haven't quite got a handle on the Rainshadow Island thing yet. I read a new JAK so fast that I suspect I miss things that I appreciate more on a second and slower reading, at which time the rating usually goes up. Charlotte and Slade are in a new place, both literally and figuratively. It took nearly three- [...]

    I know alot of people complain about how JAK's books are formulaic, and they ARE in a way, but each character brings a little something different, a little something extra to every book she writes.This book's plot is the usual, boy saves girl as a child, girl falls in love with boy, boy leaves to find himself, they meet again many years later, etc. It works, I truly liked the characters, both the main characters and the secondary characters. Slade was brooding and sexy, and Charlotte was easy to [...]

    I used to be big fan of Jayne Ann Krentz/Amanda Quick/Jayne Castle, but lately, I would have to say, if you have read one of her books, you have read them all. Ever since she began writing about the Arcane Society, all her stories and characters seem to blend together. I would be hard pressed to recall the differences between them without refreshing my memory by reading a synopsis. And while Canyons of Night features an appealing couple--I have already forgotten their names--they are just like a [...]

    Jayne Ann Krentz (and her various pseudonyms) used to be an autobuy for me - however, the only books of hers I regularly read nowadays are the Jayne Castle ones. I suspect it's because the paranormal aspects that so annoy me when they appear in her historicals and contemporaries fit in nicely with her futuristic romances.If you've read other Harmony books, you know exactly what to expect from CANYONS OF NIGHT. Hero meets heroine, they argue, then realise their talents dovetail perfectly together [...]

    Jenny Schwartz
    Island magic.I'm a big fan of Jayne Castle/Jayne Ann Krentz and especially of her lightly SF series set on Harmony. "Canyons of Night" continues the series with trademark humour, passion and swift pacing. If you're thinking of reading it -- and I hope you are -- I'd read a couple of other books in the series first (starting withAfter Dark) to get the background. That's more important than ever with "Canyons of Night" because although it never feels forced, there's a lot of new information in the [...]

    Another comfort read from JAK. This is a spin off story set on Harmony. He is a hunter and she has a powerful version of a skill that everyone believes is pretty useless. Of course it comes into play to save the day at the end as usual. There are continuing shenanigans concerning the Old Earth evil magic items which are the centerpieces of the Looking Glass trilogy which we are now finding out have been taken beyond the curtain by the original settlers.The romance is low key as is usual in JAK's [...]

    Dust bunnies rule! I want my own! Rex is an awesome metrosexual dust bunny; I would've liked to know a little bit more about whether he had a girlfriend that he was bringing treasures in his little clutch. :)Of the three installments, I liked this one best - Slade and Charlotte's relationship, while quickly progressing - seemed more realistic. Slade isn't overwhelming all about his soul mate, as some of the author's heroes. The ending was very tidy and unsurprising, which is perhaps why I liked [...]

    I did really like this, but it was only a 4-star for me because it seemed to lack the intensity of many of her other books. I liked both Slade and Charlotte a lot and liked the way they were drawn back to Rainshadow and each other. I also loved Devin and his story. I just felt the romance was a little shallow, I didn't feel any sexual tension. The conflict/mystery/bad guys was also kind of flat. Overall, this was a enjoyable addition to the Harmony/Arcane series, but not one of my favorites.

    Dee Sauter
    First off Jayne Castle/Amanda Quick/Jayne Ann Krentz has a tendency to be very confusing. It is almost impossible to follow any kind of trilogy because she keeps changing her name. That is soooo frustrating! Each one of the trilogies are under a different name. Of the three this one is the best. In my poor nonpsycical mind this one was the easiest to relate too.

    Always love reading her books, one of my top comfort authors. Love the background of H/h knowing each others when younger; always a winning premise. Fun quick read

    This was ok. The hero wasn't a jerk like some of the others in this series.

    Hot, interesting book with the addition of parapsychology. :)

    I was going back and forth between contemporary and Victorian era and then I'm on another planet? With no explanation? That was a bit much. I really liked Rex the dust bunny, though. And his/her clutch purse.Addendum: The more I think about this book the more it annoys me. I don't know if it holds true for all of the books in the Harmony series, but it's definitely not up to the quality of the other Arcane Society novels. It only fits in peripherally and the characters aren't nearly as well deve [...]

    I hate giving this book 3 stars because I love the Arcane Society series so much. And I fled through this book in 2 days, just like all the others. That being said, throughout this entire series I have found that whenever it was a "crossover" book, I liked it less. I haven't read the Harmony/Ghost Hunter series yet (I do intend to start that eventually) but it always felt like I was missing a lot because I didn't know that series. This was the final book in the Arcane Society and it felt like it [...]

    Antique shop owner and aura reader, Charlotte Enright, and chief of police, Slade Attridge, a powerful hunter talent, haven't seen each other in fifteen years, when Slade helped Charlotte fend off some bullies when they were both still teenagers. Now Slade has returned to Rainshadow Island in the futuristic world of Harmony, where most people have some type of psychic ability. Slade thinks the island will be a quiet place to recover from a psi injury, until Charlotte discovers a dead body in her [...]

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